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[Drama 2017] Return of Bok Dan Ji, 돌아온 복단지, Many Thanks for all your comments and support.


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MBC Drama

Return of Bok Dan Ji








Title: Return of Bok Dan Ji

Hangul: 돌아온 복단지

Network: MBC

Episodes: 120 (to be confirmed)

Release Date: May 15, 2017

Runtime: Monday-Friday 19:15



Bok Dan-Ji (Kang Sung-Yeon) supports her family by driving a bus for a private institute. She meets a man from a wealthy background and he falls in love with her.



Kang Sung-Yeon

Ko Se-won

Song Seon Mi

Lee Pil-mo



Source: http://www.hancinema.net/korean_drama_Return_of_the_Lucky_Pot.php



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I like the male lead Go Se-won. But i think i will keep this one on hold to see how it goes first. I'm skeptical with the screenwriter. She wrote You're only mine and return of geum hwang bok which seems to have gotten negative comments. Also i'm waiting for Shining Eun-Soo to finish so "The rose of sharon has bloomed" will start. It's with im soo hyang. will keep checking the thread though

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On 5/3/2017 at 4:29 AM, lclarakl said:

Has a good cast. I think I will join this one at the 75 episode mark--as I do most daily dramas----I love doing a marathon watch. This one is definitely on my list to watch. 


I noticed the cast too and I love Pil Mo . I think it is interesting the way you approach daily dramas by starting them at 75 and marathoning the previous ones making it about 40  1 hr episodes more like since dailies are about 30-40 minutes right.

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Yes, watching the preview tells me that I'm going to have to wait until the 75 ep before marathoning.  After the preview, I can tell there is a lot of angst in this drama with marriages and divorce; however, it looks very interesting. 

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I have watched the first episode from what I understand, DJ, MG, JW, & SJ  are the leads. DJ has a life long crush on MG, though finally, she confess but he is not over his ex.JW the prosecutor has a crush on SJ, MG&SJ are in love but it is a forbidden love they broke up because of her family (my wild guess) and SJ mom destroy MG father business,

SJ family tree seems complicated on the top of that we got a monster mother by the way the actress who is playing SJ mom always plays such kind of character, from the preview MG ask DJ to marry him not because he reciprocate her feeling but to make SJ to give up on him, I can see heartbreak and betrayal on  the horizon for DJ.

for now I am in who knows in the future if it turns out like LIDD

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I wish there is a sub for the drama a lot has been in the last 3 episode DJ and MG got married before the wedding ceremony he register their marriage in order to save his father it was one of the conditions SJ mom request though DJ knows half the truth she go with it because she loves him , SJ and JW also married the same time, after 8 years  SJ and JW has a son but I have a feeling it is not JW son but MG, I am not sure DJ donate her liver or her kidney to save his life though the surgery got complicated 

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