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[Official] ❀ Du Zifeng x Pi Yanuo | Baron Chen x Megan Lai ❀ [Bromance Couple]


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Thank you @katifly1 & @ploylead :wub::wub::wub:

There are some changes to the Soompi format, can't liked the posts easily :(

(Credit: triplem)

I notice that many are feeling frustrated with the changes and there are some bugs that need fixing . So I have written a summary here if you are still in the dark or have issues with the technical update:

Coping with the changes

I thought I will post some helpful things you can do to handle some of the issues while the kinks in the system are being ironed out.

1. If you miss the "like" button , scroll right down to the bottom of the page, click on a button that says THEME , then choose the button that says  "default" (instead of Soompi) and this will give you access to some cute new reaction buttons. This will also give you a new layout of the forum. 

2. If you have issues posting ( and you get the error code ) , try posting without tags, gifs , spoilers and links of any sort. Then once posted, go back & edit and add tags etc. 

3. If you find difficulty in moving to the next page , and it seems to take forever to load , refresh your browser and the page will load. However for now this only works on PC. This , as of now is still an issue for the Soompi app on my phone.

4. To post pics , gifs or links- best to use the button at the bottom right of your post that says "insert other media"  where you can insert image & links 

5. If like me , you are bothered by the jumbo white spaces between your paragraphs, you can edit them out.

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I chanced upon this squeal-worthy little fun fact about our OTP. 

I have watched different clips of New ShowBiz of the Tokyo fanmeet but somehow missed this because it was the Qinma/hosts interviewing Shaoxiang, aka Zherui.

It was a noisy Instagram live recording but what was interesting was that he kept saying he has something juicy to share.


He said while he was watching the OTP prep for the media, first he said, if it was just for publicity, of their good relations, he can understand but River's hand is on Meghan's back/waist and it can't be seen by the media so why was it necessary for him to do that? (From 9.20 onwards) Then he noticed River's thumb was rubbing her back while he was talking. The way Shaoxiang talked about it was as if he was genuinely surprised and curious (!) and he even asked asked Mingwei aka Guangchao to demonstrate because he wanted to know what it feels like!!! :D


Then Qinma/the hosts and Mingwei went on to speculate maybe it's a secret code between them for what to say(?)...^_^ 


Either way, I will just enjoy this little fun nugget...even as I'm still amazed that it has been almost 2 years since the drama ended and our OTP is still one of the most intimate screen couple I've seen! :wub: :wub: :wub:




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Hi BFFs! I'm planning to write a story of the Tokyo FM so I've been collecting several translations from our BFFs who know Chinese. 


But since I can't bear to keep any of you waiting, here's a summary of the video

 that @Anyu Yeye posted as shared to me by @niq8803


Host said Megan can take a rest now.  Megan pointed to the guy fan (let's call him "Oppa") and said "but he's very handsome!"  That's when River walked around the stage.


Host said I want to ask him first, maybe he wants to chose Megan.  But you must first ask River Chen whether he agrees or not.  That's when River walked over to stand in front of Megan.


Host asked who Oppa wants to choose.  Oppa said Megan Lai.  Host said Oppa is the last guy and because Megan kept pointing to him the Host agreed to it.


Oppa is from Taiwan (stayed in Taichung); it was his 3rd day in Tokyo.  Host said he's very shy.


River said to ask if he has gf because to him, this is very important.  Audience said "don't have, don't have".  River said "all of you are very concerned!"


Oppa asked host "do I need to say Yes before I can interact with Megan Lai".  Oppa said "Yes".  


Megan said "your hands are very big" (Sean at the back said "Megan is shy").


Megan: "Thank you for coming all the way from Taichung,  I don't have that many male fans, who is this handsome, this tall.  Thank you for liking me or the drama or the actors here, I'll continue my fighting.  Please appreciate your own handsomeness and such handsome soul, 世界大同 (Great Unity) I love you!"

(The Great Unity (Chinese: 大同; pinyin: dàtóng) is a Chinese utopian vision of the world in which everyone and everything is at peace. It is found in classical Chinese philosophy which has been invoked many times in the modern history of China.)


Host said "you don't have any male fans, do you agree to give this male fan a loving hug?"


Host said to Oppa: "don't worry, open your arms.  You need to shout Megan Lai, come!"


Megan said "why when I hugged you, your face is not red but when River Chen hugged you, your face is red?"


River said he wants to stand besides him if there is any feelings.  Oppa said there is feeling! :tongue:


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@jbying7  There is definitely "something" more than friendship going on between River and Megan. Everyone around them has been teasing them since Bromance but it was only during the Tokyo FM that their friends who surround them voiced out their thoughts.


