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[Official] ❀ Du Zifeng x Pi Yanuo | Baron Chen x Megan Lai ❀ [Bromance Couple]


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subtle things that were happening once or throughout the live for people who can only understand body language (me) TTvTT

basically things that this attractive couple do that probably don't hold any meaning to them but completes the day of a shipper's lonely heart TTvTT

  • wearing matching outfits: white shirt, sunglasses, and the same idea that River wears black shoes and Megan wears white (they've done this footwear combo before too)
  • have new hairstyles that make them look younger (M being young and chic, R being young and wild, but both definitely look more refreshing especially during this hot summer)
  • unconsciously mimicking the other's movements (R removed his glasses tangled w his necklace, M seeing this also removed hers despite her lack of necklace, realizing this, hangs her shades back. River absentmindedly noticing her putting her shades back as he puts his back finishing their "shades moment" at the same time) ...yea i know i have no life...
  • R pulling M's arm while another guy guides her by the shoulder which made R absentmindedly stare at him
  • RM answering/reacting almost the same way at the same time
  • M smacking his arm and holding it for a bit after (she actually holds his arm a few more times throughout the vid, is it her go-to spot or something XD)
  • M wearing his robe for a bit as he helps her into it (*their scent probably rubbing off slightly on each other, lol) and R exclaiming with a smile, "oh! you can [pull the look off *perfectly]!" in English then walking backwards to see her figure better. He ends up behind her silently fangirling (*probably for her to see when they review it later, lol) but she catches him fangirling anyway probably wondering what he's up to now lol
  • RM putting on their glasses at different times this time w her wearing the robe *and both looking like Mr. and Mrs. Chen on vacation
  • R showing the scab on his arm and M momentarily worrying if it's hurting
  • M encouraging R when he talks by guessing his next word/phrase
  • R tapping the area underneath her chin when referring to her (or to stop her from saying something probably embarrassing cause she looked at him as though she's about to challenge him)
  • R holding her shoulders then pinching a little underneath her jawline (which would have tickled me but it didn't ticke her *probably used to being held there by him XD) then he ends with him shaking her shoulders (he stepped away smiling while she looked done/not sorry lol)
  • settling down in sync when about to be handed the first question
  • laughing at each other's funny remarks (sometimes when nobody else did, sometimes louder than others did)
  • R dying (from boredom/heat as the host explains things) and leaning his head on M's head for a bit, then fanning her w his other arm as his other arm rests on her shoulder
  • when going to the mini-cooper M bumps his arm slightly and he reflexively steadies her
  • M whispering to R behind a different card while host is explaining something else again
  • the way they walk almost looks the same
  • R might have jolted his system after drinking a bit of what looked like tea which the crew points out worrying M again but he assures them he's good
  • while talking to the camera in her usual soft tone, M interrupts herself to chide R who distracted her behind the camera (in a voice completely opposite from how she's been talking) then resuming her talk in her quiet voice XD
  • M trying to keep her choice of clothes for him a surprise
  • the care-tag(?) of M's jeans slipping out when she raised her arms and R noticing it and laughing loudly XD
  • R somehow finding a tiny cactus (does he have a radar for cacti or what?) and another plant for M to hold so they could hook their arms the way couples do in wedding celebrations
  • R being excited to see M trying on his picks for her, calling her back when she was about to exit the store
  • challenging each other with who could mimic the poster better
  • M holding on to his robe while he changes and using it as a scarf
  • posing with his nose pointing at her cheek (*probably smelling her scent and exchanging each other's warmth lol)
  • R attacking M's neck (I know R... she's just too adorable)
  • M wearing R's robe when they change back
  • M acting like a child to R because she's tired from standing and walking around (to be fair she hasn't sat for a while unlike R)
  • M finally being able to sit tugs at R to sit with her
  • M sitting close together even though it's cramped at the mini-doorway, sharing M's phone-screen, and not yielding even a little space between them the entire time
  • the fact that they were choosing which outfit would look best on each other (that's really tough when the other person looks good in everything) and that they took home (what would be) a couple jacket
  • R grabbing her knees close while talking


a screenshot from the followup video posted by 完全娛樂 ShowBiz itself


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27 minutes ago, Bravest Chicken said:

Is this also a Facebook live? If not, does anyone know where I might be able to view it online?



Yes, this is also a Facebook, don't worry, you are able to watch it even if you are unable to catch the live stream on time. 

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Here's a rundown and some translations of the showbiz fb live ft River and Megan last July 13, 2017 courtesy of @niq8803 and @amyam01220 

1. R taught M how to pose and he teased her that she needed to work together with him for a good pose (this was when they did the photo frame pose)

2. At the clothing store, the chose clothes for each other. They started at the mens section. M was kinda like this is fine since i'm more boy-ish. When she turned at the corner, she came upon R who was gawking at a mannequin who was wearing a black bra with black coat over top. M wondered if they want her to wear it and R teased her that she can. M zipped up the mannequin's jacket saying that it was showing too much skin, and continued to zip it up to the top of the neck even tho everyone was asking what she was doing. R choose a black dress saying that M would look good in it. Also, he choose a pair of white pants that would look good on her but M said that it's a bit girly (cuz of the lacy belt part). So she refused to try it.

