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[Official] ❀ Du Zifeng x Pi Yanuo | Baron Chen x Megan Lai ❀ [Bromance Couple]


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Watching that BTS rehearsal posted by @Anyu Yeye makes my heart go thump, thump, thump!!! :tongue: Thanks dear!

For starters, here's a translation of a fan's comment on FB. It's a summary of what happened during the 8.12.17 Tokyo FM 

A fan's summary as translated by @amyam01220

MC Jin asked what kind of “salt” does River have at home (Remember the whole salt discussion at the first FM??), he said that that he only has one kind of “Yan Meh Meh” (one of Megan’s nickname) at home. He needs to see what she is cooking to decide what kind of salt to use. Then he said to her: each time you cook for me, I think it isn’t salty enough.

MC Jin asked Megan if River’s gaze looks quite dumb. And she replied: Always

During the fan’s games sessions, RM had quiet side conversations only between them and had many little distractions

When asked about how River feels about Tokyo, he said that he felt really fortunate, he wanted to share the experience with everyone, but since he had Megan by his side the whole time, MC Jin spent time with Sean instead.

One of the Japanese fans loves Sean a lot, and said that she had been waiting a very long time for Sean to come to Japan, so she embraced Sean for quite some time during the fans’ interactions. MC Jin suggested that he hold her in a princess hug, and after that Sean held River in a princess pose. When the 4 had to go backstage to change outfits, River lifted and carried Megan to the backstage. During this time he must have said something to her, because Megan commented: You think I’m heavy don’t’ you? (In an angry manner)

During the dance practice BTS , RM were really living in their own world. Their teacher would stop them halfway through the dance because neither of them were listening to him.

I think it was a real kiss during the rehearsal too

During the singing session, Megan said that this performance was the most difficult one for her so far, and here I felt that she really had a lot of heart because here she repeated herself three times in English, Chinese and in Japanese that this is a story of when a girl encounters a boy.

During this she sang, and cried, and at the end she said that she felt guilty because she hadn’t practiced piano for such a long time and was quite nervous.

The songs performed: 
Light rain story (From BOY)
Tenderness is the love you gave me
Back in time

When asked if River has any ambigious feelings or relationships, MC Jin asked Sean and Johnny, and other co-workers and actors. They also had a video recording of this. Everyone had expressed doubt about the ambigious relationships. Both said some irrelevant answers then and said that they felt that their relationship was like Kobe Bryant and O’Neil. And that during high school days with Megan, one was a gifted student and the other was a student with bad grades. Johnny said this relationship is the basic plot of all idol dramas. 

Here, Megan said that River is a person whom one can love quite easily, but it’s also easy to hate him (so does she have a love-hate relationship with him?)

The fans were very supportive and united during the roll-call.  Megan cried when she saw all the fans' colored signs and posters and I also was tearry eyed. Megan also helped wipe River’s sweat from his face.

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River said that the first thing he did after he was injured (Race the World ACL injury) was to call and tell her that he couldn't carry her anymore. But after working so hard to get well again, he said he can finally do it now. That is when he carried her off the stage. 

Funny observation: I love it when Sean closed the curtain after them. It was like saying: Off limits. Do not disturb." :D

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*The dance instructor said Megan danced better than River.  He also said they don't listen to him and most of the time are in their own world! 

*River suggested that they wear only underwear to dance and Megan said ök let's do it.  That's when he ran away and Megan and the showbiz reporter YaQi chased after him, teasing to strip him.  He called them "crazy"! :tongue:

*Again, River suggested that they wear caps for a different effect but the cap thing didn't work.  Later they used sunnies and Megan said try again one more time. That was when he pretended to be blind! B) Megan said "I don't want to play anymore!"

* The dance instructor said they can do a fake kiss ... but ... you know - with our RM, everything is real. :wub:See that for yourself.  :wink: 

* There was that part when he cleared her forehead, saying it was very smooth while Megan was laughing hard. He pursed his lips as though he wanted to plant a kiss on her forehead. (thankstoniq)

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Here's what Director Chen said:

1) River is someone who has a lot of ideas. He is a deep person but he does not know how to express himself. Most of the time he acts like an idiot to hide his real feelings.

2) As for Megan, she is a very focused person. She concentrates on her job and will never allow herself to relax.  Because she's so special and is focused in this drama, Bromance got a chance to be broadcasted in Japan.

3) Johnny and Megan have very good chemistry.  Initially, Johnny was only a cameo for 3 episodes but because of the chemistry, they increased his role in the drama.  He said Johnny can be the male lead.

4) Sean is a person who always improve in every drama he is in. (Cr: @niq8803)

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Love love love..yes I'm still so in love with our Bromance OTP! :wub:

Thank you for all the posts and all the periodic updates, I treasure them. :wub: I want to thank especially @junerain7,  @comicsuki, @Anyu Yeye  and even @niq8803  - these are some awesome people who keep this thread alive...thank you so much! :wub::wub::wub:

And I squealed in delight when they did a couple dance using a fav Korean group's song (2BIC) and I thought they pulled it off very well and showed great rhythm and chemistry, as usual. 

When I first caught the very, very short dance clip, I was so sad there weren't more clips but thanks to New ShowBiz, we got to see their rehearsals!!! They are so, so comfortable with each other and River even gave Megan a real kiss during the practice! It's times like these where I actually believe what some China fans say, that they are really together, their co-stars know that and the media know that, our OTP are just not out in the open about it, that's all. We can only hope it's true...

Anyway, we will continue to enjoy such fanmeets or fanservice, like they like call it in the kdrama/kpop world...RM Forever!!! :wub:

For now, I will just watch their rehearsal dance on repeat! Here's an audio of the 2BIC song:


PS A shoutout to @ploylead @kiraning @Sheila Marie Green & @Brutaliskhero29OreHcziLztruV :wub:

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Another fan made clip? In the beginning, there was a snippet from New ShowBiz where River was asked about the song and he said he didn't like the song at first but he went home and listened to a few of 2BIC's (the Korean band) songs and felt that they were not bad and grew to like the song for the dance. Then it was a montage of RM's pics along with the lyrics of the song.


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In this clip, even though it doesn't have our RM OTP, Bii (Qingyang!) apologized for not being able to be present for  the Tokyo fanmeet but when the interviewer asked him to sing something, he said he will sing the song Megan loved most  from the drama (at 00:43 onwards) and he sounded so good...

Sigh...good memories :wub:


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