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Hello everybody!

Yuzhou is definitely back on the track with their work cos they are busy!

ZZ will show up on another show with Zhang Dada that nobody even seemed to know that ZZ had recorded (ZDD is also a friend of JY's, they knew each when JY was working as a model). Show premiere on 18th May.


Also first episode of "Have Some Fun" show broadcasted last Thursday. Apart from ZZ there are three other guests and an MC. Each guest got their own segment of living alone recorded separately, then they get together to watch each part while they discuss and comment.

ZZ is the most entertaining to watch of course :phew: but one of the other guys had quite a good story. See spoiler.


He wanted to buy a small oven (looks like a microwave oven) so he walked to a store in his neighborhood. He picked a one he liked but they told him they have no stock...so he took the display product. He wanted to just pack the oven and go, but didnt want to call for a car saying he lives close, its waste to call a taxi. So the shop people helped him fix the oven on the skateboard he brought with and was pulling the oven back home on the skateboard :joy:

Anyway, back to ZZ.

We get to see his place and honestly, there is a disturbing amount of pikachu related items!:w00t::lol:

The whole watching process has thus become a sort of a game "how many pikachu items can I spot?" Well, see for yourselves (screenshots by me from Tencent app)

 1: ZZ bedroom



This is ZZ in the morning with tussled up hair. I like that ZZ is showing us even his less glamorous side. After all, I do like the "real Timmy Xu" as ZZ once called it.


2: ZZ living room



Includes also some of ZZ music equipment.


Here ZZ is playing a guitar on the sofa and I finally realized those weird shaped cushions are made to be the ice cream that is one of the sponsors of the show :sweat_smile: ZZ is surrounded by avocado flavor ones




3: ZZ Kitchen



ZZ kitchen is relatively spacious, in many chinese households kitchen is really small even if the whole flat is relatively big.

Note: even the water boiling cattle is pikachu one:lol:


ZZ making himself a breakfast:




This is not the usual Chinese style breakfast. I personally love how ZZ put the ketchup on his bread! I do the same but I cannot imagine any of my Chinese friends would do that :P


Also kitchen, but this time in the evening before ZZ is going to bed.

Deary, deary me, look what ZZ is wearing:D



The first episode was more like an introduction to everybody's living situation, lets see what next episode gonna be about.


Now JY "bombshell" B)

Love Advanced Customization starts its broadcast on 19th May! It officially official, ladies and gentlemen:w00t:

They managed to change its Chinese name to: Happiness at Fingertips/ Happiness Within Reach (well the Radio and TV bureau did that for them)

We knew JY gonna show off those suits but man, does he look fine!

(cr. Youku weibo)



Here is the broadcast schedule, almost two episodes per day, the last episode on 16th June.

(cr. drama official weibo)




First it shall be released on Hunan TV at 8pm China time, then at midnight on iQiyi, Tencent and Youku.

Its really awesome that all three big platforms are broadcasting. The more the merrier :rolleyes:

That also means we get simultaneously ZZ and JY on Tencent :wub: And if ZZ hurries up and get any of his dramas released in June, then its gonna get even better! The fact is that ZZ did record the theme song for PingPong drama and was also doing the dubbing, so....:phew::phew:


Lets face it, it would not have been Yuzhou fandom if there was no "manipulation", so here it comes for Love Advanced Customization poster :D

(manip by DOCTORTJ)





Lets keep the good things rolling, the final piece if a very special type of Yuzhou couple thing :lol:

(cr. on the pic)




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lol ZZ loves pikachu so much^^!! He is like the only person I have seen who likes pikachu so much, it's cute. 

I wish JY and ZZ did Love Advanced, replaced Dilreba with ZZ^^!!!! Lol, now I'm gonna watch Addicted again!!! I miss them!

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4 hours ago, rosierosie said:

lol ZZ loves pikachu so much^^!! He is like the only person I have seen who likes pikachu so much, it's cute. 

I wish JY and ZZ did Love Advanced, replaced Dilreba with ZZ^^!!!! Lol, now I'm gonna watch Addicted again!!! I miss them!

