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  1. I sank into brief depression yesterday...after watching the unsubbed finale. I agree with all of you...it started out as was an unconventional but well acted drama. But the writer lost it. The ending SUCKS. Now I don’t even want to encourage anyone to watch it. I will go back to my temporary drama-induced sorrow. All the best to the next drama the 2 leads take on... And take care, try to have a good weekend ahead! Peace out.
  2. I can only apologize for writing something this late...even as the finale is playing right now. I’m crossing my fingers...Pil Seong & Seo Jeong...Hwaiting! Hell-bent evil can’t win!!! Che-bai!!! RL has been so busy for me and I’m somewhat experiencing a kdrama drought even though there are some potential dramas out there...I’m just catching snippets of some. But this drama...wow, so, so, so UNDERRATED!!! The storyline is refreshing even though it’s dark, depressing and evil-filled but yet allows you to see the struggles and the good. And the OTP...LOVE LOVE LOVE...so well acted by both the actor/actress. I hope to see more of them in the future!!! Such heavy-weight and great acting. Even the OST is good!!! Especially the ending song of Ep 15...why it’s not getting the love....*sniffs* Even though it’s dark and at times just horrifying and not quite Master’s Sun drama level, the OTP’s journey is what I really enjoyed most about this drama. It’s poignant, bittersweet yet there’s something so endearing about this couple. I know some have mentioned the male lead is not handsome but to me, that’s exactly his charm - a rough, gruff/grumpy guy with a boyish charm. His love for Seo Jeong is bittersweet and yet so pure. It’s really a very unconventional (as compared to all the mainstream rom-coms and typical kdrama tropes out there) love story...that is the draw for me. I am disappointed that by Ep15, all the beloved side characters have to die...and yes I bawled by eyes out too. I couldn’t believe I could cry anymore but yet I did...even Seo Jeong’s sidekick medium, so earnest and even married his insane, flamenco-dancing love had to die...WHY Writer-Nim???!!!??? When I watched the unsubbed Ep15, I too, like Pil Seong was ready to give up on this (kdrama) life...but I just saw the subbed...I couldn’t bring myself to watch the whole episode, I just fast forward to the last part and preview of the finale. I will hang on for my life to 2 hints: The epilogue showed Pil Seong as a boy, he was brought up by a nun and in church - to me, that means there is a glimmer of hope, no matter how dark the circumstances are and in the preview, even though it looks like Pil Seong will continue to suffer...these lines, “Anger cannot beat desperation...and evil can never beat virtue.” Pil Seong ah!!! Don’t give up! Stay strong, don’t dim your spirit! Hwaiting!
  3. @bedifferent thanks for wanting to hear my thoughts. Let me mop up the tears, bandage the fragile heart (from the unsubbed version!) and watch the subbed version first, then I will respond later...Don’t worry, I will still stick around to the end of this “prolonged pain” to the Third Charm...
  4. Those are some intense takeaways... “Ri Won brutally tore SH’s self esteem...” LOL. A man is accountable for his own actions. So much empathy for SH from one episode eh?...Have you forgotten what a womanizer/player he was (since college days!), his past was littered with broken hearts, women who he dined and wined and gave him their hearts just to be left in the dust...I am so happy he has finally met his match. Ri Won is an independent woman who can put him in his place and changed him from his Casanova ways...he deserved his “treatment” and not because of his house-”husband” image. And I don’t think “SJ (Btw, it’s Soo Jae) left JR dangling” - Even while he was finding his own confidence with his handicap and his success as a writer, he has always been there for JR, cleaning up after her drunken states (even from the first time they hung out together) and taking care of her (and her heart) from her numerous failed dates, as hinted in this last episode. Theirs is a comfortable companionship (misery loves company) and in the preview, he looks like he may finally step up and acknowledge his love for her and be there for her...in sickness and in health. And yes, these 2 couplings are added for comedic effect and in a fabulous way too, just don’t try to analyze them with real life expectations and I think we’ll all enjoy the drama and the journeys of the characters a bit more. Lastly, even as I was typing about RW+SH and JR+SJ’s subplots, I realized and loved that the writer added these messy, argumentative, sometimes with dry humor, complete with deadpan expressions (especially our dear Ri Won!) lovelines because we ended up rooting for them and loving them! That is what love is about, two flawed people crossing paths and ended up falling in love despite how messed up their pasts were or how unsuitable they seemed for each other. One more day people...Hwaiting!
