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  1. I'm so disappointed with the ending. Kwak Mi Huang got off too easily but at least the wicked Kim is in prison with her minion. They dropped the ball for me and I even ordered UBER EAT to watch the ep what a waste of food, I would have been better off watching netflix, thats how much I mad about Kwak Mi Huang getting away with being so wicked through the whole drama until ep 19
  2. I hope Kwak Mi Huang ends up in effing prison. Woo Joo mom begged her on her knees, she denied. She is an accomplice and so is Yeh Suh. The father chocking Coach Kim was great, but he still is an awful human being regardless.
  3. WOW . Kim Hye Na wouldn't kill herself like that. She is flawed she is raw and she act like most people would in the world. I work in the justice department and people fight ugly for what they believe to be theirs. Does that makes them bad people ???? No. When a man passes away you have kids showing up asking to be added to their "family registry" for monetary gain. So I can understand why she would feel wronged, her mother suffered painless, she had to work for everything and she is always coming in second to her father daughter who had the easy life. Believe it or not that enough to make anyone mean and resentful. I get her even if I haven't been in her shoes because I have seen this play out time and time again in real life. Also, this isn't gone girl, I doubt she jumped to frame someone since she breaks every time Kwak Mi Huang leaves the room. But if YS pushed her, her mother deserves everything coming her way. Woo Joo is not going to rest until he finds out what happened. I just hope she isn't dead she is feisty, and the actress playing her is doing a stellar job ! Also, you know at the end Kwak Mi Huang is going down, which is nice once the husband finds out she been hiding that he had a daughter. I'll open my special wine, like the one I keep for the day in which Cersai Lannister meets her end thats how much I dislike Kwak Mi Huang (also great job in the actress part).
  4. This type of dramas are whats needed in kdramas. Not all black all white characters. HY is feisty with a nasty attitude but she its a coping mechanisms. SR omma was a weak submissive woman but she learn to fight back to her twins. YS omma is still the worst to me, she's been told again and again that that teacher was up to no good but did she listen ? No. She reminds me of Cersai Lannister who always think she has the upper hand on everbody and how she is so smart but really she is the worst and so slow and not that smart. Anyhow I love this drama !
  5. Hi everyone ! I'm new on this thread ! I watched the last ep and I just cant with HSJ she is a terrible person. She is conniving, manipulative she found her match with that teacher for sure. I hope the story doesnt end well for her too bad YS will probably pay the price but she needs to be brought down a notch her mother does too. I find no redeeming qualities in her (HSJ). I thankful I did not had to go through a school experience like that. Of course at times there is going to be competitions but for them to hand wealthy kids trophees and prizes over regular kids is so unfair.
  6. Hello everyone ! I'm new on this thread. I hope MS crushes his aunt she obviously killed his parents and try to kill him too. Twice. He didnt die and all he does is cry ?! She did not raise him his parents money did, she only saw him to chatise him, they never even had a meal together. But because they share blood he though she was family, okay I get it. I think he should morne his fantasy then crush her, not walk away and give her what she wants because the thing with greed is that its unquenchable. They always want more. Its really unfortunate about the subs, I wish there were a plateform where everything in centralised and you pay like 9,99€ (french girl here) and you get everything kind like netflix. Sadly they arent that many dramas on netflix.
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