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[Drama 2016-2017] Guardian: The Lonely and Great Goblin 도깨비

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'Goblin' sets its gears in motion with table read and test filming session


tvN's upcoming fantasy drama 'Goblin,' starring Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun has officially set the gears in motion for a promising start! 

OSEN reported on August 30, "'Goblin' plans to enter filming within Korea through a test phase this coming September 2." 

Further to the report, this test filming session will include scenes starring the main actors, and the first table read was said to have already taken place. The filming schedule will officially be set following the table read. Sounds like 'Goblin' is off to a good start without any significant bumps in the road! 

Meanwhile, 'Goblin' will unravel the odd events that are bound to arise between an amnesiac grim reaper and a goblin as they attempt to get along as roommates. You can catch this fantasy drama when it premieres this December. 


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This is how you do summoning in real life.. *no CG deity*  

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Lee El jumps from MBC’s Monster right into tvN’s Goblin


This is an actress I’ve been keeping my eye on since 2014, when she drew my attention as an amazing two-faced mercenary traitor in Liar Game. Since then, Lee El has gone on to appear in several popular projects, and was recently in Inside Men, starring Lee Byung-heon, and is currently playing a sponsor with an unrequited crush on Kang Ji-hwan’s character in MBC’s Monster

She is in the news today because she has recently announced her next project, fantasy romance drama Goblin. Lee El will be a female equivalent of a daddy long legs character for Kim Go-eun (Cheese in the Trap), the female lead. With Lee El’s steady support, Kim Go-eun will gain more strength to face upcoming trials with her love interest, the goblin.
The cast for this drama is fantastic. I can’t stop gushing about it. The first script reading was held on August 30, with most of the main cast attending, Lee El included. Gong Yoo(Train to Busan) stars as the titular goblin. I’m so excited to see him in this because he has been staying away from the small screen ever since his Big flop (Hehe. Punny, no?). He wants to end his dreary immortal existence, and the only way to do that is to find a human bride, played by Kim Go-eun.

The ever-handsome Lee Dong-wook (Bubblegum) plays an amnesiac grim reaper who happens to live with goblin Gong Yoo. I know there’s a Roommate joke somewhere, but I can’t seem to think of one… Together Gong Yoo and Lee Dong-wook help souls cross over to the afterlife. Supporting actors Yoo Inna (One More Happy Ending) and Yook Sung-jae (Who Are You–School 2015) have also confirmed. Yoo Inna’s character will be a bright and lovely attractive girl, while Yook Sung-jae plays a rebellious third-generation chaebol. 

tvN’s upcoming drama Goblin begins shooting this week, and will air Friday-Saturday starting in December, after Ji Chang-wook’s The K2, which has its first broadcast date set for September 23.


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Pre-produced drama which follows Goblin "Tomorrow with you" has released pics from script reading which took place on 29th. Maybe we'll be lucky to see pics from "Goblin"'s script reading in upcoming days. Really hope so. December is so far, I need at least something to calm down my tense expectancy.

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20 minutes ago, MaysoonD said:

I am not sure but it seems Goblin script reading

I can't see the pic here, but just recently saw it in Instagram. Yes, we've got first pic. I wonder who's that girl who has posted pic and maybe it's forbidden to post pics in web, but in any case we can imagine that Dongwook will have shorter haircut then he was wearing recently. I have tried to translate through Google her post and all I've understood was how handsome and cool he was looking. 


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Hi everyone!

I'm a Wookie fan from Singapore, and a friend of the lovely @Princi_86 :lol: I've been a fan of Wookie since his My Girl days. It's my first post here after years of lurking (hahaha) so I'm a little nervous :sweatingbullets: But you guys seem like such a nice and friendly bunch, so I think it's gonna be fun! Can't wait for Goblin!!

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On 8/27/2016 at 4:28 AM, princess nour90 said:













Any one knows Chinese to help us  translate it , it's about character description and their relationships and it seems their broromance between Gong yoo and Lee dong wook :D


Thank you for sharing this, @princess nour90! I know a bit of Chinese, so I'll try my best to translate this. I've done it for the part on Dong Wook's grim reaper  role, if anyone's interested to read it :lol: Will post the translations on other characters soon!

A disciple asks Confucius, “What is death?”

Confucius replies, “How do you understand death when you do not understand life itself?”