  5. To be honest, I got a little down...not from watching the drama but from reading all the speculations, perceived storylines and expectations about the show/characters. Thank God for a few kind souls who inject a little realism (irony!) and life into this sweet storyline, even with the heartaches and tears. I went back to watching the first few episodes again to remind myself how funny, cringeworthy & super awesome SKJ’S portrayal of Joon Yong was. There are still some hints of his younger nerdy self now but I really give SKJ props for bringing life to this role. I remain empathetic towards Young Jae because there are people like that who go through a lot of emotional hardships, and it’s one thing after another. And these people hardened their hearts and become cynical with people around them. I actually have 1-2 friends like that and there’s not a lot I can do to help their situations. Perhaps at the end of the day, I do wish for someone like Joon Yong, who had to go through his own discovery journey, dealing with his own insecurities but yet able to love his intended, wholeheartedly and sacrificially, to be the one for Young Jae. And in turn, Young Jae learns that there is hope and love waiting for her after all. That’s my wishful and sometimes-in-dramas-only part that I hope for this endearing drama. Because in RL, there are competitive people like Soo Hee, there are people who think the couple shouldn’t be together or wished someone better for a guy like Joon Yong... Anyway, 2 more thoughts before I count down to Fri... 1. Watching the early episodes made me missed Joon Yong’s police station colleagues so much! They added so much fun to the scenes. Now that he is a chef, and other than the short appearance of his older partner from the police station, I wonder if the writer/PD will bring them back for more scenes... 2. Out of curiosity I looked up what is the definition of “third charm” in urban dictionary and this was what it said, “ Someone who has failed at something twice; used as a means for encouragement, expressing hope that things will work out on the third try.” Makes me hopeful for a happy ending. Hwaiting!
  6. Let’s not get too depressed. Let’s continue to share our thoughts and try to enjoy the rest of the drama. And a little sweet BTS from an earlier episode to start off the week. (Apologies if it has already been posted before.) Hwaiting https://youtu.be/xCpAWaxt4YQ
  7. Hmmm...it’s interesting. I guess it all depends on whose perspective a person chooses to look at. From what I see, right from the beginning, YJ has already expressed to the doc she was not interested. Perhaps, very briefly she was moved (he called her out, sang to her in public), now whether she had sorted out her own feelings/love for JY then, the drama was still unpacking that. But the doc persisted and decided to pursue her despite her consistent stance of not feeling that way for him. If anything, it was a comfortable friendship and nothing more. The doc has his own baggage. From his own relationship issues to divorce and his always-nice demeanor that’s good for his plastic surgery business (he said it himself and even his friends when they were playing tennis, acknowledged it). But I digress, the drama is not about Ho Chul/doc. And YJ, the first few episodes already showed, her early life shaped her. She was forced to grow up fast and be the responsible adult supporting her and her wheelchair-bound older brother. She’s the “giver” a good part of her life. And of course, she meets JY, Mr Nice-Guy/Mr Considerate, to everyone. It will be one of her life-long skills to learn to give outside of the only family she has ever known and it will be her flaw in relationships. Also in previous episodes, her inner thoughts reflected her trying to understand JY’s stoic and sometimes OCD ways and also showed her pondering on how to love JY. But like JY (both have this trait, in terms of communication), she kept it to herself and never really talked about it. Anyway, we’ll see how the writer/PD wraps up all these “character flaws” in the next episodes and still allow us to celebrate an ordinary love, in a non-chaebol/conglomerate way and without a life & death premise. Until next episode, have a blessed week ahead!
