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[Drama 2017] Duel 듀얼


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Premiere Watch: My Sassy Girl, Seven Day Queen, Best Hit, Duel

by javabeans




Time slot: Saturday & Sunday
Broadcaster: OCN
Genre: Crime thriller
Episode count: 16 (full-length, normal episodes!)

Reasons to watch: Or maybe you’d rather skip the breezy comedies and jump right into the crime scene with darker characters, in which case Duel is one of a few grittier options this summer. Jung Jae-young (Assembly) is a veteran film actor who brings gravitas and intensity to his roles, and I fully expect he’ll be engrossing in this as a detective desperate to save his kidnapped daughter.

Kim Jung-eun (Oohlala Spouses) moves away from her usual image (plucky, upbeat) to be one of the drama’s villains; she’s not the criminal on the loose, but a prosecutor with a corrupt sense of morals. Sometimes it’s those institutional villains who do the most damage!

Last but not least, we have a drama taking on the topic of human clones, played here in dual performances by Yang Se-jong (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim; Saimdang, Light’s Diary). OCN’s perennial slate of crime dramas can sometimes run together in my mind, but when you say “human clones” you’ve certainly found a way to set yourself apart from the pack. Let’s hope it’s in a good way.



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Waiting to see when's the press conf for this. Thanks, larus, lyrayoo for  updates.

Clone vs clone. Bargaining with the bad and dealing with the devil.

 One's bad, the other evil. Who should we sympathize with? Or should we?


 Seond time around. Both of them.. otp like. But Duel is dark thriller so don't think we'll see anything love blooms. Hehe.



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 Yang Se Jong playing dual character. as clone Sung Hoon and Sung Joon.  the clone is bad,  he's evil, he's sinister, he's accused of kidnapping.

Could be  breakout role! OCN letting us know he's the next superstar. Previous dramas RDTK, Saimdang Light's Diary (still on going but pre produced anyway).

I've been waiting for this dram.  Want to see Jung Jae Young  as well.













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 Duel premieres  June 3 OCN 10p

I want to see well written script. gripping and dark drama. A good thriller It better be!  Voice and Tunnel  are both big well made dramas with fantastic actors and their brilliant acting. Duel however has rookie actors but we have Jung Jae Young to lead and anchor the young ones.. I want to be surprised in a good awesome way acting wise and story wise.  What I mean, I just want the drama to be just as good like the two previous ones. Think My Beautiful Bride! KMY owned that drama, so I hope we see  YSJ  blow us away.. okay, "cloned" us away. Older actors going for their MS,  kdrama needs new stars and for up and coming actors to steal spotlight and be a breakout star!

Jung Jae Young and Yang Se Jong.  Wish to see a translation of the press conf.  Share the post if you have. Thanks.


Other presconf. photos see previous page.

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