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even its a prank
tbh i need a guy like eric that who will calm me and talk calm when someone is insulting me or someone says bad things to me and protect me i feel safe and calm







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@Le_Sanguinea @papaxmoo @enko20 Thanks for the warm welcome! I love all your articles! You guys share so much detailed perspectives, most of which I never could have thought of. It gave me so much new thoughts when I'm re-watching the episodes again.


Gotta admit next week is gonna be a tough week, just the preview alone brings so much emotions and makes my eyes watery. I noticed they hugged each other so tight during the preview !!

Still waiting for the subbed version of today airing (fingers crossed) .

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oh my god i'm loving this episode the sticker booth the prank and all... but i need to watch with sub to inhale everything right

but yeah mbc cut some scenes :( when they're standing by the lake and when solar sang "autumn letter" :( +AND WHEN ERIC BACKHUGGED HER! and i think they were taking pictures while laying on the picnic mat but mbc only show like 0.01 seconds of it! :angry:

and i'm curious what were they talking about after they went out from the store (at the end of today's episode)..

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@gureentea they cut SO MUCH OUT. 

I AM SO UPSET BECAUSE THEY CUT SO MUCH OUT. I have reasoned with myself as to why they did this but at this moment, I am too angry and upset to post about it. There were so many great moments, they would have talked quietly to themselves while laying down. Probably discussed their inevitable end and all. GOD I AM SO MAD. 


(deep breaths Fam deeeeeeep breaths)

Fam to cheer up watch this, so many silly moments pretty much throughout the whole thing. my eyes darted back and forth. 

(same thing different angles)

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@papaxmoo yes and beside the preview, on this ep when they are walking and holding the camera with selfie stick THEY DIDN'T SHOW THEIR SELF-CAMERA FOOTAGE AT ALL... oh my god they just waste the one-full-day worth filming into 25 minutes i'm so mad goshhhhhhhhh or if ddongi really have 2 episodes left (as seen on eric and solar's schedule) are they gonna make their last meeting into 2 eps? i hope so though


or is it all dubai's fault because it took so many episodes lmao so we don't have enough slot for other episodes... tears

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@gureentea it's so weird. MBC really need to get their act together I am constantly going WTF..... WTAF...... -_-; I am a quality over quantity kind of man but this is just all over the damn place. I am happy they got the selfie stick thing though. They like that better cause they can just walk around and be "alone". 

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That preview.. It's so, poignant. There's just something incredibly tender about the way they looked at each other during the preview. 

Ugh, I'm literally swamped with work right now, but I can't help feeling distracted and melancholic. :( 

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my heart is broken ...

gosh mbc so cruel with the editing ...

and somehow ... whens that happen? for them holding hand casually like that?

if eric put his hand on solar's shoulders ... many times ... but those hands clapping together ... 

ah mbc you are sure broke my heart ....


with all the talk that eric did for solving the matter ... just wow ...

i mean why they didnt understand ... at least try to accept even though wgm is not an awesome program but if solar got partner like eric ... it will bring the good in her and vice versa ...


really ... my heart just broken

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Here is what I promised, @cinnaminskies.This is more like a half feedback, half expanding on your own thoughts with mine. I think you did very well, so there’s not really anything I disagree to begin with. I can’t wait to see what you have to say in the upcoming parts

This is very detail and long, so I will put it in a spoiler instead:



What Kind of Couple Should We Be?: Navigating Their Way Through Others’ WGM Concepts

It’s very interesting to me that you view their beginning as a “searching for an identity” period, and I think you made a very good case for this. When I read an interview about Eric where he said that the panelists’ interference went against his concept of a friend-like marriage, the question I asked myself was: At what point did this belief become solidified for both of them?

As I went back through the episodes, I realized that Solar was actually the first one to bring this upfront in her resume. She came with a wish in her heart that she could make a close friend out of the man she will be paired with at the end of the day, in a show where people expect her to sell the idea that she would be head over heels for him instead.


At this point, Eric had yet to give her the words of assurance that he was willing to do this with her. This left Solar with a lot of uncertainties in her mind. Even though she figured out very fast that Eric can be a humorous person for her, his sincerity was still very much in question.

She affirmed it one more time here in her 100th day letter, just in case it went over anyone’s head the first time:





To. Yoonddongie oppa – !

