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[Official] ❀ Du Zifeng x Pi Yanuo | Baron Chen x Megan Lai ❀ [Bromance Couple]


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He said he's busy doing this jacket design because of love and Her Highness' (Megan) request.  The designer (his cousin brother), staff are working together.  Also the mannequin is ... "you know" (we don't know what is he trying to say). 

My thoughts: An ordinary male friend will never call her female friend his queen. Only a boyfriend or husband use that to describe his other half. :wink:

Love, love, love the FMVs of @tanuscha and @Brutaliskhero29OreHcziLztruV. Thanks everyone for sharing the lovely vids and pictures! 


This is Megan's singing part at the FM. She sang a medley of 4 songs.  She spoke in Chinese, English and Japanese to explain the songs. She said it's  a story about a girl and a boy.  (Sounded like a musical confession to me. A singer publicly declaring that she's inlove with the man of her dreams. Really, RM love story is like a plot lifted from an idol drama) She said she didn't practice her piano for 1 week and she missed the key.  She cried half way through the Because of You OST.  Host at the end asked how to calm her down, fans shouted "you have double eye lids!" :D

The curtain call translation:

M: Thank you everyone for loving us for so long, and spending so much money to come here and support us. As long as you need us we will be right here

R said "why did you create such an emotional atmosphere"?  Megan pretended to wipe his tears away.

R: *pose* We just spent a very happy 2 hrs together. The 4 of us are thankful for organizing us to be here. Thanks so much

S: thanks everyone for the last 2 hours of your time. I can feel your love very much and I'm happy to see you. Hope there will be another oppotrunity to see you again

J: I have one thing to say. LETS STAY TOGETHER ALWAYS!! 

*big group hug

Jin: thanks everyone for coming and joining us...

M: everyone let's also thank MC jin for organizing and making this happen. 
* group hug
He's been very thoughful and helpful in communicating with everyone. Thanks qing ma and all the team, staff and the sponsors who invited us. Finally you have to thank youself for being present here tonight! Thank you 

Translations cr: @niq8803 & @amyam01220)

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Thank you so much for all the clips from the Tokyo fan meet @junerain7 :wub::wub::wub:

I couldn't help but noticed when Megan was singing, the clips they used at the meet included RM's previous drama...wasn't this a Bromance  fanmeet? Not that I'm complaining, we love and ship RM, so it's like a RM fanmeet :wink: even though 2 Bromance costars were present :D

Who are the organizers, is it New ShowBiz? If it is, it explains why because we have Qin Ma(s) at the helm and they are RM fans too, so naturally they will add the old drama's footage of RM in the background..:)

Have a good week ahead :wub:


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4 hours ago, Anyu Yeye said:


This couple so sweet



They are. They are so natural and comfy with each other.  With this video, along with the dance rehearsal video, even though they have not declared they are a couple, it also makes me think, they are not dating anyone. 

Btw, Megan was very cheeky. She was wearing a necklace with the words, "I'm not wearing anything underneath." B):D:wink:

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@Anyu Yeye and @jbying7 Actions speak louder than words. Anyone in full possession of his senses and mental faculties will no doubt come into conclusion that they are a couple. I believe there are plenty good reasons why they aren't openly announcing to the public that they are dating. I respect them for it. 

This one was shared to me by another BFF and some of you may want to look at it and apply it to RM handcology. 


Our girl is getting naughtier and more open now. Her provocative necklace sure made me go "Woah, this is a new Megan." And mind you, that hip-hugging skirt she wore has no visible pantyline so it's either she's wearing some sexy lacy T-back, V-string, thong or nothing at all. :wink: 

No one asked and yet, River on his own, picked her up and carried her like newlyweds off to their honeymoon. His triumphant face reads: "This girl is mine" and Megan in turn looked so pleased and content. Love, love, love :wub: 

The intimacy level of RM is way off the charts. Don't tell me it's fan service please. There's no more reason to promote Bromance as the drama had long ended, neither the FM as the tickets had all been sold out nor have they any upcoming drama or project. 

View from his room: Tokyo tower in daylight

Vis-a-vis the View from her room: Tokyo tower at night

Imagine 1314 :wub:

And yes, this one is very amusing. This was pointed out to me by another bff - couple outfit

His coat became her skirt. 

