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I'm still streaming/downloading the current episode. Forget the fact that I have to wake up in four hours just to go to work again and I barely had enough sleep for two days. :rolleyes:

I'll comment on your comments later. :)

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where you can find man like that ... handle everything with their head not emotion even though the anger already rise up?

so ... i really just dont get it ...

its like yongseo again, when they start to get cozy then they ended the show for them

now we finally see solar totally open with eric ... but hey ... done!

or perhaps thats really the deal ... when the girl ... the uptight or shy one already able to open her heart, to show emotion, to get the real feeling ... the mission is complete and lets wrapped it ...


ah really my broken heart ....

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@enko20 The contents of Solar's letter to him intrigue me as well. It's been a while since she expressed her feelings in that form, and he seemed so moved by it that I think it has to contain something special. 

The parallels between their wedding and their last date make me think this was their idea which I would be mad at them for, except it seems it dredged up a lot more emotions than they were expecting, so I can't stay mad at those cute sad faces. They both have tried really hard to make WGM a fun and memorable experience and I don't doubt that they're going to try to keep the promise they made involving those shoes (which is a weird and heartbreaking concept, miss Solar, I think you have just as much a capacity for angst as I do).

However, I'd like to remind you all that we have so much to be happy for! Eric and Solar are happy, successful, and healthy. And, most of all, their non-traditional approach to WGM means that we, in the long run, are in much better shape than a lot of couples' shippers are when their run ends. There's already a scheduled possible interaction for them (here's your daily reminder to vote for the MAMA awards so we can see some interaction), they've promised each other they'll keep in touch, neither of their agencies prohibit dating, and Eric is now doing a show that seems to center around idols who've just had comebacks, so there's a possibility Mamamoo will visit while they're promoting.

Not only all of this, but whatever sad "letting go" feelings Solar seems to have had between Dubai and their autumn date have been resolved. The "with my best, my very best, I set you free" from I Wish You Love no longer seems to be her approach as they move towards the future together. She's just introduced him to her childhood best friend, and we now know she's met his family as well. There's a sense of hope in the air when it comes to them, so let's send them good thoughts about the future.

Also, the both of them have come out of WGM with no scars or scandals from the experience. In fact, I'd say they're better off because of it. I know next week is going to be sad (trust me, I'm already tearing up thinking about it), but we have so much to be grateful to the Ddongie couple for. And, their episodes will always be around for a rewatch when we're feeling down and need that good dose of beagle energy.

And, if we have any doubts. There's always next year's KCON to look forward to.


If any of you need something to cheer you up, I'd recommend watching the episode of Amber & Ailee One Fine Day that Eric is in. It's even more fun when you imagine how hyper and crazy a get together of Eric and his friends + Solar and Mamamoo would be:


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Hi everyone, i came to drop some comment for today eps.. What can I say is this eps is being my favorite eps among all.. Super loveeeee!!!

I love their interaction, its very genuine and super comfortable, their picnic date made me want to go there too.. That footslap tho, really hillarious lmao... Now I see why Yongsun looks super excited in her Vapps while ago, what a silly lady xp.. She finally have someone to won over, bc all this time she always bcm victim of bully in Mamamoo hahaha.. 

And here comes the preview.. Tbh I kinda relieved that although they both very sad, but they not wrapping it up with full of tears and overly tragic scene like a makjang drama.. Thats more rational for me, bc after this they can still see each other on music show, variety show or festival.. Now I just try to think positively, that after this their relationship will never ends, they still keep in touch, didnt scared to show their interaction on public and just wait and see what the fate bring them in the future.. PPYONG!!!!

Oh yeah did u see Yongsun latest fanmeet? She wear elephant hat so cuteee!!! Hwasa get that hat and wear it to her unnie's head.. Hwasa then says something and Yongsun laugh.. Wonder what they say.. Maybe Hwasa saw her Dumbo doll in dorm hahaha..


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@morethanacityname Your comment brings me back to when Solar fell asleep in the car on Jeju island and Eric said he was reminded of these lyrics from Good for You:


You’re probably tired, you can doze off
There’s traffic here anyway
I’ll wake you up when we’re there

Or maybe I'm reading too much into things as usual.

