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25 minutes ago, ksuyen said:


OMG, I feel like I'm intruding on their private moment...feel bad for looking but can't take my eyes away.

PS. how is that an "only friends" position???

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Cute mistakes YuZhou makes. Link

zz's Mia? I don't get this one. Mia

And why is ZZ wearing bandanna around his neck?! Are you covering something?

edit: @bearologydo you mind if I take informations out here to post in another forum? (Will give credit of course) and that new but not so new bts of JY. He was BLUSHING! You can see the redness of his face! 

@ksuyen And everyone. ZZ got hickeys again. Check bearo's post with side view of him holding his neck. You can see a faint bluish oval shape. 

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I dunno if it's just my faulty eyes (more like my delulu mind), but whether or not it's the actual print on the scarf, that cut-off text (-like?) print looks like a cursive "johnny" to me~8D

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VogueMe weibo update

#VOGUE实力派2016# @许魏洲ZZ 一身Louis Vuitton西装套装现身红毯。颈部的丝带是时下最当红哦!




Cr 明星爱街拍




@1blankstare I'm not sure which information you are referring to but if it's something I wrote, go for it. If I put credit to someone, please credit to the original poster :)

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Did someone ask about Weibo's notification before? haha yeah the notification appeared on your phone bar (?) above if the person update weibo on spot. But if you have 10 followings and all those 10 updates, I don't think it'll appear all lol. As for us, since we follow talents account and they are verified account, so it appears and we can see they update. JY and ZZ follow each other, thus, it's name "Friend Circle" in weibo, and if your friend update, you will get notified ;) (that's the different between we fans follow them and JY/ZZ as mutual.

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don't get angry with me destroying delulu /whack

he has two sets of attire to wear for the event, one represent vogue (scarf), one represent bvlgari (ring) fashion sense or otherwise (delulu kicks in)


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1 hour ago, jingyuzhou said:

don't get angry with me destroying delulu /whack


The  bvlgari ring incidents cannot be de-delulued: HJY went to the store in person, picked out the gold ring in person, wore the ring more than thrice though it clearly didn't fit. If it's just a promo, ZZ or his stylist could have chosen any other item, but ZZ chose to wear HJY's gold ring companion.

This is how I see it; HJY bought and wore the gold piece, ZZ wore the black piece, bvlgari sell the gold and black pieces(rings) as a couple set, ergo HJY and ZZ are a couple.

LALALALALALA On this issue, de-deluluing is impposible hahaha... back to lurking... peace

Love y'all

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Guest skeletonworks

So I got my L'Officiel Hommes today with just 5 pages of Jingyu in a such a thick magazine and a super huge poster of Luhan that I don't even want >_> Buuut it's totally worth it T_T He's so pretty in there~~ So blinding~~~

Anyway what I'm gonna post is related to Zhouzhou and the magazine that I just got. While I was at work, saw Zhouzhou's photos with that scarf. The way he wore it (ok I'm fashion blind) look awkward and @1blankstare mentioned about the hickey. It does faintly look like a hickey. Hohoho. So is that why he wore it like that to cover the hickey? Hahahaha.

Anyway, I got back home, flipped through my magazine and saw Jingyu wearing the EXACT same scarf!!!! Yeah delulu delulu delulu!!! Of course in the magazine Jingyu is modelling for LV stuffs (bags, shirts, scarfs, shoes everything la!). And Zhouzhou is also wearing LV from top to toe today BUT the fact he wore the exact same LV scarf.... just send me straight to delulu land :heart:



(stole ZZ from bearo)



Is that really how those fashionista wear the scarf? Like a choker or something?? Or is he really trying to cover the hickey?

@1blankstare About ZZ's "Mia"... It's super cute when he did that. We discussed about this before when the BTS came out in the past. When Jingyu was running his hand up & down Zhouzhou after calling Zhouzhou "little s*lut", he made a "meow meow~" noise (cat sound). I think he made that noise when he's embarrassed? Then in the clip the interviewer asked him whether he thinks of himself as a fashionista (fashion person) and he shyly "mia mia" first before replying "so so~". I think we all know how he dressed pre- Shangyin era before meeting Jingyu yeah? *le cry* 

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1 hour ago, sohocomo said:


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Beijing - 1925 (a lifetime ago)

“Sorry the room is such a mess. Would you like some tea?”

