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  1. Just my personal opinion - Vengo looks nervous and awkward in most of his interviews. It’s like he is always bracing for the next question and after he has answered, he looked amused. I find it endearing though. He may not be as good in talking to the media like other actors but I can feel his sincerity and I appreciate his effort in reaching out to his fans. I chuckled at his classic answer that whether for Christmas or New Year, he hopes to spend it with his family. Coz reality wise, most men would spend such occasions with someone they hope to start a family with. I’m curious, does he have a girlfriend? Anyone knows?
  2. @Leslie Mtz C Thanks for sharing that beautiful sand art of our DongFeng. Been quite busy lately after my vacation at the Land of Smiles. I’m elated that the filming is done. Now, all we have to do is wait for the finish product. I’m equally amazed that we never lack for something to discuss here. Hello to the newbies who have just joined us. I can’t help but laugh on the comment about Vengo’s acting. Actually, I found his acting as DH in TMOPB as satisfactory. Maybe he is better off with the role of an Ice Face - expressionless and cool. But since the DH in Pillow Book is far different and is a layered character, then we will see how he will pull it off this time. I trust that he prepared well for the role. Regardless, I can’t imagine another actor playing the role but him so I shall be surely cheering for him to do best. Jiayou As for Reba, I have no doubts on our heroine’s acting prowess. Look at her, she’s so adorable.
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