And her denim jacket is likewise a female counterpart of his denim jacket worn at the Tokyo Tower

back profile looks good

But the front looks even better :heart:


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@ploylead Thank you for sharing to us your own photos and videos. Allow me to brag for you my friend. Our bff was very lucky to grab a seat at the front row and was literally watching River and Megan at the Tokyo FM right before her eyes. Gee, she made me very envious. I swear, I will move mountains and cross the ocean to attend the next FM (Ooops! Still, if my schedule will allow it. Got to have my feet deeply rooted in the ground)

Girl, if you have time, we will also greatly appreciate it if you can share to us your experience. I love reading eyewitnesses' accounts. No pressure. Only if you feel like it, at your own sweet time. I know you are also busy.  

Thank you also for telling me that you love my story. It's amazing how it is widely read around the world, not only in Asia but also in other continents. RM is greatly loved worldwide. :wub:

For everyone's viewing pleasure - 



Our beloved Megan 

Translated by @niq8803

"Today is 11 Aug, tomorrow is Tokyo FM.  I'm scared you think I'm lying, so I purposely show you this beautiful Tokyo Tower.  If you think I said wrong, you might think this is Paris.  This is Eiffel Tower.  Now is 8.30 pm, everyone gone out for dinner.  I'm alone here just finished my room service meal.  Now having a mint tea with the mint I planted myself.

I have a fan letter to read, so on this night with jazz music playing and the Tokyo Tower at the back, I'm going to read your letter.  This letter is from a fan from Shanghai.  (The fan responded to Megan's song at the recent charity concert with another song.  Megan doesn't know how to sing the song so she read the lyrics out instead. The song's title is "Light Chaser").  She thanked the fan for mailing the letter from Shanghai to Taipei and Megan brought it along with her to Tokyo and read it out.  

I am nervous about the Tokyo FM because I am a very nervous person. I want to stay in the hotel for a comfortable night to have inner peace before the FM.

No matter  where you are, please enjoy the Tokyo Tower view.  Eh, I'm selfie ... nobody around here!  I'm daebak!"

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Hello!!! How is every body here!? It's been a qhile since i posted something here...just so busy but still I'm an avid fan of this two love birds..Hi Jbying 7  ...thanks for mentioning my name:tongue:...I'll try my best to post more here in our thread...Have a nice week ends every one!!:grin: DzEUcC8aze8.jpg&cSXNdxTTv6g.jpguMvY4SWARuE.jpghttps://vk.com/im?sel=342947013&z=photo342947013_456239787%2Fmail4682 _jbq3cDtV5M.jpgxUYZPOWU5hs.jpg

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Here's the English translation to the Showbiz vid that @Anyu Yeye posted above. (Cr: @niq8803) I shall insert clips and links from ig, credit as seen on post, for those who want to review the scenes :-)

Showbiz Interview of Sean & Johnny

ShowBiz asked Sean & Johnny, what secrets of RM are they willing to expose.  
They said both RM's image is too good, so they have nothing to expose.  
ShowBiz cued them that River Chen must have a lot of bad things.
Johnny said we did not come to Japan to expose bad things. 
ShowBiz challenged them that River Chen has a big heart so they may expose anything.  (By "big heart", they might mean that he could forgive anything)
Sean said that it's not that they have nothing to expose but that they are scared to expose it!
ShowBiz changed its tactic and asked them what are RM's advantage (could also mean positive or strong) points.  
Johnny said they have too many advantage points and too little disadvantage points. 
Sean said that the main point is that their relationship (the relationship of River and Megan) is very, very good.  
ShowBiz doubted if this is true because from what they see, the two love to fight with each other or are always fighting/quarreling.
Sean said only people with good relationship will fight, otherwise, they won't even want to talk to each other.  Just pretend to be handsome and cool.

(My thoughts: I'm happy that RM's friends confirmed it that they are "very close" to the point that they can argue and fight all they want and still remain and continue to be "very close". It gives you a warm feeling of security that you have someone to argue like crazy and still trust that person won't go away or love you less. I'm very glad that our RM has this kind of "very close" relationship. Hehehe...)


Photo Session of River & Megan

The Japanese photographer asked RM to squat a bit because both were too tall.
River didn't understand Japanese and asked Megan to translate for him. 

River pursed his lips to kiss Megan. 