WeiZhou struggled to keep his voice even as he lit the lantern mounted on the wall. It would not be good if his visitor realized he was nervous.

“If you’re having some, I will,” JingYu replied, nonchalantly, as his eyes scanned the small room. He stepped toward the low table, covered in books and papers, pencils and quills. “The busy life of a university student.”

WeiZhou quietly answered “yes” before quickly turning to the small single gas burner he used to heat water. He glanced over his shoulder at the man who seemed to fill his small rented room. It had been almost two weeks that JingYu was gone to his hometown. Those days of empty loneliness had confused WeiZhou. He had missed JingYu’s teasing and jokes, his quiet focus, his insistent bantering. But with his friend’s return, WeiZhou felt strangely peaceful. It only confirmed his fear as well.

WeiZhou had started tutoring the children of Mr. Zhao, the owner of an upscale men’s clothing store, to supplement the meager allowance his family provided. Much of his wage, though, was paid in items from the store. Not that WeiZhou minded. His father, a staunch traditionalist, refused to buy “that horrible Western clothing” for his son, even if it was the only style anyone in Beijing was wearing anymore, especially at the university. Mr. Zhao had assigned his assistant to help the tutor “choose his payment,” and thus began the strange connection between the two young men.

Having never been formally introduced by Mr. Zhao, and only quickly passing by each other in the back room of the store a few times, the first time they came face to face, WeiZhou had been taken aback by the easy, jovial manner of the man not much older than himself. WeiZhou had always been quiet, bordering on shy, but before they had finished taking his measurements, Clerk Huang had him chatting and laughing with stories of WeiZhou’s students just up the stairs in the private residence.

That day, while they debated over styles of shirts (or perhaps a pair of trousers would be better for a first payment?) they talked of WeiZhou’s studies. The student was pleasantly surprised when the clerk expertly showing him the design detail in the collar of a crisp, white shirt began quoting Confucius and Li Zhi in response to mention of Nietzsche and Marx. Even after the shirt had been carefully folded, wrapped, and placed in WeiZhou’s bag (the trousers hidden away for the next payday) the two men left the store still debating the centuries old question of the implication of Western thought in Chinese culture.

It became habit after that for the two to leave the store together, since WeiZhou would finish his tutoring session just as JingYu was closing the shop. And on the days when WeiZhou did not teach, they still would spend their free time together. The easy friendship was something neither of them had ever experienced before, and both delighted in each other’s company. Most evenings they would share a small meal at a convenient food stall, laughingly bickering opposing viewpoints while unconsciously trading choice bits of vegetables and meat into each other’s bowl. Once a week they would splurge and sip coffee in a Western style cafe where many students and scholars congregated, quietly commenting to each other on the discussions and arguments that raged around them about politics and religion, philosophy and life.

As steam began to rise from the kettle on the burner, WeiZhou glanced over his shoulder again, his eyes surreptitiously following the movements of his guest. They had been heading to the cafe, in fact, when JingYu suddenly stopped and asked if WeiZhou would mind not going that evening. He had said he had something important to tell WeiZhou, but had not elaborated, even until now. The quiet in the room was uncomfortably heavy and complete for WeiZhou, and added to the agitation he already felt.

WeiZhou tried to think of something to say as he finished preparing the tea. Finally, as he handed a cup to JingYu, he broke the silence.
“You went to your hometown quite suddenly. Nothing’s wrong?”

JingYu had jumped a little when WeiZhou spoke, startled at the sudden sound.

“I wondered why you hadn’t asked yet,” he said, the cup pressed to his lip but not tipped.

WeiZhou noted the hint of melancholy in JingYu’s voice before he answered.

“I shouldn’t have, I apologize. You would tell me if you wanted to,” WeiZhou stated as he slipped off his coat and hung it on a nail in the wall before sitting down next to JingYu. “But I’m glad you made your trip safely.”

