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  1. Just my personal opinion - Vengo looks nervous and awkward in most of his interviews. It’s like he is always bracing for the next question and after he has answered, he looked amused. I find it endearing though. He may not be as good in talking to the media like other actors but I can feel his sincerity and I appreciate his effort in reaching out to his fans. I chuckled at his classic answer that whether for Christmas or New Year, he hopes to spend it with his family. Coz reality wise, most men would spend such occasions with someone they hope to start a family with. I’m curious, does he have a girlfriend? Anyone knows?
  2. @Leslie Mtz C Thanks for sharing that beautiful sand art of our DongFeng. Been quite busy lately after my vacation at the Land of Smiles. I’m elated that the filming is done. Now, all we have to do is wait for the finish product. I’m equally amazed that we never lack for something to discuss here. Hello to the newbies who have just joined us. I can’t help but laugh on the comment about Vengo’s acting. Actually, I found his acting as DH in TMOPB as satisfactory. Maybe he is better off with the role of an Ice Face - expressionless and cool. But since the DH in Pillow Book is far different and is a layered character, then we will see how he will pull it off this time. I trust that he prepared well for the role. Regardless, I can’t imagine another actor playing the role but him so I shall be surely cheering for him to do best. Jiayou As for Reba, I have no doubts on our heroine’s acting prowess. Look at her, she’s so adorable.
  3. @jimmylyne No need to be sorry to me dear. I feel you about the excitement. I was actually like you when I first joined soompi. I only became aware of the rules when the moderators issued warnings in the forum I used to join. Since then, I’ve been cautious too. Saw these pictures in facebook and it reminded meof our baby fox. If her baby fox image will look anything close to these, I’ll be smitten too.
  4. @jimmylyne It’s one of soompi forum rules. You can click “The Rules” blue tab above if you want to know more. The specific rule reads: “4. Do not quote pictures or long posts. Instead, remove images in your quotes. Quotes do not count towards the 20-character limit rule. If you're going to quote a picture or post, say something about it. If a quote is too long (more than 10 lines), only quote a subsection of the text. Quoted pictures set in spoiler tags are considered a violation as well. Threads that are meant solely for pictures belong in the k-entertainment general discussion.” You did well @Cedric Ong for the quick reply. @redfoxprincess I also liked Liu Ruilin as 16th in TMOPB. I liked his love story with the demon princess Yan Zhi. I didn’t find him handsome there as well as in Flame’s Daughter. But seeing his photos for Pillow Book, I say that he has the looks for the role of Yan Chiwu/Xiao Yan who was described in the book as quite handsome. I think he looks better in black and his makeup and hair suits him as compared to those 2 dramas I mentioned earlier where he wore white and his hair was tied in a tight topknot. I wonder if the drama will follow the book that his heart would be broken by Jiheng. It wasn’t clear in the book what happened to him and Jiheng in the end. Jiheng was brought back to the Demon Realm to recuperate after DH cured her of the Qiushui poison while Yan Chiwu went into coma after he lost in a battle on his way to deliver DH letter to FJ. (That precious letter could have explained DH delay for the wedding and saved our DongFeng from too much heartache. But well, it gave us one hell of a rollercoaster ride that made me not want to stop reading until I reached the end. ) I wish that in the drama, Xiao Yan and Jiheng will be given a decent love story ending. This the good girl in me saying. However.... sorry but I am tempted to be a bad girl on this matter. LOL Coz I really hated Jiheng for what she did to break FJ and DH. Gosh, she made my blood boil! She was fine in the beginning but when she fell in love with DH, she became irrational and foolish. Committing suicide and abusing DH’ promise to her father in order to ask DH to back out from marrying FJ is utterly base, disgusting, shameless, despicable and contemptible. The lowest of the low. I feel that Yan Chiwu is too good for her. So I rather want Yan Chiwu to be paired with someone who deserved him coz I agree that he’s an honorable man and sweet. (He was only provoked by thick-skinned DH to challenge him to a fight.) And for Jiheng to be banished somewhere to reform. Or maybe they can turn her into some enchanted object. A doormat would be good. @karinos, I bet this forum will have a lot of traffic once the drama will be aired. Excitement is overflowing already even this early.