And yes, this took our breath away- 

(My thoughts: I almost died watching RM do the daring Megan-on-top-of-River pose on the floor. Gosh! They were so natural and had no moment of embarrassment about it, except for Megan's signature girly laughter and that RM fix the wardrobe ritual. Flashback to Episode 15 of the Bromance BTS. To the BFFs who joined the forum belatedly, I encourage you to visit JenL's blog about it.

http://thesedramaticdays.blogspot.com/search/label/Bro Show Biz Episode 15 (Hotel Scene)

(We had a grand time talking about it, both here at the shipper's forum and the main Bromance Forum a year ago. Happy, noisy days! Sob. I miss the other BFFs.)


Sean & Johnny's photo session

River commented that it seemed not right coz Sean and Johnny didn't have any body contact. Maybe, the reason that they didn't know how to interact and were awkward with each other was  because they personally don't meet often and also didn't collaborate much in Bromance.  
ShowBiz said Sean really knew how to pose.  
Johnny said he doesn't know how to pose in front of the camera; that it was different from filming.

Dancing River & Johnny

River started to dance while Megan was practicing on the piano behind him.  
He asked Johnny to join him because he's already into the music.  
River said when Megan is playing the piano, both of them (River & Johnny) should be the background dancers.  
ShowBiz commented that they (River & Johnny) do not match at all! :D

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Dance Rehearsal

River acted as an audience who got picked to go on stage. :lol:

Sean and Johnny said they have not yet seen RM dancing so they are watching their rehearsal to give their support 

When it came to the part where River lay down on the floor with his face and body facing upwards and Megan got on top of himB), Sean and Johnny reacted that Megan was very manly with that act! Hot!

ShowBiz asked who were they afraid more, Megan or River?
Johnny said they can joke around with each other but sometimes when it comes to serious stuff, they will not fool around.  
Sean added that they are sunbae (senior) but because of the age difference, they should respect 'elders' because they are little brothers! LOLz :tongue:

At the piano rehearsal, Megan said she wanted to cry because she was too nervous.  (Poor thing. My heart went out to her) 


River went to give Megan a hug.
Sean commented that it was a heartwarming scene while Johnny offered his fruits.  
When RM were in a tight, comforting (I dare say, "romantic") embrace, Megan said to River "BaBa, I'm nervous BaBa".  ("Baba" means "Daddy")
Behind them, Johnny suggested "BaBa give a kiss".  
Megan suddenly stopped hugging River and looked at him with a shocked face and said "zou hai" (A BFF told me, the correct words should be "zou kai", which means "go away". Her pronunciation of the words gave it a cuter, whiney tone. In an earlier Showbiz BTS of their dance rehearsal, when Megan teased to strip River and he was running away from her, he also said the same words to her with the same pronunciation "zou hai". It seems to be a unique RM jargon, just my thoughts.)
ShowBiz at the back cheered River:  "aim right (at the lips)".  
River turned to ShowBiz and told them: "I'm not going to kiss, what's with you? I just want to use my eyes to give her encouragement".

(Remember? River has been tagged as someone with an "impregnating look" or "electrifying eyes".

 Flashback to BTS of Sanlih Drama Awards


and the Hua Liu Photoshoot 


Gosh!!! He gave her an electrifying, impregnating look while she called him, "Daddy"! "Baba"! I wanna see the cute ChuYan kids!!! Soon! LOL:wub:  

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Mens' Fashion Talk

Johnny said the Korean and Japanese fashion trend for men nowadays is oversized floral shirts.
Sean joked "after you wore it, it now became the trend?"  Johnny answered, "I think so too".
River said "it's ok for you to wear this but do you really need to wear a 10 inch shoe?  Is it needed?"  LOL

Oppa's Love Confession 

An oppa fan confessed "Megan Lai, I love you" and asked "River Chen, when are you getting married? (Some translations: When are you going to propose to Megan?)
At the final part of the vid, he was asked his age. Answer: 19!!! 


River was being 4D again. He shook hands with Sean (normal handshake).
River pretended to pass by Megan and that he didn't want to shake her hand. Megan's face turned sour. He returned to shake her hand but she refused. He then grabbed both her hands and said "I like you, I really like you!" (My heart melted once again. I know you meant every word of it, Sweetie.) 
River pretended to slap Johnny.

Last part - "Bromance Asia Tour Tokyo Stop - Big Success!"

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