“No need to apologize, WeiZhou.” JingYu pushed aside a pile of papers so as to set the teacup on the table before shifting to face the man next to him. His eyes narrowed as he looked at WeiZhou. ”You’ve lost weight.”

WeiZhou shuddered under the intensity of JingYu’s look. From the moment he had first laid eyes on JingYu, he had found himself watching the other man’s every movement every time they were near. Yet he would always feel bare and embarrassed when JingYu looked at him, and hide his eyes as quickly as possible. As much as he wanted to do that now, WeiZhou could not avert his gaze. With a light hearted smile, he tried to cover his anxiety.

“A little I guess. My stomach has been uneasy recently and I haven’t eaten much. Is it that obvious?”

“To me it is.” JingYu nodded his head as he straightened the shoulders of WeiZhou’s shirt. “I fit this shirt for you, so I know how it should look. It’s too big on you now. Were you very sick?”

“No,” WeiZhou shrugged, he hoped in a manner that appeared innocently. “Just nothing settled well. Probably because I was tired. I had some trouble sleeping recently.”

WeiZhou almost choked on a sip of tea when JingYu gave him a cheeky grin and said, “Did you miss me that much?”

Instead of slapping his back, the hand that reached around WeiZhou smoothed up and down as he tried to clear the blockage in his throat. The incredibly intense heat that radiated through the white cotton of his shirt muddled WeiZhou’s mind, so much so that the words passed his lips before he realized it.

“I did.”

The hand on his back halted just between his shoulder blades, sending it’s fire piercing straight through to his heart. WeiZhou grimaced, the pain of fear reflecting on his face.

“What I...what I mean is,” WeiZhou forced himself to smile, as though his words had been a joke. “I’ve become used to you telling me to eat and all, since I tend to lose track of things when I’m studying.”

Carefully lifting his eyes to look at JingYu, WeiZhou took a deep breath, just as JingYu let out a heavy sigh and dropped his gaze to the floor.

“You’re a precious person to me, WeiZhou. You have to take care of yourself. Especially when I can’t be here.”


WeiZhou’s voice drew JingYu’s gaze back to his face. As he stared into eyes questioning him, JingYu started to raise his hand, but quickly dropped it back into his lap, fingers tightly gripping against each other.

“The reason I went home…”

The words trailed off, as though JingYu realized he was thinking aloud. WeiZhou could see his lips trembling. JingYu’s head dropped slowly, even as his shoulders stiffened.

“WeiZhou, do you remember the first time we met?”

“Of course. You picked this shirt for me.”

“I didn’t think it was the first time. I kept trying to remember how I already knew you.” JingYu smiled softly at the memory. “It was so comfortable talking to you, like we had spoken a million times before.”

WeiZhou mumbled his agreement. He had felt that way as well, even from the first time he had seen JingYu, before they had spoken, as though he had met a childhood friend after a long time. This was the first time, though, he heard JingYu say this.

“What’s funny, WeiZhou, is other people see it too. Mr. Zhao asked me if we knew each other somehow. Some of your classmates that I’ve met at the cafe have told me you have changed, a lot, since you met me.” JingYu chuckled unexpectedly. “They asked me what kind of magic I used to pull you out of your shell and into the land of people.”

“Magic? Now you’re a shaman?” WeiZhou laughed along with JingYu, imagining the people he had known for years saying such things. The lighthearted moment passed before WeiZhou could take a breath, JingYu’s face growing stoic and shadowed just as quickly as it had brightened.

“The lady that runs the food stall near the shop, the last time we went there, she told me that she would not serve us anymore if we came together. She has heard too many complaints and accusations about allowing degenerates and perversion at her tables.”

WeiZhou gasped and his spine straightened, as if an invisible puppeteer suddenly pulled a string attached to his head.

“The professor that recommended you for the tutoring job, he’s a regular customer of Mr. Zhao’s. They’re old friends, actually. He came to the store and asked to speak with me.”

“Professor Chai did?”