  8. Sigh...I think the age of fans of this drama plays a big part in the responses... I’m an older person and I am really enjoying the love journeys of JY and YJ. The tears, the heartaches and the hits and missed moments in their lives, in different seasons too...are so lovely to watch and what makes this drama so sweet is that some of the heartaches resonate with real life. I’m savoring their slow paths (if you consider the timelines) to the learning about themselves and each-other moments. I guess I always have a weakness for dramas where the OTP narrate some pauses or significant moments...it’s like an intimate journal of their inner thoughts... From the get-go and the drama posters..it is about our OTP. The girl officer and HC are the 2nd leads who will be only be in some parts of their lives. I am actually surprised that there are YouTube commentators, Knetizens or even contributors here who feel so much for the girl officer...kudos to the actress who plays her, she seems to play the unrequited girl roles often (I last saw her in Joo Won’s ‘My Sassy ‘Girl and she was the rejected rich girl). For all the fabulousness of SKJ’s acting, I honestly don’t feel the emotions from him towards the girl officer, but with YJ...sigh...he (& Esom) simply bring on the full emotions. It is this quiet acting that I appreciates most in this drama. Hahaha again, it must be an older person talking. Anyway, bring on the tears, the emotions (BUT they are not in the melo, makjang way...), the love (and more Lisbon) as they venture into the Third Charm. I’m counting on a sweet ending from the writer and PD! HWAITING!
  9. @infinitemsinspirit Actually he did, before they broke up the 2nd time. He prepared balloons & banner in trunk that says, “Will you marry me Young Jae”...
  10. After watching the episode without subs, I take it that it was a necessary growth arc for Joon Yong. We breezed through it in one episode (!) - the roughing it out in Portugal, the journey of his passion with cooking, enrolling in culinary school, graduating from it and going back to Korea, running his own eatery AND including a proposal to the cop gf at the end of the episode... But somehow I wasn’t affected, I am really enjoying SKJ’s genuine acting that comes with a lot more intensity and emotions in this drama and his character more fleshed out that his relationship with the cop gf was almost cookie cutter bleh...Because there was no sparks, no intensity...almost a matter-of-fact, routine...even the sister and his bestie had more sparks in their courtship and now parents to a cute girl. Heh. I’m only curious how the writer/PD is going to stretch their love story into the Third Charm. I’m guessing he will show YJ’s growth arc/her side of the journey tomorrow? I’m also curious will JY actually marry the cop gf and divorce her and then get together with YJ again, and vice verse for YJ & the doc....? To show both of them coming full circle, back to their true love for each other. I don’t know if I want to see that...but it’s possible and kinda refreshing for a kdrama love story I guess. Because for once a kdrama is not making the audience take sides or fall for the SLS (credit to @triplem )...Although I don’t really care about the doc or the cop gf...hahaha I still enjoy the OTP and the pacing of their relationship, plus a bit of humor from their family members’ shenaigans...but I know I definitely have to be patient. I really love the pairing of SJK & Esom and the characters they play...no villainess-like behavior or the need to wish that their characters’ suffer more like some makjang drama... So let’s continue to enjoy this beautiful love story, be further moved by SKJ or Esom’s wonderful acting (tonight, I teared along with her when she ate a spicy dish her boss Joo Ran cooked, even though I don’t know what was said, but I understood why...) and let’s wait for how the writer/PD is going to show the transition into Third Charm? Or into the Third Charm already? in the next few episodes! Hwaiting! PS Lisbon/Portugal looked lovely, I think I just added it to my bucket list...
  11. Yes, I agree with all the thoughts shared. I especially love the clip of a summary of their love relaeased by jtbc. Thanks for sharing @triplem It showed SKJ has really matured as an actor, each emotion, so controlled and so well delivered by him. I started out thinking Esom will be the smoother and more well-acted one but SKJ is totally owning the scenes in this drama. I haven’t watched the Ep 10 yet and I know I will cry...but I also know I’m simply moved by this ordinary & weighted love journey of the OTP. Although for all the ordinary-ness of this drama, there are some tiny, weeny things that bugged me...so please allow me to backtrack a little... 1. In Ep 6, where YJ and SH had a girlfight after the catwalk show, there was a cut on Esom’s neck (and in one scene, there was even smeared blood). I thought it was for the story and yes, she had a bandaid on it afterwards but there was no mention of it by JY. His character is slightly OCD and noticed little details about YJ, so I was a little puzzled by that oversight...? 2. And YJ’s brother’s hairstyle...that “mop” on his head! I kept trying to reconcile the fact that YJ is an up-and-coming hairstylist and hair salon trainer and her brother went around with a “mop” on his head...sigh...but the show did address it slightly when YJ was cutting his bangs and wanted to fix his hairstyle and he resisted because it was part of him wanting to have some control of his life since his accident. So it was part of his healing process...? And YJ respected her brother’s wishes. And in Ep 9 when he went for the charity trip, his hairstyle was “neatened” in time for him to meet JR...hahaha Last thought - in Ep 9, I cried at the part when YJ got bored while waiting and stepped outside for a while and JY just kept going at the radio and he was tearing...I love that scene. I see JY’s inner struggle, torn between his orderly, stickler-to-details, empathy-for-others self and yet he knew he needed to be present for YJ but he couldn’t drop what he started... I like how the writer is painting the growth journey of JY. His pettiness, his immaturity in the relationship. I know there’s also much to learn for YJ too, but her backstory was more straight forward from the beginning, she had a rough time growing up and had to be the pillar of strength for her and her brother for the past 7 yrs...? Anyway, I’m looking forward to the “third charm” of their relationship, that they will find their own identities along the way and that they still love each other all along (Right?!!!) Sigh...true love. Have a a good weekend!