Megan is reserved but you can see that shiny twinkle of her smiling eyes, the giggles which she can't suppress no matter how she try, and how her body reacts to River whenever he touches her or comes near her.


River, I think, is the more obvious of the two. He automatically lights up whenever Megan is around. Off she go to the backstage and he became disoriented. Even Sean joked that he couldn't bear to be separated from Megan even just for a few seconds. 


As the song goes, some things  need not be said.  :wub:


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How is Everyone doing..


River Chen Fans Club  is adding English subtitle to River's videos/interviews and other works.

You can  subscribe to there YouTube channel @ International River Chen Fans Club.

Follow them on Instagram @riverchenfans ,Twitter @fans_chen

Facebook @陳楚河國際粉絲會 River Chen Fans Club.




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I'm on nostalgic mode tonight. So let me share here a video of our beloved couple way back their BOY days and guess what? Playing bride and groom ... (big thanks to a friend who found this for me)



One of my favourites of them is the time when they went on the variety show Queen together (wearing wedding outfits no less, hehe).

At one point they are asked about their ideal types and Chie lists this long list of characteristics of different celebrities, making sure to add both River and Lego in the mix. That sparks a short conversation on the two guys. River compares himself to Lego and says “In terms of size, I win. In terms of length, he wins.” Lego has a straight face on, probably pretending he didn’t just hear a dirty joke, Chie is Japanese so she probably didn’t get the joke, and Megan starts giggling uncontrollably like a schoolchild. So much so that the editors added a caption saying “Laughing till she can’t take it”. What River meant to say was that Lego had a slim build but clearly it didn’t come out right.

(Excerpt from https://doramaticrealities.wordpress.com/2016/01/04/third-times-a-charm-a-rcml-ship-manifesto-pt-1/)


The guy in the middle of the picture (shared by @Anyu Yeye) was the one who taught them their Tokyo FM dance. According to him, Megan was the better dancer. He was wearing sunglasses during rehearsals so fans asked why and he said it was to avoid being blinded by RM's cuteness.  B) Sometimes they seem to be in their own world. And yes, all the kisses we saw in the rehearsal vids were real. :wub:


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This Japanese magazine interview was conducted a few hours prior to the FM.  A fan translated it to Mandarin and our bff @niq8803 translated it to English. Here's the translation.


Part 1

Q: Is this the first time that River came to Japan for promotion?
R: Yes, it’s the first time. I’m very happy.  During my childhood, I like to play Japanese games and read Japanese comics.  At work, ideas will be affected because of this.

Q: Personally, which places have you visited in Japan?
R: Many places, Kyoto, Hokkaido, Okinawa, Osaka, Tokyo ...

Q: Megan, this is the second time that you came to Japan to promote Bromance; one work did twice. Fan Meeting in Japan is rare.
M: Very glorious (spoke in Japanese)

Q: From the magazine shoot, it feels like both of you have a very good relationship.
R: It’s an act (laughs)
M: (look at River’s expression) Ah, yes yes (laughs) 

Q: Can imagine it must be very enjoyable during filming? (laughs)
M: Every day is enjoyable (laughs) because this is a comedy so the atmosphere is very important.
R: If like this? (did a twisted face)
M: Ah … so annoying! (laughs)


Q: This is the second collaboration between both of you, how is the feeling this time?  Compared to the first time, any changes?
M: Of course, we have become a lot more matured.  More compatible, compared to the previous collaboration, the two of us have improved a lot and able to cooperate with each other (look at River) like this can?

R: Megan really knows how to talk (laughs).  She accumulates a lot of experience, compared to the past, now she will show the inner level of acting.  The most important thing is, whether it is before or now, I have not seen her complain at any of the director’s request, always put in full effort and focus on acting.

M: Thank you.


Q: River, on the character of ZiFeng, do you feel there are any common understanding or similar parts?

R: Because it is an idol drama, so the character cannot be too exaggerated.  When I think of this role creation, I do not want to use too young language, do not want to create too animated atmosphere.  I like how ZiFeng is concerned about people around him, work together to achieve something.  During shooting, I also integrated with the other cast to complete this work, especially when Megan and I am the main leads.  I like basketball and basketball is teamwork and never solo.  I think our relationship is like NBA's O'Neill and Kobe Bryant, even if there is a dispute but also good partners.

M: ZiFeng and River is completely different, but both have the same cuteness point.  Personally, River is more matured and with a sense of humor.