The pikachu thing is actually quite spreading among ZZ fans (not to that extent as ZZ though :lol:). My friend just bought herself a pikachu charger I never even knew existed :D


Yeah, fashion boss JY and fashion designer ZZ, I can see that too :rolleyes:


We got less than one hour to go to the broadcast;)

Here comes the bossy boss and his hogB)

(cr. drama official weibo)



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Hello everybody!


What a busy Yuzhou week.

Lets start with JY Peugeot livestream on 20th May.  First livestream of JY after a very long time. There was tons of excitement.

The only "problem" was that livestream started at 20:08 China time and Love Designer started at 20:00 on Hunan TV :w00t: Of course livestream triumphs TV but JY needs the TV views too, so I  was watching simultaneously.  One device on speaker, second via earbuds. Also tried to contribute to the live chat, so I pretty much had no idea what JY was talking about. Too many things happening at the same time :blink::lol:

There were more livestream sources, one via Peugeot weibo, another on TiktTok app, I went over to Taobao livestream app because the quality of sound and picture was the best for me.

Just two screenshots from the livestream. JY dressed up to match with the style and even color of his endorsed car B)





First was JY talking at the table, then moved to the car for some professional introduction. Not sure I understood correctly, but I think JY was saying that its good the seats are not fully leather/pvc because the butt doesnt get hot/uncomfortable :P

What I didnt know that TikTok stream had a lottery  as well, so fans could get JY posters, some photos and even models of the car. Aaaaah, JY poster would have been nice :unsure:

JY outfit is awesome cos not only JY doesnt usually wear bright colors, but he is wearing whats called "Universe" necklace and pair of Jimmy Choos that cpfs discovered at ZZ shoes cabinet in his variety show :smirk: (for details, head over to Bummie blog, she got the pics and all https://yuzhousky.tumblr.com/ )


ZZ second episode of his living alone Have Some Fun show was released on Thursday and ZZ has not disappointed :D

In this episode, ZZ is having some "cat time". His friend's place is being cleaned/disinfected, so he asked ZZ to take care of his cat for two days. The cat is afraid of the new place and doesnt want to play with ZZ initially. Doesnt want to drink or eat either. But the whole episode ends with ZZ having a nap with the cat on his couch, so all is good.


Some screenshots from Tencent


1. ZZ having breakfast.

This time its dumplings time! But still with warm (?) milk. What a combo! :blink:




2.. ZZ is going to supermarket to buy stuff for dinner. Bought salmon and chicken breast. Turns out it was all for the cat! ZZ himself had some kind of pre-cooked noodles :o

ZZ picking the salmon. Says he definitely needs to take the piece from the back :lol:





3. ZZ friend is bringing the cat.

I am not sure but I feel those guest slippers could be pikachu as well cos normally the standard color is white :sweat_smile:



When ZZ friend called before, zz called him "little baby" (literal translation), i think better equivalent in English would be "my sweety", "my baby". So the other guests thought ZZ might have a female visitor. Upon seeing the "little baby", the MC lady said calling a guy "little baby" is completely unacceptable for her :lol:


4. ZZ friend brought over lots of cat supplies including the cat food. ZZ sniffed it and said it smells like fish. His friend said: "Try it, it tastes pretty good." So ZZ did....



His friend was only teasing ZZ though and said ZZ shouldnt eat it :tounge_wink:


5. Dinner time.

Salmon is being served :rolleyes:




Apart from the main episode there are some extra clips that are VIP only and then some BTS from filming.

Such as:


7. ZZ applying the protective gorilla glass on his mobile. He is very particular (if I recall correctly, ZZ did this once already during the time he was filming Pinpong). After the application ZZ wondered how come he still got three air bubbles :lol:




8. ZZ having probably lunch. I think it was KFC, but not 100% as they blurred the logos.

Here is ZZ enjoying the french fries (Anybody remember Addicted BTS and the KFC dinner when JY lovingly patted ZZ tummy? :wub:)




9. ZZ was doing laundry but accidentally dropped a sock in his bedroom. Instead of waiting for the next batch of laundry, ZZ decided to wash the sock by hand, calling it "VIP sock" :joy:



(Here I cant help but remember JY "dropped" sock (in Chinese the word used was the same "diao" 掉) while filming Happy Camp with ZZ. After defeating ZZ on the mat, JY was fuzzing over the sock that was pulled from his foot :phew:)


Cant wait what surprises brings next episode! :blush:


JY Love Designer drama. We are up to episode 7 in China.