  12. The king of kdramas ballads is singing in the OST!!!
  13. @triplem What’s SLS? (And yes, this show and DJ are 2 dramas that showed some genuine, no-holds-barred/natural-chemistry po-pos of late! ) And this is how much I love this drama, and I only do this when I’m smitten by a drama, I will rewatch the past episodes while waiting for the raw and subbed ones! It also shows the episodes are worth repeat watching...so far. Anyway, after today, I can’t help but think, the PD is moving the plot along really fast...it’s only the 5th episode and we are already into the “2nd charm” of our OTP’s loveline. I guess I started with the idea that their 3rd charm loveline was going to be spread throughout the 16 episodes? But watching some of the BTS vids, the PD’s approach seemed breezy and able to work the lovey-dovey and comedic parts well, so I’m hoping the rest of the 10 episodes will not be full of melo drama, involving the subplot of his brother and his ex-gf(?) and from the poster pictures, Joo-Ran end up with YoungJae’s bro??? So they definitely have to develop that.... And also I wonder how many episodes will the plastic surgeon be featured, nothing against him but he’s like a boring chaebol type that’s absolutely the 3rd...wheel. Hahaha... Of course, So-hee needs to learn and redeem herself. She’s not only bratty to YJ, she pretty much treats all the people around her condescendingly. Anyhoo, I will keep in mind what the PD/Esom/SJK said in some interview, that this drama is about ordinary people and enjoy how natural everyone is in their role.
  14. Wow, Iife has been busy and I’ve been so inactive in the forum for many dramas but I’m finally back to share some thoughts. Just finished watching Mr Sunshine not too long ago and the main OTP did not kiss at all and it was still a beautiful love story. I guess with the onslaught of gazillion dramas starting, I just wanted a breezy love story and so decided to give this a try instead of the other ones with bigger names like So Ji Sub or Seo In Guk, etc...! And I’m SOOO glad!!! LOVE. LOVE. LOVE THIS DRAMA!!! The OTP is sooo adorable and hilariously funny and yet peppered with touching moments especially with their family members. How refreshing, not your usual built up of childhood hits and misses and finally kissing only in the last 2 episodes (which will still happen since it’s so early in the storyline! ) type of drama but I love how the first few episodes have progressed so far!!! And Seo Kang Joon...I’ve never been a fan. Seen him in a few dramas playing 2nd lead or supporting roles. I always felt he was just a fair and “pretty” actor with slightly wooden acting. I especially skipped the Are You Human Too drama coz he played a robot in there... But I guess with more projects under his belt, he’s gotten more comfy with acting coz he’s so fabulous in this!!! The perm, braces, the awkwardness and his comedic timing are so spot on! For once I don’t see him as a bland pretty boy but one who has acting chops! And Esom...loved her since BTIMFL. She’s not a conventional Korean beauty but there’s something so adorable about her looks and yet she can pull off the whole sassy, gutsy persona so well. And to think, Sooyoung was the initial choice for the role...I think the OTP’s chemistry would have turn out differently...hmmm... Anyway, I love the pairing of Kang Joon and Esom, I think I will put it up there with Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk’s pairing in WFKBJ. Here’s to more ups and downs (and kisses!) of the lovebirds as they navigate through their romance. Hwaiting!
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