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  1. Despite my initial reservations of this show because of hints of a tragedy...I persevered!!! Yay! Hahaha I love the leads too much to give it up and I like Kim Ji Seok too (20th Century Boy & Girl And Top Star Yoo Baek are must-watch dramas if you are a fan)! And Kang Ha Neul’s comedic timing is so good as Yong Shik. The identity of the Joker adds spice and suspense to the drama. Thanks for all the input and analysis, I enjoyed reading them. With the very sad news in kpop recently, it did remind me of the first time I saw Kang Ha Neul. He played second lead in “To the Beautiful You” (he was very athletic in that role). And a pleasant surprise was he actually has theatre background and has a beautiful singing voice! He’s very talented actor. Here’s a vid of him singing in Monstar, a musical drama. https://youtu.be/u2ghsY9Aq6c Have a good weekend ahead!
  2. I am sorry, I just watched the 2nd episode and I AM SO CONFUSED....!!! I’ve been looking forward to this drama from the trailers - heartwarming, rural neighborhood rom-com, I love Kang Haneul (YS) as the fumbling but charming male lead, Gong Hyo Jin (DB) as the earnest but vulnerable female lead with a past and of course, Kim Ji Suk as 2nd lead (I adored him in 20th Century Boy & Girl & Top Star Yoo Baek!)...AND THEN... *spoilers ahead*
  3. I love how this scene was shot too! Kudos to the PD-nim! Just as I love the fake petal/rain flurries in those wide angle scenes framing Ta Mi & Morgan, he made this indoor scene utterly romantic with the phones going off. The usual cheesy approach would have been fireworks going off in the sky? Hahahahaha...Anyway, he sure has a way of creating romantic scenes slightly differently.
  4. A surprise find! Jang Ki Yong doing hiphop!!! Happy weekend People!
  5. Just watch the subbed episode. I laughed (Thanks Scarlett, you brought so much joy in the midst of the outburst of emotions), I teared. Such a beautiful and intelligent script that grabbed at the heart, often. Will likely rewatch some scenes over and over again during the week. I think I need to “heal” from feeling the pain of our OTP. Someone mentioned this writer has surpassed Kim Eun Sook? I don’t know this writer’s name or work but this drama is definitely up there with the “heavyweights”, in my enjoyment. I am tired. I guessed like the OTP, sometimes you have invested in the relationship deeper than you allowed it or realized it. I won’t try to analyze the OTP’s every emotion and decision anymore. All I know is this process of Ta Mi’s vulnerability and push&pull emotional state resonate, even as she has to deliver and delivering her best at work. And I totally get Morgan’s vulnerability and trauma from past/baggage. I just hope for a good ending, however it may be. Writer-nim & PD-nim (More rain/flower petal flurries?) Hwaiting
  6. So much feels from everyone. I’m glad this came out...I need it to calm my heart...
  7. What a beautiful episode... Kudos again to the writer, such an intelligent script. The dialogue between our OTP is deep, heartfelt, bittersweet and yet so real. Relationship is a risk an individual takes, no matter what age. Values and mindsets definitely play a big part. You don’t always have ready answers. For GG & hubby, just like brilliant Ahpheng had complied all his husband-worthy qualities, it seems like they can only be free to love after the divorce. Only then can they express their love without the clutches of any binding contract/deal. Actually I can imagine why he loves GG and wants to protect her so much... Raised with rejection by his critical and merciless mom, who doesn’t give him any respect or won’t hesitate to crush his pride/manhood in front of others, he can see and feel GG’s vulnerabilities. He believes, for once, there’s someone he can protect from his mom... And for Scarlett & Ji Hwan’s loveline...it’s sad to watch. Not in a bad way but that we know they want to be together so much... I’m crossing my fingers that with the random comic fortune-teller scene, the writer is hinting that there’s hope in this relationship yet. Besides, why do kdramas make military enlistment sounds like the guy disappears from the face of the earth? Only from screen time/dramaland, silly...not “real life”...hahaha they can still see each other during some weekends no? Anyway, I hope Scarlett makes the first move, she’s gutsy that way right? Because her noona-dongsaeng romance seems to have a bigger age gap than Ta Mi & Morgan’s...And since Ji Hwan is still a rookie actor, growing in popularity, it’s understandable that he lacks the confidence and security to profess his love. Our 3 couples - Hwaiting!
