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  1. If I remember correctly, I read an interview that it was intentional that they shot scenes in really low light. It was to give the drama an authentic period feel since during that time period they only had torches/gas lamps/natural light at night. I do agree though that trying to identify who's who and trying to make sense what's happening when the scenes are so dark is quite difficult.
  2. watching this show before bed is not a good idea. it leaves ne feeling very hungry. lol... hope they end up having a season 2 with joo jae yoon as a regular worker. would also love to see the whole reply 1994 gang guest as part timers.
  3. moon su is hands down my favorite character so far. looks like kwon yul is having lots of fun playing this character.
  4. hoping that the ratings increase for haechi once crowned clown ends. crossing my fingers that a huge chunk of the viewers will switch to haechi since it's the same genre.
  5. at this point, i'm not that invested in the romance aspect of this drama, despite the chemistry between the leads. hope they get to do another drama wherein they'll get a happily ever after. (been wishing for this with the second leads of go ara's older dramas as well.) off topic: looks like jung il woo is not the only one who lost a lot of weight for this project. comparing go ara's pics from last year (miss hammurabi days), she looks so much thinner now. hope she's still able to eat and sleep well, make that the entire cast for that matter.
  6. for some reason, i have a feeling that the yeoning-yeoji loveline will end up in tragedy. go ara and jung il woo have chemistry and look good together, however, given the context of the story, it is highly doubtful that their characters will have a happily ever after. it is probable that one of them will get killed (yeoji), or they will have to part ways in the end with yeoji keeping her position ad damo. during this era, it is not unlikely (and also accepted) for a king (or prince) to have multiple concubines despite being married, so i don't think that yeoning's marriage will be the major factor for the romance not to prosper. i think it would mostly be due to yeoji's social status. a damo is among the lowest of the lows in social class, they are even lower than a servant if i'm not mistaken, thus, even becoming a concubine would probably be out of yeoji's reach (even if she wanted to be one, which again, i highly doubt).
  7. just finished all 4 episodes in one go and can't wait to watch the future episodes! i was hesitant to watch haechi at first since i'm not really a sageuk fan and eventhough i like go ara, i felt that sageuk + go ara = disaster (mainly due to hwarang). my love for jung il woo won out in the end so i decided to give it a try, and i'm glad that i did! i'm really loving what i'm seeing so far! below are some of my thoughts regarding the show and actors: 1. kwon yul! i am so so so loving kwon yul here! he's played serious and dark characters in all of the dramas that i've seen him in. this role is a complete 180 of his previous roles and he's totally nailing it! didn't know he can do comedic roles as well. 2. jung il woo is a sageuk veteran so it's no surprise that he's doing well as prince yeoning. he and the cast are showing excellent chemistry so far. still unsure how i feel about a loveline between yeoning and yeoji, he and go ara have chemistry for sure, just unsure if a romance is necessary or if it would fit in the story for that matter. 3. go ara shines in these types of roles. i am crossing my fingers that she'll be able to sustain her strong performance throughout the while drama. hoping the writers and director do not pull a hwarang on us and have her end up as a damsel in distress in future eps. 4. so many deaths in the last episode. it must be traumatizing for yeoning to lose both his younger brother and father at the same time. i wonder how many episodes will the crown prince, now king, stay before ge eventually gets killed off since he would need to die for yeoning to be king. 5. it' a bit disheartening that this is not a commercial success and is not pulling in high ratings. it deserves so much more love that what it's getting.
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