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@gureentea Oh, so they actually will air everything in one go. Look how happy Eric was receiving Solar's kiss. Solar just sent him flying to the Sun :lol:

I just read the text preview, and apparently Eric is going to video call Eddie/Brian to congratulate his birthday and let Solar talk to him!  Now I'm really thinking that the woman in that shop is Yong Hee, because they are going to introduce their siblings to each other. I will wait for @Farfalle translation of the text :) 

@Le_Sanguinea Wow, I'm impressed! Gosh I thought it would be longer than that. I read that and I was like "Wait, it's over already??" haha. I'm glad you let us know your personal background story though. Now I finally understand how you really felt when you came to our ship and said that Ddongi dragged you out of your WGM hibernation.

I can't wait to read your upcoming parts :D



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Do you guys see the difference between Yongsun's broadcast on V-APP which she did during the recording for the fall date WITH the one that she did a couple of days ago where she looked so sad? She was soooo happy during her v-app cause she was on a date, etc... :'(

Btw, I am wondering if we ever show the TIMELINE of their meetings, etc. to Eric / Solar or MBC by tagging them on Twitter/Instagram or by sending private message to them (especially MBC)? I feel like we need to show it to them, to let them know how much we really invest our time, efforts and heart in our couple... They should know there is a really dedicated supporter of them! Hopefully they will give a lot of unaired scenes later.

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Hi guys! Just wanted to say hi to everyone as I just joined this family. I haven’t been following WGM for quite some time, not after Gain (B.E.G.) & Jo Kwon, Seo Hyun (SNSD) & Yong Hwa (CN Blue) to be exact. Wasn’t able to find the kind of elements I was looking for in WGM until recent times.


About a month ago things began to change for me as friends started or getting into new relationships or even marriages. Their loves sparkles affected me quite a bit so I thought to myself, why not find a show to watch that contains a bunch of “love”. Thus I started checking out WGM couples to see if there’s any interesting couples I could watch. But without surprise, I couldn’t really find what I was looking for, as they all seem to lack some certain emotional points that gets me feel. Right when I was about to give in, friends recommended I can check out Joy (Red Velvet) & Sung Jae (BTOB) couple, so I gave it a go. I was hooked right away and couldn’t stop, they were adorable together and spread the sort of chemistry I’ve been looking for! However, as much as I love them and wish them to be actually together, their marriage ended and I finished their WGM cut within 3 days … :tears::tears:


So I was back to square one, trying to find another couple to see. Unfortunately, the artist and idols I recognize whom participated in WGM couldn’t resonate to my taste as what Joy (Red Velvet) & Sung Jae (BTOB) couple did. I decided to give myself a break and find other shows to watch. Later on when I was watching Infinite Challenge, I came across this guy Eric Nam, legit guy and was even praise by god Jae Seok! I believe a lot of Chin Gu would know (or is it just me?) when an artist you like can actually speak a language you can understand, it gets me pumped up. It feels good to understand what he/she is talking about instead of knowing through translation (btw big shout out to all the Chin Gu doing the translations for all Korean Shows, really appreciate your help!).


Anyway back on track, after knowing Eric Nam, I found out he was in WGM as well! So this week, I went ahead and gave this couple a try. And it turns out, I fell in love them immediately! Eric Nam was legit as known and Solar (Mamamoo) was phenomenal! Her kind and outgoing personality really caught my attention, and just the same as Eric, I really really really love her smile. The chemistry they shown throughout this marriage were exceptional!


But what do you know, just when I was ready to join the DDongi Family, they announce that 11/9 would be the last filming and their marital life will come to an end. Talking about kicking a guy when he’s down… just when I thought I was going to be able to stick around with them for a bit longer. Sigh…


I felt that there was something real in this marriage, even just a little bit XD. I hope they are both doing okay after the final filming as I noticed Eric hasn’t updated any SNS besides the election of POTUS and Solar looked a bit different during Mamamoo’s schedule.

I know there are just a few episodes left, I want to enjoy and share it here with y’all. It’s nice to have Chin Gu to discuss this with. Nice knowing everyone here!