  8. I didn’t watch “Memories of A” but apparently he played this character called Marco. Just seeing him as Marco/Makjang drama jerk/Seol Ji Hwan shows he’s a very versatile actor. Hope to see him in more meaty roles in the future.
  9. Hi...bian-ne, I’m so late in the game...as in sharing thoughts in this forum. I live on kdramas and there had been a drought but this season, it has been breathless (coupled with RL, of course)! And I have to say something about Search : WWW before it ends! (I saw that they have wrapped up filming already!!!) And I’m not ready... I. LOVE. THIS. DRAMA. TO. BITS. I rewatched episodes and scenes/dialogues when I wind down each night. That’s how much I love it! I seriously don’t think I can count many dramas I would do that (ok, maybe WFKBJ...). Anyway, I have more or less read all your input and everyone has different takeaways. And I do understand and respect each person’s perspective. This drama is not quite mainstream popular but to me it’s considered progressive for all the kdrama tropes that we are used to. Here are some highlights for me: 1. It’s such an intelligent script. The dialogue is not cheesy (by the women especially!) and the content is so good. Korea is a highly wired country after all. The power of the internet, social media, knetizens, etc. It’s so current and relevant. 2. Grrrl Power Rulez! Wow. Love it when a woman can hold her own in a male-dominated field or even in the traditional circles in Korea. What more 3 stellar women!!! For once, in a kdrama, I’m rooting for all the couples! They each bring an enjoyable loveliness to their romance. They each have their “realistic” challenges, many thrown in by the scriptwriter - noona/dongsaeng romance, adopted/abandoned child, domineering & stifling matriarch, rejected son in family business, corruptness in the industry and in the family business, frenemies, relationships among women, girl crushes/hints of liberated women relationships, you name it, they are all there!!! And they are all weaved in quite seamlessly. As I write, I feel like giving the writer a standing ovation! Daebak! (Side note: For those who think Ta Mi is rude to Morgan and/or inappropriate(?), I think with all the scandals in K-Ent now, we should be give the typical kdrama tropes of male aggressive wrist-grabs, shoving and male posturing a rest yah? I really like it that women can be portrayed as strong and humanely in control too, just not the evil matriarch control, like the MIL...) 3. And the makjang drama within a drama!!! It’s soooooo brilliant and how we fell in love with this newbie(?) Seol Ji Hwan along with Scarlett. Did we not get emotional with Scarlett as she “watched” each episode of the makjang drama and squealed constantly when they are together? Hahahahaha so awesome! 4. At this point I want to share something that really stood out for me. The actress that played the harsh, heartless and manipulative Mother-in-law... I LOVE IT! How many dramas has this older actress been in where she played a rural/timid/suffering harmoni!!! (The latest that I can remember, Top Star Yoo Baek, where she was the humble grandma of the female lead!) Never have I seen her dressed so modern, act so ruthless and so convincing! What a transformation! So cool! (Ok, not her character in this drama but that’s not my point). 5. And of course as a Mr Sunshine fan, I had to give props to Pyo Yoon Soo! Again so different from his character as the Japanese leader! I love that he could also be a cheesy womanizer! And a little shoutout to my beloved Goo Dong Mae’s...loyal ronin henchman, hah. He played a small role as the hacker who was hired by GG’s husband to put Ta Mi’s name in the ranking. 6. Now for our main couple, I know there are bored fans, and others distracted by the 2nd leads or 3rd leads (although they all almost carry an equal weight compared to most kdramas, I’m really happy about that!). I love the main couple. A very sexy modern relationship portrayed. Not the usual coy, hesitant-to-show-affection-type, not quite the hot and bothered but controlled with enough spice and peppered with an enticing dialogue kind of rom-com! I love their open, flirty conversations (For once in a kdrama!!! Brings a whole new level of shexy to a kdrama!). Ta Mi’s practical comebacks are as a matured savvy career woman would say and Morgan’s direct but sometimes arrogant answers as a hot blooded male in his prime would give! Basically, I enjoyed their moments, hopefully the