“He had been hearing rumors from students and other professors who have seen us together at the cafe.”

“JingYu, wait…” WeiZhou grabbed JingYu’s arm like a lifeline as he tried to understand. “All of these people saying these things…”

“Professor Chai was very nice actually. He said he didn’t care if the rumors were true or not, but he asked me to think of your future. That it would be hard on you later if these rumors followed you.”

Unconsciously, JingYu pulled WeiZhou’s hand from his arm, but did not let it go. He smoothed his thumb across WeiZhou’s knuckles, slowly feeling each rise and indentation.

“JingYu, is this why you suddenly went home?” WeiZhou tried to keep his thoughts on what JingYu was saying. The constant motion around his fingers made it difficult, though.

“Professor Chai was very nice actually,” JingYu repeated. “He didn’t blame me or make any accusations.”

“He damn well better not!”

WeiZhou spoke more forcefully than he intended, a pounding from the other side of the wall punctuating his indignation. Startled by the outburst, JingYu raised his face to WeiZhou’s, his eyes wide, but a small smile forming across his lips.

“Don’t get mad, WeiZhou. You yourself said he’s been a good mentor to you. He was just doing his job.”

“But JingYu…”

“That same day, you told me about the letter you had received from your father. That’s when I decided to go home for a bit.”

“The letter from my father?” WeiZhou’s brow knotted as he tried to remember.

“About his hopes for you after your graduation and bringing honor to the Xu family name.”

WeiZhou groaned as the memory came back to him. He had spent at least thirty minutes whining to JingYu about his father’s expectations that night.

“Professor Chai was right,” JingYu said, another half smile spreading his lips. “He said the world might be changing, but not that fast. I couldn’t understand what everyone was talking about, why they would be saying these things, but I couldn’t ignore them either. I decided it was best to leave, at least to let people settle down some.”

When WeiZhou had started shaking, he was not certain. He only knew that he was mad. Mad at his friends, at his professor, at everyone who had said those things to JingYu, but WeiZhou was especially mad at JingYu himself.

“Huang JingYu! Why didn’t you tell me about any of this? Why did you just go off and leave without saying a word to me?”

“How could I tell you? How could I look you in the eye and say people believe that about you? Would you have been able to tell me if it was you?”

WeiZhou’s shoulders slumped as he realized he would have done the same thing. He would have taken on the burden himself, wanting not to make JingYu question the nature of their friendship. WeiZhou squeezed the hand that still held his, a silent admittance to his understanding.

“So you left Beijing. But you’re back now at least.”

“I realized that no matter how hard it was, I needed to talk to you about it. Since it concerned you, I shouldn’t keep it from you.” JingYu chuckled wryly. “Plus, my father threatened me. He said no son of his was going to run away from a problem before even putting up a fight.”

“I like your father,” WeiZhou said, his own laugh added to JingYu’s.

The two men sat in silence for a long moment, each lost in their own thoughts, each holding onto the other’s hand unconsciously, desperately. Finally, JingYu cleared his throat and spoke again, softly, shyly, as though he feared the world would end with his words, but unable to remain silent.

“I’m sorry, WeiZhou. It’s all my fault. I did understand what everyone was talking about. I do know why they all thought that way. I’m sorry, forgive me. I’m sorry for being like this.”

WeiZhou bit his lip against the racing heartbeat in his chest. A wave of emotion overtook him with JingYu’s words. All of his years of study, all of the hours spent training in discussion and debate, were useless against his hopeful interpretation. Unlike his usual logical and rational self, WeiZhou believed the heavens had opened before him.

“Don’t be sorry, JingYu. Please, I beg you, don’t be sorry.” WeiZhou allowed himself to lift his hand to JingYu’s face, gently tugging to raise his chin. The confused yet hopeful look in JingYu’s eyes made WeiZhou smile from the bottom of his heart. “If anyone should be sorry, it’s me. If anyone is to blame, it’s me. But I’m not sorry, JingYu. I’m not sorry at all that everyone can see I love you.”