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In this pre-final episode period, the articles you all wrote were a very good read, my shipper heart thanks you. @Le_Sanguinea It's nice to know that there's long time viewers of wgm on this thread; how Eric and Solar compares to other couples is always an interesting topic. I hope you get some nice sleep soon ^_^ @cinnaminskies  @enko20 I really liked how y'all highlighted the before and after of Eric's Jeju wish, it ended up having a lot of impact. In the book writing ep, Eric and Solar themselves didn't really seem to acknowledge this as a turning point in their relationship, which intrigued me. I guess what it did was that it started moving their relationship along on the road away from less typical wgm fare, to set up for the real moments in the chuseok event @papaxmoo You make good points chingu, Solar is so beagle all the time that I forget that she's the leader and she puts a lot of work and determination into everything- it looks so effortless. I see what you mean now Eric :phew:

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  • You're the bestMAMAMOO

:o Everyone, keep voting! I understand that this comeback is important to BEAST fans since the group hasn't made it on the charts as well as they did a couple years ago, but Mamamoo deserves to win just as much, even more in my opinion. I'm hoping their chart sales will help make a difference...


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8 hours ago, morethanacityname said:

Have you ever seen him singing GOOD FOR YOU this sadd?????????? T_____T #Delulu but still..

That sad face gave me all the feels! ㅠ.ㅠ


About last preview... I don't know. I kinda of felt relieved when I saw how sweet their last day must have been. Also I really felt their relationship (friends or maybe something else in the future hehe #delulu) will be not over. And I really wanna know what she wrote in that letter! 

I wanna next Saturday to come soon, but at the same time I don't want it to come ever. :confounded:

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The episode made me happy and sad at the same time. I was happy coz finally yongsun introduced her closest friend to Eric ( though like many of you i was a bit disappointed coz I really want it to be yong hee) It only shows that she's really open to Eric now. And the conversation and prank with her friend was really great for us coz we see a bit of Solar's past.(I mean, she only proved that she(Solar), is really hard to read. And its also a chance for Eric to prove how cool he is in handling the situation( I need one like him.)And course seeing the lying on the mat together plus the game( throwing shoes).Anyway, I was sad as well coz I know that its almost the end of these two and they are making the most of it. Their statements like Solar's  " It's getting and we need to dress warmly. I want to greet the autumn with him." and Eric's " I was happy since I could have a date in public places just like other couples." 

And the preview, like you, I want to know what Solar wrote, it looks like he' s really moved by that letter. And Solar gaze when Eric's eating. There's so much tenderness and love (perhaps). 

Thinking about them ending the show made me sad and missed them already, how much more next week and the following. :-(

Thank you chingus for all the review and writings about ddongie.:-)

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My interpretation of their wedding re-enactment is actually positive instead of negative. I feel that they retook the pictures and acted out the scenes again in a more intimate way with each other as if they were trying to tell us that : "We truly feel like a couple now compared to back then". In the Then&Now section, you could see both the similarities and differences between the shots. It's a bit of a nostalgic look to the past, sure, but it's also an upgraded version of everything they did to indicate that their relationship now and in the future will be on a completely different level.

Just a couple more of those to highlight the differences:








8 hours ago, cinnaminskies said:

Your comment brings me back to when Solar fell asleep in the car on Jeju island and Eric said he was reminded of these lyrics from Good for You:

Or maybe I'm reading too much into things as usual.


It's not reading too much for me tbh. Like Eric himself said, all the song he sings/listens to always remind him of different things. When he saw Solar slept on his car, he himself was instantly reminded of a song that he sung before he even met her. It definitely is easier to associate the songs with each other when the actual memories you have with that person match with the lyrics.

Also, before you think that "Good for You" has nothing to do with Solar, I want to remind you about this:





We promise to live like the song lyrics of 'Good for You' and 'You're the Best'.


How much you want to bet that from now on, every time Eric sings this song, he will never think of it the same way ever again?


It wasn't just us, but the panelist also thought the wish would be the moment too. However, I do agree that they have a very good reason to rank the Chuseok competition above the wish in Jeju. I will let @cinnaminskies take it away in her next part of writing (or the part after that? I'm not sure).

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Totally going to miss them both! Missed so much actions here and suddenly read the news they r leaving :sweatingbullets: hope they can continue on to date IRL

I was hoping that solar might be able to spend Christmas with Eric Nam's family in the States but now we will never find out :rolleyes: 

I m curious though, is Eric earning well from his singing and entertainment stints? It seems that he's getting more exposure but his endorsements etc may not be that consistent.... This question came to mind because I m thinking will they both ever tot of marriage if they ever date.... Ok i m pretty farfetched :rolleyes: 

Enjoy their interactions so much.... Next week :sweatingbullets: big group hugs ddongie fam

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I feel like you all could use something good right now, so I hurried up and finished part II of my article. Here we're going to talk about one of the things the Ddongi couple has been criticized for the most, but something I feel is one of the best parts about them: their friendship.

