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  1. oh my God in the preview SW"S father ask his wife to get divorce I think he had enough of his wife and daughter behaviour. SW keep his promise and they went to camping I can't wait for monday
  2. He is not a bad person perse unlike his wife he has a humble beginning and he values and respects people however he made few bad decisions when it comes to SM at the beginning he was against it then she said she is pregnant and he start losing clients so he has to take JH back for his daughter happiness and for his business but never trusted him
  3. JH going around and bark up the wrong tree if he has to be mad he has to mad at his own stupidity for not noticing all the sign right in front of him
  4. doing the right thing is not always easy.... but SW is a man of principle we have 49 episode left let us see how the story going to pan out for YR, SW and GH. no one deserves a happy ending more than these 3
  5. @stroppyse could you please translate the conversation between SM and GH thank you so much
  6. somebody has to give JH chill pill from the preview he is blaming GH about the miscarriage and insists to talk to her , he is going to be her stalker he is burning all the bridges. he will regret later for being nasty and it will be too late
  7. the only person who has conscious and moral compass in that family is SW and the aunt
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