Also, I’ve started checking out this thread from page 1, wanted to thank all the Chin Gu that shared all kinds of information that helps me understand this couple more!

Nothing but love for you guys! XOXO!

P.S. Sorry for the bad English !



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@enko20 ooooooooh my God seeing the preview pic i know it looks like they are video call-ing someone i'm so excited for Eddie/Brian's appearance! (but maybe Eddie since Brian is so shy lol) i'm happy at least solar got to talk with him~


Yang Nam show video preview with I.O.I... i wonder what kind of show is this actually... haha. i love that this show has a bright (?) vibe

looks like solar still can't forget this word haha


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The translation of official preview text for tomorrow's episode from WGM website


 ♥ We Got Married ♥ Episode 347 (will be aired at November 12th, 2016) 

Eric Nam ♥ Sola Autumn Foliage Outing & Hongdae Shopping Date

Eric ♥ Solar couple who went for a outing in a park where the leaves were beautifully colored!
They enjoyed the outing while eating the fried tofu rice balls made personally by husband~

Eric made a video call to say happy birthday to his younger brother in US!
Solar also unexpectedly greeted her brother-in-law for the first time with 'Solar's-style English' and congratulated his birthday~
How was Solar and brother-in-law's first video call?

Both of them headed to Hongdae shopping street to do 'shopping date' that wife wanted!
They found a sticker photobooth and took photos with Ddongi-couple-like bizarre facial expression,
They did 'cheek kiss' naturally...
Lovey dovey~ How was Ddongi couple's street date appearance?

Solar who went into a clothing store that she liked to find a clothes and try it on!
However, "I think the clothes doesn't look good on you," a clothing store employee who gave straightforward advice(?)!
As soon as Solar entered the dressing room,
"I heard Solar wasn't so good in her school days," she told Eric about Solar's rumor...
What was Eric's response to the employee's sudden rough words?

Meanwhile, Solar who's listening to the employee's gossip in the dressing room
Couldn't keep her anger and started to argue with the employee...
Seeing Solar's upset appearance for the first time, Eric was more taken aback!
'Solar VS rough-talking employee' explosive situation! So, how would Eric handle it?!


18 hours ago, enko20 said:

Yes, I like the fact that she's saying "we know it's not the end of our relationship, we will keep in contact" instead of I, this is definitely a mutual agreement even though we haven't heard words from Eric yet.

Actually for some of those sentences, there's no clear pronoun. And that's what makes Korean language sometimes difficult to understand, the lack of pronouns :') I'm trying to match the context though, hopefully I'm not wrong.

@papaxmoo You're welcome :) 

@Le_Sanguinea Your confession is interesting :D Ugh, I like Lee Joon too, since he has that weird-but-funny 4D character, but their story turned into one of the worst :( And agree with you, those 2014 couples in the photo show WGM PD's improvement in matching couples. Or maybe the PD was lucky to get them as casts haha.

@loconeko91_stv Eric will perform in an event tomorrow, maybe we can see a glimpse of him :)


Solar today!




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Thank you @Farfalle, so she talked about Solar's school days, huh... very interesting. I wonder who would know about something like that? :rolleyes:

Oh and I agree with you about the pronoun correction. She didn't explicitly stated it, but I also assumed from context like you too. Either way, it's good that we got the confirmation from Solar on this matter.

Also it's interesting that Solar is now the one that's doing things related to Eric now. Before, it's always Eric that get interviewed or do things that hint about Solar, but now Solar is the one that voices her opinions instead. It's like their roles are being reversed? I just think it's intriguing :) 

5 hours ago, gureentea said:

looks like solar still can't forget this word haha

Yes she still greet people like she's in Dubai or something lol. Not only that, she is getting her members to do it with her too. Look at her teaching Hyejin to say her new favorite word :lol: (Yongsun-ah you miss Dubai that much?)

Here's Solar at the fansign event:


Agree with @Farfalle, Eric Nam will be in a talk show on the 12th. We will get updates from him very soon!