JingYu’s lips shook and his eyes grew big with WeiZhou’s frank confession, a sudden, single splash of moisture dropping to the fingers that still held his chin.

“WeiZhou, you can’t…”

“I love you, JingYu. You being gone made me realize that. I was so mad at you for leaving with barely a word to me, but I made myself sick missing you. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t think about anything other than the fact that you weren’t here with me. That’s not friendship. That’s not brotherhood. I love you.”

JingYu’s eyes closed and he inhaled deeply, the warmth of WeiZhou’s palm against his cheek a soothing counter to the anxiety that trembled in his limbs. If only they could stop time and stay in this singular moment for eternity, JingYu thought.

“I love you,” JingYu whispered, unable to gather his breath amidst the tumult of emotions. Swallowing hard, he tried again to state his confession. “I love you, WeiZhou...but we can’t do this. There’s just no way for us.”

WeiZhou trapped JingYu’s face in both of his hands, holding him still, forcing him to focus on WeiZhou, and WeiZhou alone.

“Answer me one thing, just this one thing, JingYu. Do you love me?”

“I just told you I did, but, WeiZhou…”

“Tomorrow, JingYu. Tomorrow we’ll debate morality, legality, and filial piety. Tomorrow we’ll worry about what lies outside the door. Tonight,” WeiZhou brought his face within a finger’s span of JingYu’s, “just tell me you feel the same way I do.”

JingYu grasped onto WeiZhou’s shoulders and tried to push him back.

“Are you certain? This isn’t like you. You’re a scholar, you live your life by reason and thought.”

“I’m a fool,” WeiZhou murmured, his thumb tracing just below JingYu’s lip, causing it to tremble in anticipation. “People remember poetry more than philosophy for a reason. People saw the way we look at each other more than they heard the words that we said. I feel lost and confused, like a part of my own body is missing, when I’m away from you. It’s beyond logic and reason. And I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life.”

JingYu held his breath as WeiZhou’s lips brushed against his own, a barely there touch of experimentation that electrified him to his toes and took the breath from both of them.

“Can you see without your glasses?” JingYu asked, even as he carefully removed the rounded frames from where they curved over ear and nose.

“I really only need them to read,” WeiZhou answered, his hands falling to JingYu’s shoulders to explore the strength and movement of muscle and sinew.
“But you wear them all of the time?”

“People don’t recognize me without them,” WeiZhou explained, the last words becoming barely audible as JingYu smoothed the trace of red over the bridge of his nose.

JingYu grinned as his breathy response washed against WeiZhou’s lips.

“I’ve always recognized you.”

In his fifteenth year, at the urging of some classmates, WeiZhou had stolen a kiss from a girl who lived in his neighborhood. Though not entirely unpleasant, it had been fumbling and awkward, leaving WeiZhou to believe that all kisses, especially first ones, would be that way. As JingYu’s lips met his, this time without hesitation or question, WeiZhou knew of nothing but the deliciously intoxicating flavor, tangy yet sweet, that assailed his senses. Whatever amount of conscious thought that had survived the caress of JingYu’s lips completely abandoned WeiZhou to carnal instinct with the silken advancement of JingYu’s tongue.

Grasping at WeiZhou’s hair with his hands, JingYu patiently explored every texture and taste of the intimate threshold that had granted him entrance. The mixing of breath and saliva became an enticing preview of what could be when bodies and souls combined. An insistent tugging on JingYu’s shoulders had him rising to his knees, silently willing WeiZhou to follow suit, until they were able to fully wrap their arms around each other, chests pressing together, heartbeats thundering in time.

WeiZhou lost himself in his studious nature, his lips exploring JingYu’s neck, every flutter of muscle and skin and pulsing sensation etching itself into his memory. A gentle dragging against his shoulder, slow and steady as though waiting for WeiZhou to react, loosed the hold of the suspender strap that rested there. The same action at his opposite shoulder made WeiZhou moan as the tight band brushed against stiff and swollen flesh beneath it, a teasing pressure that sent bolts of dulled lightning down his abdomen.

