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[OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2


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Guest LoveMyWookie

Hi Honeybees!!!

Congratulations on our new home!!! I am soooo happy!!! It feels so good to know that we will be able to continue our journey. To SoLim's WGM 50 years and beyond!!! Wootwoo!!! <:-P Fighting!!! >:D<

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Part 2.... 
At jejudo while riding on the motorbike...
SE : It's really fun. So that's what it feels like. (Referring to the motorbike ride).
JR shares : In the future, I want to bring the kids and go on a motorbike tour. My wife would take the backseat behind me. We must really do the 50-year WGM show.
SE echoes his sentiments : Yeah, for 50 years!
SE tells JR : It doesn't feel so cold now.
JR : Jagi, do you know the reason why you aren't feeling so cold now? That's because I'm seated in front and shielding you from the cold winds!
SE : Really?!
JR : (The chilly wind) is starting to make my eyes become watery. My eyes are really watering now.
SE then proceeds to use her hands/gloves to wipe off JR's tears.
JR adds : It's because of the cold winds.
SE comforts him : Don't cry anymore. Do be careful.
JR : Rest assured. Even though I like the big ocean, I won't ride the motorbike into the ocean.
SE then tells JR : It's okay. As compared to being in the waters, I much prefer to be on land more.
JR then shares his sentiments too : Me too, as compared to being in the sky, I also prefer being on land more.
SE then asks JR : What about me then?
JR asks SE : You
JR confesses : I love you deeply like the sky...Love you deeply like the earth (Ha..ha...JR is prfessing eternal love for his wife, Soeun!)'
SE : Really?
JR : Yeah, really.
SE : If that's the case, then I feel the same way too. Like the sky and the earth!

JR : Are you feeling really elated now?
JR : Let's keep a lookout for any good places where we can sit down, rest for a while and take some pics.
JR stops his motorbike : Let's keep ourselves warm for a while.
He then places her hands over where the motorbike engine is.
SE : Ah, my hands do feel really warm now.
SE then removes her helmet and passes it over to JR while swaying her hair to and fro.
Caption reads : Her sensuous expression...will cause guys to be deeply drawn and attracted to her.
JR then teases her : Seems like you do this very often.
JR : Jagiya! Shouldn't you do it this way? (JR then sways his head all the way back in one motion).
SE ; No, that isn't the case. I'm not like that at all.
JR then takes the helmet from JR and puts it over her head.
She then removes it again and starts to sway her hair back in one motion.
JR : If I'm the one, I will shout, "Cut!" 
SE : Are we going to take some pictures here?
JR : Yeah, we should take some photos. (For memories' sake).
JR asks SE : Jagiya, did you bring along your lip balm?
JR then applies the lip balm on his lips while looking at his own reflection in the brightly polished motorcycle parts.
JR tells SE : This can serve as a mirror too.
SE teases JR : Oh, this can be used as a mirror too when we are taking our photos.
JR then starts to show SE by making a pose.
JR : I can look at myself at myself in the mirror (while making a pose), the effects of the photos would turn out to be really great.
SE counter proposes : Why don't you just lean against the motorbike, I feel the photos would turn out to be even better.
JR remarks : This pose is already outdated.  (Implying it's too old-fashioned)
JR adds : We should be leading the way in sense and style. Just follow Photographer Song's instructions and do so accordingly.
SE complies and looks at her own reflection in the shiny polished part of the motorcycle.
SE asks JR : I should use this part of the motorbike like a mirror too.
JR : Yeah, just use it like a mirror and apply your lip balm on.
When SE starts applying some lip balm onto her lips, JR starts taking a shot of her doing that.
SE : Are you taking continuous shots?
JR : Yah, continuous shots...

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wowww!!! we already at 6pages <:-P <:-P sooo lte!!!

@-) but where's our captain??? @innasalvatore‌ :D

i need to hear some speech..kikiki

#psst ...pssstt... im still searching my room..huge,comfortable n pinkieu pinkieu :\">

edit: opss 7pages now

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SE : You've brought along a lot of stuff with you.JR : Me? No matter where I go, I would always ensure that I prepare all the things which I need. It's become a habit already.
He then takes out a pair of gloves.
JR : Jagi, your hands are feeling cold so put on the gloves. (He then proceeds by putting on the gloves for his wife). Jagi, you only need to place your hands around my waist. cr@MinLyn
SJR the ever gentleman and very considerate husband to his virtual wife. The pair of gloves had tiny ribbon design on it too, so cute!

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Yah...media is really going to promote SOLIM both positively and negatively until no man or woman would come close. Meaning they can only have eachother? Well, not bad. In that case I might consider joining the haters supporter's group. Lol..what on earth am I babbling? Sleeping already.. I-) I-) I-) I-)

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Guest LoveMyWookie

Recaps for Ep 25...


The couple arrives at Jeju Island. JR tells SE that he has chosen Jejudo because it's a place where spring first arrives in Korea. 


SE : Is that the reason for bringing me here?


JR : Yeah, for a vacation and I've already planned our itinerary too.


SE : Oppa yah?


JR : Yeah, all you need is just to trust in me and follow me.


SE : Now, I don't really feel at ease and it's beginning to worry me.


SE : Is this the carpark? Will that be a cool sports car that awaits us?


JR : It's definitely a dream car. Yah, that's the one!


SE exclaims : Oh, that's Oppa's motorbike!!!


Flashback of the past scene where JR has asked SE if she would like think about traveling to Jejudo and riding on the backseat of his motorbike. He then adds on while others pump their vehicles with fuel but he pumps up with all his sensitivity and affection.

