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[Drama 2017] Duel 듀얼


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 Waiting! for this Intense dramatic action thriller! crime and clone  Duel!!


And looking at Jung Jae Young...I know who he looks like... that male lead from Hanzai Shokugon. crime action -jdrama I'm watching



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The hunt for the clone is on in new Duel teaser

by Buhdoop


OCN has finally released a longer teaser for Duel, along with new character posters and stills. I really wanted more information on this drama, so I’m happy that the production is ramping up their promo. Duel is OCN’s human-clone-pursuit-thriller where a detective’s daughter is kidnapped. Two clones, divided between good and evil, are the key to solving the case.

Jung Jae-young (Assembly) is the detective on the hunt for his daughter. The new teaser opens with a tender moment between father and daughter as Jung Jae-young greets her and lovingly sits beside her in an ambulance. But then the scene takes a turn as Yang Se-jong (Saimdang, Light’s Diary) bursts into the ambulance and attacks Jung Jae-young, seeking to drug him. Jung Jae-young is able to rip the mask off the clone before succumbing to the drug.

When he comes to, his daughter has disappeared. The hunt begins as he rushes through subway trains, crashes through windows, and flies off bridges in pursuit of the clone. There are appearances from both the good and the bad clone, which echoes back to the common refrain of this drama: “On the day my daughter disappeared, I saw two men who looked exactly the same.”

Kim Jung-eun (Make a Woman Cry) makes a brief appearance as the ambitious and elite prosecutor when she says, “Let’s conceal this case.” But Jung Jae-young isn’t having that as he yells, “My daughter is alive! She is definitely alive!” It’s not clear whether his daughter is alive or not, but one thing is for certain—Jung Jae-young believes she is and through hell or high water, he is going to find her.



OCN also released a bevy of posters and still images that showcase each actor in their roles. In the character posters above, Jung Jae-young’s poster reads, “Until I find my daughter, you can’t die, even if you want to.” Kim Jung-eun, who is making her two-year drama comeback, looks conniving as the ambitious prosecutor. Her copy reads, “I will do anything to keep my position as prosecutor.” And of course, Yang Se-jong gets two posters, one each for the good and the bad clone. The copy on the good clone’s poster reads, “Someone who looks just like me made me a murderer,” and the bad clone’s reads, “I decided to be evil. To get revenge, to live.”

Okay, I’m intrigued. I really want to see how Yang Se-jong handles these two roles against a veteran like Jung Jae-young. It has only been a year since his debut and he already has this major dual role, which will probably make or break the suspense element of this drama. No pressure.

Duel will premiere on June 3, replacing currently airing Tunnel at the end of its run.



cr:: http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/05/the-hunt-for-the-clone-is-on-in-new-duel-teaser/

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Thank you everyone for the updates and teasers. I'll share too the ones grab from IG (cto)

Yup! Duel! the one I'm anticipating!! it's pretty obvious from all my posts here.. It's OCN with fav genre chime thriller of course I'm gonna watch!  (and Circle! Secret Forest! also Lookout)


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Duel: Human clone drama releases character teasers giving viewers a bigger picture of the cast
May 26, 2017 14:12 SGT
By Pinaz Kazi


OCN's upcoming suspense thriller, Duel released character teasers on 25 May, giving viewers a bigger picture of Duel's main cast.

Reportedly, this is the first time in the history of Korea TV that human clone has been used as the drama theme. The set up of the drama is however not in far future, it is in 2017 itself so that the viewers feel that human cloning can take place in their daily lives.

The story of the drama mainly revolves around two clones who are on opposing sides- good and evil and a veteran detective whose daughter has been kidnapped.

The production team revealed more about the main characters of the drama which include Jang Seuk-cheon(Jung Jae-Young) who is a loving father and reckless detective. His life starts crumbling under him after his daughter is kidnapped.

Viewers will see Choi Jo-hye (Kim Jung-eun) as a confident and ambitious prosecutor in the drama who will be caught within the human clone cases and in the course she will have to make some bold choices. Though, Choi is a villain in the drama, she will sometimes display her compassionate side as well.

In the drama, Sung-joon (Yang Se-jong) is an alleged criminal who lost his memory and is trying hard to find out the truth. Sung-hoon(Yang Se-jong) is a mysterious human clone who looks exactly like Sung-joon and tries to frame his crime on Sung-joon.

The programme director (PD) of Duel, Lee Seung-hoon reveals the story behind this Steven Spielberg-inspired thriller stating, "Human clone is a popular topic for movies and dramas, often set in the future. What differentiates Duel is that it is set in the present times (2017)." Lee picked up the title of the drama Duel, inspired by Steven Spielberg's work of the same title.


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Together again . In case viewers doesn't know. Yang Se Jong and Seo Eun So worked previously in the drama RDTK. They're like a #otpship 






He's got big hands!


Awww. the guys taking a break from shooting Duel.





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