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[Drama 2018] 100 Days My Prince / Hundred Days' Husband, 백일의 낭군님


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@enthralleddd 2h2 hours ago

180411 #DONews #KYUNGSOO #DO #경수 #디오 The storyline of #100DaysHusband just keeps getting more and more intriguing! So Kyungsoo's getting married...and not just once, but twice?







EXO’s Do Kyung Soo To Become Nam Ji Hyun’s “Dear Husband Of 100 Days”

By abbyinhallyuland | April 11, 2018

Do Kyung Soo and Nam Ji Hyun to become husband and wife in upcoming drama, Dear Husband of 100 Days!

EXO’s Do Kyung Soo and Nam Ji Hyun confirm appearance for tvN’s new drama, Dear Husband of 100 Days, slated for release on the second half of the year.


Dear Husband of 100 Days takes the mystery-romantic-comedy genre that will be staged in the virtual Joseon era.


It treads the story of a Joseon prince, who survives an assassination attempt after falling from a cliff. He then disappears for 100 days.


The drama will focus on tracing the events that happened during the days when the prince vanished.


Dear Husband of 100 Days

(Photo from Joy News)

Do Kyung Soo will play the role of the Joseon prince Lee Yul, who escapes a grave attack by assassins.


He wakes up losing his memory and marries Hong Sim, which will be played by Nam Ji Hyun, a brilliant leader of a Joseon detective agency.


Dear Husband of 100 Days marks EXO’s D.O.’s first lead man status in television drama.

He is also set to star in film Swing Kids.


Do Kyung Soo also had a key role in last year’s top-grossing film, Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds.

The K-Pop idol has been gaining notable supporting roles in film and television since 2014, which include Cart and My Annoying Brother and It’s Okay That’s Love.


He had his first film lead man role for Pure Love with Kim So Hyun in 2016.


EXO D.O Nam Ji Hyun

(Photo from Elle and Marie Claire)

Known as a child actress, Nam Ji Hyun began her career in acclaimed dramas, East of Eden and Queen Seondeok.


Her stint in 2016’s Shopping King Louie with Seo In Guk impressed the viewers with her endearing character as a country bumpkin who fed, housed and took care of a man who lost his memory. Last year, she starred in SBS legal drama, Suspicious Partner with Ji Chang Wook.





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@inksoomissedit 21h21 hours ago

[INSTA] 180410 Churro King Truck! Kyungsoo stopped by to greet the staff




After Nam Ji Hyun and Kyungsoo agency uploading confirmation news in their social media account today it got trending in naver!

@gracedduddu 10h10 hours ago

100 days husband is at no7 trending news topic on naver



Support them all!


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Hello everyone!


I am so glad that you guys already started this thread months ago. Since promotional stage is kicking off...I hope that we will all gather here more  and more soompiers will join ^_^


Nice to meet you all, I am Genie~:wub:



Rough English Translation for below.


“You are currently having a hard time filming Hundred Days Husband. How is the atmosphere on the filming scene?”‬

‪"Because of the hot weather and the temperature, the drama production is starting to suffer. Because there are so many countryside shoot, the manager is having a hard time driving. The actors and staff are filming together and taking care of each other. We cant upload photos or videos because were already in production but we have taken alot and I cant wait to show it.^^"


(Trans by me. Correct me if there is a mistranslation thank you ~)

7 hours ago, onlysb1 said:


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 Choi Woong to play as Jung Sa-yeob

ì¬ì§ì ê³µ=ìì°í°ì½ë¦¬ì



Jung Joon-won to play as young Yoon Seok-ha


ë°°ì° ì ì¤ì/ì¬ì§ì ê³µ=ë¤ì¸ìí°íì¸ë¨¼í¸




So from what I see, Familiar Wife, the drama before Hundred Days' Husband will end on September 20 so this drama gonna start airing on September 26 and ends on November 15.

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