R: First time praising (both laughs)


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Part 2

Q: I heard River is called 4D in Taiwan, what does this mean?
R: I am not sure why, maybe just like Doraemon’s image with a pocket, living in 3D some places are reminiscent of different dimension, probably this feeling?

Q: You don’t mind being called so?
R: Of course not, completely OK.
M: River is too esoteric, and we 3D human beings cannot understand.  Don’t you think that 4Dness in Japanese sound like Kindergarten in Chinese? (facing River) Kindergarten!


Q: Although Bromance is a comedy but there are a lot of action scenes, do you have memorable scenes?
M: Of course, after soaking in the rain, next we need to climb the mountain and jump into the sea, a lot of difficult scenes.  Because of this, it has become a memorable work for both of us and the fans.
R: I had a lot of memorable scenes, for example in order to save YaNou, ZiFeng needed to carry her down the staircase after the rooftop scene.  If you want me to repeat that again, I’ll think about it.  When I injured my knee, this scene particularly made me think about myself. I don’t have the confidence to do it again (laughs)
M: It’s ok, next time I’ll carry you (laughs)


Q: Please tell fans secret about each other during shooting.

R: It’s about the performance later at the FM, I might look calm but actually I was very nervous last night.  So I wanted to have a chat with Megan to release the tension, but before I could say anything, she told me she was super nervous.  So I just drink tea, pretend there’s nothing, gave her a hug and said, "no problem, good night." In fact, was also very nervous, but because she said it first, so the position changed, I can only forget my own tension.
M: But because I know River is also nervous, so my own tension is at ease, and because of you I slept very well (laughs). River filming secret is ... he will always choose chicken drumstick lunch bento, and must brush his teeth after each meal.  I asked him why he brushes his teeth, he said to get ready for a kiss (laughs), we know he often brushes his teeth but do not know that is the real reason for it (laughs)
R: Not because of filming, but in real life must always be ready for a kiss.

Q: So there is a lot of this kind of opportunity?
R: No … no la (because his reaction is too panicky, people around burst out laughing) because there is no such opportunity, so have to be prepared, when the opportunity arrives, must not give the other side a bad impression (laughs)


Q: River in China is also very active, Bromance is a long absence of Taiwan's works, after such long period returned to Taiwan filming, how’s the feeling?
R: My first work in Taiwan is the film "Kung Fu Dunk", then only acted in 3 TV series, "Fated to Love You", and with Megan in "Because of You", and the third is "Bromance". Because it was too long, I wanted to finish the work with good memories, and I’m glad that this expectation was realized. I am lucky to be able to work with all those good actors.

Q: Megan held a LIVE concert in June after two years?
M: Yes, before is the new album concert, this is a charity concert.  When I entered the entertainment industry, my biggest dream was to become a singer.  But then I started with acting and I cherish the opportunity given to hold a concert.  Everyone might not be familiar with my singer status, because the impression of me as an actress is more profound, and later I want to put in more effort as a singer.

[ R: Let's share our first impression on each other! ]

Q: Please share 

R: She debuted as a model height body proportion, attracted a lot of attention.  I saw her in a variety show, the host asked her "during magazine shot have to come up with a lot of poses will not be difficult?"  She answered “will not” and at the same time pulled off different poses (imitate Megan’s poses) and I think this girl is so powerful.
M: I think River is very handsome, so the first time I heard that we were collaborating I was very happy and after actually seeing him in person, i found him really good looking.

R: You are not just scene talking, right?
M: Of course not! But the first drama very quick finished shooting. Fortunately, this time two people done a lot of preparation before shooting. I like the triad setting, and this time to know that River is to act as the triad master is happier.  Although on the surface appeared calm, but in fact, in the heart exclaimed “yeah! (laughs) ZiFeng charcter is like a surreal existence, so handsome. (turned to River) are you listening?
R: Yes, I was also excited when I saw Andy Lau.

Q: What are your current recent hobbies?
M: (speak in Japanese) There are many, plant, cooking, baking coffee
R: Recently watch a lot of US series, PS4 monster hunters, but also like Yoshihiro Togashi’s comics, but also like EXILE, wide range (laughs)

Q: Finally, please give a message to Japanese fans.
M: Because of Bromance’s promotion, this is the second in Japan and I feel really glorious. This is a very memorable work for me, I am pleased that this drama can become a spiritual pillar of the existence, I hope through this work, can deliver a lot of love, thank you all the support.

R: I’m very happy to come to Japan, and very happy everyone like this drama, please feel our love, I love everyone. (Cr: @niq8803)

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