  5. Yipeeeeee!!!!! Dancing with joy. Twirling happily. Blowing kisses everywhere. Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Group hug everyone! I’m overjoyed for our baby fox’ victory. Well-deserved indeed. Congratulations Reba! You are destined to be a queen. Keep it coming. Just want to call everyone’s attention but don’t get offended please. Let us refrain from quoting the pictures and vids posted by others. Moderators have been fairly tolerant here. No warning yet but let’s not wait for that to happen.
  6. Hello everyone! Done reading your posts and grateful to all of you for keeping this forum. I’m Dilreba’s fan and it was thru watching her in Sweet Dreams that I got to know Deng Lun. I was also won over by him in SD but it was in Ashes of Love that he got totally etched in my fangirl’s . He and Yang Zi were great. If you want to drown in his smiles, here’s an FMV compilation of his sweet smiles. Looking forward to his next drama.
  7. @Kimberly Amor I want to join in the screaming. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Finally we get to see a kissing scene. Elated Gosh! I want to rush the days too so we can watch the drama.
  8. LOL I thought I just will keep it to myself but since most of you have spoken up, I confess that I also didn’t like Vengo in LOF as well as his partner there. Specifically that part where they sang some ancient Chinese song, I cringed and skipped it and all the other times that they replayed it. But I daresay that Vengo did great as Donghua Dijun in TMOPB and I expect nothing less in the Pillow Book. Some roles are made for certain stars, so is Donghua Dijun for Vengo Gao. I can’t imagine another person in that role but him. Reba will definitely nail Bai Fengjiu. She’s getting better and better with her acting. Sometimes Fengjiu can be irritating with her denseness and menace. But Reba has a way of delivering the role that makes Fengjiu endearing. Talent, skill and charm. Lethal! Were they not tagged as the DongFeng couple in the Pillow Book? I like the sound of it. There’s harmony
  9. Exactly my wish. I also want to see more scenes of their happy family life. FJ and DH were able to clear up their misunderstanding during the battle with Miaoluo. They stayed with each other till the end of it and father and son finally met. It is a perfect ending but my insatiable fan’s heart just keeps screaming for more. I don’t want to be left with my imagination of what if. I want a confirmation of their happy ending as a family, enjoying each other’s company. That’s why, thank you @arinoza for the pictures. You made me smile today.
  10. Thank you @santakle. It’s good to hear from you again. Do share a link of the remake here if there is an english sub. I want to watch it too.
  11. @jimmylyne If I may add, our Bai Feng Jiu is really talented to be able to attract the revered Dong Hua Dijun and twist him around her little fingers. I can totally relate how her mom was totally puffed up with pride upon knowing what big fish her daughter had baited. And at the same time, I understood the concern of her other elders who worried how they would come to her rescue later if she got into a fight with DH. That part where it was revealed that FJ had a husband then DH stepped out to fight for her was so monumental for me. I just had to shout a big yes! And kept smiling like a fool as I read on. @Zelnk I just mentioned about missing silver-haired DH in my last post and voila you posted pics of him. Thank u.
  12. Love reading the discussions here, especially from @redfoxprincess. Thanks a lot for sharing! I’ve been watching videos of Vengo filming and I wonder why his hair is black. It reminds me of TMOPB when he descended to the mortal world as a king. From what I remember from PB, he had always maintained his white hair even when he impersonated as Xize in Aranya’s dream. The thing is, I am like FJ who prefer his white hair and I also kinda think he looked ugly when he was a mortal. Also, how do you people convert the immortal’s age to a human’s age? I really find this interesting, including their sense of time. I can’t imagine staring at someone and wondering what to do next for half a day’s time. All those instances when the novel speaks of candle and tea time when describing the length of time, I simply shrugged it off. LOL Amongst the one-liners in the novel, DH’s “I have never feared destiny and I certainly don’t need its charity.” is also my favorite. I have lots of favorite scenes. What comes foremost to my mind now is that scene at the holy Blue Sea when FJ bargained to dance for DH in exchange for seeing the divine Luan birds perform the 'One Hundred Birds Saluting the Phoenix' dance for her. “The bright moon and stars illuminated the satiny background, their quiet glow shimmering across the Blue Sea. The divine birds perched quietly on the treetops. Soft music flowed from the harp as the red-robed maiden lithely danced to it. Under the moonlight, her long dark hair seemed to be coated with a layer of light. The sleeves concealing her face slowly moved away, revealing a beautiful face behind them. Her fingers came together to form two hibiscuses. When she raised her hands, her sleeves slid down and showed a pair of ivory