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Hiya guys! Good morning! :D

Thanks for the feedback to my piece. Don't worry @enko20, I cut the parts because I thought you guys might appreciate it more if I didn't post a huge wall of text like I did in the past. :P And yes, the post should technically be longer in retrospect, but I feel that most of what I have to say should be put in the next piece. I DID promise a couple comparision analysis before right? Seems like the best time to write about it would be now, before we send our couple off with smiles and.. err.. hope for the future? :w00t:

@Farfalle - Lol, lucky or not, the casting PD for LTE couple did say that she casted So Eun a long time ago, but she couldn't find any suitable candidates for a male partner until Jae Rim came along. More recent PDs after the 2young couple were very meticulous in their pairing based on interviews on naver (I'm not really sure if I read it on naver or dcportal), and I guess deliberations for Eric's partner went through that same rigorous process. I had a hint that they were going to cast Eric after JjongAh's stint ended though, given the fact that they usually cast guests who have been on the show before as panelists, examples of which are Hyung-don, Hwi-Jae, Na-young, Jinwoon, and now Eric. :)

@trowabarton99 - Hi! Thanks for joining! It's better late than never, right? :D  Don't worry, this thread will still be around after they leave. Look at them - still giving random references to each other even after they filmed the last episode. Who wouldn't be inspired? :lol:

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Hey all, I know like everyone's writing articles right now (not that I'm complaining), but I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring as well, with a little exploration of the growth of our couple, based on the stages I wrote about in one of my first posts on the forum (updated now that we've seen much more of them). I think this will really end up explaining not only how they got to where they are today (where Solar can confidently assure us that they'll stay in touch), but also explain how I fell in love with them. So, without further ado, here we go:

Eric/Solar Stage 1: Virtual Spouses (The Tower - Jeju Island)

Eric Nam and Solar begin filming We Got Married together on April 2nd of 2016. Their first meeting takes the format of him trying to rescue her, a princess trapped in a tower. It’s an incredibly cheesy and dramatic beginning for a couple who will later be criticized for breaking the conventions of the show, but it works… for the most part.

When Solar takes off her mask, the two of them immediately burst into laughter, and he screams the name of the song she was promoting when they first met each other (UM OH AH YEAH). “Do they know each other?” the panelists ask, and Moonbyul answers that they’re semi-acquainted.

Unlike a lot of the couples who join We Got Married, Eric and Solar had already met multiple times before in a professional setting. They had even been on the same show together very recently. They both already had pre-existing conceptions of what the other person was like, so there was no blank slate for a relationship to develop off of.

Still, Eric had requested to work with her. And it wasn’t because he thought she was pretty, either (although if I could guess I’d say Solar’s beauty still influenced the decision quite a bit), from what he tells her in the car on their way to their first date; it was because he thought it would be fun. “You don’t get married for fun,” one of the panelists mutters soon after his confession, and even Solar seems confused about how to feel about his statement.

All in all, it’s an intriguing first two episodes. Fans of both wonder whether or not their new partner will be “good enough” for them. Fans of both refuse to acknowledge their presence on the show. A select few, however, saw the same chemistry that the producer had seen when pairing Eric and Solar together in the first place.

What Kind of Couple Should We Be?: Navigating Their Way Through Others’ WGM Concepts

Both Solar and Eric were fans of We Got Married before they were casted. Eric had even been a panelist. They also had friends and co-workers who had gone through the process before. They had seen the way couples can fall apart.

I don’t think either of them went into the show with an expectation of coming out the end of it in a relationship. Still, that didn’t mean they didn’t have to quickly figure out just what their concept would be. Despite barely knowing each other, they had to get the audience who’d been intrigued by their first episodes to stick around.

First, they attempted to highlight the language/cultural barriers between them. Eric often asked her about words for things, and taught Solar the English version as well. It almost seemed as if he hadn’t been living in Korea for the past few years. When on one of their first dates, guest-panelist and friend of Eric, Amber, pointed out that he was pretending to know less English than he actually did.

