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[Drama 2018] The Beauty Inside Drama Remake, 뷰티 인사이드


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Hi everyone, i've been watching k drama since forever but i'm newbie in soompi forum after been lurking for years.. ☺☺

Decided to be active to show my love for lee minki and beauty inside drama. ❤❤

Anyone knows the soundtrack that heard in the teasers and trailer already? It's so ear catching.. wondering whose singing the first ost.. :wub:

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Seo Hyun Jin Disguises Herself At The Airport In “The Beauty Inside”

Seo Hyun Jin Disguises Herself At The Airport In “The Beauty Inside”

Sep 29, 2018
by L. Kim

JTBC’s upcoming drama “Beauty Inside,” starring Seo Hyun Jin and Lee Min Ki, has released new stills!

The Beauty Inside” is about the romance between Han Se Gae (Seo Hyun Jin), who lives with someone else’s face for one week each month, and Seo Do Jae (Lee Min Ki), who can’t differentiate between people’s faces.

In one of the unveiled photos, Seo Hyun Jin arrives at the airport while wearing a hat, sunglasses, and mask so that nobody can recognize her. She looks around as if she is searching for something. In other photos, Seo Hyun Jin is disguised as an airport worker.

Seo Hyun Jin meets Lee Min Ki in the elevator, and Lee Min Ki’s expression remains impassive despite her presence. Lee Min Ki simply stares ahead of him with no interest while Seo Hyun Jin seems flustered by his reaction. The meeting between the two, which is by no means usual, creates strange tension and curiosity.


The production crew stated, “Seo Hyun and Lee Min Ki are perfectly acting out as ‘face-changing’ Han Se Gae and Seo Do Jae who ‘can’t recognize others’. The two people who have to keep their own secrets and the fateful romance where they only recognize each other will give you a refreshing thrill, so please watch it.”

“The Beauty Inside” will premiere on October 1 at 9:30 p.m. KST. In the meantime, check out the preview for the drama here!

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I can’t wait for the first episode. 

Love Seo Hyun Jin in Another Oh Hae Young and Lee Min Ki in because this is my first life. Can’t wait to see them acting together. I hope for sizzling chemistry! 


SHJ is so pretty here, she really embodies star quality. So excited! 

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Soompi article before the premier





“The Beauty Inside” Cast Points Out What To Look Out For In The Drama

“The Beauty Inside” Cast Points Out What To Look Out For In The Drama

Sep 30, 2018
by E. Kim

Ahead of the premiere, the cast of “The Beauty Inside” expressed their excitement for the drama and pointed out what to look forward to.

“The Beauty Inside” is about a top actress named Han Se Gae who suffers from an unusual condition that causes her to live a week out of every month with a different appearance and a man named Seo Do Jae who can’t recognize people’s faces. The story surrounds their budding romance and issues that arise from their conditions.

There’s much anticipation for the drama due to the main cast’s stellar acting records. Seo Hyun Jin has proved to be a great rom-com actress, Lee Min Kialways brings on his unique style of acting, and Lee Da Hee and Ahn Jae Hyun are expected to show new sides of themselves.

Seo Hyun Jin revealed her thoughts on the new drama and its upcoming premiere, saying, “The first episode is coming up really soon, and I’m excited for it. Through working on this project, I met a lot of great actors and staff and have worked really hard. I think that the viewers will have fun watching the drama. It’s a magical romance that you can’t see anywhere else. Please don’t forget to watch the first episode and the ones to come after. From the beginning, there are a lot of dramatic events and fun scenes plus some special cameos that will have your eyes glued to the screen.”

Lee Min Ki commented on the drama, “Thinking about the drama airing tomorrow, I’m excited and nervous. It’s fun to watch these charming characters play out. There’s new and fun scenes that only ‘The Beauty Inside’ can portray. I hope watching the drama can provide a time of healing, and viewers will laugh and relate with the story. ”

Lee Da Hee shared, “From the summer until now, a lot of hard work has gone into this drama, so I’m excited and have been waiting for this moment. I put in a lot of effort and tried my best for every single scene, so I hope viewers will have fun watching it. On October 1, which is the start of the month and the week, I hope everyone gets a great start while watching ‘The Beauty Inside.'”

She continued, “The story was first introduced through a movie, so there’s a lot of anticipation for this drama. The points to look out for in the drama are Se Gae’s transformation in every episode, her love story with Do Jae, and Sa Ra and Eun Ho who weren’t part of the original story. Guessing who Se Gae will transform into every episode, Sa Ra and Do Jae’s fighting, and Eun Ho’s bickering romance with Sa Ra are also what viewers should be excited for.”

Ahn Jae Hyun commented on his return with “The Beauty Inside,” “I’ve come back with this fall drama that will reveal true love through a magical romance. I ask everyone to please watch this drama. It’s a lovely romantic comedy and a healing drama that everyone can sympathize with. The character of Ryu Eun Ho is healing itself, and it’ll be fun to watch him protect his best friend Se Gae from Sa Ra who is trying to find out her secret,and the surprising romance that happens between Eun Ho and Sa Ra.”

“The Beauty Inside” premieres on October 1 at 9:30 p.m. KST.



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The visual of the main leads and main supporting leads just so beautiful,, :wub:

My ig explore is full of beauty inside coverage.. so hyped!!

Btw, it will be running on same time telecast with 100 days my prince!! Waahh.. daebakk.. curious about this head to head between tvn and jtbc B)

Beauty inside fighting!! :wub:

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@supergal99 finally today is the day..are you going to be here at tonite to do live recap..just like we did In TOL?


the teaser sharing is too hilarious.....with that happy together host...ha haha 


the new preview view that you posted is long and good .....really excited to watch it and to be camping here throughout.....



Somehow and by miracle the JTBC channel is working tonite for me....hope it will be good at 10.00 pm kst. 


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5 minutes ago, Nanana85 said:

Some cameos spotted!

Kang Sora

Ye Jiwon (jennifer from 3017) and Lee Jaeyoon -- from Oh Haeyoung Again :wub:


And the meerkat guy in Oh Haeyoung again....


yea because posting after posting ...huhu..we should post too to avoid kicking you out... @supergal99

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2018] The Beauty Inside Drama Remake, 뷰티 인사이드


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