The grim reaper says, “If I’d known Confucius back then, I’d help him answer, ‘Death is when you meet me,’”

“I’m the grim reaper. I’ve been a grim reaper from the time I opened my eyes after death. Everyone who meets me will be shocked, at first by my good looks, but later on the realisation that they are already dead. The ghastly, pale white face and black lips of grim reapers is a thing of the past. And the black long gowns have also long been replaced by slim suits. Rather than ancient scriptures, I enjoy reading GQ magazines and have a strong preference for Scandinavian designs.  I feel that I have to impress a person with my sexiness even when appearing before him or her in their final moments to receive them."

He has forgotten the days where he had first become the messenger of the underworld. He now knows himself as just the being who handles those who have passed on. Having done this for so long, he can easily tell the feelings of a person who has passed on, just through a few words that they speak. Even when given the chance to return to life, some people would turn down his offer, but it makes his work easier. Because he’s living with the Goblin, his endurance limits are put to the test 12 times a day. He would often ask himself what mistake he had committed when he was alive to deserve such a fate, having to be a grim reaper who knows not the difference between light and darkness, cold and warmth and life and death.

He does not feel sympathy for others, and neither does he like activities which require the use of his imagination. The only thing that interests him about human life are melodramatic TV dramas, due to the unpredictable element of such shows. One day, he meets a girl who causes him to feel dizzy and light-headed (from falling for her). Initially, it felt like he was confusing her with his feelings from the past. Even though she was dressed in counterfeit goods from head to toe, she still shone, just like her name “Sunny”. From then on, he became very interested in Sunny. He develops a blind obsession for Sunny and her clueless, ditzy actions, much like an addiction to a TV drama series. He tries to use his imagination, but ends up answering them all wrongly, as he had only answered based on what he learnt in TV dramas. Sunny laughs at him and his silliness.

Is this all part of God’s plan? Or is this a mistake?

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@ winterdew TQ very very much for the translation. Very very interesting character indeed, but still reminds me of Wookie's character in Blade Man on the part where he was so obsessed with the smell of the girl of interest,- actually one of the performance I love from Wookie. I don't like cold chaebol - that was so yesterday.

If I'm an actor I will jump to the character like Great Reaper even just a cameo, or what position they want to put me. You don't find it in Kdramaland

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for those who cannot view the script reading here the IG link

and here the SC of the pic



after reading the Sunny character-I can understand they choose Yoon Inna as last minute decision. I know Yoon Inna was not in the list bc she was supposed to finish her C-drama, but THAAD issue forced her to return to Korea-the character needs a comedian talent without being too forced in doing it and YI has that trait. Nana as I understand, she choose to debut in big screen rather than this role, and Nara (Hello Venus) totally unknown in acting let alone in this character.

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33 minutes ago, lkgy99 said:

winterdew Thank you For Your translation Can you plz translate 
The Goblin part too




yes we are waiting for his detail character too, 

and I can imagine his character is very interesting too bc of this description " Because he’s living with the Goblin, his endurance limits are put to the test 12 times a day." So what kind of characters that can make Reaper becoming grumpy-pant 12 times a day. We know Gong Yoo comical acting talent-so I'm sure he is not typical cheabol in here.

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Hello all...I've decided to join this thread because this drama happens to have all my favorite actors in it.:wub: The story about a goblin and a grim reaper sounds very interesting and I really liked the way Kim Eun Sook writer wrote the two separate love lines in DOTS...I'm very happy that there won't be a major love triangle forming in this drama (no shipping wars yay:D) Also, tvN's dramas are top-notched in the industry so I have really high hopes for this drama! :blush:

Since I could understand some Chinese, I will translate this picture here:


Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) 

  • Goblin
  • His name has a hidden meaning. His name "Shin" means belief. The people call him "Believe in god"
  • He was stabbed by the sword of a king he once served, but manages to survive as a goblin

Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook)

  • Grim Reaper (a messenger of the underworld)
  • He was abandoned by the king he served and died. Cursed with amnesia and became a messenger of the underworld.
  • He doesn't remember anything aside from his responsibilities as the reaper
  • He meets a woman (the reincarnation of the king he served) and experiences a sense of deja vu

In regards to Wang Yeo and Kim Shin, the picture mentioned that the two characters will have a "bromance" The two of them coincidentally become roommates. They argue a lot but also depend on each other a lot.

Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun)

  • Human bride to Kim Shin
  • High school student
  • Orphan
  • Because she was an orphan she had an unfortunate childhood, but she is very strong and positive in character and retains her will
  • Her life of poverty suddenly takes a turn to fantasy

Kim Sun (Yoo In Na)

  • Female con artist
  • Orphan
  • She uses her beauty to take advantage of men and fill her own pockets. However, when she meets Wang Yeo she falls in love


Note: Details of the drama are subject to change. It is unconfirmed whether it would be 100% preproduced. The airing date is sometime in the middle of December 2016 on Fridays and Saturdays. The genre is "romantic comedy" but doesn't necessarily mean it will be a happy ending :o

Detailed character descriptions:

Kim Shin


Kim Shin: He was a "war god" who bathed in blood and killed his enemies in order to grant the common people peaceful lives.

However, he only saw the sharp blades of his enemies and failed to see the fear and jealousy of the one he served, and died under the sword of the master he protected.

Whether it is by the heavens' will or not, Kim Shin has survived as a goblin for the past 939 years. 

The sword is still stuck in his heart, constantly reminding him of the pain he suffered when he died. As a result, he suffers from weak nerves, bipolar disorder, and insomnia. 

Nothing has changed. A thousand years pass. The weak king. The weather is still ironically bright and sunny.

Even after he becomes a goblin he couldn't change his old habits as a human. Even though the people didn't know, Kim Shin was still their guardian god throughout the 900 years.

Aside from the eternally ticking time, the only thing eternal is the grim reaper who lives with him.

The fact that someone else is immortal like him provides great comfort...it is the reason why he kept the reaper as roommate despite the horrible environment

Unlike Wang Yeol who abstains from worldly pleasures, he loves beautiful women, barbecues, and alcohol, which suits his "disposition of a general"

"Only the bride of the goblin can pull the sword out"

It is a very romantic curse.

He thought it would be easy. Height, taste, sexy gaze, and most importantly, time and money. He has all the things a woman want. But he doesn't know what kind of woman could pull the sword out.

One day, he meets a 19 year old girl who calls herself the bride of the goblin. A fresh-faced high school student, Eun Tak could become the tool that will end his pain and make him disappear. In other words, Eun Tak is the only thing that could kill him. 

Although he could finally escape from all the pain and loneliness, Kim Shin is hesitant.

Because of Eun Tak's bright smile, the days where he doesn't want to disappear have increased.

Wang Yeo: 


Wang Yeo: 

Disciple asks: What is death?

Confucius answers: You can't talk about death when you don't understand life itself

Like Confucius, he is also asked that question a lot. He always answers: "Death, is a date with me."

I am a messenger of the Underworld. When I opened my eyes again (after death), I have become a reaper. 

Everyone is surprised when they see him. First they would find him handsome. Then come the realization: "Oh, I'm dead."

The pale face, black lips, and black robes are things of the past. Replacing the "records books" are the GQ magazines. Wang Yeo favors Northern European designs.

He has forgotten when exactly that he started his job as the reaper. He has helped countless souls cross to the underworld.

Because he is very experienced, he could sense a dying person from a single sentence. 

People are becoming more unwilling to leave the living world. But some are too eager to leave without another glance.

Living with the goblin Kim Shin, Wang Yeo's personal limits are tested 12 times every day.

Whenever it gets bad, Wang Yeo would think: "What did I do in my last life to deserve this?"

But, he has no clue of his past life, what kind of person he was, and why and how he had become the reaper.

He dislikes vagueness. White or Black, Cold or Hot, Life or Death. He likes to distinct everything clearly.

Anything that requires compassion or imagination isn't his hobby.

The only thing that catches his interest are television dramas which are "melodramatic to the max"

He is addicted to them because they are unpredictable.

However, he feels dizzy upon meeting a woman. A wave of nostalgia and yearning washes over him...even though it was the first time he met her. 

Despite the fake clothing and accessories she wears from head to toe, she still shines brightly, just like her name, Sunny. 

From then on Sunny became his interest. He finds everything about her fascinating.

He tried to use his imagination, but all the answers to the questions were wrong...since he learned them from watching dramas.

Every time this happens Sunny would laugh. 

He is confused. 

Is this fate? Or is it a mistake?

Ji Eun Tak:


Ji Eun Tak:

Her nickname is "Mr. Lee" her life of poverty has taken a sudden turn to fantasy.

The night her mother died, she had no choice but move with her aunt's family. Without her mother by her side, Eun Tak endured the abuse of her aunt and her children.

She came to an understanding. There are no gods in this world.

She wanted to become a normal high school student. But from birth, she was anything but ordinary.

When Eun Tak's father heard her mother was pregnant, he abandoned them.

Her mother died when she was nine years old.

Despite this, Eun Tak continues to be positive and tells herself "I have lived with Mom for nine years. Which means I have lived a happy life more than half my life."

