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[News] 2017.11.29 Yang Se Jong: I am careful in dating / a relationship (연애)   Non-literal Translation: mademoisellesia   Interesting tidbits:   What is the differ

[News] 2017.11.29 Yang Se Jong: I don't believe in love at first sight. I prefer meeting each other for a longer time   Translation: mademoisellesia   Tidbit / News extract:

[News] 2017.12.01 Yang Se Jong 'A Life without knowing when death is. I will do my best' Translation: mademoisellesia Interesting tidbits:   Being so focus and concentrated, d

[Interview] 2018.11.09 Drunken Chat Part 1: Yang Se Jong - The more New Actor Awards received, the more pressure & responsibilities



Monster Rookie; Superfast Main Lead; New Actor Triple Crown King — these are the keywords when searching for Yang Se Jong (26).


Starting with SBS "Saimdang: Light's Diary", he began playing the lead role from OCN "Duel", and took home 3 trophies, including SBS Drama Awards and Baeksang Arts Awards. He is no doubt the hottest actor in the TV drama market.


Nervousness. (His) body was shaking when (he) receives an award, he can't deliver his speech properly, he usually can't look straight into the camera. Luckily he doesn't have to look at the camera when he acts. Even now being under the flashlight, his shoulder is trembling. "I can't focus in front of the flashlights. Although it's not easy, but I'm working hard to get used to it."

Very unique. People who first met him will think he's unique. Who would imagine anyone locking themselves in a room just to research on a character before filming? It's his style and it has consistently the same since debut. Unlike people who can't part with their phones, (he) isn't close with his phone and is someone who is difficult to reach.


(He is) earnest. Even if we're only asking one question, he wouldn't answer it immediately; he would think twice/trice first. "These days I've been earnestly thinking about the interpersonal relationships with people. People around me said it's not good, I'm thinking whether they're right. There's no right answer to interpersonal relationship, you see.
The drinking session was divided into two sections — during interview and off the record (private chat). It ended after we drank the amount over our (alcohol) capacity.
Drunk Chat's official question - what is your drinking capacity?

I'm not fuss. Soju's limit is two bottles. I like red wine but I don't drink during shooting. If I go abroad, I will try local wine.


Is there any special after-drinking behaviour?

No, just the mood (feeling) becomes better.


Do you have any drinking buddies?

Acting teacher(s) and friends, or Kim Gun Woo hyung from the same agency. Although I like wine, but instead of drinking the wine I like, I am the happiest when I'm drinking the wine the other person likes.


You've received 3 trophies for New Actor.

It seems there is nothing I can do about my nervousness and trembling whilst receiving the trophy. The moment my name was called on stage, I trembled even more, to the extent that there's no way to control it.


Why are you so nervous?

The actors I've known from movies or dramas are right before my eyes, I can't believe I'm in the same space as these respectful idols/sunbae. I get nervous as I see them.


You are already the 3 crowns king, aren't you used it yet?

The actors attending the awards show aren't the same, so each time the feeling is different too. The camera only captured my trembling lips, but in truth my legs are shaking really bad too, I could barely stand.


Who was the coolest?

I was enamoured by Jang Hyuk sunbae that day because he was so cool. We've only exchanged greetings, but it was still very cool. The respect and coolness is difficult to put into words. The feeling was so strong.


Continuously being the main lead, there must be a considerable sense of responsibility

It was a little too early to become the main lead, I finally understood how heavy the burden and responsibility of a main lead is. Therefore, each time I see the sunbae-nim, I really respect them. Seeing them not showing how tired they are on the set comforted me, I want to do the same.




30 But 17 has ended

Although I get along well with the staff members from every drama, this time I'm particularly close with the filming team. We still contact each other even after the filming is over.


It's really hot during filming

I'm not the only one having a hard time. I will only feel more tired if I show "I'm really hot" on the set, so I tried hard not to show it. Even if it was really hot, I'll forget it once the camera starts rolling.


The "Bayaba" makeup was really shocking

Why? (I thought) it was fun. The situation (script) itself is comical. His (Bayaba) image is to allow everyone understands straight away he is a man who shuts himself from the world. Actually, if I'm not working I, too, will let my beard grow, just like Bayaba.