It has been 100 days already since we met!! ㅎㅎ
The time really flies fast... ㄷㄷ It was very awkward at first, but oppa approached me first so I think I was able to get closer to you too ^^ Thank you ♥
 ♥ And as our marriage life continues, I was also surprised to see myself relying on you more and more ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 오글오글 (smoke emoticon?) I'm thankful and let's continue to be friend-like Yoonddong ♥ Yongddong couple as now in the future ^^

– From pretty and cute Yongddongie ♥ 

(cr: @Farfalle)

So, as they went through the early episodes, you could really see Solar’s reluctance in romantic advance. She had a lot of conflicts within herself whenever Eric approached her, whether verbally or physically (even if her laughter masked it well). All kind of questions circulated inside her head, most of which went along the line of “Is he in this with me? Can I rely on him to understand that I want a relationship with him? Does he… just want skinship instead?”

And through Eric's first wish, she finally got the answer to this question she had had for months.

My Ideal: Exploring Those Early Moments of Butterflies

(You are right, I’m going to do just that in my writing)

I agree with you that Eric already had a very fond opinion of her even before their WGM stint began. When Mamamoo came on ASC, he realized that all of them were very beagle-like, and he thought that if he could get any of them as his WGM partner, it would be crazy fun. However, Solar was the one that left the deepest impression on him with all her eye stares, her “I Will Always Love You” cover that blew him away, and all the teasing/cupid moments that Jimin and Kevin played on them. I can imagine the matchmaking interview process went something like this:

Interviewer: “What kind of girl do you look for if you were to be cast in this show?”

Eric: “A bright, cheerful girl who’s similar to me for sure. Perhaps, if you could pair me with one of the Mamamoo girls, that would be great.”

Interviewer: “Which one among them would you prefer?”

Eric:  “...Solar

But he’s a person who understands boundaries. Just because he felt that way about her doesn’t mean she would feel the same. In fact, Eric was nowhere near her mind in the list of ideal husbands she would like to have. Eric didn’t leave much of an impression on her as she did on him, so she didn’t even remember that they already met on ASC before.

Eric’s true side was very much unknown to Solar and her members. They speculated a lot about him, they got curious why so many people have good words for Eric, and they want to know if it’s really him or just an image he’s selling. That’s where they formed some doubtful preconceptions about Eric as a person. It could be just that he’s into Solar because she looks gorgeous and amazing on stage (like most men would), but the moment he sees Yongsun in all her ugliness, he would run for the hill. Who knows right?

Idols vs People: Learning About the Person Behind The Mask

So, Moonbyul would drop by often on the panel to observe his behavior with Solar. I felt that Solar planned this with Moonbyul, telling her to come watch Eric and let Solar know if she sees anything that’s off about his character, or if there’s any hint to suggest that Eric might become repulsive by Solar’s true nature.

You already know about this, but in that Worry Counseling V-App they did together, Moonbyul and Solar discussed how two people could fall out once they see the uglier sides of each other. That was what we saw here. Both Eric and Mamamoo only had an impression of their “idol” side, which is fantastic and all, but a true relationship has to be vested in showing and accepting each other real, imperfect side (that is not an investment that many idols would make in WGM). Solar could only hope and pray that Eric has this, and she needs Moonbyul and her members to help her, because she’s too shy to confront him directly. They asked him what’s attractive about Solar to see if he just likes how pretty she is, and his preference between Solar/Yongsun to see if he’s into her real self or her idol self.

The way Solar and Moonbyul turned to each other, they both realized something about Eric when he told them he likes Solar when she smiles brightly, and that he prefers Yongsun over Solar instead.


“Omg, you heard what he said right, Byul?"


“Yes I did, Yong!”

After observing Eric for a good while, Moonbyul came to a conclusion that they were worried about him for no reason at all, and that Yongsun and Yoondo would get along just fine. That settles that.

Pre-Planning For The End 

To use your own words, both Eric and Solar already had experience with WGM- Eric as a panelist, and Solar as an avid viewer. They, just like us, saw couples come and go, some cheerfully, most tragically. They already knew beforehand that WGM has an end. So, rather than just immerse themselves in the moments, shutting their eyes and ears from the eventual separation, they had to come up with a plan to cope with this reality.

And again, this goes back to the age-old question Solar and Eric both had: “Do we want an actual relationship at the end of the day?”

In order to solve this, they both decided to use this first stage to assess each other’s intention. They tried out different concepts, some fun ones, some romantic ones. In my opinion, it wasn’t them figuring out what to do to attract viewership, because if that’s the case, the “friendship” concept would have been tossed into the trash bin. Rather, it was them testing the water against each other, to see if they have any conflict of interests (language barrier, hobbies, sense of humor, skinship etc.) that might prove too much for them to have a long-lasting relationship once this is all over.