After their English/Korean lesson episode (when both of them had to confess that they knew more than they were letting on), though, that concept was dropped. It just didn’t fit them. Eric and Solar are too similar for one of the few differences between them to be the focus of their concept. Not to mention, it was just getting old. It’s hard to see chemistry between two people when you’re constantly reminded of a language barrier (even if it’s a made up one). Sure, they’d still have moments of confusion about words later on, but they were just that - moments.

Then they moved in together, and tried out a few other concepts, mostly ones that had already been done by people. A “cute” concept was discussed on their Cherry Blossom date, but then immediately thrown out when the both of them admitted they had a hard time feeling comfortable when asked to do aegyo. Eric decided to take a cheesier approach, then.

He held her hand, wrapped his arm around her, and quoted cheesy lines from movies. Solar’s said many times that she isn’t really into that sort of thing, but they weren’t close enough until their Folk Village date for her to actually complain about it to him.

“I think it might make me… jealous?” Eric said, uncertainly, in his BRI, when talking about Solar’s photoshoot for the Celebrity. It didn’t feel like a real statement, though. Eric seemed more like he was asking how he should be feeling than telling the audience how he really felt.

A similar thing happened during their walk home, when Eric admitted he’d thought about holding her hand. Unlike things we’d see him say later, though, he talked about it again like it was something he should do. “I was wondering what to do with my hand.” The panelists were the ones who supplied his want for him, and, in the end, when Solar did that ridiculous silly handshake with him, it just felt more natural than hand-holding and a hug would’ve felt for them.

There were hints, even back then, that the natural progression of WGM just wasn’t going to work for them. Both are very genuine, unpretentious people, and the idea of faking a romance didn’t work as well in practice between the two of them as it seemed to in theory.

Still, this didn’t mean that Eric wasn’t trying to figure out just what Solar wanted. He often asked her opinion on the progress of their relationship, signifying they were beginning to decide together just how far off-track they wanted to take this. He not only asked her about her ideal type, but also what kind of proposal she wanted. He told her to choose whatever dress she wanted, despite the fact she was expecting him to choose for her, and, when she announced they should get married that afternoon, he went along with it with a smile.

The busking wedding was really the first episode where they began to do things their own way (although that process wouldn’t fully start until after Jeju Island). Doing everything by themselves, their way, just seemed to fit them, and it would later become their model for doing the rest of the show.

My Ideal: Exploring Those Early Moments of Butterflies

Now, I’m not going to go into a study of their ideal types here. I have a feeling @enko20 is already covering that in her analysis, and also I think Eric explained it best when he told Solar his ideal type is basically her. However, the early feelings are going to be important later, when I explain what exactly it was that made the Chuseok rally a turning point for them, so I’m going to introduce them here.

Eric’s feelings were the most obvious. He not only chose Solar to be his partner, but actively promoted her and talked about how pretty she was in various interviews outside of the show. I’d argue he had hints of a crush on her even before they started filming together, judging by his reaction to her “flirting” on ASC a year earlier.

Despite sometimes seeming like he was doing things because it was what he was supposed to do, and not what he wanted to do, there were a few moments where honest feelings showed up. Eric bought her something on his trip to Czechoslovakia, and, when her hand became cold as they were cleaning out the ice in the freezer, he quickly took it in his. “I wanted to hold her hand” he explained in his BRI about the moment, “and there was a reason to.”

Eric’s kind and respectful nature kept him from doing things that, while maybe making his feelings more obvious, would have made Solar uncomfortable. He didn’t hold her hand until it was cold from the ice. He didn’t put his arm around her until he was trying to pull her closer to the sidewalk and away from the danger of the street. Even Moonbyul praised Eric’s actions, saying, when they were looking at houses together, that after seeing him take care of Solar she could stop being worried about what might happen to her on WGM.

Moonbyul’s time on the panel also let us understand a little about Solar’s feelings. When Eric talked about Solar on a program, Moonbyul and Solar watched it together. In her BRI, Solar said that, upon hearing him call her beautiful, she thought “Wow” and her heart plunged. Moonbyul backed that up to the panel, saying she’d said she felt strange after hearing about it.