For the recent 2-3 years, you have been moving forward (working hard) without a break

I'm not sure because the intervals between each project is short, but when I look back I realised I've been working diligently. Even if the characters are different, if they were similar in genre, they could look similar in the public's eyes so it bothers me. I was especially worried for "Temperature of Love" and "30 But 17".  It hasn't been long since I've debuted, but I think the most important thing with acting is being "real".


source (1) via Eukybearlovesdrama



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[Interview] 2018.11.09 Drunken Chat Part 2: Yang Se Jong - Restless Mind. The Reason of Not Playing SNS



Is there a reason emphasizing on being 'real'?

I don't want to show a comfortable performance, but it's also not okay to over-pursue realism either. One time a staff told me, "Don't stress too much on being real, everyone is tired because of you." "Ah! It's not just I do well means all is good kind of thing", what s/he said became a food for thought for me again.  


How do you feel with the appraisal of 'Monster Rookie'?

I don't like it because I'm totally not. This kind of description is very burdensome. I don't know who started it; I have to go around denying it. I'm really not Monster Rookie (laugh). Oh yes you are! Name one actor who is as monstrous as you right now :P


Are you still looking for a small studio to work on a character?

Of course. Once work preparation began, I will search for a space that belongs to me. Like a studio kind of place with minimum furniture and a full-length mirror and concentrate only on the character. From then on, I will do my very best to focus, the ordinary Yang Se Jong will disappear and only the character left. My phone will function only as an alarm, being in contact will reduce to bare minimum. No, in fact, I almost don't answer the phone.


How's the rapport with Shin Hye Sun?

I chatted a lot with noona. We continue to discuss on how to shoot during break time. The shooting was completed smoothly.


Did you know it was intentional to sit you two together at Baeksang Arts Awards?

I knew at the time we were going to be partner (working together), but we didn't exchange much conversation. It's kind of like an awkward situation for one another? We've only said "Congratulations" to each other after receiving our trophies. LOL, they do look awkward at the time.



Have you decided on the next project?

There's a project in discussion. You'll hear the good news soon.


Chemistry with older females, Seo Hyun Jin, Shin Hye Sun etc. are good.

It's all thanks to noona (laugh). I just concentrate on the script. They did the rest; I just follow. Both actresses are subject of (my) good concentration, it felt like they emitted something. They are both beautiful inside and out. This is not pretense; it's true*.


*as in he's not being polite, but being honest.


Other than drama, is there other areas of interest?

I'm very interested in movies. After "Temperature of Love" ended, I'm thankful there were a lot of movie script's offers, and I also have movies I really wanted to do. After the drama, I wanted to stay with Omoni. Within the two years, I've only seen Omoni for less than 2 months, I felt like an undutiful son, I just wanted to see Omoni. I was reminded of a line from "Temperature of Love" — 'Life has a priority'. Although it was a movie I wanted to do, but now that I think about it, I made the right choice staying with Omoni.




If you continue to always be together (with mom), then you shouldn't feel that way.

No, even now I always miss Omoni and always aegyo. Maybe because I'm the only child, my love for Omoni is unique. Hmm... mummy's boy alert!


What's your worries these days?

I was in London and the racial discrimination was really serious. I felt a lot there. There are no right answer for interpersonal relationship; you can clearly differentiate between the good and bad in your surroundings. I'm the type that if I like that person, no matter what mistakes or wrong-doings were made I would trust them all the way, but now I realised it's not the case.




You were worried about interpersonal relationship a year ago too.

Yes. I continuously worry and agonised over it. But can I say I've realised something? I am indeed different from before.


We also want to see you in variety.

It takes so long to say one sentence for me. Variety shows need to react quickly to rapidly changing situations, I have to think 30 times for one question, I don't think I can do it. I kinda think that's why it'd be funny to see him going on variety, haha.


You don't do SNS.

People I know said "You are an impulsive and restless child!" I don't know what I will write with that restless mind at dawn, so I don't do SNS. Good choice. Too many stars get in trouble because of social media these days.


source (2) via Eukybearlovesdrama



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[Interview] 2018.11.09 Drunken Chat Part 3: Yang Se Jong - Fan Meeting's Singing Ability...An Area I Shouldn't Do



Is your restlessness/insecurity still there?

It's getting worse. Some may say I'm just complaining*, but the pressure is getting more and more. If we are to measure happiness, it was best when I was a student.


*complaining about something ordinary people can't afford to do.


Have you heard talks about you've changed after becoming popular?

Never heard it, but who said that? (laugh) Instead, I was often told to change — in particular from close friends: "be harsh/vicious", "get a hold of yourself", "have mercy on others" 



Weren't you once an aspiring Korean Sports University?