onesided “chosarang” in the piano teacher is just a distraction. I don’t think anyone can come between Ta Mi & Morgan, they are meant for each other and they will continue to work out their issues in their relationship. That’s the lovely about them. We can see why Morgan was initially insecure and kept bringing up abandonment (“Are you going to leave next morning, are you going to run away from me, don’t abandon me”, etc, etc). Even if the lines were delivered in the smooth, sexy way that only Jang Ki Yong knows how...hahahahaha and I will forgive the writer for Ta Mi’s nonexistent family background. Too much to explore in this drama and the writer already has so much going on. Hah. 7. Last but not least, the sets, the colors and the FLARES. I LOVE THEM TOO...HAHAHA I mean, yes, it’s overused and dang, they are distracting and not forgetting the fake petal/rain flurries! But SO BEAUTIFUL! Bring them on PD-Nim! I’m a sucker for such effects. There. I have said it. I’m happy now. Cheers to all who are here and enjoying the show. At this point, I don’t really care if it’s open-ended or not all the couples end up together. It’s a beautiful and refreshing kdrama I will enjoy for a while. Have a good week ahead everyone! Hwaiting! Last, last thought: LOVE THE OST! 03ohn’s voice is gorgeous...current earworm for those mellow days... Last, last, last thought: How can I not mention Ellie’s minor character in the story? That mentor/mentee scene between her and Ta Mi with the condescending top webtoon illustrator was priceless. That’s a moving reality-check scene I love very much. I think I teared along with Ellie.
  10. I sank into brief depression yesterday...after watching the unsubbed finale. I agree with all of you...it started out as was an unconventional but well acted drama. But the writer lost it. The ending SUCKS. Now I don’t even want to encourage anyone to watch it. I will go back to my temporary drama-induced sorrow. All the best to the next drama the 2 leads take on... And take care, try to have a good weekend ahead! Peace out.
  11. I can only apologize for writing something this late...even as the finale is playing right now. I’m crossing my fingers...Pil Seong & Seo Jeong...Hwaiting! Hell-bent evil can’t win!!! Che-bai!!! RL has been so busy for me and I’m somewhat experiencing a kdrama drought even though there are some potential dramas out there...I’m just catching snippets of some. But this drama...wow, so, so, so UNDERRATED!!! The storyline is refreshing even though it’s dark, depressing and evil-filled but yet allows you to see the struggles and the good. And the OTP...LOVE LOVE LOVE...so well acted by both the actor/actress. I hope to see more of them in the future!!! Such heavy-weight and great acting. Even the OST is good!!! Especially the ending song of Ep 15...why it’s not getting the love....*sniffs* Even though it’s dark and at times just horrifying and not quite Master’s Sun drama level, the OTP’s journey is what I really enjoyed most about this drama. It’s poignant, bittersweet yet there’s something so endearing about this couple. I know some have mentioned the male lead is not handsome but to me, that’s exactly his charm - a rough, gruff/grumpy guy with a boyish charm. His love for Seo Jeong is bittersweet and yet so pure. It’s really a very unconventional (as compared to all the mainstream rom-coms and typical kdrama tropes out there) love story...that is the draw for me. I am disappointed that by Ep15, all the beloved side characters have to die...and yes I bawled by eyes out too. I couldn’t believe I could cry anymore but yet I did...even Seo Jeong’s sidekick medium, so earnest and even married his insane, flamenco-dancing love had to die...WHY Writer-Nim???!!!??? When I watched the unsubbed Ep15, I too, like Pil Seong was ready to give up on this (kdrama) life...but I just saw the subbed...I couldn’t bring myself to watch the whole episode, I just fast forward to the last part and preview of the finale. I will hang on for my life to 2 hints: The epilogue showed Pil Seong as a boy, he was brought up by a nun and in church - to me, that means there is a glimmer of hope, no matter how dark the circumstances are and in the preview, even though it looks like Pil Seong will continue to suffer...these lines, “Anger cannot beat desperation...and evil can never beat virtue.” Pil Seong ah!!! Don’t give up! Stay strong, don’t dim your spirit! Hwaiting!
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