Moonbyul also helped Solar pack the lunch box for the Folk Village date - one of the first examples of Solar’s actions speaking louder than her words about her feelings - and she’s the reason Solar was finally able to sing her version of Wish List to Eric. She’d been practicing it for a while, but couldn’t figure out when to sing it to him. It was the first time we saw that Solar was not only appreciative and happy to be paired with Eric (despite what antis said), but also spent a lot of time outside the show thinking about him, to the point where her members actually felt the need to have an intervention.

Still, they were fairly far apart from each other. Eric and Solar still got shy every time they had to do something together - even when Solar had all her members around her to support her. Part of this has to do with the fact that they were really still getting to know each other: a process not helped by their previous acquaintance with each other’s performing persona.

Idols vs People: Learning About the Person Behind the Mask

When Mamamoo visited Solar and Eric, one of the questions they asked was “Yongsun vs Solar.” I think it’s easy, when watching a show like this, to forget that a difference exists. The persona used when being interviewed or promoting for a comeback is very different from the one used when having a picnic by the Han River or driving together in a car. Before WGM, Eric and Solar had only ever seen that first side of each other, and that meant they had to re-adjust all their preconceived notions.

One of the reasons we’ve all suspected Eric had for going on WGM in the first place was to show more of his real personality to his Korean fans. This also applies to his first meeting with Solar on ASC. From the English side of things, he was dorky and embarrassing the whole time, but, if you watch the things he said/the way he talked to Mamamoo in Korean during that episode, it might be easier to understand why, in the healing cafe, Solar said that she “didn’t know he was funny.”

(It is here I feel the need to remind you all that Solar said funny guys are her ideal type).

Not to mention, Eric had that whole “Nation’s Boyfriend” image hanging over his head. Solar even got a call from one of her friends who, upon hearing the news of their virtual marriage, was very upset with Solar. Solar has a tendency to underestimate herself, and I think it must have been hard at first to feel worthy of Eric (not helped by the comments from people affirming that she wasn’t). You can tell this just from their resume-reading scene, where she was not only intimidated by Eric’s intelligence (although, really, who wouldn’t be?) but also was scared to reveal the reason for her “Yeba” nickname.

Before they’d started filming together, Eric didn’t know the “Yeba” side of her; just the Solar side. And, the Solar side is pretty impressive. I was her fan before WGM and I’m still her fan now, so I’m not going to go too much into detail about all the ways she’s amazing (or else we might be here all day), but, if you have any doubts about the reasons Eric might have had a crush on her before the show, I’d recommend watching her appearance on Immortal Songs tonight (or… you know… just rewatch My Ear’s Candy again. That’s always a good place to understand).

As they filmed together, though, the two of them both started to see sides of each other that they didn’t know of before, and that brought them closer together. So, when Eric was asked “Yongsun vs Solar,” he answered, “Solar is wow, but Yongsun feels like mine.”

And being something to each other (although I don’t think either was quite sure what they were) meant deciding whether or not they wanted to still be something when the show was over.

Pre-Planning For The End

At the end of their night walk to Solar’s house, Eric asked for her phone number. This was after a few dates where he’d mentioned he might need her help with a lot of Korean words (something we now know was probably just an excuse to talk to her outside the show).

Now that they’ve filmed their last episode, I can’t help but think that, had he not asked for her number back then, Solar wouldn’t have been able to say with so much certainty that her and Eric will continue to stay in touch. It’s an important element to their relationship from that moment on, but it’s not the only sign that they wanted to create something that would last beyond the show.

There were a few other minor things: Solar bringing alcohol in the hopes of getting to know Eric better by drinking it together, the video message to Solar’s mom, and Eric buying oranges for Solar’s parents, to name a few.

The biggest one, by far, though, happened in the pool on Jeju Island.


Eric had been trying all day to win a wish from Solar. After losing it to her while fishing, he tried to race her in the water to win it again, and his determination had me suspicious. Despite Eric’s usual respectful nature, I’d seen other WGM couples. I knew that, eventually, one of them tried to take things to the next level through the form of a wish. When he brought up his wish in the pool, I thought what everyone else (including the panel and Solar) did; he’s going to ask for a kiss. I 100% thought she wasn’t ready for one, but also knew she wasn’t going to say no if he asked. I took a deep breath, pressed play again, and waited to see what would happen.

