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[Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] The Story of Ming Lan 庶女明兰传 / 知否?知否?应是绿肥红瘦

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Sheng Minglan is petite and so pretty sweet.



The Sheng family sisters are adorable Zhang Jianing's weibo update as she and ShiShi wrapped up filming for MingLan after 206 days.



More casts wrapped filming.



cr weibo as labelled

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so Hunan is holding a panel April 27th about their second half of the year and The Story of Minglan is among the titles they will be pushing. They have another historical in the mix so I do think this will be the last drama of the year for Hunan.



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11 hours ago, rosierosie said:

hopefully the drama airs this year?? Or can they released the drama on Youku like TFD?? 


def not going exclusively to Youku unless SARFT tells Hunan that they can't air it (fingers crossed since SARFT has been super harsh on historicals this year). I think TFD just didn't get picked up by any tv station. It wasnt big enough for the 8pm time-slot forcing it to go in the late night time slots and those are not doing good rating wise so it was probably easier/more profitable to sell exclusive rights to Youku. This year has been hard on historical dramas so I am hoping everything flows smoothly with MingLan. I think the only historical drama this year to air on TV was Nirvana 2 and that started airing last year. Then we had two dramas with wuxia like elements, Untouchable Lovers and Legend of Mountain Zu 2. All three aired in the late time-slots. TV stations are avoiding historical dramas like the plague :( 


Hunan spent big money on MingLan which means they will air it unless SARFT doesn't let them. We will know more after their panel on April 27th, but the rumor is that it will air in the 4th quarter. This makes sense since between post-production for MingLan and the other historical drama (Rise of the Phoenix) that Hunan wants to air, it will take some time. We should expect MingLan around November, it will probably depend on how many historical episodes Hunan will be allowed to air after Rise of the Phoenix. 


As a historical drama lover, I am on pins and needles wondering if SARFT will let dramas I want to watch air. :wacko:

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