For international fans, the episodes are broadcasted with English subs on WeTV, iQiyi and Viki. So depending on the country, try what works for you.

I personally watch on WeTV cos the episodes are available for free the next day after broadcast in China.

If you have VPN, I recommend Thailand, cos then its not only Love Designer with eng subs, but also Addicted Full version and even ZZ My Girlfriend drama  :kiss_wink:

In my opinion, based the episodes I have watched so far, the drama has potential that has not been fully realized yet and I can only hope it will get there as we proceed. It is "idol drama" in the sense that everybody needs to look perfect all the time, perfect hair, perfect makeup and dolled up to the nines, while I like when the characters can get messy, dirty. More gritty in general.

But as it is, looks like I need to "live with" JY looking hot and perfect :phew::lol:


JY thoroughly used his own wardrobe, there are many of his signature Dior pieces which I like very much. There is also lots of Common Gender tops, some Dsquared2 jumpers and our favorite Gentle Monster sun glasses :rolleyes:

JY expression range has "exploded" here, he is making so many different both smaller and bigger facial expression, its really joy to watch and I think its captivating for the general audience as well.

Some fans start "suspecting" some of the lines are actually JY own's, so as my friend told me, some ppl  find the drama bit old-fashioned and outdated, but they enjoy JY's stand up comedy parts B)

Miss first female actress, I dont really want to go there, but in my opinion her acting is better than Victoria's in Love Knot but nowhere close to Bridgette in My Girlfriend. I do skip some parts, in particular those many dinners of Zhou Fang (FL character) with her parents. Her mother's stereotypical nagging is just not my thing and thats got nothing to do with acting performance.

I think Song Ling (JY character) and his best friend are nice, as well as SL with his younger sister.

The second male lead, who is the love interest of the second female lead, the bestie of Zhou Fang, is quite funny. He is like a puppy that is trying to make happy his master, in this case his beloved. Its hilarious when they use him as a muscle when needed, both in SL company where he works, as well as when he is helping ZF.


Funny scene, episode 6, its Song Lin and Zhou Fang bickering (those scenes are most funny because SL likes to "bully" ZF and she is annoyed by him and shows it to him)

there are some minor plots spoilers, so i put it all in spoiler


The premise is that SL happened to see ZF looking for an apartment to rent. He owns a flat in a building opposite his own flat and "tricks" ZF to move there by offering a really cheap rent. The condition is that she needs to pay the rent for a full year and if she wants to cancel the rent contract, then she gets no refund. Obviously, SL expected she will try to move out once she realized who is the real landlord, therefore he put in a condition to prevent her from leaving.


SL is watching ZF from his balcony.

(all screenshots by me from WeTV)



When ZF discovers him watching her, she tries to close the curtains but they are "stuck".

SL calls her on mobile to offer "help"




ZF finds the remote but after pressing all the buttons, still nothing is happening

SL is still on the phone....




ZF yanks on the curtains with her hands to get the motor working, thus closing SL off



There is one scene between the bestie and the the puppy love guy that reminded me of ZZ


Bestie owns the cat and turns out puppy guy is allergic to cats. As prevention he vacuum cleans the carpet first.



There is THE moment when she pretty much asked him to kiss her goodnight when the allergy kicks in because there is some cat hair on her hoodie. So he applies the rolling tool to collect it :joy:




Lets just say the mood is spoiled... :sweatingbullets:


The connection to ZZ is that in every episode of ZZ living alone show, every morning when he gets up, he not only makes his bed, but he also use the rolling thingy to collect whatever hair/dust/small particles might be there :sweat_smile: as devoted as the character in Love Designer:lol:


Happy streaming!


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Hi everybody!


