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  1. Yeah I noticed that too! I thought I saw him using his left hand while eating on 2D1N but I wasn’t sure. Saw that he was signing the autographs with his left hand on vlive. I guess he is ambidextrous? I thought he looks a bit tired. Hope he’ll be getting some rest soon.
  2. eng sub to his winning speech! I died watching this. So proud of the 2D1N team, especially KSH!
  3. @ixxdhx81, you beat me to it! Was just about to share these glorious photos of KSH. Love love these photos and KSH channeling sexy. My heart is Now I really want to see him a role that is edgy and sexy! Maybe as the sexy chef in Link? Regardless, I hope he is taking his time to pick his scripts, whether drama or movie and not feeling too pressured to live up to the current hype and expectations. I hope that he will pick something that feels right to him!
  4. This is so exciting! We will have dimples galore if this is true! I liked her role in chief of staff but didn’t finish oh my venus. She’s a veteran so I’m happy with this pairing. I’m not familiar with the movie but the synopsis sounds similar to when camellia blooms. I hope it will be same day telecast on Netflix so I can relish KSH in HD!
  5. I just watched the MV and it is full of feels even though I can’t understand the lyrics. In my mind it feels like HJP grieving the loss of his love after the ending of Start Up. So sad but so poignant.
  6. KSH wishing everyone good night. Hope everyone’s having a good start to the week!
  7. Ah thanks for clarifying this!! Now I can openly swoon over it knowing it is not something he said in private. @jelly, I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds his running super sexy! And you are right, there is a bit of a Tom Cruise feel to his running! I wished CTG had better writing. His role was really interesting but the plot became so draggy after a while that I still havent completed it. I’m impatiently waiting for the latest 2D1N episode to be subbed. Seems like a really funny episode with all the awkward dancing! Can’t wait!
  8. Thanks for sharing this. He was such an awkward bear here. Too cute. Yes yes! I think he’ll be good in a badass action role with a side romance. I thought the little action scenes he has in CTG was well done. I was impressed with his physicality given that he was so clumsy on 2 day 1 night. Also... anyone else thinks his running is very sexy? Hehehe. I saw a couple of posts on Twitter on an audio clip of KSH’s voice saying hello and asking someone out? It definitely sounded like his voice, and he sounded almost like he’s flirting. But there wasn’t any context to it so
  9. Thanks @ixxdhx81! Such a cutie pie. I cannot. His expression to the comment about marrying someone was hilarious. Th light bulb and post office comments were really cute too.
  10. Yaaaas... where was this reported? So he’s aware of the fan made video? I saw it yesterday and I totally want to see them act together in a drama. I feel like they will have really good chemistry. The new content from the swoon is on their Instagram. I don’t know how to embed it in the post but if you click the link below it will take you there. His laugh is https://www.instagram.com/p/CInOqRzJpHT/?igshid=uy0l4bq6cv2s
  11. This is so endearing. I wish I could understand what they are saying here. Thank you everyone for sharing information about him and his videos. I love watching his videos as he is so authentic and there is a quality of candidness and rawness to him. I like that he is nervous in the interviews and that he is not completely polished in his replies. Makes him very much more relatable and real. I like Seo Hyun Jin and I think KSH and her together would be amazing. Hopefully they will get to work together some day. @ixxdhx81 you seem really knowledgeable about him. Have
  12. Hello! First time posting here! Was searching for a community for this lovely man and found my way here. I’ve been watching kdramas for a while now and this is the first time I’ve been so impressed and ‘crazy’ about an actor! He seems very real and down to earth and I’m so curious about how he overcame his trauma from childhood. I love his HJP character in Start Up, I just wished there were more scenes of him. His acting was so nuanced and he really brought the character to life. I first know of him through crazy in love. He was really attractive in the short drama and amazing
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