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[Drama 2017] Bride of the Water God, 하백의 신부


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From Soompi News section --

Gong Myung Talks About Playing A God For His Upcoming Fantasy Drama 

D. Druther April 8, 2017


Gong Myung is the latest celebrity to be featured in Marie Claire!

In his interview for the magazine’s April issue, the actor opened up about what acting has taught him about himself, his latest co-stars, and projects he is currently working on.

He recently began shooting the upcoming tvN drama “Bride of the Water God” (tentative title), where he plays the role of Biryeom, a god who lives among humans.

“In the past, I played mostly ‘daily life’ characters, so it was easy to find references for the roles. I could actually observe people living that life,” he explained. “But this time, you have to read the scenario and become part of an imaginary world. It is difficult, but it’s also fun. It feels like I’m becoming a part of that world.”

When asked what he would do if he was an actual god, he revealed that he just wants to be able to teleport. “So once I finish work, I could go straight to my room and go to bed in an instant,” he joked.

“Bride of the Water God” is scheduled for release in the second half of the year. The drama, which is based on a popular Korean manhwa, will also star Nam Joo Hyuk and f(x)’s Krystal.

In the meantime, Gong Myung can currently be seen alongside actress Jung Hye Sung on “We Got Married.”


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nevill, I suppose they are filming and that's what I heard too!! Haha, the challenges of non Korean fans :blink:  :lol:

Googling  it, looks like they were filming in this place, 800 Hogupo-ro, Guwol 4(sa)-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon 

here is another pic while filming or in between takes -





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SQUUUUUUUEAL!!! My baby boy is back! A foreign fan stumbled upon Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung filming together for the upcoming tvN drama, Bride of the Water God and uploaded a clip of them on her Instagram. Initially, I didn’t think the pairing would work but somehow, I like what I see in these few short seconds. Maybe it is because I like how the two leads are styled. Shin Se Kyung looks chic, and my boy just looks gorgeous to me. No official stills have been released, not even the first script reading which I’m pretty sure has already taken place. But I guess this clip helps those like me who couldn’t really envision them as a OTP. At least, they seem cute together.



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6 hours ago, nevill said:

@USAFarmgirl hey, had to say something after seeing your name 

so happy your here, you cant even imagine how i miss you beautiful way of seeing the world


maybe you dont remember me - im from six flying dragons, been a while


So amazing to see you Chingu of course I remember you!!!  Always admired your posts and when I saw your name I knew this was going to be a thread I would want to be a part of.  Spring is a busy time for me but I will try my best to keep up and look forward to this drama and reading the posts of all the talent that is here!!!  My best to all of you!!:wub:

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