Time flies and we are up to episode 34 for Love Designer.  One more week before the big finale.

Here few screenshots (from Tencent app) of Song Lin as the " cool biker" B)







Both JY and ZZ have been participating recently in many programs for Hunan TV

On 7th June, there was a live activity to support Chinese farmers organized by Hunan TV.

JY was the "ambassador" for a sticky rice cake. He was up against Ayunga (singer that participated with ZZ in Our Songs show).

First they performed a song together (see spoiler, all screenshots from Hunan TV)

I feel like JY and Ayunga stylists had a talk together cos both are wearing the loose suit top and oversized pants :lol:

For the record, JY should be couple of cm taller than Ayunga ;)

Funny thing, recently JY has been insisting that he is "only" 186cm (as opposed to his official 187cm). He mentioned it during the Peugeot livestream and then again in a recent interview. CPFs dig out some old event when ZZ said himself that JY is 186cm tall. So....:phew::phew:



Then came the "selling" part. JY product in a spoiler.



JY was very enthusiastic about his product and eventually everybody was eating his cakes :D

JY always know how to sell



It seemed to me that Ayunga was eating the most, which considering it was his "competitor's" product was bit surprising :lol: Just kidding, its all for good cause.:wub:

Then they moved to Ayunga smoked meat table and either everybody was stuffed by the cakes or guys have all sweet tooth, the amount of meat they consumed was substantially smaller.  JY also participated in tasting.



After the allocated selling time, the results of which product sold more were in and JY not only won against Ayunga, his cakes completely sold out! :thumbsup:

In spoiler, there is a pic from the Hunan "market place". JY sold out, on the left is Ayunga meat, above JY is Dilireba oranges and the last is Liu Yuning soup-like thing (he was also with ZZ in Our songs program)

Nailed it! :P




JY Happy Camp new episode broadcasted last Saturday, but so far there are no eng subs on YT,  it will probably take couple of more days. JY was his usual combination of cool and silly, so lots to look forward to.

In spoiler one pic of JY from the Happy camp weibo




ZZ Back to Field episode broadcasted as well (also Hunan TV) and the situation similar, no eng subs yet.

The best part is that during ZZ Back to field there was a notice for JY Love Designer next day episode and because it aired on Friday and JY Happy camp on Saturday, there were also two promotion videos for Happy Camp :lol::lol:

ZZ  interactions with PengPeng (his bf of many years) are so hilarious.

Just two screenshots.

The first is from the segment where they go to the village to enjoy the tradition of spraying water to celebrate the new year (same as Thailand new year). The water is to bring blessing. Of course, some traditional outfits were prepared as well.




The water guns were not enough for ZZ and PP, so they took over the water cannon :lol::lol:


Another segment was working in the field to chop some sugar canes. It was hot and very hard work to do without the modern technology. Sorry about the screenshot, thats the best I manage to take. ZZ was moving too fast :sweat_smile:




JY has also participated as a special guest in the Supernova Games (celebrity sports games) on a basketball team and recorded an episode of Go Fridge with Jackson Wang, so there is more to come!  and ZZ has some more episodes of his living alone Have Some Fun show to be broadcasted throughout June. June is awesome! :rolleyes:


On the filming side, ZZ keeps filming his historical costume drama and as JY has wrapped up Dear Uniform drama, everybody is waiting for the official announcement of his next project. Rumors are hinting at a movie, so fingers crossed!!:w00t:


Happy June everybody!:heart:

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Posted (edited)

Hello everybody!


