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  1. Actually feel sad because just only 2 episodes to look Ryan Gold.. Kudos to KJW as character Ryan Gold.. Huhu
  2. Agree with someone write in here how progress development character deokmi in episode 14 From episode 1 we know she is fangirl to Sian and episode 14 how she can change the moment talking to Sian to show Ryan and Mom.. Its so how she now can have the real who she can love so much and its name Ryan Gold. Ryan Gold become Deokmi the number one in their heart. I wait the scenes Deokmi shows all pictures she taking Ryans with big the smile.
  3. Im back.. Finished episode 14 wow celebrate 201 pages... So we got bed scene and sofa scene..my naughty thinking we still dont get bathroom scene right So it will be children fate.. I Can accept just hope dont too much for the finale.. We want more 95 percent love scene.. Ops sorry romantic scene..
  4. My opinion of acting KJW make me remember Shah Rukh Khas as villain in baazigar and darr become so romantic in Diwale Dulhania Le Jayege in first romance film.. How can usually actor can be more excellent acting where they can do both genre.I also want to look face KJW because resemble their face to Japanese actor because Im big fan for Japanese actor. Thats why I remember him as prince in The Last Princess the visual Japanese more than Korea actor. So KJW make this drama fresh as Ryan Gold make its new acting although same plot with others. he can use both hands make him sexier and hot hahahah.. Thats why I hope I can look new drama KJW after this. Pmy is become to happy when to do is acting. Their fangirling become so natural in all scenes. I love she can be ready the best girlfriend and excited so much when she loved to Ryan. I also hope she can make next drama to KJW may be thriller genre. I also love this drama is family matters is important our life. I hope the situation for finale can be smooth and make ours smile after this drama end. Just enjoys for watching.. Its just only 2 episode.. Need to wait tonight watching episode 14
  5. Although it will be fated childhood it already just 2 episode only.. Cannot complain because its so close to finale.. Just I want wish that scene only just 5 minutes for 2 episode lol.. I want more relationship Ryan and mom and show exhibition for the finale.We Still dont get bathroom scene.. Right.. My naughty thinking.. Goor night everyone.I love to make cheerful and joke in here.. So happy come this thread.. Need to sleep.. Night with hugged lion teddy bear .. Lol
  6. My eyes..my eyes Sorry God.. Tomorow I will early wake up for fasting. Yeah I need to wait tomorow for watch episode 14.Thank uolls for live recap in here.
  7. I can accept this bed scene because when its Ryan shows abs or sexy movement then my country will cut that scene...
  8. Just finished episode 13 BEST EPISODE SO FAR.... Because its show plot development progress and acting between Ryan and mom.. Oh I say mom.. Sorry deokmi The acting Kjw just I mention so make my heart just dup dup.. I dont know how to describe..Its mature drama can be related our life..We feel angry and sadness of Ryan... When Ryan angry make me worried because have scary eyes..please dont be villain.. Please writer.. Lol So lucky abandon children dont too much.. I accept this reason... Deokmi still fangirl hahha.. Before this to sian now change to Ryan. Naughty Deok Mi because show sexiness to Ryan.. Where is your pants? You always wear skirts..me jealous Friendship eungi and Deokmi become so growth. Why I want eungi to cindy.. Its so chemistry make me just smile dont be annoy before this.. Lol... Sorry cindy ane eungi.. I will support because I dont want my Ryan feel jealous again.. Lol.. Yeah I also love Cindy with new family hehhe.. The pace and plot progress so fast.. Easy clear everything.. Love all scenes have important reason.. Salute for scriptwriter... The ending episode is climax to know the real situation between son and mom.. I say mom again.. How Ryan be brave to show and ask for truth... I love so much this scene.. Make me cry Sorry sometimes I crazy words in here.. Hahha. Why I become like this
  9. Yeah excited to watch episode 13 I just buy fried chicken Thanks to give meaning angau.. . Oh its lovesick.. Thatswhy doctor cannot find medic to me.lol Enjoy our moments.. I will be here after done finished episode 13..call me if that bed or bathroom scene
  10. Excited to watch episode 13 tonight.. Actually I dont know why KJW make me watch Ryan for repetition.. Yeah may be he is good looking or charimastic or be excellent acting make me new fangirl to KJW.. Why I Angau too much .. I dont know angau in english... Lol..
  11. Yeah I also didnt agree abadon or child scene of korean drama because its reality dont think so much when we are kids. But its different with Ryan character. Its complex, alone and trauma lost of ability drawing, didnt know of face mother or birthday.KJW make us feel how alone Ryan itself and feel sadness in the eyes. I love all characters Ryan although he that situation he become good person and leader.He didnt use as weakness and he good and respect to everyone. The most important he is good listener and say sorry if something wrong or mistake. So I love we know background of Ryan and others because the scripwriter had give moments more we want. Just hope we want to fo finale and be settled early.I still want more Ryan sexiness and naughty Deokmi... This is my assumption I read in here before to look episode 13 in tonight..
  12. Yeah my percent didnt corect.. To many conflit today but I like than tomorow will resolve all problems.. And next week final please my wish become true.. 90 percent romance Ryan and Deokmi
  13. Poor Ryan... He so trauma.. And just realised now he can remember face mom.. Oh my...
  14. Thanks give live streaming..but my line conection too worst.. Just loading and black screen only.. So I just read in here.. Tq for live recap
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