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  1. I totally agree with this! He's so good in When the Camellia Bloom. I think he is too young compared to other cast in this show, though. About the show itself, the premise looks interesting and refreshing. Can't wait to watch it.
  2. I thirded the suggestion on 18 Again. Lee Dohyun did a brilliant job. Hopefully he'll get the award for his role there. Back to Youth of May, I like the first and second episodes, anxiously waiting when/if the historical tragedy will drop and to what extent it will affect our leads.
  3. Youth of May Cast Presentation and Interview
  4. Reading from this KOCOWA TV youtube, apparently Youth of May is available for streaming through KOCOWA. However, when I tried to access KOCOWA, it is only available on North and South America. Sad.
  5. Third trailer! Ahhhh the chemistry between Do-hyuk and Min-si is totally burning the air! But the last part of the trailer... a melancholic Do-hyuk is just... my heart... I can't!
  6. I agree on love-story focused kdrama, but please no dragged on love triangle, square, whatever. It would be nice if this drama focuses on the life of ordinary citizens, with the love story is developing nicely. A kind of Hospital Playlist on village. That would be brilliant.
  7. Thank you for creating the thread! I am anxiously waiting for this. Hopefully it will be well received. The second trailer, where Lee Do Hyun played guitar and then there was a gun shot... I am getting ready for lots and lots of tears already. Any news whether the drama is going to be available on Netflix?
  8. OK. These are what I needed from Hospital Playlist. Keep being the same, 99-ers! Looking forward to watching season 2!
  9. YES! I don't understand why this drama has not gained interest. This is one of the best drama in my opinion (and I'd say I am hard to please, lol). A rant: Ok, back to the show: God, I just watched the last episodes and my eyes hurt from tearing. Netflix shows only two more episodes left? Nooo, I want more of this sweet, heart warming (and tear jerking) drama.
  10. OMG, this show never fails to make me cry. Darn it. When harabeoji lost his memory and Chae-rok danced in the snow... that's so touching. Good thing that Ho-beom did not harass harabeoji. The trailer from last episode was misleading, lol. Hopefully he got better and better. Based on the trailer for next episode, I guess Seong-gwan finally knows about his dad's condition? Hopefully he and the rest of the family can support harabeoji. I can't imagine how heart breaking the moment will be. Getting a pack of tissue ready!
  11. Has anyone watched ep 7? It was warm and fuzzy as usual until the last five minutes.
  12. I have voted! The first question is so hard, I am glad you open it for multiple answers, lol. To be honest, with all the gloom on the real world, watching drama with warm relationship like this is healing for me. The second question, well, I don't want something bad like alzheimer happens to haraboji... but... *sigh* Hopefully, the show will treat him well *bracing my heart*. I agree that was childish! However, considering his characteristic, it would be out of character if he straight away mellowed just because that one incident. I hope that the sho
  13. I LOVE this drama. I had been waiting until it got completed, so I could binge watch it but then I gave up, lol. The drama is marvelous! The story is unusual and the execution is great. It's so warm, heartfull and make me feel under a fluffy blanket with a hot cocoa, watching the snow falling outside. With marshmallow on the plate and my cats curled up on my lap. The quality of Halaboeji x Chae-Rok's relationship is equal to Halmeoni x Han Jipyeong. I hope that they'll get happy ending. Curious, though, why does this drama is not trending on Ne
  14. It's been a while since I visited Soompi. Glad to see that YJ is happy! This photographer must be someone with sharp eyes and great taste for beauty. I wonder if this photographer is taken? lol. Just for fun: Maybe YJ was visiting her good person?
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