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[Drama 2018] 100 Days My Prince / Hundred Days' Husband, 백일의 낭군님


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100 Days My Prince

(Hundred Days' Husband)



Hundred Days' Husband / 백일의 낭군님

Network: TVN

Episodes: 15

Release Date: September 10th - October 29th, 2018

Runtime: Mon & Tue 21:30 KST

official site: http://program.tving.com/tvn/100daysmyprince?rcnt=1



Lee Yool is the Crown Prince, but he suddenly disappears. He comes back to the palace one hundred days later. What happened to the Crown Prince for the past one hundred days? Meanwhile, Hong-Sim is smart and runs the first private detective agency in Joseon.

Main cast:










Supportin Cast

Oh Yeon-A as Queen Park

Jung Hae-Kyun - Hong-Sim's father

Lee Joon-Hyuk

Jo Jae-Ryong

Kim Ki-Doo - Goo-Dol

Heo Jeong-Min

Lee Min-Ji - Kkeut-Nyeo



source: asianwiki

Chapter relationship translation thanks to @Jillia




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I'll be honest, I was hoping nam ji hyun wouldn't confirm since I wanted her to do a more serious sageuk... but her character sounds totally awesome. And her dramas have never flopped, so... everyone involved in the drama should be happy she signed on. :D

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@inksoomissedit 4h


@enthralleddd 4h4 hours ago

180322 #DONews #디오 #경수 #엑소 #KYUNGSOO #EXO Actor Yoon Taeyoung will play Kyungsoo's father in #100DaysHusband. Returning after last appearing in OCN <Neighbourhood Heroes> (2016), anticipation grows to what chemistry he'll have with Kyungsoo. scr: http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003742036 


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Do Kyung-Soo and Nam Ji-Hyun cast in tvN drama series “Hundred Days’ Husband”


Do Kyung Soo (‘EXO’) and Nam Ji Hyun are now cast in upcoming tvN period drama series “Hundred Day's Husband". Do Kyung-Soo will play Crown Prince Lee Yool. The Crown Prince suddenly goes missing. Nam Ji-Hyun will play Hong-Sim. She runs the first private detective agency in Joseon.

The first script reading for the drama series took place March 21, 2018 and filming will begin April, 2018. The drama series will air as a 100% pre-production and will premiere sometime in the latter part of this year.

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can't wait for more updates!Sep is so long to go but I sure it will worth the wait,coz my angel is the lead girl!!!finally!it felt like forever and now she is back,and with DO no less!one of my favorite idol actor and believe me there are no much idols actors that I love they are act but DO can act!plus I have to say it's a NTv drama!!!and as I saw in many other NTv dramas,they are more daring then SBS or KBS and MBC,so no need to say that I can't wait to see how it's going to come out in the end!

for now thank you girls for the updates and sharing hope to see more of it soon!

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@KyungsooTrans 15h15 hours ago


180324 #100DaysHusband #DONews #Kyungsoo #경수 #디오 #EXO getup_ryan IG update: OP said he saw Doh Kyungsoo & Nam Jihyun filming at the set in Namyang district.






There's one pic of Kyungsoo and Nam Jihyun in hanbok but the owner took down it because fans begged him/her for (to not spread fan pic than official one I guess?

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@onlysb1 Hi~ what is test shoot? Why were they wearing hanbok already tho?


@Geniiiiiiie_ Mar 25

Fun fact: #NamJiHyun and #DoKyungSoo were spotted filming for #100DaysHusband at Namyangju Studios today. A famous shooting/filming place and one of the location shoot of #AlongwiththeGods. It is also a tourist attraction #백일의낭군님 #남지현 #도경수 #HundreddaysHusband



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@onlysb1 Thanks! It's April too! Hope the filming start well!




허정은, ‘백일의 낭군님’ 출연 “남지현 어린시절 연기한다”(공식)
박아름 기자 2018-04-04 11:07:24
[뉴스엔 박아름 기자]

배우 허정은이 '백일의 낭군님'에 출연한다.

4월4일 소속사 측에 따르면 허정은은 tvN 새 드라마 '백일의 낭군님'(극본 노지설/연출 이종재)에 극 초반 흐름을 잡아 줄 아역 라인에 합류했다.

허정은은 극 중 남다른 총명함을 지녀 조선 최초의 흥신소인 해결완방을 운영하는 ‘홍심’ (남지현 분) 의 어린시절을 연기한다. 허정은의 캐스팅 소식이 전해지면서 둘의 어울림이 어떤 모습으로 보여질지 예비 시청자들의 관심이 한껏 쏠리고 있다.
허정은은 성인 배우 못지 않은 탄탄한 연기력을 가지고 있는 명품 아역배우 중에 한 명으로 손꼽히고 있다. 드라마 ‘오 마이 금비’에서 주인공 ‘유금비’ 역을 맡아 뛰어난 연기력은 물론 섬세한 감정연기까지 완벽하게 해내며 안방극장을 눈물바다로 만들었고, ‘구르미 그린 달빛’에선 ‘영은옹주’ 역으로 분해 눈빛과 표정만으로 극을 꿰뚫는 내면 연기를 뿜어냈다.

이어 ‘동네변호사 조들호’ 에선 ‘조수빈’ 역으로 분해 사랑스러운 매력을 발산하는 등 이 외에도 다양한 작품들을 통해 많은 이들의 마음을 울리고 웃기며 남다른 연기 성장속도를 보여주고 있었기에 앞으로 선보일 드라마와 아역배우 허정은으로서의 앞날이 기대가 된다.

한편 ‘백일의 낭군님’은 전대미문의 세자 실종 사건을 배경으로 한 미스터리 로맨스 극으로, 죽은 줄 알았던 세자가 궁으로 살아 돌아오기까지 걸린 100일의 시간 동안 어떤 일이 벌어졌는지를 찾아가는 내용을 그린 작품이다.

100% 사전제작을 목표로 촬영에 돌입했으며 올 하반기 방영될 예정이다

. (사진=제이와이드컴퍼니 제공)

뉴스엔 박아름 jamie@
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1 minute ago, MUFCfangirl said:

Yayyy..uri GeumBi. ^_^ Nice to know Heo Jungeun's part of the cast...and the younger version of JiHyun at that. :D She'd definitely match Hyuni's character and acting props.She's a very good child actress with the makings of a great one in the future. ^_^ Coolies,both JiHyun and Jungeun started from being child actresses.Should be fun to watch.B)

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Heo Jung Eun my fav. This brilliant child actress! Watch drama's she appeared, you'll see. Thanks for casting updates. So she'll be in two upcoming tvN dramas. Mr. Sunshine, and this one. and she'll both be playing the younger version of lead actress. I'll watch.

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Aww princess she is so so talented and adorbs, all young cast is adorable in this drama lol 


I’ve read filming for historical dramas will halt this year but seems like it’s not case here. I hope everything goes smoothly

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