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[Drama 2017] Black 블랙

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There's something I'm still wondering even after the show ended. We know that the ending the show ended with was the director's ending. I'm wondering if that was all that was changed because it feels like it was more to it. Because this some things were dragged out for so long and weren't revealed until like the last 2 episodes. Kim Tae Woo had returned but those scenes got cut out since the ending had changed and I guess they couldn't get him back because of the movie he was working on. Don't know a better way to explain it but it just still feels like something is off...

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Black Alternate Ending:


  • The assassin sees Sun Young leave and board the plane, so he goes to quit

  • His boss attempts to kill him, and assassin kills him in self defense

  • His injuries are so severe, he stumbles in front of a car and dies

  • The investigation is closed

  • Mom commits suicide and tells everyone everything in her note

  • Black talks to Ha-ram and eases her conscience and lies that she barely injured Joon

  • Death squad captures 100 year old runaway Reaper as her body is arrested

  • Black and Ha-ram continue their relationship, he proposes, they get married

  • Ha-ram is pregnant and the death squad finally finds Black

  • Black left a tape and a letter to Ha-ram in case he is found

  • Black is given the punishment to train new reapers for 100 years instead of moving on to heaven and Leo is not found


  • Fast forward: Ha-ram and Black’s son (who can see and speak to Reapers, being 75% reaper himself) finds the tape and letter and shows his mom

  • Ha-ram finds out about Joon’s heart being taken for Moo-Gang because of the injury she actually shot him/grazed his head, and about her father being a Reaper. She learns that Black was in Moo Gang’s body and that he was Joon this whole time. She learns about the death squad and how they will punish him

  • Ha-ram is miserable and upset, depressed..

  • Leo tells 007 who tells Black

  • Black is unable to collect souls (as per punishment) and cannot enter the human realm to see his son or have him speak to Ha-ram on his behalf

  • Black requests for the ultimate punishment: being erased from existence and from everyone’s (except Reaper) memories


  • 444 the Reaper is erased from existence

  • Ha-ram’s father is never taken by a Reaper and survives the crash

  • Ha-ram is a normal girl, who grows up with her friend Joon

  • Sun Young never loses her parents in an accident, it’s revealed that their souls were also taken by 444

  • Sun Young does not meet Clara and so there is no teen prostitution rig

  • Clara is busted for prostitution and gets some jail time, prostitution is illegal and enforced. She gets a light sentence due to her cooperation with the police (helps catch others)

  • Crazy Dog and Clara get to maintain their relationship after Clara is released from jail

  • 007 gets Ha-ram to pull the fire alarm during the field trip to the Mujin time mart, saving all lives as the collapse occurred after evacuation

  • Mr. Oh’s father and his accomplices are all busted for not making the mart structural, they do not get into teen prostitution or rape since they are behind bars for bribery, threatening, and the collapse

  • Ha-ram’s father, Detective Kang, doesn’t pass away, he is never killed by the tarantula gangster because he was in jail for the malstructure

  • Joon aspires to be a detective

  • Joon’s mother is arrested because student’s plant drugs on him and he is taken to live with his brother and step mother

  • Joon’s mother is released because Detective Kang works hard and proves her innocence

  • Moo Gang and Joon become best friends, Joon stays in Mujin with his mother

  • Sun Young’s parents move to Seoul for her to become a Doctor

  • Moo Gang doesn’t go to America, he stays in Korea and becomes an accountant

  • Ha-ram becomes an EMT after saving lives during the collapse.

  • Joon becomes a detective and works under Mad Dog and Detective Kang (who are both known for being great detectives), the rest of the team is also there and they work hard

  • The corrupt cop is not corrupt because the triad of criminals are still behind bars

  • Loser survives the fall from the bridge, as 444 doesn’t arrive to collect his soul

  • Leo is still a famous star

  • Leo does not commit suicide because his father never beat him for giving away the tape, he was never sent to Canada

  • Leo is not a womanizer, but in love with Loser’s girlfriend (go figure)

  • Moo Gang is taken hostage at the mall and accidentally shot in the arm by the army escapee/shooter

  • Ha-ram picks him up in the ambulance and takes him to the hospital

  • Sun Young treats Moo Gang and they fall in love

  • After a tiring day, Ha-ram goes home to her best friend Joon

  • Joon proposes and they marry, with Moo Gang as the best man.

  • Their son is born a normal child

  • They live until they are old and Ha-ram is a granny

  • They pass away in their sleep and are collected by 007 to be taken to heaven

  • He tells them and they remember their life together before Black was erased from their memories and 444 ceased to exist


The End

End Scene


  • 007 has finished sending Ha-ram and Joon to heaven, when suddenly his body freezes and his face changes to one he doesn’t recognize

  • He realizes that after all this time, his body has finally been found!

  • Camera pans to an architectural dig in Korea for dinosaur bones

  • The architects find 3000 year old human remains from the feudal era and attempt to identify the man (a king) who was murdered and buried during a coup


To be continued…. Spin off season on 007

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my alternative would have been ha ram would have gotten killed by guy without a finger hiding her body therefore she would be a reaper.  the detectives exposing the video tapes that ha ram gave them and them finally getting justice and everyone dead or in jail w.e. makes you happy. the ladies leaving to the U.S . Joons reaper friends finding out the death date(of new reaper han ram) and telling joon that ha ram is a reaper and doesnt remember anything. her going into a dead body. 444 helping finding her dead body and her getting her memory back. Them staying together therefore her as reaper she wont be able to foretell death just avoid them. and living a long life somewhere far in a hill also have her reunite her with her reaper dad. 

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