3. While looking at the leather bikini on the rack she suddenly said "I think we should change our image to include an eye patch"

M challenged him "you take and see, you take" 
R: "i take and you (wear) it"
M: "No, you wear it!"

He then took the cactus instead of the bikini!

4. There's some close-ups of M choosing an outfit and she's answering questions about clothing style and what she thinks looks good, but every time R is nearby she stopped talking and kinda shoos him away. She suddenly became quiet each time that he came back.

5. M chose jeans with a black top and jean jacket for R which she said was casual yet presentable. R complained: "isn't this a girl's outfit (cuz of the V neck) and M whined that she chose it for him, was he not going to try it on? 

6. They knew a lot about each other. He knows that her waist size is 26, that M's house has a lot of plants and she likes to plant a lot of vegetables herself. She said that he puts on perfume after shower, that he is actually conservative despite him picking a sexy outfit for her, after he changes into pajamas, he smells great when he sleeps. 

7. Due to the FM preparations they see each other almost every day. They need to practice everyday.   R said his leg pain was due to some training for the FM and most of the ideas for the FM are from M (he calls her Director Lai).  They cannot reveal the details but it will be different from the Taipei FM. This LIVE session idea is also suggested by M to promote the FM.

8. M said he always wanted her to dress boyish and not to reveal too much skin (to cover up) like the white pants he chose for her.

9. R showed us what he chose for M, it's the same pair of pants with a low cut t-black tank. She again wondered if he really expected her to wear it, she looked at it and gasped that the cut at the back is too low. He showed her the alternative outfit which is the long blue cardigan. She happily said this looks good and put it on. R still needs an outfit so they get him the black dotted shirt which he agreed to wear. The polka dot top is actually for girl but the sales person said nowadays guys like to wear girls outfit.  He took off his floral robe, only to have M wear it as her decorative scarf. .

10. They posed for their photoshoot.  R said now M always cue him to do stuff (like the fitting room section) how they should walk out and pose. For the last pose, he put his arm around her and pretended to bite her ears (didn't really bite).  Then dragged her away.  M said they created a new catwalk style and he said those Victoria Secret models should have someone next to them and drag them away. He told ShowBiz that her ears are not sensitive anymore!

11. She said their clothing didn't match today but they bought the same denim jacket. They sat down in a corner, very close in that small space. She was sitting like a boy with her legs open and he corrected it by squeezing her legs together. ( A very caring boyfriend.  No ordinary male friend would do that. They're definitely a couple.) The kissing pose is because R said during kissing scene (in filming), guys cannot pout their lips because it will look ugly.  He asked M to demo going up close and pretend to kiss him. 

On Wed July 26, Megan will walk the red carpet for the movie premiere of Monsters, also produced by Star Ritz. 

RM will appear live 9pm at Showbiz FB on Wed July 26 and also SPOP LIVE on Thursday (27/7) from 7.30 - 8.30 pm. I'm excited!

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Hi BFFs!

Nine (9) days to go before big day!!! I super envy those who are going to the FM. Please post a lot of pictures guys and if you can share with us your experience, we'll really, really, really appreciate it. :)

Here's my geiyu for every body. Let's be grateful to @niq8803 who shared this translation from the SPOP live interview of River and Megan last July 27. I see the photos and videos have been posted above by @comicsuki and @kdramafan43v3r

SPOP Live - Host: Jun En (the cat), Xiao Yi (Chubi)

1) Both have to rush over to the camera and do a kiss kiss action.  RM had to re-produce the scene where ZiFeng, YaNou and Chubi were getting their hair/fur dry.  They also paired with Jun En and Xiao Yi to pose for Animal Magazine Cover shot.

2) Jun En commented that both (RM) wore matching outfit today.  River replied that because at yesterday’s ShowBiz Live, Sean and Megan wore couple black outfit, so today he specifically told Megan, she must match with him.  Megan said she wore black for another event she attended prior to the live, did not change anymore, and just wore the same dress to ShowBiz Live; in short, she didn’t match with Sean on purpose.  River said he will allow her to ”cheat” on him once. :D

3. They were asked to flip the SPOP magazine and choose their favorite photo.  That’s when Megan said she found the ‘real River Chen’.  The expression where “he sees something funny but don’t dare to laugh or like something but act cool”.  They also revealed that both asked each other to buy the magazine with RM solo cover (e.g. River buy Megan's and vice versa).  

