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[Drama 2017] Duel 듀얼


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 Another OCN thriller crime drama! I saw the teaser  for this drama DUAL. at the end of ep 6 of Tunnel.  Action thriller one after the other from Voice to Tunnel and now Dual.. and we're only in  April.  Yep myfav network. OCN!

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Chilling sci-fi thriller Duel to cool the summer with killer clones

by tineybeanie


Please wait while I add Duel to my summer drama list pronto: This OCN drama has been low-key about promoting, but now it’s definitely on my radar. Potential dark serial killers, check. Good and evil clones, double check. Throw in Yang Se-jong (Saimdang—Light’s Diary), and you can count me in!

The plot will be centered around veteran actor Jung Jae-young’s (Assembly) character, a hardened detective cop whose daughter is kidnapped. The thrilling story begins when he starts to chase down the suspect using the one clue he has: Two men with the same face were at the crime scene.

Read more http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/04/chilling-sci-fi-thriller-duel-to-cool-the-summer-with-killer-clones/


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And I'm waiting for this upcoming OCN drama!! From the updates I'm seeing from the cast, and the first tease, dark thriller drama. Of course it's OCN so we can expect that. I love!!!

I'm excited for Duel! so we'll see the clone!

first teaser Jung Jae Young, "I saw two guys who looked the same on my daughter's disappearance." | Cr: cs_sj2013




 I don't know  which character's clone I bet  as Sung Hoon clone he is sinister scary! As Sung Joon.. he's tough as nail angsty one

 Sung Hoon is the one on the left Sung Joon is one the right

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The cast: Jung Jae Young. Kim Jung Eun. Yang Se Jong. Seo Eun Su.

I'm not familiar with any of the stars but I'm checking this drama and I'm active because it's OCN type of drama I like plus a thriller! Something about clones and crimes.

I have no idea who is Yang Se Jong. though I read up and coming young actor and his current drama is Saimdang Diary and previous to that Romantic Teacher Doctor Kim. I'm just  sharing the updates cos  I'm waiting for this.

As Sung Hoon .. the scary sinister one?

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The clone face-off begins in Duel posters

by Buhdoop


OCN is stepping into the thriller battle of summer with its human clone drama Duel, which stars Jung Jae-young (Assembly) as a veteran detective struggling to find his kidnapped daughter. Kim Jung-eun (Oohlala Spouses) plays an ambitious elite inspector who finds the big clue of the case, and Yang Se-jong (Saimdang—Light’s Diary) stars as the two cloned men who are divided between good and evil.

The two posters show a nice comparison between the two clones. The first poster shows the five main characters (including Seo Eun-soo) at a subway station, with the two clones facing off. I love how they styled the two clones, and how Yang Se-jong embodies their different personas. If I didn’t know they were the same person, I would assume they cast two actors who looked similar. It is truly amazing how style and presence can transform a person.

  Read more 



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I told ya! clone Sung Hoon, in a suit with a gun is sinister but why do I feel, the bad one is Sung Joon character. Ha. But a brief teaser.. can't really tell. Gotta wait for the premiere.

So many upcoming dramas I'm anticipating. This drama Duel (and Forest of Secrets, Circle, Lookout, Falsify, Save Me ) from larus and 0ly40 threads. Thank you guys!


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OCN’s New Thriller Drama “Duel” Raises Anticipation With Cinematic Posters


OCN’s new thriller drama “Duel” has released film-like posters ahead of its premiere.

This drama, airing on June 3, deals with two clones on opposing sides and a cop whose daughter has been kidnapped.

Actor Jung Jae Young will be playing the veteran cop Jang Deuk Chun, and actress Kim Jung Eun will be playing an elite prosecutor named Choi Jo Hye. Actor Yang Se Jong will be playing both roles of the clones Sung Joon and Sung Hoon, who hold the key to every case.

The revealed posters are quite eye-catching, much like ones for actual films. In one poster, Jang Deuk Chun is holding on to Sung Joon while his eyes are focused on Sung Hoon. It accurately illustrates the complicatedness of the characters’ relationships. It also gives a sneak peek on how the clones’ personalities are different because Sung Joon looks frightened of the cop while Sung Hoon looks confident and chill.

The staff of “Duel” stated, “We wanted to express the psychological conflict between the clones Sung Joon and Sung Hoon. Also, we tried our best to make each character have unique charms that fit with the story. The viewers will be able to sense the tension of the thriller drama through these two posters.”

Meanwhile, OCN’s “Duel” will air on June 3 at 10 p.m. KST as a follow-up of “Tunnel.”

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Can anybody tell me about the actor? I'm really clueless who he is.

Waiting for the clones! I'm guessing on the left is Sung Hoon, on the right, It's Sung Joon. It's the character names

And the young actor could win a rookie of the year award!  From  Romantic Teacher, Doctor Kim to Saimdangs Diary to Duel. Watch out for this upcoming actor!

OT: Well, I still say brilliant Jang Dong Yoong (of Solomon's Perjury) for rookie of the year!m but that's just my honest opinion. Peace to all :)

But I'm excited to see  up and coming actors like Yang Se Jong. I'm waiting for the drama. June 3 after my current fav Tunnel!

RT cr as tagged.

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Three-way face-off between clones and a desperate father in Duel

by tipsymocha


I’m glad that Duel is finally stepping up its promo game, because I’m really looking forward to the sci-fi thriller drama that’s bringing Jung Jae-young (Assembly) and Kim Jung-eun (Make a Woman Cry) back to my TV screen. Two new teasers are out for Duel, and we get a glimpse of the two main conflicts we’ll see unfold in the upcoming OCN drama.

The first teaser shows the two clones, both played by Yang Se-jong (Saimdang—Light’s Diary), facing off against each other, although it seems to be more of a hunter-prey dynamic than them fighting on equal footing. We see Sung-joon, the good one, get off a train bloodied and bandaged, looking terrified and clearly on the run. Sung-hoon, the evil counterpart, comes face to face with his clone twin on the platform, gun in hand and narrating, “I’ve decided to become the devil. For my revenge. For my survival.” Sung-joon (oy, this is going to get confusing. Did they really have to make the names sound so familiar?) stops in his tracks and thinks, “The man with my face made me a murderer.”

More http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/05/three-way-face-off-between-clones-and-a-desperate-father-in-duel/

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