For Eric, he had been showing signs to Solar that he desires for it. He bought her souvenirs to show that he still thinks of her when’s he far away. He sent hallabong to her parents to show her that he cares about her real-life family. He planned the whole wedding proposal to let her know that even if he’s busy, he will still make time in his schedules for her. He even made foods and sent a flower wreath to her later on to show that he’s willing to support her group and her career, so on and so forth.

But the question still remained in Solar’s mind. Does he want a relationship with her or not? He’s yet to answer her this one question in the easiest, and most convincing way for her to understand.

It was then that he made his first wish, and she finally understood that the desire between them is mutual.  Yet she still asked him one more time again to make sure. This is my own interpretation of the conversation then that turned their relationship on its head:


Solar: “Are you sure you won’t regret what you just said?”

Eric: “I try to not regret anything in life. I made this choice for myself.”

Solar: “You sure about that? You might not think of me the same way once you find out who I really am. You should just see me as Solar and kiss me right here. I mean, that will make you happy at least, right?”

Eric: “No, Yongseon-ah, I don’t want that. I want something that will give both you and me a true happiness in our hearts. I want us… to become an important person in each other’s life.”



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I'm sorry that I haven't read previous posts that you chingus here posted, but I want to say that I'm really really disappointed with the editing of the latest episode. I understand that they wanted to show the new couple quickly, but why did they do that to Ddongi couple? Both Eric & Solar worked so hard to record that autumn outing episode, but their footage got cut so much just like that? :mellow:

Really... I'm so disappointed to the point that I'm speechless -__- What I was afraid for (the bad editing) happens just when I only wished that the staffs would edit Ddongi couple part well. If they didn't release the additional footage for them... *sigh*

Only a few little things that makes me a bit relieved. Solar celebrated Eric's birthday in advance, even with seaweed soup which I wonder how she made it. At least we know that she remembers his birthday. And don't know who brought the shoes, but they shared a pair of shoes (one each) as a symbol that they didn't end. The caption would make shippers delusional, because it said like they're going to separate for a while. And at the end, even Solar could look for Eric's hand now and grabbed it without hesitation. You two have worked hard really!

I'll come back to read your posts later. I wonder if I can make some time to write a review this week :( I'm sorry for filling this thread with my rant, but it's just SO disappointing .__.


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Subs are out! Guess that means it's time for my penultimate review. Ahh everyone I'm already so emotional.


I love how close together they were sitting on the chairlift. There was another seat on Eric's left side; they could have sat further apart, but they didn't. It reminded me of their first date, when they sat together on the bus and Solar got flustered. Now they don't sit far apart even when they can. So much has changed.

Eric's words about the picnic pierced my heart: "I liked it better because there was nobody. It was just the two of us." It seems like they're both really missing the anonymity they had on the Dubai trip. I'm glad they now know that there are spots in Korea that just the two of them can go...

Solar's English when talking to Eric's brother was so adorable. I almost felt like he was kind of showing her off, like he kept giving his brother looks through the phone like "Look at my wife isn't she adorable." Also, I didn't realize Solar had met Brian before. I think it might have been at KCON, but I don't know, it makes me feel happy that she's met his family outside the show. It really makes it seem like they plan to have each other in their lives for a while.

There's something really beautiful about Solar's reasoning for going shopping with him (besides the obvious prank camera): "I wanted to greet autumn together with him." Almost everything they say today gives me hope.

I SEE YOU TWO. Buying couple clothes even though you only have one episode left. You know they're going to have to wear those at some point. So much planning for the future! So much hope! I'm so sad!

Eric's words made me emotional too: "I was happy I could have a date out in public just like all the other couples." You can really understand why he'd want to do WGM and all the things he must feel like he's been missing out on. I'm so glad they can go out and do this together with the show to protect them. This is probably the last time they're going to be able to do something this public for a while.

Solar's friend was dropping hints even before it was revealed. Her saying "I think you two should get closer" is such a blessing on their relationship. Like we already think they're so close, but if one of Solar's close friends is saying they should be even closer that must be a good sign. 

