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  1. By Alohomora JY flew from Shanghai to Beijing yesterday Cr YuZhou_Office ZZ studio has also filed a law case with Beijing Xingquan Law Firm about posts that curse ZZ family to die or ZZ himself to die or Walk Slowly is a plagiarised song. I don’t even feel good typing these myself. People, find something better to do than cursing people over the internet you know. If you don’t think you want to hear these things about yourself, don’t do that to others. Words do leave a deeper wound than you think. Stop cyber-bullying!!!!!! A few weeks ago, JY studio also post a statement from their law firm. JY has been accused for getting married, divorced, cheating, domestic violence, selling his body to gain resources etc so his studio has taken legal action against this. Fighting you two!
  2. By YO-F_iS_h I hope being 26th will be much more relaxing for you JY ah You will always have our support JY! my heart Vote for JY - Sina most successful male lead drama series https://vote.weibo.com/poll/138881551
  3. JY is the new FILA ambassador. Congratulations JY! By 用大把的愛砸你yuyu By Alohomora Cr 套鹿你丫 @snowlight351 The prince's job is to wave to his people, even if he may add a few more bumps to his head LOL
  4. There will be an Anniversary Party with Men's Uno Dunhill weibo https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/GENJxwdwT?fid=1034:4297242975078425 More photos of JY yesterday Beijing to Shanghai 21 Nov 2018 Cr FansMagic Cr 饭爱豆 By Sally @snowlight351 Thank you thank you, you make me feel happy that I'm not talking by myself
  5. This is the full article about ZZ in Italy https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/zHprWbJ35d5XSyCWWcW5Sg I did some google translate where they mentioned ZZ's name. He is such a nice and thoughtful and adorable and happy boy More photos of ZZ in Italy. He's so handsome huhu This can be Yinzi after 8 years ahhhh
  6. This is also from the Hundred Flowers Award but the Gala night. JY sang Red Sea Ost. JY Studio Cr 佛山日报 ZZ did another Happy Camp recording on the 9th Nov. PengPeng was recording with ZZ Cr Universe_secret By Alohomora ZZ and yellow ducky
  7. Sally drew JY today. By the way, I'm back yay!!! I will slowly posting lotssss of throw back to make up for all this time JY - Throwback Hundred Flowers Popular Movie Award 10 Nov JY studio Cr Reina Throw back JY at Hua Ding Award on the 9 Nov. JY received Best Male Lead Award for his role in the Fox drama. Congratulations JY! From an unknown boy before Addicted to the man standing here today, you have come such a long way. Proud of you Video JY received his award https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/H1TYo4KUT?fid=1034:4304534730937830 Cr JoeyChika JY Studio Cr ForFansApp
  8. JY - Speeding Life movie new poster. This movie will be out on the first day of Lunar New Year 2018 (is it the 5th? or 8th? of Feb?) Fan art by 套鹿你丫 ZZ - Men's Uno Mag Nov 2018 issue ZZ never stops making me laugh whenever I see new photoshoot photos of him LOL Sally drew a whole collection based on ZZ's photobook this is Timmy ZZ - Milk Mag November 2018 issue
  9. This one is ZZ from Beijing Communist Youth MV MV link if you are interested. Pengpeng is also in this MV https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/H2TDAr7N0?fid=1034:4306768965346622 Throw back ZZ Shake It Up Dance Show Cr universe_jiabao
  10. Throwing back the Ping Pong drama ceremony on the 18 Nov. This drama ZZ and Bai Jingting will be main lead. Bai Jingting is one year older than ZZ, they will both act as professional ping pong players for the national team. This drama is for celebrating anniversary of the Beijing Olympic. I read before that it will take them 5 months to film. Good luck ZZ!!!!! Cr XWZ Fanclub Cr ING1020 ZZ - SuperDry weibo JY - Esquire Mag Nov 2018 issue
  11. JY is flying from Beijing to Shanghai now. Safe flight JY https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/H3Hya0HQS?fid=1034:4308823922666072 Cr Yuzhou_Office ZZ - EU Tourism Ambassador He's so adorable ah!!! JY - Dior weibo Looks like JY will attend FILA event in Fuzhou on the 23rd Nov By Alohomora
  12. This people practicing their dance...ZZ looks more like he’s acting a comedy show lol http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzgyNjI1Nzc3Mg==.html The lifting part - dance practice http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzgyNjI1NzczMg==.html
  13. Hallo, I feel so guilty coming here cause I have been so slacl updating our soompi thread **cover face emoji inserted**. I don’t have a laptop at home for over 6 months so it’s a bit impossible to post using my phone. Will see if I can fet a laptop anytime soon T.T Anyway, ZZ’s new episode for Shake It Up was aired last nignt and ZZ looks so professional and talented and handsome and beautiful and ^}*{^*#*#>#%#...I just don’t know how JY survived looking at this beauty for so long (almost 3 years now lol) Ok so just want to share those awesome performances of ZZ First dancce, his team corporated with Miao Xiao Tong’s team (I hope I spell her name right). ZZ’s bare chest huhuhu Full cut recorded by Sally http://miaopai.com/show/~ku5l4GLHbenMYJXX1pHmP9fsclhZvRb6HEEiA__.htm?from=1089293010&wm=3333_2001&weiboauthoruid=3188621787 Cuts I posted His performance posted by the show http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzgyNjAxOTgwNA==.html And the second performance, which is my favvvv!! Again, cuts before and after the dance This was when ZZ was chosen to the final round ZZ updated weishi later on. Isn’t he precious awww ZZ will hold a concert on his birthday then after that he will start filming the Pingpong drama. I’m not sure if I posted about this here before but if not, let me know and I will paste the information here again. Will try to post more often XD
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