Everyone was shocked when, instead of asking for a kiss, Eric asked to drop the formalities.

In that moment before he shared his wish, they’d reached a cross-roads, though. He could ask for a kiss and they could move onto the next typical WGM stage in their relationship, no matter how Solar might feel on the inside. It would be predictable and kind of sweet, but it wouldn’t have felt right.

Eric took the road less traveled. The panel groaned in frustration, Solar choked on her mojito, and I breathed a sigh of relief. He chose a friendship with Yongsun over a kiss with Solar, and that, in the end, would make all the difference. Solar said, in that moment, that she “felt things were stumbling down inside of me.” She realized she’d been shutting him out and that he, despite what she’d expected, wanted to get to know her for real.

And, it is here that Stage 1 ends, with a wish in a pool and a new concept based in friendship. It’s new and different and even more intriguing than their first meeting was. This is also where I started watching the show regularly. “Ooh,” I’d thought. “Things are about to get interesting.”

I had no idea just how interesting they would get.

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I've been following their activity more intently than ever the past few days and it seems Yong is able to gain a lot of strength from her fellow members and moomoos. Mamamoo are usually very touchy feely but is it me or has the members been especially touchy feely with Yong lately? Mamamoo have also been especially EXTRA in fanmeetings recently, like they've been bottling it all up since their concept changed to smokin-classy-sexiness.

@Le_Sanguinea thanks for the snippet of an insight in your brain! brother you should join our kk group! waiting for the next article.

@cinnaminskies I enjoyed this article! I appreciate you writing it more so the way-it-is rather than being too delulu(hahaha). I don't remember the part where Moonbyul mentioned that they watched a show he was on together where he mentioned Yong's beauty. o.o This article is like a really nice recap of their journey if there's more I would look forward to it!   

@trowabarton99 hello! welcome to the family!!! better late than never! 


Kim Yongsun's work ethic & Leadership(mini article)

I was reminded about Yong's lingerie photoshoot for The Celebrity after reading the previous posts and clicked on the link. I have seen them before and didn't think too much of it(not because I wasn't stunned by her beauty but I'm not into this kind of publicity) I scrolled down the comments and someone said "is that her nipples showing in the first photo?" I scrolled back and I DIED. Now before you all judge me for this I just wanted to point out how Eric must have felt seeing those photos, after I DIED and went back to scrolling comments down and I think the mentions of it being a floral pattern at an unfortunate(or fortunate however you want to perceive this) position.

Then I came to think about this more deeply, we all sort of know(I can't say we know know) Kim Yongsun, I wonder how she came to this photoshoot decision. What RBW and Yong discussed and how she felt about it. I came to a conclusion that this is not Kim Yongsun we are seeing here, this is Solar. The leader, the eldest, the performer, the dreamer, the one that if Mamamoo takes a hit she is the first to feel the attack. I think RBW would be more worried about projects/photoshoots/commercials turning out badly rather than the amount of deals they're able to snag but at the same time there is only one way to learn and that is through experience not to mention RBW needs the money as a growing company. This may have been attributes that came to be in the decision to go ahead with the lingerie shoot. 

Now back to Eric, after probably being taken aback, stunned and shocked to the core (and DEATH) he must have really admired her as a leader, he who is also in this industry understands things like this helps with publicity. I think he would have recognised her work ethnic and her determination to participate in these kinds of photoshoots for the greater good(publicity) for her group, Mamamoo. Not only is there criticism from the public but also from people in the industry, she is the one that will have to deal with that. Like Eric mentioned in the episode when he was taken aback, some might look at Yong and think immediately to that photoshoot.  


to all the lurkers and silent readers please join us! it's always better to have more shoulders to lean on in the next coming weeks. 


