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  1. I just woke up. It’s still early morning here but I put my alarm to PH time. Things you do for BinJin, lol. Ahhh they look so good together! Look so natural. Love them!
  2. CLOY DID NOT EVEN GIVE US HB's SKIN WHEN RJH SUPPOSEDLY SHOWED OFF HIS WOUND MARKS TO YSR! Ok. I am calm. I am calm. *gulping water, splashing on the face, pouring over the head. Did anyone say about UA x Bin slow mo video? Sorry, Ye Jin. To make it up for you, I promise to watch your ads in slow mo as well. See, I am fair, aren't I?
  3. Thanks for the welcome! I have been lurking here since Dinner Mate and happy to read all of the posts here. Edit: this is my third ship and I am quite confident about this ship. Hopefully, our HeonHye ship will dock soon (just like my BinJin ship, lol).
  4. Do I want to see Hyun Bin and Ye Jin together attending APAN? To see them holding hands? Yes of course. However, even without them attending together, they are there together. Even during his acceptance speech, Hyun Bin mentioned and thanked Ye Jin! That gesture is sweeter than any hand holding would ever make. Imagine when someone accepted their award, given because of their hardwork, yet that person thanked you, as if it was your hardwork that made the accomplishment true. Wow. That is deeper than, “Babe, I love you”. Hyun Bin is a good person
  5. Happy birthday to Son Ye Jin! Wishing the best for you and your loved one. I am surprised to see how generous fans are! They did extra miles to celebrate YeJin’s birthday. Not only YeJin or BinJin fans, apparently HyunBin fans are also sending her gifts. And, YeJin is graciously showing us her appreciation by liking insta posts that fans made! This one especially interesting since YeJin liked a post from HyunBin’s fans club! Again, wishing happiness and health to YeJin and her loved one!
  6. It’s amazing that even after few days, BinJin’s announcement is still raging both in conventional media and in social media. I guess, if BinJin announced earlier, this kind of thing would happen as well and might drown whatever achievement CLOY have. Can you imagine CLOY might have not win any of the awards because BinJin overshadowed it? The hard work of everyone involved in the production would not be celebrated and recognised. I think, other than the issue of their privacy, this also came into BinJin’s mind. They did not (do not) want to overshadow everyone’s hard work. I think,
  7. Thank you for translating Ye Jin's IG post, @celest1al! She is so precious. Her words are sincere, I could read her hesitation, maybe a slight worry on fans' reaction, but also her determination. She also said that HB is a good person and that she is going to work hard to cultivate the relationship. Ahhh, Ye Jin and Hyun Bin, I truly wish you a happy life together! PS: "SonYeJin", "marriage" and "Dispatch" are trending on my twitter! LOL. I don't mind if these three words are coming in the near future. We just need another word: "HyunBin" to complete.
  8. So, it is morning in Europe. I woke up, a bit of headache from last night this morning activity. I went to Instagram to refresh my mood while still lazying about on my bed. There, I saw a post saying "Dispatch confirmed HB and SYJ dating." I was like, "Oh please, if you have to make a fan manip, say so on your post. Otherwise, people will assume it's the truth." But then, why there are so many "fan manip" news on IG? Is it...? Full of doubt, I went to our forum and APPARENTLY IT IS TRUE THAT DISPATCH HAS CONFIRMED BINJIN! I was li
  9. I just watched episode 53 and could not hold my laughter. Both teams were so funny! The allowance game is unfair IMHO, with Incheon Team had to do their game on an extreme condition. The result is totally funny, so I guessed all their trouble was worth the while. Can't wait to see the groups' presentations!
  10. Congratulations on achieving 3,5 million followers! I am happy that the followers count is still increasing despite the drama has ended.
  11. Thank you for posting this! OMG he is so adorable with his blushes and laughters. Apparently the Swoon is whipped about him since they put “Most Heartbreaking Han Ji Pyeong moment” award. I was like, lol, what is this? Not that I am complaining but every other award has nominee from several dramas and yet we have a fully exclusive Han Ji Pyeong vs Han Ji Pyeong vs Han Ji Pyeong vs Han Ji Pyeong lol. Hopefully the Swoon will give us more Seon Ho content! Can’t wait for the MV! Is someone here familiar with the singer? Her voice sounds angelic so the MV is a dou
  12. Looking at the soju scene on the link above made me remember how I loved this scene. During this scene, our tough Captain Ri was showing his inner self. Using soju as an excuse, he blurted out his deepest secret: that he wanted to have a future with Se Ri. It took him a lot to confess this because of his background. If he was a Southern Korean, or Se Ri was a Northern Korean, things might not be that complicated alas... I loved that during this scene, both Hyun Bin and Ye Jin were able to communicate Captain Ri and Se Ri feelings not only through their dialogues but also through th
  13. So, according to this twitter account, Ji Pyeong's gentle manner hand over Dal Mi is actually an adlib by Seon Ho. He did it "unconsciously". There are other adlibs that Seon Ho told us he had done during interviews. As far as I know, those adlibs were well-received. The adlibs added nuances to Han Ji Pyeong and made fans fell in love with HJP's character more than (maybe everyone) had foreseen. For me, these kind of adlibs shows Seon Ho's ability to interpret his character and portray the character genuinely. For comparison, Jo Jung Suk, whom Seon Ho starred Two Cops with, is also
  14. Hi all! I am happy with all accolades Seon Ho received! He is a talented actor. For new fans who follow him because of Start Up, I suggest Two Cops and Catch the Ghost as his two other works. In both, he played well. Seon Ho is always a talented actor. I enjoy his acting very much. If he gained international recognition now I think it’s because in Start Up, he had the opportunity to show a more complex character as HJP. Personally, I was captivated by his mastery of micro expressions when playing HJP. Maybe he has improved his acting or maybe the role of HJP tugged someth
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