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Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread


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[News] 2017 China’s Top 100 Commercially Valuable Celebrities

Another list of China’s most commercially valuable celebrities released by Jie Mian after a vigorous compilation of a lot of data from different apps and sites from the beginning of 2016 to the end of 2016 (even though they call it 2017, it’s technically 2016 data)

This ranking is based on 3 factors: 2016 estimated income (brown), traditional media exposure (orange) and online media ranking (red). Within those factors, they also included drama ratings, online views, movies, variety shows, events, magazines, etc. We posted something similar before here~https://cnewsdevotee.wordpress.com/2016/12/04/chinas-most-commercially-valuable-stars-for-2016/ and the ranking differs somewhat. Not really sure what accounts for the difference, but what’s most interesting for me is actually the estimated income of these celebrities

For the top 13, we have:

  1. Fan Bing Bing – 244 million Yuan ($35 million dollars)
  2. Jackie Chan – 168 million Yuan
  3. Jay Chou – 181.5 million Yuan
  4. Huang Xiaoming – 167.9 million Yuan
  5. Lu Han – 181.6 million Yuan
  6. Li Yifeng – 170.7 million Yuan
  7. Angelababy 146.8 million Yuan
  8. Yang Mi – 124.8 million Yuan
  9. Hu Ge – 136.1 million Yuan
  10. Liu Tao – 156.1 million Yuan
  11. Andy Lau – 128.1 million Yuan
  12. Kris Wu – 136.8 million Yuan
  13.  Zhao Liying – 104.8 million Yuan ($15 million dollars)


Some interesting facts on the list:

1. When you add up all the income of the 100 people, it equates to 7 billion Yuan

2. 73 out of the 100 are from mainland China and the other 23 are from Hong Kong/Taiwan

3. 66 out of the 100 are males and 44  are females. There’s more information on the site (JieMian~http://www.jiemian.com/article/1230174.html ) for those who can read Chinese



(Skip unrelated) ~ read more on others at the source translation link
CR https://cnewsdevotee.wordpress.com/2017/04/10/2017-chinas-top-100-commercially-valuable-celebrities/

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160417~ Liying at 7th Beijing International Film Festival red carpet
(7th BJIFF started on April 16th and will end April 23rd. Hundreds of film directors and actors attended the ceremony.)




LiYing with the cast of The Monkey King 3: Daughter of the King




Cr as labelled

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[Variety News] Zhao Liying joins 72 Floors of Mystery 七十二层奇楼, as fixed member.

Zhao Liying may be taking a break from dramas but she will be joining Hunan TV’s new large-scale variety show.

The official Weibo account announced early morning on April 19th that the long-rumored participation of Zhao Liying in the show is true.

The long awaited 72 Floors Exploration Team’s final member Zhao Liying has arrived. Uncle Three and friends are already waiting for you in the building.

She will be joining a stellar team with Kris Wu, Simon Yam, Leo Wu, Wowkie Zhang, Wang Xiaoli and newcomers Liu Chang and Waer.


Cr source: two c-ents

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180417~Weibo update
Liying send a congratulation message to Aaron Kwok on his marriage
(google translation) ~National women film: the country, there was a man who can do for you "not single anymore, love going to life" the country is so magical, oh ~ great married congratulations big holy .

Edit~a better translation, cr cnewsdevotees
Zhao Liying said: Woman’s Kingdom, a miracle kingdom that let you no longer be single and settle down. Da Sheng [referring to the monkey] is now married! Congratulations.


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190417~Weibo update

[摊手] = [Accessed / Armed / Showers] (google translation)


Note: Liying bao pics taken in Japan.