On their knees before each other, the two men tentatively tested their own and each other’s wants and desires. The brush of lips, the slide of buttons, the pressure of hands, the slipping of cotton, leading to a heated exchange of bare flesh against bare flesh melding like iron together. The only sounds in the room were soft sighs of acceptance and quiet chuckles of joy building into low moans of desire and short growls of passion.

Suddenly, JingYu pushed Weizhou away, holding him back despite WeiZhou’s demanding tugging at his waist.

“WeiZhou,” JingYu groaned, licking his lips as his eyes scanned the naked torso of the man in front of him. “I want you. I want all of you. If that’s too much, tell me now. Tell me to stop before I can’t turn back.”

To hear JingYu put into words that ultimate desire, and ultimate acquiescence to WeiZhou’s desires, eradicated any last hesitation in WeiZhou’s heart. The smile that formed across his face remained as he responded to JingYu with a soft kiss before taking to his feet. With the suspenders hanging off of him, WeiZhou’s trousers easily slid to the floor. JingYu groaned again at the sight. WeiZhou, feeling no embarrassment or dismay in his nakedness in front of JingYu, ran his fingers through JingYu’s hair as he stepped around him.

“You left without telling me why. It made me mad. And sad and hurt and desperate,” WeiZhou said as he spread a quilt upon the floor. Pulling JingYu onto the padded covering, WeiZhou traced the definition of muscle from neck to shoulder, his fingers urging the expanse closer. “I wondered how you had come to mean everything to me. I was terrified that you wouldn’t return. I have never needed someone, but I need you, JingYu.”

WeiZhou locked his fingers behind JingYu’s neck, drawing him down as WeiZhou reclined, bodies stretching next to, against, each other.

“Promise me, JingYu. Promise me that even if everything changes tomorrow, even if at some point you feel you need to leave me, promise me you won’t just disappear.”

“I promise, no matter what happens I won’t disappear,” JingYu said, his eyes never wavering from those that stared into his as he gently brushed a stray lock of hair that had tangled with thick, black lashes. “More than that, I promise you, WeiZhou, no matter what happens tomorrow or the next day, this life or the next, you are the only person I will ever love, that I will ever need.”

With his hand guiding JingYu’s head closer, WeiZhou breathed, “I’m going to hold you to that.”

JingYu willingly threw himself into the trap of WeiZhou’s kiss, just as WeiZhou thrilled at the constraint of JingYu’s embrace. The simple joy of loving and being loved, and being able to share in it, was the only thing tempering the building fire of need creeping into their flesh.

JingYu sighed for the tender way WeiZhou completed his exposure, sturdy hands gracefully brushing his hips and legs as they pushed clothing from JingYu’s limbs, tingling touches imprinting down to his bones. Once JingYu’s legs were free, those yearning hands became demanding as they mapped every cell from toes to ankle to knee and further, sudden nips from sultry lips highlighting the wandering journey.

JingYu’s skin began to itch and quiver beyond where WeiZhou’s fingers advanced over him. The decadence of his body’s reaction was too much to bear alone. JingYu seized WeiZhou’s hands, and with a quick tug, beckoned him into his arms.

JingYu had dreamed countless times of holding WeiZhou this way, silently enduring months of hidden wishes and guilts. He groaned for the naivete of his imagination, WeiZhou resting against him as though created and shaped to perfectly fill the space. Lips seamlessly locking their shared breaths inside of them. Shoulders and arms, like pieces of a puzzle fit together, holding them firmly in place. Legs wrapping each other like ribbons tangling in the wind. All of these were bonus enticements to the flawlessly erotic glide of swollen manhoods against each other.

An urgent desperation, not of flesh, but of spirit, had WeiZhou wordlessly begging with his hips and hands for JingYu’s most intimate touch. The shock of an unknown moisture against incredibly sensitive nerves and skin was immediately replaced with a dazing pressure, slow and smooth and thick, that flowed through WeiZhou like spilled honey. Of its own accord, with little coaxing, WeiZhou’s body inexplicably opened under JingYu’s caress, as though an inherent knowledge of pleasures to come commanded his cells.