Stage 2: The Concept of Friendship (Jeju Island - Chuseok)

Eric Nam stands on the KCON carpet, surrounded by hordes of screaming American and International fans. He greets them with a smile and a wave, sounding just as charming in English as he does in Korean. All the fans scream again.

The interviewer asks him how he feels to be back in New York, and Eric mentions the things he loves about the city, lamenting how little time he gets to spend there before he has to go back to Korea. “I wanted Shake Shack,” Eric tells the crowd, “but the line was like 150 people, so I just bounced.”

There’s a great deal of irony in what happens next. The interviewer waves the queue-card he’s reading off of to the side and mentions a way Eric could’ve had the New York meal he’d wanted. “Actually, Mamamoo. You should’ve went with Mamamoo, man. I think they went to go buy that burger there.”

The crowd goes wild. Eric turns his head to face them, smiling at the shared knowledge they have that the interviewer does not, and also at something else. There’s support over here, for what he’s doing. One purposeful mention of his virtual wife in Korea can cause an uproar of boos, but an accidental connection between the two of them in the states is not only appreciated, but actively cheered on.

“Hey!” the interviewer protests, not understanding the crowd’s reaction, as Eric laughs in the background. “Artists could be friends!”

He pulls the microphone back up to his lips and shushes the crowd, still smiling. “Shh!” he tells them. “He doesn’t know! Shh!”

The Beginning of Ddongie Road: A Different Approach to WGM

Only a week after Jeju Island, Eric and Solar are shuffled across the world to perform in New York City. It’s one of their first events together in nearly a month, and their first overall since their wedding. They are greeted with not only international support, but gifts from fans for the two of them as well. When Ailee pulls them out at the end of the event and asks them to dance together, there’s no objection from the crowd.

Solar even makes a quick (but soon deleted) appearance on Eric’s brother’s Snapchat.

Two days after they return, they film together again, and this time things are very different.

If you’ll remember, this was the episode where Solar and Eric ate and ate until they couldn’t eat any more. It also was absent of almost any skinship. Eric’s wish from Jeju Island was beginning to take effect, as they were both (mostly) speaking casually to each other.

What they did here, was to me, upon my first viewing, hijack the show. I felt like, because Solar now trusted Eric, the two of them were able to take full advantage of the things We Got Married could give them without worrying too much about what they “should” be doing. They went to three different restaurants that day, and, instead of filming a show about being married to someone, they filmed a show about food.

This wasn’t the only way they’d begun to go off-track, though. At the beginning of the episode, Eric took Solar to go shopping for things to wear while on their food tour. This is a common thing in We Got Married, and I was expecting the same old push and pull about what makes a skirt too short and what she’d be “allowed to” wear while they were married.

Eric picked out a dress for Solar. Solar tried it on, and did not want to wear it outside because of it’s garish pattern. Eric insisted she had to (although he probably would have backed off had she protested).

Instead of just going along with what he wanted, like she’d done in the past and probably would’ve continued to do if not for Eric’s wish for them to speak casually to each other changing everything, Solar picked out a dress for Eric. The two of them then wore the embarrassing and terrible dresses for the rest of the day.

It was interesting and bizarre and incredibly hilarious, and I loved it.

Solar’s words from Jeju island seemed to be their new pattern for approaching the show; “I felt more comfortable taking it less seriously.” Instead of worrying about romantic feelings, they’d decided instead to develop a friendship. We Got Married is, by Eric’s own admission, a pretty weird show. It can be messy and uncomfortable, especially towards the beginning. By taking it less seriously, by making their segment about them and what they wanted to do, Solar and Eric gave the power that was taken away in a flustered first meeting back to themselves.

“This is our show, now,” they seemed to be saying. “And if you don’t like it, that’s okay, because we’re having the time of our lives.”

Jeju Island not only changed their take on the show, but their level of trust in each other. Solar was no longer worried about Eric having ulterior motives, and she began to relax around him, even going so far as to accidentally leave her phone at the Mexican restaurant because she was so comfortable around him. She had good reason to be, too, because Eric, as always, was looking out for her and picked it up for her.