She can see things that others can't.

When her neighbor's dog died, she found out the fact that she could see the spirits.

Because of this strange ability, she was often ostracized by the others.

In the whirlpool of her misfortunes she meets Kim Shin. In the beginning she thought he was a normal spirit. To her surprise he was actually a goblin...and the fact that she was fated to become his bride.


Is it fate? Fate...

What a romantic word.

Most importantly, unlike how it is in the folktales, he (the goblin) is much more handsome.

No matter which door she opens, it would become a dreamlike paradise full of fantasy and adventure.

Her curiosity is awakened. It has become a habit.

She wants to see him even when he wasn't around.

Waiting for Kim Shin...is just as exciting as waiting for the beautiful future that has yet to come.

Even though his unstable temperament does cause trouble from time to time...she understood since there is a sword stuck inside his heart. 

But, the sentence "pull out the sword" hurts just as much as saying farewell.

If humans souls could live four lives, then which life was she on?

She wished this was her first.

Because she wanted to meet him in her second, third, and fourth life.


Kim Sun: 


Kim Sun:

Sunny, who can "easily become someone's first love" is approaching her thirties.

Since a long time ago she knew that women who knows how to do agyeo will live the most comfortably.

A man's appearance is the window into his mind.

Therefore, diamond rings are a must.

She is an orphan.

A fortune teller once told her: "Her life is like a boat floating in the endless ocean."

Kim Sun asked, her eyes shining: "Is there a handsome man on the boat with me?"

She thinks her face is a money saver (since she doesn't need to spend extra money because she was already beautiful)

All her money is spent on clothes and shoes. 

Money may be limited, but beauty isn't.

There are many "wallets" on the streets. She only needs to take one by the arm to the cashier.

Everything about her looks glamorous and luxurious.

Because she likes things that shine brightly, she even changed her name to "Sunny"

However, the more she acted this way, the more her life loses its shine. Her debt also increased.

The strange credit card bills all happen to bear her signatures...there's no mistake.

She is also struggling to pay her rent. Along with the pay of her workers.

Kim Sun found the ring she wanted when she meets Wang Yeo the first time.

He was the first man who did not yield to her.

He had deep, soulful eyes that were full of sadness.

A glance of his clothes and accessories tells her that his annual income is at least 100 million.

She knew immediately that he is a single man who hasn't experienced love yet.

When she began to approach him, she also began to find more things about him that were strange.

Going to work means shutting himself inside his home. His age, his past...those are the things he never mentions.

Even though she doesn't know anything about his past...she still imagines a future with the two of them together.

At first she thought he was merely a handsome fool. But from time to time his eyes, full of sadness, would appear before her.

Even though she doesn't really sympathize with others...







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Wooahh!!! at last script reading... so great to see my 2 fave hot actors again ...I miss GY in a drama... and Wookie so handsome as ever...I have loved him since My Girl days...I already said this and I'll say it again...gonna watch this for the two and maybe for YSJ since he's already a part of this drama...and since I love him in school 2015... looking forward to the bromance too.. even tho' the story is kinda weird..I'll still give it a go... 64iur 60 + Super cute dog girl chat emoji gifs images are downloaded dog emoticons dog emoji

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@tw20127 thank you for the detailed translation! :lol: So many interesting insights on the various characters. Like others have said, it should be interesting to see how they will execute the drama since the plot sounds rather refreshing. Can't wait!

Edited by winterdew
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"Goblin" first script reading with Gong Yoo, Kim Go-eun-I and more


The cast and staff members of the new tvN drama "Goblin" gathered on the 30th of August. On site were Gong Yoo, Lee Dong-wook, Kim Go-eun-I, Yoo In-na, Yook Seong-jae, Kim Seong-gyeom, Park Hee-bon, Hwang Seok-jeong, Lee El and others.

Although this was their first get together, the 4-hour long reading session was intense.


"Goblin" is Gong Yoo's first drama in a while. He takes on the role of Kim Sin, the beautiful goblin while Kim Go-eun-I is Ji Eun-tak, a high school student.

Lee Dong-wook is a 'peppy Angel of Death', Yoo In-na is Sunny, the chicken restaurant owner and Yook Seong-jae is Yoo Deok-hwa, the 13th generation of his family that worships the goblin.


Kim Seong-gyeom, Park Hee-bon, Hwang Seok-jeong and Lee El all play roles that stand out and make the drama happen.

Writer Kim Eun-sook and director Lee Eung-bok were there and they claim the reading session was a success. They expect this to be another great drama.


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