JingYu shivered against his own impatience, his heart demanding to join with WeiZhou completely. WeiZhou’s whimpering pleas as he rolled in JingYu’s arms did nothing to quell the rapid rush in JingYu’s veins. WeiZhou pulsed with the brush of hot breath against his ear.

“I need you, WeiZhou. Bear with me.”

WeiZhou’s cry was muffled by the mouthful of bedding his teeth gnashed into, but it stilled JingYu’s thrust. Unfathomable pain clashed with indescribable ecstasy, the conflicting sensations roiling into a numbing heaviness that immobilized him and caused a sheen of sweat to layer over him. The only thing that broke through to his hazy consciousness was the fill of JingYu within him pressuring against the pulsing fire invoked in his loins by the continuing smooth stroke of JingYu’s hand over his engorged sex.

A deep sound, somewhere between a purr and a growl, emerged from within JingYu as bodies defied the laws of nature and acclimated to each other with lightning speed. As WeiZhou openly began to move against him, JingYu surrendered to the lust and greed to take all of WeiZhou as his own. Sharp thrusts and slapping flesh was echoed by panting breaths and gutteral moans, each man absorbing the delights of their joined bodies into the joy of their combined souls.

The night raged and calmed, erupted and quieted, as emotions and desires, dreams and fears, stored quietly for months, were shared and accepted, over and over. Only as the sky began to lighten just before daybreak did the exhaustion of bodies and minds, hearts and souls, claim the lovers’ attention from each other.

WeiZhou shifted in JingYu’s encompassing embrace, his small gasps from twinges of pain causing JingYu to furrow his brow as he slept. WeiZhou used his lips to smooth the wrinkles, then filled himself on the sight of the man holding him. Logic and reasoning slowly crept back into WeiZhou’s brain with the growing light of the new day, even as he tried to ignore it with the continued racing of his heart that lingered yet.

Placing another kiss on JingYu’s brow, WeiZhou sighed, not with resignation but resolve.

“The world won’t change for us, JingYu, and I don’t know if we can change the world. You promised to love me forever, no matter what happens. Remember that.”

WeiZhou gathered himself in JingYu’s embrace, delighting in the warmth and comfort that only this one person could bring him.

“I swear to you, JingYu, I swear on my ancestors’ souls, in our next life I’ll find you. I’ll find you and recognize you first. I’ll love you with everything, even more than now. I’ll love you still and nothing will stop us.”


Beijing - 2015 (a lifetime later)


“Okay, I’m going to start filming.”

The woman behind the camera smiled. ‘This is going to get interesting’ she thought to herself as she marvelled for the hundredth time that day at how perfect they were together. She silently thanked the fates for helping her find the two men before her.

“Go ahead and introduce yourselves.”

The younger man boldly offered his hand to the man standing next to him.

“How should I address you?”

“Huang JingYu,” was the reply, as the offered hand was grasped tightly, a slightly shy smile lighting the face of the speaker.

“Huang,” the name stuttered on his lips, the warmth of the hand gripping his oddly familiar. “Huang JingYu. I’m Xu WeiZhou.”




Love the take on this - it's brilliant! (Although it's sad in a way, as each era has it's own way of keeping them apart.)

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It always feels great to be back in the forum. I am so touched with the mention by 'auntie' @sohocomo because your fanfiction is always memorable. Somehow this new one seemed a bit melancholy (saddening) and bittersweet. I loved the ending connecting past and present.

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2 hours ago, skeletonworks said:

Anyway what I'm gonna post is related to Zhouzhou and the magazine that I just got. While I was at work, saw Zhouzhou's photos with that scarf. The way he wore it (ok I'm fashion blind) look awkward and @1blankstare mentioned about the hickey. It does faintly look like a hickey. Hohoho. So is that why he wore it like that to cover the hickey? Hahahaha. Is that really how those fashionista wear the scarf? Like a choker or something?? Or is he really trying to cover the hickey?


glad I'm not the only one that thinks the scarf doesn't really look good ^^;

seriously though, if it's for a hickey why didn't ZZ learn his lesson already to get them somewhere else XD lmao kids these days... 

