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Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread


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[CF] Zhao Li Ying & Yang Yang for Kang Shifu Jasmine Tea - BTS Footage

Edit~The dialogue translation cr cnewsdevotee

The dialogue goes:

YY: From now on, I’ll only take pictures of you

ZLY: Let me think about it….

YY: From now on, I’ll let you wear all my clothes

ZLY: Sure…

YY: From now on, I’ll let you eat all my junk food

ZLY: Okay!

YY: From now on, I’ll let you swipe my cards

ZLY: Eng! *shyly*

YY: From now on, only you can sleep on my bed

ZLY: Jerk! *giggle*

YY: ‘So is that a yes?’

ZLY: 'No' ... They were laughing so much lol

Cieeee absolutely adorable. gosh ZLY is pusing YY too hard lol.
The last part is so cute when she said 'No" to YY  and hitting his chest as if it's a reflex reaction :wink:

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Variety Update: 72 Floors of Mystery 七十二层奇楼
Promotional clip from all members (Wu Yifan, Zhao Liying, Ren Dahua, Wu Lei, big Zhang Wei, Wang Xiaoli)
The show will start airing at 19:20 (GMT) starting May 5 (Friday)
~On May 4, Wan said "team will fly from Beijing to Yinchuan".



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Variety Update: 72 Floors of Mystery 七十二层奇楼
040517 at 10am Press conference in Beijing
And tonight flight to Yinchuan








Lying's studio update - 04.05.17
"liying homely" totally worth beauty IQ + official export battle, seek the secret to a long period~ translate google
Photographer: AXstudio
Make up, hair: 


For the first time, the news is constantly news on the scene,
SOON LINK → http://www.weibo.com/p/2309121042097:171c4384136d41b79d6dca8884ca2c85


All permanent casts18199382_1485456161486223_44827470534778




cr as labelled


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