4) River said at one of the SPOP shot, he mimicked the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Megan posed as Captain America.  He tried to show it but ended up revealing his blue undies. :tongue: Megan said he likes to wear blue and the host asked if both of them also matched their undies' color.  Megan said her color is a contrast to his and he asked what color.  She said, she would tell him later. :rolleyes: (xcensoredx)

4. Jun En asked if they could reveal some Tokyo FM spoilers.  Megan said they could not but rest assured their performance will be superb.  River said he can talk a bit and the host agreed.  Xiao Yi as the dog would cover his mouth if he would reveal too much.  Then, Megan would pinch his lips.  He said when Megan forwarded to him a short clip on what they should do in the FM, he sort of rejected and questioned whether this thing could work.  But later when he calmed down and thought about it, they agreed that such was very appropriate to be presented in the FM and will surely produce a lot of ‘pink bubbles’. :wub:

5. They also talked about their individual projects.  Megan will have a stage musical in December and River has finished his China period drama (they showed 3 of his drama stills).  Host asked if Megan will invite River to her musical and she said she will invite everyone (Bromance team) because they were not able to watch the last leg of her previous musical together.  River said for the next project, the Bromance cast should do a musical.  The Host and Megan immediately said they could do it now.  River then sang 2 lines from Cats the Musical (Memory).  Jun En and Xiao Yi acted as cats and Megan asked the people to give money for his performance.

6. There were 2 fans who answered some Bromance questions and both received daisy hair clips. RM helped both to clip it on their hair. River changed the girl's hairdo but the girl did not like it. She complained: ” I feel my blood pressure is going up because I think I’m ugly now” (River on the other hand was very amazed of his skill but Megan had to fix the mess he made to the girl’s hair). :D

7. They re-produced the scene where River was standing outside of YaNou’s house and YaNou gave him a blanket and he embraced her from behind.  They also re-produced the theme park snow scene.  

8. The 19-year old girl who drew cartoons for Bromance was also there and she drew RM.  She said she has liked Megan from Miss Rose time.  Jun En said both RM can draw and she asked River to draw Megan.  He was drawing at the back when Jun En said the fan had ask that if Megan were to choose between Gong Yoo and River, who would it be? 

Megan hesitated for a split second and finally said Gong Yoo!  That’s when River’s face became as black as charcoal.  Host also said Andy Lau (Megan’s idol) will be in Taipei on 11 Aug but sadly, she won't in town.  They initially wanted to arrange a special meeting for her but Megan said it was ok (in a small voice).  River finished his drawing and that’s when he revealed that he drew 2 dots for Megan's eyes. This pissed off Megan. (She hates when people say she has small eyes.)

Later at the end, the girl drew a drawing each for RM.  

Host asked them to do a goodbye kiss and ended the live.


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Hai all

Yes, next week fan meeting, who is here going to japan, attend the fan meeting cp, I am very jealous

Do not forget to share their scene or all about them

And thank you very much for the translations made

I so excited

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5 DAYS till the Tokyo FM!!!!!

3-mins Fast Q&A ft River & Megan

Q1) If you were to stay with someone on an island who will choose?
M: My dad (R: “she should choose me. Why?”)

Q2) If you want to kiss a guy, which actor will you choose?
R: Bii (still mumbling to why Megan didn’t choose him over her dad!)

Q3) Use a song to describe your current love life.
M: Tender Love (Bromance OST by Bii) but later changed it to a Taiwanese song (Lonely Tree Lonely Bird)

Q4) What are the current shortcomings you want to change the most?
R: I’m too handsome!

Q5) Please share your own little secret and quirks.
M: Everyone knows my little secret and quirks … I like to eat greens.

Q6) If your gf said you are fat, how will you react?
R: I still love you!

Q7) If your bf said he wants to break up, how would you answer?
M: Okay! (R: Learn the tricks)

Q8) What will you say to someone you just met?
R: You are very fat! (later changed to “Hi, how are you?”)

Q9) What is the most difficult line in a script?
M: I love you (R: Eh, this is a bit pretentious, should be very easy for Megan Lai!)

Q10) What is the biggest gift you have ever given?
R: My heart!

Q11) What is the most incredible gift you have ever received? (Host: Don’t tell me it’s his heart pointing to River)
M: Things others don’t want.

Q12) If Jun En and Ya Qi fell into the water, who will you save? 
R: This is too hard to answer, I’m willing to be punished.
Ya Qi: He wants to save Megan.  Megan said no such choice.
Host then changed to Ïf Xiao Yi (the guy) and Ya Qi fell into the water, who will he save? River chose Xiao Yi.

Q13) When did River Chen annoyed you?
M: He’s annoying me right now!

Q14) Cannot accept what kind of makeup on a girl?
R: Those who dress like a cat!

Q14) Which expression do you want to be included in the expression bag?
M: Demo

Q15) Who is the first person you want to call when you injured yourself?

Times up before River can answer and he needs to be punished by drinking some ginger juice which he said “this is ok but feels like looking down on us” (means that he drinks a lot of ginger tea before).  Megan took a slip and said the ginger powder is too old (they used ginger powder instead of actual ginger slices). (Credits: @niq8803)

And here's a video of our sweet RM cp


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