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  1. I’ve been on a break from Korean dramas for a few months now. Saw this on Netflix and saw that it has my favourite actors so decided to check it out. And boy am I pleasantly surprised. Loved the natural chemistry between the characters, the emotional beats and also the humor. Now I wished it was 2 episodes per week! Saw that they may make a season 2. Anyone with more information about this?
  2. I watched all 4 episodes last night. Loved the expansion of YQT storyline, love a pinning second lead Thank god the consummation is a dream. I really liked the moment underground where FJ leaned into the emperor’s hand like a fox. It was so cute! Didn’t quite enjoy FJ being imprisoned but thankfully YQT to the rescue! And it didn’t drag for episodes.
  3. While waiting for new episodes I’ve finished reading both books. Now I can’t wait for them to get to Aranaya’s dream and also the sky kingdom where DJ starts to fall in love with FJ. I don’t mind the mortal realm episodes and YQT is an interesting character so far but I also don’t want things to drag out especially because of Jiheng’s role in the mortal realm. Fingers crossed we’ll be done with the mortal realm by this week!
  4. I love this show! The chemistry between FJ and DJ is ! Can’t wait for Thursday and see how things progress between them. I wish they would just release all the episodes at once so we can binge watch.