JR shares during the blackroom interview that even though he has not even started the engine yet but whenever he sees his motorbike, it feels as if he is already riding on the bike and he can feel his heart beating really fast and furiously. He remarks that his heart is already going vroom vroom.

Back to the scene at the carpark...

SE tells JR : I've never ridden on a motorbike before.

JR : Jagi, really? (he then places his hand over hers as if to give her the assurance she needs).

JR : Jagi, all you need to do it just to take the backseat behind me...you only need to sit behind me.

SE notices that JR has brought along a big backpack with him.

SE : You've brought along a lot of stuff with you.

JR : Me? No matter where I go, I would always ensure that I prepare all the things which I need. It's become a habit already.

He then takes out a pair of gloves.

JR : Jagi, your hands are feeling cold so put on the gloves. (He then proceeds by putting on the gloves for his wife). Jagi, you only need to place your hands around my waist.

JR then places a bandana over SE's face in order to shield and protect her from the cold and chilly winds. JR also has a bandana put on his face too.

Caption reads : The couple resembles a gang of robbers.

JR then starts the engine of his bike. Just merely listening to the sound it makes is already enough to instill fear in SE.

SE : I'm really scared.

JR reassures her and says : It will be really fun!

JR helps SE to get on the motorbike first.

JR tells SE : Hold on tightly to me okay!

JR : Hold on tightly to my waist too.

SE shouts : Let's go!

When they start riding along, SE exclaims : Daebak!

JR tells SE : We are riding along the ocean road so we'll be able to see the big ocean!

SE tells JR : It feels like vibrations derived from a massage! (Referring to her first experience on riding the motorbike).

JR : Are you saying it's like a massage chair?

SE : Yeah, like a massage chair.

JR : Now, we are really riding on the ocean road.

SE exclaims aloud : Yeah, it feels really great!

JR tells SE : Jagi, you have once told me before that you feel you're under lots of stress so you really feel like letting it all out by shouting aloud. Feel free tp shout aloud now!

SE starts shouting : Yahhhhhhh!!!

JR does the same too. 

SE yells aloud : I've arrived at Jejudo!!

JR : It's really fun!

Se : Yeah, it's really fun. Really helps me to relieve my stress too. It's really daebak!! (Ha...ha..it's so fun to see that a initially terrified SE is really enjoying and thrilled while riding on her hubby's motorbike).

SE : Oppa! Move/ride faster!

SE then lets out another yell : Yahhhhh!!!

Shen even lifts up both her arms while enjoying the ride.

During the blackroom interview, SE shares...

SE : It's a really nice and comfortable feeling. The cool breeze feels really great too! I feel my heart becoming really light and carefree and the stress has suddenly subsided. (Riding on) Oppa's back is really something that is really memorable and unforgettable.

JR shares : I really want to show SE the big ocean and its beautiful scenery and also let her experience a truly relaxing feeling...just the motorbike, Soeun and me. All the three of us combined as one. It feels really great.

Hi @MinLyn!

Thank you for the subs. It made me understand and appreciate their wonderful moments more... and for some strange reason I got teary eyed reading it. Their conversation was really honest and it mattered the most. Oh these two... I can't help but fall in love with their love story. To future episodes, 50 years and beyond!!! SoLim Forever!!! >:D<

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For those who follow the TV ratings, here's a glance at how things are doing:

WGM IC (reference)
Saturday, March 07, 2015 5.2 13.3
Saturday, February 28, 2015 4.7 13.2
Saturday, February 21, 2015 5.8 13.0
Saturday, February 14, 2015 4.9 13.7
Saturday, February 07, 2015 4.9 12.7

Please note Infinity Challenge included as a reference only (airs on same day, same channel) to see trends, holidays/specials, etc, not for absolute comparisons...

(Nielsen ratings compiled from MWave and DC Gall)
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Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun enjoy a romantic motorcycle date on Jeju Island on 'We Got Married'

Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun enjoyed a romantic motorcycle date on the March 7th installment of 'We Got Married'.

Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim were off to Jeju Island on a special trip, where Song Jae Rim was able to make one his dreams a reality by borrowing a motorcycle. He made sure to add touches like putting on Kim So Eun's helmet for her and taking a scenic route. 

Song Jae Rim said on the bike, "You said that you wanted to relieve stress because you went through a tough time recently. Try screaming... We should do 'We Got Married' for at least 50 years. Don't you think?" 
Also on the episode, the two visited an amusement park, where Song Jae Rim showed he wasn't too fond of rides that went high up. 
Credit Allkpop
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Yes! SOLIM creativity is ALWAYS welcome in my book! BRING IT ON! Can you kindly post them all so to those who aren't familiar are caught up? Thanks a bunch! 

You SOLIM honeybees are all so creative and so delulu, by choice. 

I've only posted one so far on our first thread, haha, but I can certainly share it again on this new thread! :)

I'll repost the first one and share to you all the second one soon! Or at least within a day or so :D

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After a long night of intense bed "wrestling."


And a lot of romantic kisses.(not to mention hubby's 200M getting excited)

They were both very exhausted.

9 months later, PD announced that they had a honeymoon baby. 

Maybe even babies.

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Drop by to say hello to our new beehive and u guys are just daebak! =D> LTE speed indeed.

Woke up and it's already second thread and 7 pages!! While pple do back reading, I do forward reading lol. Continue reading...... YAHHHHHHHH!!!!

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