I love him defending her. I know it was all fake, but he ended up saying such sweet things about her, especially since the criticisms her friend chose to use are ones Solar's been criticized for by people who watch WGM. To me, it kind of felt like Eric was fighting back at all of those things that were like "solar's too cold!" and "she doesn't deserve him!" I think Solar's friend definitely picked those on purpose, and it really ended up affirming for Solar that Eric doesn't agree with and doesn't care about the things other people hate her for.

And Eric's statement about "we're shooting now, let's come back later" like... Is that a thing they do? Do they revisit places after they've finished filming? He said it so casually, too, it almost seems like they've hung out multiple times outside of filming... 

Post-Camera review:


Eric never got pranked on ASC. They could never do it. And here he is, absolutely enraged on Solar's behalf, to the point where he didn't even notice her secret smile. I'm so happy.

I'm glad Solar's friend, Eun Ah, pointed out how hard it is to read her. I know I'm a huge fan of the girl and I sometimes don't know what's going on inside her head. Other times, she makes it so obvious. I think it's funny how even Eun Ah noticed how Solar's been doing increasingly cheesier and cheesier things as she's gotten close to Eric. She's obviously watched a lot of their episodes, and I think at first it probably was out of a desire to protect Solar, but now...

Eric has a lot of questions for her. I'm hoping they got to talk after filming. Solar saying Eric was her ideal type reminded me of their date when Eric said she was. I think it's interesting that Eun Ah mentioned Eric isn't her ideal type, and yet we know that Solar was trying to make it seem like he was, which makes me wonder if perhaps Solar's thrown out her original ideal because he's in her life now. She seems to really care about Eric, and I think we all know that, while ideal types are great, you can just as easily fall for someone outside of yours. 

They went drinking together after the episode! Or, perhaps they filmed there as well and it was just cut. My delulu mind likes it better the first way, though. 

The preview. I thought I was okay and then Solar gave him the shoe and said "with these we'll never be apart" and I started crying. There's so much evidence their relationship is going to continue outside the show, but it just hurts, you know? They both looked so much like they were trying to be okay for the other person. 

I hope they stay together for a while, and don't let the ending of this show tear them apart.

Fighting ddongie shippers!

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(Sry chingus, I fat finger posted this before when my review wasn't done yet) :sweatingbullets:

Gosh, it's not even the final episode yet and I'm already feeling bittersweet. I can't handle this mood swing chingus, going from an episode with prank and laughter to an emotional ending right after.

Never thought writing a recap for an episode filled with laughter would be this painful :( But I will try to keep it as light-hearted as possible. Here we go:


Autumn Foliage Date

  • I'm just so, so glad to see Solar and Eric sat that close together. It's not like they haven't done it before, but seeing it always reminds me of how comfortable they really are.
  • So, autumn foliage is Eric's memory, while Hongdae street is Solar's memory. When you want to share your memories with the other person, it means you want that person to become a part of those memories as well. I'm happy to see that both Eric and Solar consider each other special enough to do this.
  • The autumn picnic brought me back to yet another memory - the Han River date, A different season, a different atmosphere between the two.



  • Solar's English never fails to amaze me. It's so simple, yet it always crack me up every time without fail  "What are you doing with Eric, Solar?" "We picnic" LOL
  • Wait, Solar met Brian before? Okay this most likely had to happen during KCON NY right? That makes me incredibly happy, it means Solar secretly met Eric's brothers before this (and even his parents too maybe, who knows?)
  • MBC showed them lying down together for two seconds. Thanks for nothing, MBC!
  • Eric and Solar playing games, Round 3! It always put a huge smile on my face whenever they play games with each other. They always turn into two little kids. Also, Solar always get extra excited and hyped up whenever she gets to play with Eric, and that makes me happy too.
  • I will really miss the weird antics between those two. If you need any more proof that they are super comfortable with each other, look no further than this:


Hongdae Street Shopping & Candid Camera Sequence

  • Eric's back to his random dancing again. In other news, the sky is blue. It will never get old for Solar apparently haha, she still laughed at his antics just like back when he did the robot dance for the first time. When you are so comfortable and accepting of the other person, there are just things you will never get bored of from them.
  • They are buying couple shirts NOW? Haha look at these two. What's gotten into them? They didn't even plan on matching each other before, not even at Chuseok, yet now they would do this. I have a hard time thinking they did that just because. There's got to be a good reason for it, whatever that reason might be. :phew:
  • "I was happy I could have a date in a public place just like other couples" said Eric. Such a sad, sad statement. We all know that they could only walk the street this casually together on WGM. In the future, even if they actually date for real, it won't be as easy to do this kind of thing anymore. The sad reality of an idol life.
  • Those photo booth poses were so cute and heart-fluttering!
    • The derp face remind me of the time Mamamoo trolled Eric into making the face by himself hahaha. Now at least Solar did it with him :lol: (Don't get complacent though Eric, she will troll you again the next chance she gets, which would be... very soon)
    • wwX8UT7.png
  • QocgdDA.png
    • Eric peck was so slight it kind of disappointed me a little bit. Even Solar gave you a better kiss than that Eric, and she was feeling embarrassed. Either way, the poses came out very nicely.
    • WSRFAvm.png