在日本清水寺偶遇赵丽颖,好小只,蛮懂礼貌的!但我们怂,没敢合影哈哈哈!听朋友说,我们上清水寺之前,赵丽颖就在了~准备回酒店啦 日本·清水寺
In the Japanese Qingshui Temple encounter Zhao Liying, good yet little(small), quite very polite!
But we lawyers, did not dare to take photo hahaha! Listen to friends, before we go to the Qingshui temple, Zhao Liying is here ~ ready to return to the hotel friends in Japan.
(translate google)

Source zaniliazhaoliyingfb


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[Variety News]
Three moves 'the yearning life' li-ying zhao moved Huang Lei, moved the audience

The recently, hunan satellite TV "for life" is the last guest li-ying zhao. Has always been shy, she in the program shows the other side of the "crazy sexy", but such release yourself, but I did not give her any negative evaluation, on the contrary, the audience evaluation are very good to her.

She has three especially impressive move, moved Huang Lei, also touched the audience!

1) travel light.


As a red flower denier, li-ying zhao is an actor, is also idol star. Often such stars on the show, luggage bags zones, but she was on air, with only a small suitcase, one hand can easily.


Don't say, on the previous guest white best, dragging luggage arrived in mushroom house, pass the skylight. Even subtitle group poking fun at her, "out with the speed."

This show? Li-ying zhao is not a deliberate, not artificial, immediately reduce the distance between the star and the audience.

2) Farm work.


Although manual corn machine operation is very simple, but not everyone can do it. And white best what to do, for example, she is very difficult to operate, constantly caton.


Li-ying zhao farm work skillfully, even ajit can't help but praise li-ying zhao," live a see did it."

It is well known that li-ying zhao is rural girl, able to skillfully to do farm work, ground, not only is enough to prove that she was not ungrateful.

3) Silent with slippers


When Sun hong2 lei2 come, Huang Lei and his two" old urchin "crazy playing in the yard.Huang Lei slippers play Sun hong2 lei2, Sun hong2 lei2 threw his slippers on the roof, so Huang Lei finally bare feet back to the house.

This time, the others are welcome the arrival of the Sun hong2 lei2, whereas Li-ying zhao to pick up a pair of slippers to Huang Lei silently. Huang Lei busy said "thank you", the tone of some accidents, some moved.

Source: http://www.aiainews.com/recreation/2017/04/14/57911.html

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Yi Wang Ent releases rankings: 2016 Chinese film and television actors


The list was released during the 7th Beijing International Film Festival “Film and Television Risk Assessment” meeting by 新传智库.
It was compiled taking fandom, activity level, reputation, and projects’ value into consideration.

(I think some are higher than I expected, such as Cheney Chen in the actors Guan XiaoTong in the actress category. We also have some names missing from the top ten, like HuGe. It feels Legend of Chusen had a heavy influence on the list since all main leads made the top 10.)

Top 10 2016 Chinese film and television actresses, #1 Zhao Li ying
Full list below



Top 10: 2016 Chinese film and television actresses

1. Zhao Liying

2. Angelababy

3. Fan BingBing

4. YangMi

5. Joe Chen

6. Ruby Lin

7. Guan XiaoTong

8. Liu Tao

9. Yang Zi

10. Tiffany Tang



Top 10: 2016 Chinese film and television actors


1. Li Yi Feng

2. Deng Chao

3. LuHan

4. Huang Xiaoming

5. Luo Zhixiang/Show Luo

6. Wu Yifan

7. Yang Yang

8. Wallace Huo

9. Cheney Chen

10. Jackie Chan



Another ranking list, the Star Brand Index by Vlinkage.
It is fairly new, they just started keeping track for about three weeks now. It tracks how well a celebrity is promoting a certain product. They are doing a daily ranking right now, they probably should do it monthly or quarterly.





(The interesting part was that the released a list of products that popular celebrities are endorsing. This list probably changed a little since they released it in early April and a lot of these celebrities have gotten new endorsements afterwards. I also noticed that some endorsements were missing for certain celebrities, but I don’t know the criteria they used to include specific endorsements).

In order: HuGe, Zhao Liying, Tiffany Tang, Yang Mi, Wang Kai, Li YiFeng, Wang Junkai (TFBoys), LuHan, Leo Wu, YangYang, Wu YiFan. Some screenshots are missing information.





Vlinkage’s March Top 50 celebrities

#5 Zhao Liying





CR cnewsdevotees

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