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  1. I loved the first episode! I'm always looking forward to Kim Myung Min's dramas, and this pilot did not disappoint. Hope it only gets better. The cast is doing an amazing job as expected. I'm one in the minority that actually liked the shaky camerawork as Yang Jong Hoon was walking through the school/crime scene. I thought it had a cool effect, lol. I can see why it would put people off though. Kim Myung Min creates yet another memorable character. Most of his roles are kind of "cool" characters, but the distinction he makes between them is just sublime. As always, a wonderfully nuanced and ma
  2. Honestly, I feel like this cast could hold up a mediocre script(knock on wood!). I was thrilled to see Lee David in this drama when the 2nd poster came out. And it's nice to see Lee Chun Hee after a long time. Like @jongski, I'm also excited for Undercover (Jin Jin Hee plus Kim Hyun Joo...enough said). Jtbc is on a roll with these casts/dramas.
  3. Stills of Ryu Hyeyoung: https://www.instagram.com/p/CL8JhG9ne53/?igshid=a4bakmx7jh4y
  4. I didn't realize Ahn Nae Sang would be in this drama until I saw a picture on Ryu hye young's ig. And now hearing his narration in the teaser - the cast for this drama just gets better and better. Can't wait for April.
  5. He was only 19 when BOF aired actually, lol (early 2009 before his birthday). He debuted pretty young for someone who wasn't a child actor - of course, who could forget his start with high kick.
  6. Any drama with Kim Myung Min, I'm on board. I highly recommend anyone who isn't familiar with him to give his dramas a try. Nice to see Ryu Hye Young in a major role. Like others have said, it almost seems like sung bora's story continues with this drama, lol. I've always had a soft spot for Kim Bum, and of course Lee Jung Eun is always great. Never watched Go Yoon Jung before, but I've heard nothing but great things about the Sweet Home cast so I'm looking forward to her as well. Looking forward to seeing more info/promo.
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