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6 hours ago, kyrie777 said:


OMG, I feel like I'm intruding on their private moment...feel bad for looking but can't take my eyes away.

PS. how is that an "only friends" position???


Imagine bare arms rubbing against bar legs. Yeah 

@bearology thanks and will do.

@skeletonworks thanks. was clueless about the Mia. Yeah, that 5 pages isn't enough for Jingyu's handsomeness! Justice for Johnny! Now about the hickey thing, I might just be seeing things, but there's a fain bluish bruise to me so anything goes.Plus he was sick, it could have been his immune system being weak thus him getting bruises. Although it's a very weird place to get bruises when one is sick. 

I must say that's not how one usually wear silk scarf (not an expert though), but usually the it's tied to the left and not as a choker. Even Jingyu wears it like a choker. (Chokers are usually seen as a slave or ownership accessories type. Um. Auntie @sohocomo are you gonna write a fic about this one too? ;)  Or maybe you've written something like this before. If you have disregard it.) Another thing Jingyu was wearing red in the magazine with the scarf while Zhouzhou is wearing blue. 5MILESLOVE color.

Two things we can deduce from this "deluluness." The scarf shows that both guys are each other's 'Ownership." The other thing is that ZZ could be covering up hickeys or shows that they share wardrobes again.



I hope exchanged contacts with Li YiFeng and William Chan. More work for them in the future, not just with ZZ but with JY, Dashu, and Chenwen. (If one can't do a project the other passes it on to the next.)



One thing I only know the Love Chinese character in the title. It's the easiest. 

So in the beginning it shows that JingYu has a bit of favoritism. :phew: I mean, that shared look in the start and then complains to Dashu that his fingers are blocking the mic's name while doesn't say anything to ZZ. :rolleyes: The revenant book, I don't get it. Plus the ending! I've never even seen that part? Has anyone seen it yet? What are they talking about?


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Yay @sohocomo! You're brilliant. Thanks so much. I love it. 

I think ZZ looked lovely today. He COULD have worn this pink flowery suit...



I love seeing ZZ socialising and obviously being charming and entertaining and winning everyone over. He can be awkward when he's nervous and tense at these events, but he's learning, getting used to it. Just look at how fascinated they are by him!

ZZ updated his weibo with this prince (or is it emperor?) like photo. Gorgeous. Scarf and all. 



 Also, the interview by gogoboi at the Peacebird event has been posted. No subs yet, but I think google tells me gogoboi calls him narcissitic in his post... Which is hilarious, considering how we all know who it is who's actually narcissitic. Hint: it's not ZZ. Although, ZZ did learn some tricks from the champion. (Posted the yt-link I found, it's not the original source.)




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The scarf is indeed awkward especially even for  a fashion event. I also think it is to cover something up. Probably ZZ manager advised against displaying any mosquito mark and rings/necklace that are unrelated to the event - because fans like us would scrutinised anything related to YuZhou?


How far is Beijing to Baotou again? 8 hours driving one way. But there is also a train with vip seat. Because I think that is where ZZ got bitten by a certain large mosquito. Talking about the mark, I see it either as a middle finger, a personal protest by YuZhou to the ban; or the big boss whale is just a possesive lover. :sweatingbullets:

'ladies, watch out, this adorable kitten belongs to me.' :lol:



5 hours ago, sohocomo said:

You have no idea what monster you let loose in my delulu... I think this is the longest one yet.


OMG, this what I envisioned about soulmates. No matter what lifetime they are in, it will just pull you, and pull you hard unexpectedly, either by fate or chance. The circumstances might be different but essentially the same. They must continue the hardship of being together as if the universe was testing their love :tears:

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7 minutes ago, charlie10 said:


  Reveal hidden contents


I love seeing ZZ socialising and obviously being charming and entertaining and winning everyone over. He can be awkward when he's nervous and tense at these events, but he's learning, getting used to it. Just look at how fascinated they are by him!

Well, the champagne helps... ;)


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