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[OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2


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So I have one complaint after seeing next week's episode preview...of course other than that DAMN PLATE!!!!
Is it just me or does it seem like they may have had more than a few camera crew with them? Unlike in their apartment, it felt morel like it was just the two of them. If I could request one thing from the PD other than 50+ years of SOLIM (although this question should be up to Jae Rim & So Eun), I wish they would have as little to no camera crew (give them a camera) as possible. For some reason, I can only imagine how self-conscious one must feel with a camera crew following them around especially for So Eun; although at the same time, I feel like they don't even notice or care about others when they are together.
 Been a long day so I'm off to bed... I will re-watch GirlsDayFansubs though. Can't wait to watch KshowOnline's version as well! HAPPY SPAZZING!!!!!!

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Guest iamkryptonite17

He's talking about kids with KSE on his bung-bung... awww bite me.. Jaerim-ah why so sweet? Where can I buy another you? :x 8-} :-bd X_X

darn... this ship hit me hard!

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welcome to new home! even i'm not always post here. sometimes i do post here. :-)
rewatch their turkey honeymoon. 






now, i can't wait for summer!!!! please come faster!!
did i sound like a byuntae? not is it? i'm totally innocent  ;)

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I'm pretty sure Jaerim and Soeun wanted to hunt for abalones not oysters as subbed in GDFS ;)

--I haven't expressed how happy I am to see uri president Nam back~! He makes the panel MC complete. :D There wasn't much of him but my fav part was when he went "EEH?!" After Jaerim started the jeju dialect. Kekeke~

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Guest nylan143

Aigoo! I was trying to be innocent but when JR said something like it's like a vibrator massage while riding the motorbike then talked about having a child. Then SE was like "his back was....it was nice gripping it" :-t X_X @-)

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thanks for the eng subs! it really made my day! every episode is over flowing with refreshing fun and cuteness of this adorable couple!

Btw was able to capture pretty stolen shot of Jaerim's personal goddess:

photo B649636E-C381-40C7-994F-553F06106BB1_1.png

sooo pretty! Jaerim Oppa must really be a proud husband.

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Watched the subbed episode!!! Thank You so much "Girls DayF"‌ :)

I really liked the part when they're facing their fears!!!

When So Eun was screaming non-stop because of the water, I could see myself in her. I'm not that afraid of water, I know how to swim but I really hate swimming on seas or oceans because of the fear that I would step on something or something is gonna bite me that's why I prefer swimming on pools. I always tend to panic and scream just like her everytime I come in contact with water from the sea including its waves.

And with Jae Rim during the viking ride. He was so funny!!! He looked extremely pale and scared. And he keeps holding his stomach. Hahaha poor boy! :)) I also remembered a guy who reacted the same way as him when he rode the viking and he threw-up after.

Whatever happens in the future, there's one thing I'm sure about. These two would definitely bring these memories of them facing their fears together until they grow old. :) Facing fears are unforgettable memories right? ;)

and oh I haven't thanked @ameterf_81ac‌ for managing to provide us a new home! Thanks chingu :x

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Hmmmm I'm smelling honey here ... Could it be? Ah there you are honeybees, it's indeed an LTE thread hahahaha ... So where's kimchi jigae? Fish bread? Kumpir? Pomegranate juice? Americano coffee? Lol

Welcome to new home!!! Let's enjoy solim's precious moment :)

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Guest NoteBook711

Interesting stuff from DC :) JL's pockets are for SE pocket2_zpslbslu8nz.jpg
Cr: 보라소림 @ DCGall
red blanket in JL's bag web_3553182807_3ac9ace2_zps8enlcm7c.jpg
red blanket on SE's lapweb_3553182807_01554d32_zpsonym2d6w.jpg
in turkeyweb_3553182807_ecb37a6b_zpstfov60q7.jpg
Cr:수족냉증@DCGalland yay! new home! so proud of honeybees and thanks @ameterf_81ac :) 

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class="content-title" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-family: 'Open Sans', 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif; font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit; font-stretch: inherit; line-height: 1.4em; font-size: 23px; vertical-align: baseline; text-shadow: rgb(255, 255, 255) 1px 1px 0px; visibility: visible;"Kim So Eun Can Tell What Song Jae Rim Is Thinking By Looking in His Eyesehk38 March 7, 2015Kim So Eun Can Tell What Song Jae Rim Is Thinking By Looking in His Eyes

On the March 7 broadcast of MBC’s virtual marriage show “We Got Married,” couple Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim take a trip to the island of Jeju, which, according to Song Jae Rim, is the first part of Korea to enter spring.

During her solo interview, actress Kim So Eun talks about her chemistry with her hubby, “Just by looking at his eyes I can tell to a certain extent what he’s thinking. I can know about 95 percent. I think that’s why we are so compatible.”

we got married

She continues, “I get this feeling of fitting together [with him]. I also feel like I’m becoming more like my husband.”

Meanwhile, “We Got Married” has confirmed that the SoRim couple is the only couple slated to stay on the show, with the Hong Jong Hyun-Yura andNamgoong Min-Hong Jin Young couples leaving.

we got marriedcr: soompi

If his eyes don't lie, then Soeunnie, you must be able to tell that he's in love with you.

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nylan143 said: Aigoo! I was trying to be innocent but when JR said something like it's like a vibrator massage while riding the motorbike then talked about having a child. Then SE was like "his back was....it was nice gripping it" :-t X_X @-)

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Guest Jaesoeun

Hello honeybees. Thank you so much for opening a new home. I won't miss any updates for our couples. You guys are really awesome. Time to celebrate (house warming party), or maybe I'm late for the celebrations. When I open this thread it's on 7 pages and I'm trying to catch up.

That plate, I hope it will brake in half, ( no injury on their faces) so SE lips will landed on JR lips. Crossing my fingers again. And thats what my wish for. And once again, a million thanks to all honeybees.

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@hergurlc‌ . Please please post your poster :) loved your fallen prince and angel one last time :) eagerly waiting :) @innasalvatore :( where are you? I miss seeing inna on every page .... @parksiqa please come back with your army of bunnies in the new home :)

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Guest moon4ujc6

Wyseyoung said: Dear Honey beeeeess....
To commemorate our new hive...I'm taking liberty to make a pledge for us...it really sounds so presumptuous...haha..what the heck..it's fun... 

It goes like this....


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Guest kdramaaddict77_c7d4

Sorry out of topic,

But i watched the last part of this ep... And someone mention in old thread that hong jinyoung leaving the mc panel??

Is that true???

I thought they gave her flowers only for Congratulate her for finishing her wgm...

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Awww what a beautiful part 2 as our Solim home thankful hugz to @ameterf_81ac‌..... feels bittersweet but Im sure we all will adapt soon to this new hive^^

Warm Welcome to all my dear honeybees!

I watched the ep yesterday! It was fun. They were very natural, comfortable, and with the usual friendly bickering....also with a lot of skin ship :)

My favourite part was when Jr and Se were on the motorbike....and he asked her to scream as much as she wanted (she had said in the ep that they filmed on the day of the rumor that she wanted to scream out on top of her lungs)...and Jr remembered...

he said sweetly.... u can scream out to your hearts content here...

and she hesitated for a bit and then shouted out to the ocean while riding behind him.... so did he....releasing all their stress....

I am sure this trip will be very meaningful for them...It will allow them to look in retrospect at all the amazing time they had together and now also as they spend the whole day together relying on each other...another beautiful memory in the solim couple's diary :)

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