They actually went so far off the rails in the span of one episode that the panel felt the need to intervene. “They’re not having enough skinship!” they protested, as if that issue was even on Eric and Solar’s radar anymore.

When the panelists were sitting around on their floor with the Ddongi couple, one of them said, of Eric’s wish in the pool on Jeju island, that it was “similar to asking for a spring coat when a girl says she’ll do anything for you.”

They asked why Eric didn’t wish for a kiss, and then if he’d even thought about a kiss. “Of course I thought about it,” he assured them, but they still didn’t seem to understand his reasoning. It quickly passed, though, as Solar and Eric were forced, through punishments, to kiss each other again.

So soon after their friendship concept began, they were forced to amp up the skinship, but it didn’t change anything, because it wasn’t their choice - and this show, for them, was now all about their choices. It was a small price to pay for their time spent together, and both of them were thankful for the opportunities given to them in the end (because, once again, it’s hard to push away feelings entirely).

When they entered the bus on Chuseok, they were the only couple without couple shirts. The thought hadn’t even crossed their minds up until that point that they should have any. There was no reason to: they weren’t a couple, they were friends, no matter their official titles, and that was really enough.

In her 100th day letter to Eric, Solar asked that they “continue to have fun,” so they did.

Run Away With Me: Developing a Relationship Outside the Show

One thing this new friendship concept did was expand the scope of their relationship. Solar and Eric’s interactions were no longer confined to the show. They became someone important to each other, not just someone they were filming a show with.

Because of this, there were often moments where things were brought up that had never been mentioned on the show, little secrets that the audience did not have an in on. “I know you like grapes now,” Eric said once, while cooking for her, leaving us all scrambling trying to remember when exactly Solar said she liked grapes. The thing was, on the show, she didn’t. It sounds like a little thing passed between these two food-lovers over text. A little insight into their lives.

The biggest one out of all of these, though, happened when Eric, upon Solar bringing up her concert, just flat out told her “I can’t go.” Not “I don’t know if I can go,” or “I’ll ask if I can go,” but “I can’t,” as if he’d talked it over already with his manager and realised there was no way. It made it seem like she’d asked him outside the show if he could come, because she wanted him there with all the people she loves - her friends, her family, the MooMoos, and Eric. Moosical was a really big deal to Solar, and Eric knew it, so he spent not one but two episodes apologising for not being able to make it, even sending food and shirts to her members.

Solar also did her part in establishing things outside of the show. Her wish for Eric to do her signature pose at the end of Can’t Help Myself really stood out to me, for one. That is, by all means Solar’s pose. It’s not only part of her choreography in You’re the Best, but something both she and her members continue to do to her cheeks. Although they might not have couple tees or anything, Solar was still kind of reminding everyone, by making him do that, that she’s with him, not anyone else.


Then there was Solar introducing him to her sister. She couldn’t make it on the show, much like Eric’s siblings, so there wasn’t really a need for them to meet, unless she was going to appear in the next episode (which she wasn’t). Still, Solar called her up, and let him talk to her on the phone. She was making a space for him in her life, and that meant introducing him to her family.

Lastly, there’s that phone call. Solar called Eric on his way home from the stage where he did her pose. He picked it up so naturally that I can’t, in good faith, say that it was the first time they’d talked to each other on the phone. Even compared to the time she called him asking for his address, it sounded so much more natural. That’s part of what really solidified for me that they were friends.

Can’t Help Myself: Hints of Something More

Being friends doesn’t mean that there weren’t a few romantic moments, though. Despite their relative “hijacking” of the show, Eric and Solar were still on We Got Married, and Solar was still his ideal type.

The most obvious example of this, I think, happened in the same car ride where Moosical was brought up. Solar had a bit of jealousy over the girl in Eric’s new music video. It started out as a height thing, but then gradually spiraled into something… kind of different. Solar knows she’s short, all of the Mamamoo members do; they wouldn’t have come out with 1cm if they didn’t know. Still, she visibly reacted to the height difference between her and the model, feeling inferior, and Eric wasn’t helping.

So then Solar brought up her shocking stage at Moosical, and reminded him he wasn’t going to get to see it. If you haven’t seen her perform Sexyback I suggest you go watch it right now, because if you thought My Ear’s Candy was hot… She wasn’t kidding when she said it was provocative, and I have a feeling she wouldn’t have even brought it up if she wasn’t trying to make Eric feel jealous the way she was feeling jealous.

