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  1. Yeah I noticed that too! I thought I saw him using his left hand while eating on 2D1N but I wasn’t sure. Saw that he was signing the autographs with his left hand on vlive. I guess he is ambidextrous? I thought he looks a bit tired. Hope he’ll be getting some rest soon.
  2. eng sub to his winning speech! I died watching this. So proud of the 2D1N team, especially KSH!
  3. @ixxdhx81, you beat me to it! Was just about to share these glorious photos of KSH. Love love these photos and KSH channeling sexy. My heart is Now I really want to see him a role that is edgy and sexy! Maybe as the sexy chef in Link? Regardless, I hope he is taking his time to pick his scripts, whether drama or movie and not feeling too pressured to live up to the current hype and expectations. I hope that he will pick something that feels right to him!
  4. This is so exciting! We will have dimples galore if this is true! I liked her role in chief of staff but didn’t finish oh my venus. She’s a veteran so I’m happy with this pairing. I’m not familiar with the movie but the synopsis sounds similar to when camellia blooms. I hope it will be same day telecast on Netflix so I can relish KSH in HD!
  5. I’ve been on a break from Korean dramas for a few months now. Saw this on Netflix and saw that it has my favourite actors so decided to check it out. And boy am I pleasantly surprised. Loved the natural chemistry between the characters, the emotional beats and also the humor. Now I wished it was 2 episodes per week! Saw that they may make a season 2. Anyone with more information about this?
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