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[Drama 2017] Bride of the Water God, 하백의 신부


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49 minutes ago, chrrykssd said:

Here's another photo from today's shooting 

The height difference is rather cute. It shows how statuesque he is and it works well with the theme of the drama since he looks effortlessly brooding. 

His slippers though! Her platform shoes and those steps. If she wears his coat, she'd be totally enveloped and disappear.

LOL her height are just normal thou around 165, while NJH's 187.

As we see from this clip. when they confront each other, its so obvious that she wore a sneaker heels lol




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13 minutes ago, chrrykssd said:

 its so obvious that she wore a sneaker heels lol

SSK almost always has to wear heals - even on her sneakers 

and almost always has to use a stepper of some sort while doing closeup with her male partner 

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SSK agency Namoo Actors updated ig - ep 1-4

can see SSK scribbling on it

trans:  must have worked very hard the script is so tattered, if you find it send to SoA team.

dont know if this a joke or for real frm SSK agency - haha

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9 minutes ago, stargazer187 said:

haha.. that's for a joke I think.. or it could be a way of them asking for suggestion maybe.. hahaa. 

Look, many fans out tuere or even we are here that have tons of ideas when it comes to drama fiction... lololol

anyway... hope to see more updates soon...

maybe - bc the translation (google translate) it seems as if it was lost - the script 

well i guess if some spoilers will surface, will know for sure

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Nam Joo Hyuk, Shin Se Kyung Spotted Filming For 'Bride of the Water God'

By Maolen E. (starzspot)

With their first time to work with each other, fans are excited to see where Nam Joo Hyuk’s team up with Shin Se Kyung will lead.

Months after news broke out that a drama spin-off of Yoon Mi Kyung's manhwa will happen, fans have been patiently waiting for more details. Finally, fans get the first glimpse of “Bride of the Water God” after Nam and Shin have been spotted in Seoul, South Korea, filming pivotal scenes for the new tvN drama.

Earlier this week, various fan groups of Nam have shared photos and videos of him and Shin in Seoul, South Korea. Lucky fans who were close-by flocked to the location to snap photos and videos of the Hallyu stars and shortly posted them on Facebook.

In “Bride of the Water God,” Nam plays a temperamental deity, Ha Baek, who takes the most delightful woman as his bride in exchange of rain. Opposite him is Shin who has been cast to play So-A, a neuropsychiatrist with her own practice, but is saddled with mountains of debt.

Besides Nam and Shin, the upcoming tvN drama also stars Lim Ju Hwan, Krystal Jung, and Gong Myung. Lim plays Hoo Ye, the CEO of a high-end resort and Ha Baek’s main rival. He initially gets on the wrong foot with So-A, but later falls in love with her.

Krystal, who is best known for her role as Lee Bo Na in 2013’s “The Heirs,” transforms into a goddess, Hye Ra, who has lived among human beings for hundred of years. Because of her undeniable beauty, she becomes a top Hallyu star.

Gong, on the other hand, plays the God of the Winds called Bi Ryum. He is an old colleague of Hye Ra and appears to have romantic feelings for her, despite knowing that she is deeply in love with Ha Baek.

“Bride of the Water God” is intended to air on tvN in the second half of the year.

cr: http://www.starzpost.com/articles/2264/20170412/Nam-Joo-Hyuk,-Shin-Se-Kyung-Spotted-Filming-'Bride-Water-God'

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10 minutes ago, rocher22 said:

These two main actors look really nice together. She is a bit older than him, but that is irrelevant because they are very natural next to each other. NJH looks amazing.

he really gives a man vibe - they really look great together

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