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[News] 2017.11.29 Yang Se Jong: I am careful in dating / a relationship (연애)   Non-literal Translation: mademoisellesia   Interesting tidbits:   What is the differ

[News] 2017.11.29 Yang Se Jong: I don't believe in love at first sight. I prefer meeting each other for a longer time   Translation: mademoisellesia   Tidbit / News extract:

[News] 2017.12.01 Yang Se Jong 'A Life without knowing when death is. I will do my best' Translation: mademoisellesia Interesting tidbits:   Being so focus and concentrated, d

A comparison shot of the 3 times Se Jong receives an award


source: mallinae_by


In conclusion, Sejongie is still Sejongie.


He hasn't change one bit.


But that's what I like about him.


... and I hope he remains the same.



P.S. I've updated his acceptance speech video to HD version. Scroll up. ^ ^

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[Endorsement] 2018.10.15 Yang Se Jong's CF for Leaders Cos


[Event] Leaders Cosmetics x Yang Se Jong Signing Event

Date & Time: Nov 3, 2018 (Sat) at 3pm

Venue: Shilla Duty Free Store - Seoul, 3rd floor Artisee Cafe

It's only limited to 40 Korean residents, so we'll just expect to see some digital photos.

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[Video] 2018.10.15 MBC Section TV Coverage at APAN Star Awards

Must watch. Sejong is so cute! His reaction when being called "Monster Rookie" & his "Hee!"




At least he's gotten more used to it and stopped rolling his eyeballs, LMAO.


Less than a second he's already NG, ROFLLLLL



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[Fan Meeting] 2018.10.19 Video Snippets of Japan's FM


Japan is known to be strict in security for FMs, and the Japanese culture is very different to others whereby the Japanese are discipline & follow the rules. Therefore it's never easy to see FM pictures/videos online. The ones available & shared on SNS are from overseas fandoms. We really have them to thank for. Here are some *cute* ones:


1) Yang Se Jong using all his strength serenading his fans with his eyes closed due to nerves

(HAHAHA, why do I find him so funny & cute)

Caption: At the Taiwan FM, he sang 5 songs, but in Japan, he sang only two.


2) Songs Se Jong Sang at Japan FM (Audio only)




Modeun nal, modeun sungan (Every Day, Every Moment) by Paul Kim


Sarang-e ppajigo sipda (I want to fall in love) by Kim Jo Han


3) What is Sejong's Ideal Type?



*Thinks very seriously* and Sejong answered: "I like someone who gives me good feeling.... *Feeling* (repeats it in English again... as if telling whoever beside him "you know what I'm saying")... errr...*thinks again*.... someone who I can easily chit-chat with... er...*thinks harder*... someone who is mature.... errr.... I think that's it.


LOLLLL, I love it. So cute and answers the question so sincerely. Note: His answer also hasn't changed since last year's various interview.


4) Morning Call

Sejong records a wake up call audio for a Japanese fan. He then gets embarrassed himself when the host gets the fan to replay it on the phone... hahaha





5) What is the nickname he calls his older girlfriend (if any)?

Fact is, we know his ex-girlfriend is older than him so... hahahahaha! Love his honesty. :D



*Feeling all shy & embarassed* Sejong really struggles to answer this one & so many cute expression came out of it. Whoever ask this question, you have my respect! Hahaha!


Sejong: "Honestly... *pause for a loooooong time* *struggles again*... I call her '못난아' (mosnana)... not that kind of meaning... just...mosnanaaaa~"


못난아 in Korean means ugly, but for Sejong, it doesn't mean that way.


Other videos


Caption: At the end, Se Jong announces himself that even though this isn't part of the arrangement (script), but he would like to shake hands with everyone. Everyone cheered.


Home Time




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[Magazine] 2018.10.20 Sneak Peek Scans of Yang Se Jong in Harper's Bazaar

SOOOO BEAUTIFUL! (♥ ^ ♥) (♥o♥) I could not decide which one I love more! The first photo I love his eyes & the hair... the second I feel like I'm looking at another person / a character and he gave the Dr. Lee Yong Seob feel in Duel.





source: PKDAM_1 & 스티치

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3 hours ago, xlodvnava said:

Hi everyone. Can anyone help me with a link where I can find Yang Se Jong's schedule? I'm currently in Seoul and hoping I'd get a glimpse of him. Thanks in advance ^^


Se Jong's agency doesn't publish his schedule. His upcoming public appearances is on 27/10 for Buckaroo (see page 30) and 3/11 Leaders Cosmetics.

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1 hour ago, mademoisellesia said:


Se Jong's agency doesn't publish his schedule. His upcoming public appearances is on 27/10 for Buckaroo (see page 30) and 3/11 Leaders Cosmetics.

Oh yeah, 27/10 - that's the one in Incheon right? Thanks heaps! 

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[News] 2018.10.22 Photos from Special Event "Release of Temperature of Love DVD" Held on Oct 20.



The next day after the FM, there was a special event held in Tokyo with fans who bought the Temperature of Love DVD (Japanese version). There were some Q&A sessions between Sejong and the crowds.





source (1)

Edited by mademoisellesia
Replace with HD versions
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[News] 2018.10.23 Official Harper's Bazaar Magazine Photos

The official release of digital Harper's Bazaar magazine pictures are out. Again, I am dead at the beautiful pics.



Translation by mademoisellesia (Do NOT repost elsewhere).


In November issue of fashion magazine, "Harper's Bazaar", Yang Se Jong's pictorial and interview were revealed. Over the past two years, Yang Se Jong has grown in an alarming rate by acting in various genres ranging from sageuk to melodrama (Korean's version of romance) and rom-com.


The photoshoot was held at Hotel Indigo Bali. As returning to "the ordinary Yang Se Jong" as the concept, he displayed various facets of himself in the photoshoot, as well as expressed his true thoughts after completing drama "30 but 17".


In regard to continuously playing a lead role, Yang Se Jong said: "More or less it was too soon for me to play a leading role. I finally understood how huge the pressure and responsibility is, therefore I have absolute respect for the sunbae-nims. Seeing no matter how tired the sunbae-nims were, but they endured it all, it comforted me and also spurred me on. I think not showing any signs of fatigue, even if we are, is the duty of an actor."


More on Yang Se Jong's acting and life honest interviews and charming pictorials in November issue of Harper's Bazaar, which is now for sale from October 22.


source (1) (2) (3) (Harper's Bazaar)

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