Notice how both of these events have to do with their idol personas. Solar was jealous of Eric’s music video, and Eric became jealous of Solar’s solo stage. It’s hard for them to fully be engrossed in their friendship as Yongddongie and Yoonddongie when there is the whole other world of their careers to deal with. Sure, on a day to day basis, they’re friends and nothing more, but sometimes they remember they’re married to Solar/Eric Nam, and that’s when things get complicated.

Chuseok: A Spark Lights a Fire

So, they threw away their idol personas, and focused on connecting with each other. Eric’s crush on the beautiful singer Solar faded into the distance as he became closer to Yongsun. They leaned on each other and teased each other, and all the skinship made them cringe because that wasn’t what they wanted then.

And, then, it’s late at night, they’re exhausted, surrounded by a bunch of people they’ve just met, and they both can taste victory. Solar brings up the song she wants to do with the most serious face possible, not even shying away from the necessary dance moves, because she trusts him enough to be comfortable with it.

Eric suggests a kiss on the cheek, and, Solar shakes her head and tells him it’s too tame. She’s incredibly comfortable with being flirtatious when singing, and for her it’s no big deal. Or… it should be no big deal.

Except, Eric had a crush on Mamamoo’s Solar long before he got to know Yongsun, and Solar tries to get him to sing every time she has the opportunity to. They knew each other as singers before they knew each other as people, and pushing that away only meant that it would all rush back to them suddenly. It’s as Moonbyul warned Solar; “Feelings can be difficult. It might not go as planned.”

So, they begin their performance, and it’s something spectacular. The opposite of what it was at the radio show, Yongddongie and Yoonddongie disappear, and Solar and Eric Nam take their place. It’s experimental and full of flirtation, and, by the end of it, you can tell that at least Eric has just realized how unbelievably screwed he is (with Solar it’s harder to tell, but I’d argue she felt something shift too).

Suddenly he’s back where he was on ASC, hit full force with Solar’s talent and eye contact. This time, though, they haven’t just met; they’re friends. Friends who just looked at each other with a fair amount of wanting, but friends nonetheless. Eric can hug her at the end of the song with no awkwardness, because he’s been doing it all day. Their friendship’s even more solidified after spending the whole day together. It’s no longer a struggle between the idol they have feelings for and the person they’re friends with, because they’ve realized there’s no distinction between them.

And, the possibility exists between them now that this can happen. Something, whatever that something may be, can happen between them, especially now that Solar’s expressed her feelings with the forehead kiss.

I remember being solidly on the “just friends” train before this episode aired, with only a few minor moments of thinking they might become something more. I’m a naturally skeptical person who’s been burned through shipping celebrities before. Still, even I could feel that shift between them during Chuseok (I mean, obviously I did since I joined this forum soon after). Solar’s forehead kiss was what really sealed the deal for me. It no longer felt like, if anything were to happen, it would be one-sided (you can blame Solar’s unreadable face for that). I felt confident that some level of mutual feelings existed, helped along by how comfortable Solar was in even the idea of doing My Ear’s Candy with him.

There’s something there now, and they both can feel it, simmering under the surface of their growing friendship.

Between Chuseok and the next episode, they find out how much time they have left.

Now, this is just a guess, but we all had suspicions when they did the Christmas episode so early. It was something on Solar’s wish list, and I think they placed it where they did because they knew they weren’t going to be able to have a real one.

Still, it’s months away, right? Two whole months. A whole lot can happen in two months

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I’m very curious of the letter Solar wrote for Eric, from Eric’s reaction I think it must be pretty touching. And I can’t help but wonder a considerable guy like Eric would’ve prepared something for Solar as well right?

I have the same opinion with Chin Gu @enko20 regarding the wedding re-enactment, even though the backgrounds and poses are similar, but the truth is their relationship has advanced to a higher stage than then. They could be telling us audiences that they’re more of a couple than the beginning of this marriage. Or are they actually trying to tell themselves that … hehehe :phew:

Side note, Solar’s mischievous grin in the changing room made my day!:lol:


I had some thoughts after checking out this episode, it’s a bit long and I don’t want to spoil for those who haven’t seen the episode yet. You guys can check it out below if you are interested .


-          MBC!!!

For starters, I must say MBC really left too much out despite knowing there’s only one episode left. Not that the parts that has been aired are bad, but there should’ve been more, it’s like they edited and left out a entire day of work by Ddongi. I was quite disappointed about this.

