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  1. If your couple isn't in the episode, @deltos, I'm gonna have to believe the director and GMMTV are trolling you hard. Meanwhile - I have a bloody nose I need to take care of after the AePete/TinCan scenes...
  2. no no... he'll put boy butter all over his body, THEN wrap him in bubble wrap...
  3. LOL - thanks for the cookie. From what I understand about Korean dramas, Addicted is the PERFECT script. Addicted took my virginity (I had no idea what the BL genre was at the time) and it also broke me (I'm now a jaded b i t c h regarding these shows)... not sure I can handle a remake. But you know I'll watch it. LOL
  4. LOL... well, TBH I'm not much for accumulating purchases such as these. (I will admit to buying the Addicted DVD set as soon as it went on sale in Taiwan. If I didn't admit that, I'm sure @deltos would have outed me.)
  5. https://media.giphy.com/media/5GoVLqeAOo6PK/giphy.gif
  6. I'd only nit pick your point a bit: Having a libido mismatch in a relationship can be problematic. I wouldn't lay the blame solely on the one with the high sex drive. Source: Been there, lived that.
  7. Because he's hot AF. I'm ready for him to beat me, whip me, make me scream.
  8. What a terrible bed - my shins/legs would be all torn up getting in/out of that thing...
  9. I'm back from a week long work trip, and we just caught up on both shows. I mentioned to the husband that TWM is out on Wednesday, we're both happy.
  10. "They" say the rich and powerful love being dominated...
  11. LOL Naw, that was last night. The hubby's PTFO right now... I took the dog out for a walk after getting home and came back to him passed out.
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