If you have time to watch, there are:


1. JY Happy Camp ENG SUB added now





2. ZZ Back to Field Ep 5 ENG SUB




3. ZZ Back to Field Ep 6 ENG SUB




Now waiting for JY Go Fridge. I checked and Jackson sub team is subbing as they did Let Go of My Baby, so we can enjoy the full experience too! :wub:  (there will be in total two episodes with JY, one released this week, the second next week)


Love Designer has finished the broadcast. It was bit strange because suddenly it was not 45 episodes, but 48, some said 50, 52. In the end Hunan TV "stretched" it to 51 episodes. I say stretch because the "big" finale had only 20mins which was followed immediately by a new drama ep1 & 2. "Immediately" as they didnt even have time to show ending credits for Love Designer :blink:

Well, it was not such a big deal really, because JY had a Dior livestream planned and he appeared right after the drama has finished :lol:


Bye Bye Song Lin and Hello Mr. Dior :P

cr. JY weibo





For the Dior livestream, they brought in more of their ambassadors, among them JY co-star from We Are Young drama and Ms.Olivia who has JY met at previous Dior events and who was at the same Happy Camp episode when JY was promoting Alice movie


(screenshot from me from Taobao app)

I always like when they provide the champagne. so classy :rolleyes:




Apart from that we had more eps of ZZ Living alone show (ZZ decided to go alone for a bit of traveling. I didnt have time to make any screenshots yet to post, as they are so many things to watch!)


And also Mango TV released ZZ part in Zhang Dada "Hi! Relax" show

Its almost 1 hour and really hope somebody can properly translate as ZZ is talking lots of personal stuff that he normally doesnt say.


I had time to only watch once, so just few snippets. And please be aware I am loosely paraphrasing here only.

ZZ talks about music, that he loves music but doesnt want to be his "daily work" so to speak. Work is acting for him and thats why he decided to go study acting at university, not music. He talks about his lowest time ever when he went from being super famous to suddenly nobody wanting to give him any work, which lasted about a year.  Addicted is not specifically mentioned but its implied. Dada asked ZZ if he had cried back then. ZZ said he hadnt cried because what use is in crying. And that even when his friends asked how he was doing, he would say he is fine. During the "off" time, ZZ devoted himself to his music.

ZZ also said he wishes his dramas to be released this year, that so far he hasnt got any  "real works" out yet. After the one-on-talk, they are joined by a music band and they talk together about music and other stuff. ZZ also mentions his family, his grandma and how important is family is to him.  They all play together for bit, including ZZ guitar solo. Awesome!

 There is a part of gifts giving between ZZ and Dada and ZZ gets some more Pikachu stuff for his ever-increasing collection! :lol: Dada asked if ZZ really really likes pikachu and ZZ said he really does (no faking ^_^). In Have Some Fun show zz said one of the important thing about pikachu is thats it yellow color, so when JY has just changed his user avatar on weibo, everybody called the background color "Pikachu yellow" B)


it looks like this (see spoiler, cr. JY weibo)





The avatar is a play on words and as JY studio posted, JY had a fun with it and had many different versions (all on WHITE stick-on notes, so the yellow was completely deliberate). JY previous weibo avatar was related to Love Designer and fans were bombarding JY to change it since he has posted the "good bye" message to Song Lin. So as usual, in the middle of the night, JY has obliged :lol:

So the fans "request" was  "new avatar" which in Chinese is 新头像 xin tou xiang. The first published version had words "xin tou" and elephant instead of "xiang". The pronunciation is the same and characters are almost the same ( 象 instead of 像).

Then JY took away the elephant and replaced "xin" ("new") with the heart sticker because "heart" it is the same pronunciation (different characters).

JY can be so amusing :D


Thats all I got time for, please remember to give likes and leave positive comments on those  youtube videos:heart:

Happy watching!



Edited by tuzicr
typos fixed
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ZZ is such a talented actor, I hope he finds more work soon^^. I love to see ZZ and JY in a ancient chinese drama, be it wuxia or yanxia----With fighting and all :)!!!!! Yeah hope ZZ's drama will be out, ugggh taking so long. I wanna see him in Full House.

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Just wanted to say, YOU ARE A TOP STAR, TUZICR! Thank you for all your updates on our boys! Hugs and kisses to you lol...:kisslevel: and to say 'hi' to everyone on Soompi.  Thank you always to Soompi, this YuZhou forum! It's a 'treasure' to all YuZhou fans (new fans, especially, for the history of our boys) for updates and info on our boys.   Old fans like me haven't forgotten about you, Soompi!:heartxoxo:  Keep up the good work, keep up this YuZhou love journal!:foryou:

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