The main moment of this episode is here... Solar's camera prank!

  • Just a minor disappointment, but the woman turned out to be Solar's childhood friend instead of her sister Yong Hee. I failed with my prediction.
  • Eun Ah was such an good actress, holy cow. How did she manage to keep a straight face through all of that? Even Solar couldn't contain her laughter when she saw Eric become so serious (Good thing she muted herself and hid behind Eric or else that would have been a spectacular fail on her part)
  • I came in with high expectations for Eric to deliver and he sure did, perhaps even better than I thought. The way he handled everything Eun Ah threw at him was just so cool to watch. This was the greatest showcase of his intelligence and composure in dire situations. For a girl like Solar who gets nervous and impatient easily, this trait of his is just that much more valuable for her.
  • I found the bad things Eun Ah came up with against Solar very intriguing. It sounded exactly like the kind of things we hear often from Solar's WGM critics today, and that just goes to show us that even in Korea, the people who hate Solar misjudge her the same way  - shy, unsociable, deceiving, fake etc.She probably also has heard these kind of hurtful insults many times in her life, yet how many of those people would come to her defense in times like this?
  • Did I mention that Eric looked so cool while doing this? The way he assessed the situation, his word choices, everything he did was just daebak. He protected Solar and stood up for her in a way that would move any girl greatly. Look at the way she admired him while he's busy defending her.
  • oSTXyVB.png
  • I'm so done with Solar. Her mischievous Yeba grin was the most adorable thing ever. She felt so satisfied that Eric fell for her prank hahaha.


  • This will forever be my favorite Eric moment of all time - the day he got humiliated so hard he shame bagged himself.


  • I loved how even Eun Ah could see how Solar is being more cheesy than usual with Eric. I mean we already know that Solar hates cheesy things, but for her closest friend to notice that about her says a lot about how much she has changed for Eric. Solar does skinship with Eric so casually now that it's easy to forget how at one point, it was so difficult for her to pull it off.
  • She also said that Solar is difficult to read. If even her best friend have troubles reading her, then none of us should feel bad about it. The fact that Eric knows so much about her that she said "Come on, you already know everything!" is really saying something.
  • A minor point, but seeing Eric get along so fast with Solar's best friend is a great sign. He's just a really friendly and social person, isn't he?
  • Look at the way Eric grabbed Solar's hand and swung it back and forth right in front of her friend, and she could care less. Talk about being more cheesy than usual when they are together. GET A ROOM, YOU TWO!


  • So they went off for a drink afterward, but of course that wouldn't be aired. At least we knew that this was one of the activities they did together on that day that was cut or, even better, not a part of filming at all.

Final Episode Preview


The day has come...

All the feels, all the memories, all the flashbacks... One week is not going to be enough for me to prepare my heart :(

Then & Now

  • The busking wedding road



  • The wedding photoshoot location





  • The events they plan for each other



  • Solar's loving eyes watching Eric enjoying her foods



Eight months went by like a flash... Seems just like yesterday when Eric shouted "Um Oh Ah Yeah!" for the first time :( 

A New Promise



Closer than ever before... (Eric finally got to cuddle with adorable Solar in white parka)


Also, I am actually dying in anticipation of what Solar's final letter to Eric might contain.


Her face, her eyes, the way she whispers "Thank you..." so tenderly to Eric. Seeing her soft side in a moment like this is so romantic yet so bittersweet at the same time.


This brings me hope. They have made a promise to not be apart forever. They have granted all of each other's wishes thus far, but this is going to be the greatest, and toughest one of them all to fulfill. Let's trust in Eric and Solar to deliver on this mutual promise, no matter how much time might passes.


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i feel so empty ddongie fam :(

it feels like i'm losing a big part of my life :tears: but i'm happy that finally eric hugged solar wearing white jacket :D


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