-          Autumn picnic

I’ve watched this episode around ten times now (definitely gonna re-watch it), they seem really comfortable with each other and their interactions were so natural! The part where Solar slaps the bottom of Eric’s foot during the game when he tried to interfere, it made my heart flutter! From my perspective, people who do this must be really close to one another or it’s just awkward.


-          Getting into each others private lives.

I’m not all that certain if Brian and Solar (Brian’s sister in law:lol:) have known each other before. It’s likely they all ran into each other (Mamamoo and Eric’s Family) during KCON this year and maybe that’s why Eric introduced them during the video call. But either way, she’s now looped into the family!

As for Eric, despite being pranked by Solar, I was really happy when Solar introduce her childhood friend to him. This actually gives me a feeling that she letting him in on more “Yong Sun” than “Solar”.

I wonder what you two are up to… hehehe :phew::phew:



-          Eric Nam’s prank

Eric managed the entire situation (the prank) very maturely. He remained calm and listened to what Eun Ah said. He respects what she said but defends Solar at the same time. He kept saying this “friend” Eun Ah knew might not be in a good relationship with Solar since Eun Ah said she heard these “rumors” from said friend and doesn’t know the complete situation. He also states he likes the Solar he knows & understands right now.

When Solar started to argue with Eun Ah, Eric was so protective, not from Eun Ah but protecting Solar from possible negative images on her or even the girl group Mamamoo. You can see him whispering to Solar because he wants to get her out of this mess without leaving any videos proof (he found CCTV in the store) that may harm Solar/Mamaoo and the way to do that is not get into an argument with Eun Ah. To me, what he is doing is somewhat beyond WGM, he’s really trying to protect her.

You can clearly see Eun Ah was getting on Eric’s nerves. He then started reasoning calmly with Eun Ah trying to let her understand why they came to this and seek a peaceful solution. When in the end they just held different opinions Eric feels it’s a pity Eun Ah thinks this way and went for the door with Solar. And guess what~ BAZINGA! It’s all just a prank.


I believe Solar has now seen one of the many real sides of Eric and it’s a side that doesn’t reveal easily. And the way Solar gazes at Eric when he is reasoning with Eun Ah is totally understandable! Even the panelist on this episode, Nam Joo from A-Pink (I think…?), mentioned Eric was so charming (handsome) when he was protecting Solar.



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It was such a fun but sad episode at the same time. I'm done with all my exams and all, and normally i would do a gif-filled review....but i just somehow couldnt do it this time. :frown:

We all expected an end to their stint and we got disappointed that it was too soon, but when i think about it, maybe this is the right time to end WGM for them. They definitely had to end WGM because they are getting much busier, and not because they didnt have anything else to show the viewers, obviously. And if they stayed longer, imagine all our hearts getting broken 10x as much.

First off, all of us here are very discontent over how MBC edits Ddongi's part. We have seen multiple times how theyve been holding hands, but MBC seems to not focus on it much. And in my opinion, (and y'all dont have to agree with me) MBC have been very careful on how to show Ddongi's part, since both of them are domestically very very popular. And what comes together with their popularity are countless (possessive) fans who doesnt like this show (celebration when the end of their wgm news came out was the very evidence of that). On which, MBC probably gotten alot of hate comments. With the current/future pairings, MBC decided to walk the safe path and casted  couples in which MBC would not gather as much negative comments. Both Jota and Jinkyung were not that popular before starting their stint, and thus started on a good note, not much would react negatively. Bomi is very popular but Taejoon on the other hand, not as much, which balance it out. If bomi got another popular idol, imagine the horrors of that again. And for the new couple, they were received positively (because of their business relationship) even before getting casted for the show. 

And on a more positive note, we here are all witnesses of how they've developed their close relationship over time, and our very shy Yongsun even said that they will continue their closeness. The thing about this couple is that, rather than taking the fast lane (which most WGM couples took), they took the more subtle, slow lane in which they first became friends, then best of friends, and then hopefully, lovers. And i believe 100% that they will continue their closeness (even if not lovers) because we've seen how natural, real and sincere their interactions were during their time on WGM. And if they do decide to date, i am highkey hoping they wouldnt reveal it to the world, because it will definitely take a toll on their careers. 

But prepare your buckets, Ddongi fam. I'm sure we're all gonna be crying rivers, and i believe the panelists will do too. Specially mother Misun.

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