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@papaxmoo I'm glad you enjoyed the article! To be honest, though, I have a feeling the delulu-ness is going to progress as the articles go. At the same time, though, I'm trying to I guess explain why they took the route they took for their run, and why it's actually better for them romantically in the end. Unfortunately, that means two parts of me being kind of... blunt I guess... about their reluctance to be romantic with each other for a while. Part III, though... Part III and IV are going to be filled with my usual mess.

Yeah, Solar's definitely the one who takes the hit for Mamamoo. I think, if she had to choose between herself and her younger members for who had to do the photoshoot, she would put herself first because she really spends a lot of time looking out for her members. Moonbyul also said during her time on the panel that she was glad Solar had someone to take care of her, since Solar spends all her time taking care of her members. She's so incredibly selfless and I love her for it but it also makes me worry about her a lot, since she tends to put on a smile even when she's not feeling very well.

WGM and then Immortal songs tonight, everyone! Who's excited?

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@cinnaminskies That's a very interesting article. I was planning on giving you a short, concise feedback, but as I read through it again, I felt the need to make a comprehensive post about this. I will get it done tomorrow while waiting for the subs :) You did a fantastic job btw. I certainly didn't expect anything less after seeing what you came up with in your lyric analysis.

Yes, sometimes I am concerned about it too. She always tries to hide her tiredness and pain from other people so they don't have to worry about her, but secretly, she really wishes to have a person who sees through it and recognize her needs to be taken care of.

Notice how, every time Eric (or anyone else) asks her what she likes the most about him, she always say "It's because he takes care of me" and not "Because he's a sweet/charming/attractive person". Yes, Eric does have all of that, but it's the way he cares for her to the tiniest details even when she doesn't ask for it that touches her heart, not anything else.

@trowabarton99 I forgot to say hello earlier, so... welcome to our family! :D I'm glad you shared your own story, and I found it very interesting. I also was drawn to this couple because of Eric Nam as well, but I found out about him through a different avenue. They really turned out way better than I imagined. Hope you can come by to share your thoughts on Ddongi often.

@Le_Sanguinea Ah okay, I will wait for your main part then. I'm very eager to see this, because I believe that only through pitting Ddongi against other historic couples in the past can we see where they truly stand. 

@papaxmoo I agree with your take on it. We have discussed this before, but Solar has a determination that will allow her to accomplish anything once she sets her mind on it. Her Yong Sun self is very shy and conservative. She isn't the kind of girl that walks around and shows off her body. That's why she told Eric: "I didn't know I was capable of doing that". It's just not in her nature to do that sort of thing.

However, her Solar side is the selfless, not picky girl who would put other people's need above her own. Having to do a photoshoot in lingerie like that probably was a very intimidating experience for her, but she knew it would go a long away in helping her agency and her group. That is also the reason why she took up the controversial, pretend kiss scene in "Decalcomanie" even though she was feeling embarrassed. If there's someone among the girls who has to do it, she will gladly take that role.

I do believe Eric understands this fully. At this point, Eric already knows her very well. This is being passionate about her work and devoting herself for a good cause, and it's actually what Eric loves in a girl. Seeing her do this kind of thing would only make Eric admires her more instead of viewing her in a bad light.

Oh, and the part of Moonbyul you asked about? It's during their English lesson episode.

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whoa everyone is writing an article yall amazinggg! 

a small update for everyone who miss eric


(is he start working out? omg :flushed:)

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Ahhh~ Menboong~ 

Next week is the final episode! :bawling:

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This episode's clips:



+ the preview for next week (ALL THE TEARS)

Also: Solar's met Eric's brother?? At some point?? That was not shot for WGM?? I'm both very happy about this and very confused (did they meet at KCON?)

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I'll catch up the thread when the final ep ends coz i still don't want to feel the ends yet. Though i still haven't read everyone posts, thanks for all the updates & theories! 

@gureentea So he's been working out? Omg... :(


MAMAMOO's Showcase:


The preview for next week:

Brace up friends! *HUGS*

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@xhigh grnd That was what i'm thinking about! He could have been workout for his health, so i wish i'm not being delusional over this...though it's hard to believe. I never once seeing him update about him going for a training before, so this came as a surprise for me. I know that wasn't his update but the trainer's but still...

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