I did plan to go to sports university, but for the first time, I decided to act at 19. Before that I was in the Taekwondo demostration team. I got a scholarship from Samsung Foundation (laugh).


Why did you dream to be an actor?

By chance, I saw a play "Snow Drop" with friends, after watching I felt a certain excitement. In that instant, I made up my mind I want to stand on stage like that actor. Not skipping a day, I start practising from 5 am everyday in preparation of special dance skills. At home, I lid a candle and practice acting. In the end, I got into Korean National University.


I saw your overseas fan meeting clip, your singing ability...

Yes, I can't sing. I don't want to do it, but the fans want me to sing. I really practice hard, and those are the results.


Have you not learnt singing?

The prerequisite skill was dancing, so I've never sang once. I didn't even bother because it's an area I can't do, but because it's fan meeting so I don't have a choice. Fans should have asked him to dance!


Although you'll say no, are you dating? Duh, anyone who is smart will say no.

No (laugh). People can't get in touch with me, it won't be easy to date (me).


Ideal type?

A person I can talk a lot with. Even if there's a quarrel, I want to keep communcating. In the process our relationship may get better or worse, but I want us to converse. So it would nice to be someone who is honest and straightforward.


You really have a straightforward side.

I'm normally not pretentious or exaggerate when I speak, but I can be a bit excessive. I would be very blunt in front of my close friends. We haven't seen each other for 6 months, isn't it better to be blunt?


Sometimes being too straightforward can become poison (hurt others' feelings)

Most people choose to endure when they sense something's not quite right in a situation. Although I know there's a reason to endure, but I think the more reason why we should be honest in such times. Yes, sometimes honest/straightforwardness can be hurtful (poisonous), but I will not regret it.


What's your plan this year?

When the next project has been confirmed, I want to prepare well for it, and of course, I also want to travel.


source (3) via Eukybearlovesdrama


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[News] 2018.11.15 Samsonite Red Signing Event



Time & Date: 8th December (Sat), 2 pm

Venue: Life's Journey (Lotte Department, Jamsil branch)

Condition: You have to spend over 100,000 KRW to be eligible. Only first 100 winners will be drawn from the draw. Notification to winners from Dec 3.

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[News] 2018.12.03 Yoo Yeon Seok And Son Ho Jun To Star In New Variety Show With Choi Ji Woo & Yang Se Jong As First Guests



Yoo Yeon Seok and Son Ho Jun will be bringing warmth to viewers with their own variety show!

On December 3, it was announced that tvN will be airing a new reality show titled “Coffee Friends.” The show will follow Yoo Yeon Sok and Son Ho Jun as they run a cafe located in a tangerine farm on Jeju Island, and they will donate all of their profit to a charitable cause.


The show is inspired by the duo’s “Coffee Friends” project, where they gave cups of coffee to citizens in exchange for donations. The goal was to show people that it isn’t difficult to start donating to those in need. Now, they will be taking the concept to another level as they sell coffee and brunch at a cafe.


Anticipation is rising as it has been revealed that producing director (PD) Na Young Suk will be a creative director for the show. He has worked with the two actors on popular variety shows like “Youth Over Flowers” and “Three Meals a Day.” The show will be directed by PD Park Hee Yeon, who has co-directed many shows with PD Na Young Suk as well as programs like “Teacher Baek” and “Street Food Fighter.”


Just like how Yoo Yeon Seok and Son Ho Jun invited friends to help run their coffee truck for the “Coffee Friends” project, the show will also invite guests to work as part-time employees. The first guests on the show will be Choi Ji Woo and Yang Se Jong. Choi Ji Woo was invited by Son Ho Jun after getting to know each other on “Three Meals a Day,” and Yang Se Jong will be making his first-ever variety show appearance after being invited by Yoo Yeon Seok.


PD Park Hee Yeon said, “We have decided to launch this new variety show after being inspired by the donation project Yoo Yeon Seok and Son Ho Jun led this year. The various happenings that take place in the cafe will move viewers and also bring laughter to them.”


Yoo Yeon Seok and Son Ho Jun’s “Coffee Friends” is set to premiere on tvN in January 2019.


Source (1) via soompi


Sejong in his first ever variety show!!!

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[Instagram] 2018.12.03 Various IG Updates from Coffee Friends Project

This is such a surprise, a good one too because I have wondered what would Sejong be like in a variety show produced/directed by Na PD. With the official news now out, we have some sightings too, and Sejong wearing glasses...? Is that even real or just a prop, I can't tell. Woo hoo, looking forward to this! ^ ^






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