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  1. Still not yet we get the romance relationship right.. Its ok.. Get it its political main plot.. Why this drama make me want more of politics..
  2. Anyone can give spoiler tonight..may be kiss scene or bed scene.. Ops... Just realised its my dream scene.. Lol
  3. Thats why it weakness live shooting when actor get injured. The scripwriter need to change based on that.I feel its hard to Go Ara because she cannot show so much because pain and injured.Its look serious when Go ara just stand and cannot the fighting skill.. I hope one day Go Ara and Jung ill Wo will have next project together. We happy Yeo Jin can be show this time.. Because my opinion to many men of all scenes sometimes we want relax and happy situation
  4. Finished episode 35..sympathy to crown prince..imagine everyone always take bad mouth to him.. Minister Min is political thinking person.We cannt know what he thinking.. Why I feel this drama become short..only drama I can accept the politic issue as main plot..
  5. I think more people will know after the drama finished already... And say why missed this drama... Im ready to watch episode 35 and 36..I hope I dindnt cry tonight episode after yesterday...
  6. This is third time I follow Jung Il Woo drama after cindrella and moon embracing the sun. My opinion he show excellent acting and use body language also.. When he cried we feel their sadness how pain he bring all these..especially the conversation with their father and latest the king.. Its too hard handle and Jung ill woo show A+ of their acting.. Thats why I always mention sbs lack to promote this drama...
  7. Im crying latest episode.. Excited to watch tomorrow.. Just want to share how this drama can make excellent episode without flawless as we know its live shooting.. Salute to them and team production
  8. Episode 34 its stressfull to watch because of this manipulation from mil pong..everything happen is planned already.. Poor crown prine..Now I continue 35..
  9. I watching episode 33 right now.. Ready with chocolate... And wow the conspiration.. Poor king
  10. CCongratulations...last night the highest rating
  11. Tonight will watch episode 31 and 32..Still dont have Go Ara right? It feel lost but I hope that will increase their romance relationship..
  12. Episode 29 and 30 best so far... Oh l love the political this drama.. Its so reality in real life..I love the mention of their background and history itself..the reason of all these politics is power
  13. Next week I will watch all 6 episode that I missed for 2 weeks.. why I am to busy to watch all these episode lol.. We need more people to gossip this drama...
  14. Just watched episode 17 and 18..because my working say my name a lot... Lol.. So its time after one month my hero become crown prince.. I love the scripwriter show the struggle of all characters especially mun so.. This episode I want more politics more than love line.. Its unique of Haechi drama and need to be consistent..
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