arms. Her steps were as soft as ripples on a quiet night, and as exquisite as a blooming flower on the water. Donghua missed a note. He had always known her to be beautiful, but never the sophisticated type. Her beauty was principally in her elegant and sunny demeanor. At this time, he discovered that her elegant face could actually be said to be dazzling. Whenever she wanted to please him, her gaze would so naturally become alluring. Of course he knew who had made her look this way. Even she might not know herself how enticing her gentle gaze could be. The chord suddenly came to a halt. Fengjiu raised her head in confusion. Silence momentarily surrounded the terrace. At long last, she saw Dijun open his arms wide and call out to her in a hoarse voice, “Come over here.” The way Dijun was sitting there beckoning her was simply too irresistible. Despite being a little suspicious, Fengjiu moseyed to him but without forgetting to complain: “Telling me to go, then telling me to come. Why do you always call me? Can't you come to me? And anyway, you're not allowed to squish my face anymore.” Dijun readily agreed: “I won't.” “Are you sure?” “I'm sure.” Dijun really didn't squeeze her cheeks anymore. Instead, he pressed her straight onto the carpet. She let out a cry in surprise. At first, she was still concerned about letting the divine birds perform the 'One Hundred Birds Saluting the Phoenix' dance for her, thus she struggled away from his hold. But her strength wasn't as great as Dijun's after all. Soon, Dijun was furrowing his brow and even using that low deep voice that she loved so much to coax her. Her head was so dizzy with his bewitching ways that she let him do whatever he pleased. She even cooperated with him a little.” It is so flirtatious and overly romantic This is also the scene when DH called himself as FJ’s husband and also made her call him husband. I’m smitten. I am very much looking forward to watch Reba dance as she is an excellent dancer. I pray she recovers soon. This girl has been accepting projects left and right, I wonder if she still get a decent rest in between. I’ve been her fan since TMOPB. Hers, Vengo and many others in TMOPB.
  13. @redfoxprincess You have just started a juicy topic for discussion. You make me want to read the book again. LOL Amongst the things you mentioned, the matter that bothered me the most in both TMOPB and Pillow Book was also the issue of child abandonment. In TMOPB, my eyebrows raised when I watched that episode where Ali met Bai Qian on the way to visit Yehua’s grave, and said he missed her coz she had never visited him. I’m not a mother but from observing my own mother and other mothers, I know how attached they are to their children to make separation or abandonment unthinkable. But I’ll tell you how I resolved this issue. I just put to mind that it’s a story about immortals who may have a different mindset from us mortals. They train their children to be more independent and not be too emotionally attached. (I’m adapting Su Moye’s thoughts when he rescued Aranya from the snake pit) The theme of the story is about eternal love between immortals, so well, come hell or high water, they will sacrifice everything in the name of amor. Romantic, eh? Children will later on leave the nest to search for their own destinies, so stick to your lifetime partner and cherish him/her. I’m itching to touch on the other points you made but I’ll leave them for later discussion. I still have lots of dramas to catch. Have a good day/good night fellow dreamers!
  14. Saw this on Youtube. Something to supplement the picture which @Zelnk posted I’m getting more excited! Mark Chao, I want you too!
  15. @Zelnk Thank you. Since I got to read the English translation of Pillow Book for free, I thought there was also a free version of TMOPB in English. @karinos I watched Legend of Fuyao. It’s great. I also recommend it. But just like @pawla I also preferred the love story of the lead characters. Vengo’s acting was ok and he looked handsome as always. I’m prejudiced to Vengo and Reba pairing so I don’t give much interest when he is paired with other actresses. (This is just my preference. I don’t mean to criticize.) @Leslie Mtz C I also don’t remember the book mentioning of GunGun having a birthmark. He had Donghua’s white hair though. And I remember the description that he was plump and cuter than the mortal children. I had this theory since TMOPB that Feng Jiu’s birthmark had an origin to it. In TMOPB the story was that Donghua removed his name in that Rock of Fate (forgot the exact name) for the sake of all the the realms. So maybe when he did that, the one fated for her was left with a mark. Sort of Fate’s last act of grace to him that if he will later find that person with that unique mark on her forehead, he is given the choice of whether to pursue and claim his fate with her or he will remain steadfast in his choice to stay single for eternity. This just came to mind as he always seemed fascinated by Fengjiu’s birthmark and would always stroke it. I was quite relieved when I read Pillow Book that he actually fell in love with her. Love stories with happy endings are just addictive.
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