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[OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2


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Part 6....
Back to the scene in the waters....
JR shouts aloud to SE : SE, come over here!
SE proceeds to swim to where her hubby is waiting for her.
JR : Aren't you afraid of the waters now?
SE replies : I haven't really overcome my fear yet. But I'm really working hard to overcome it.
JR : Jagi, now the plan/project is changed to overcoming your fear/phobia of water. It's a success!
During the blackroom interview, SE confesses...
SE : It doesn't seem so terrifying now. It's actually less scary than being in a swimming pool.
JR shares : I have always loved being in the waters. Because for me, it's really fun. All the haenyeo omonis are so warm-hearted. They have really given us a lot!
Caption reads : Their hearts feel really warm because of the thank you gift from the Haenyeo omonis!
Back to the scene at Jeju island.
SE exlaims aloud because they have arrived at the theme park.
SE : Wow! Jejudo Wish Coupon!
JR tells SE : Jagiya! I know you have always been trying your best to match up with me.
JR : So I'm going to make use of the wish coupon that you've given to me.
SE is pleasantly surprised and asks JR : I thought you didn't using the wish coupon and was prepared to throw it away.
JR replies : We'll just go and take the Viking ride okay! Anyway, you have already issued the coupons to me.
SE : Oppa! It looks kinda scary. Will it really be alright?
JR : It will be okay...I am just going to take the Viking ride.
SE : How can we only take the Viking ride? Since we are already here at the theme park.
JR explains and shows SE the wish coupon.
JR : Isn't it already written here? That we only take the viking ride?
SE : Let me take a look at it.
SE then tells JR : Since we are already here, let's play to our fullest!
The couple gets into the viking and SE tells JR.
SE : I always like to take the backseat when I'm riding in a viking.
SE tells JR : It'll be really fun.
JR shares : I will usually look at this from below. It's really elevated at such an amazingly great height.
Caption reads : (JR's) Frozen expression....
SE : Look below us.....
SE remarks it's seems like it's starting to move now.
JR shouts aloud to the staff : Just wait a moment! Something seems to be amiss!
Staff replies that : It'll come down later.
JR : It really scared me....
SE : There is something I really want to try.
JR : What is that?
SE : Why we are here at the theme park...I've always wanted to do this...as a couple we should hold our hands together and shout aloud while putting our hands up together.
JR : Do it like this?
SE : We should hold our hands like this and put both of them up.
SE : Will this be really scary?
JR : Viking ships to be....
SE then teases him and laughs aloud because JR is starting to stammer because he is already feeling nervous.
JR : Whenever I take the viking ride, I would behave/look like this.
JR then shouts to the staff : Can you make this tighter? (Referring to the safety bar).
SE : So that's how you are like.
JR : It feels like I'm (my body) falling off from the viking.
SE assures him : No, don't worry, you won't fall off.
SE comforts JR and tells him : Hubby, this is not some machine that will cause your body to feel topsy turvy.
JR tells SE : It looks like I have to start working on my thigh muscles...(Think he has made this comment because his legs are beginning to feel wobbly due to the ride).
They start grabbing onto each other's hands as SE shouts aloud in joy.
JR : This is really....
Then, he starts yelling aloud too!
SE tries to grab hold of JR's hand and raises it up high together with hers and accidentally brushes against his leg.
JR exclaims : My leg feels really ticklish!
SE : This is really fun!
JR : I really dislike this tickling sensation. (Guess JR is having butterflies in his stomach. Viking rides does that to me too!)
JR tells SE : It seems like they have adjusted the height to the highest elevation for us.
SE shouts aloud : This is really interesting!
SE : Think the ride is gonna end soon.
SE asks JR : Do you feel that your mind is becoming blank now?
JR : No, I feel my mind becoming really complex/complicated now.
SE : Why isn't this stopping yet? It should come to a stop now.
SE : It's finally ended now.
JR heaves a sigh of relief.
JR : Brake....
JR : Why aren't they letting us go down yet?
JR shouts aloud to the staff : Are you afraid to let us go down now? Please, stop this now...Please...I'm asking this of you....
SE exclaims aloud : How come it's moving up again?
SE : Please stop this now. This will do for now.
End of recaps for Ep 25...

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wow... finally arrive at our new home....

thanks for @ameterf_81ac‌ for answering my post at our old house...

truthfully i feel kinda sad when i have to leave the part 1.. theres so many memories about solim.. n at the same time 2 couple must to leave the program,that was double sadness.

but.. again the other hand we have new happiness, especially with yesterday eps. i really love with this lovely couple..

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Guest mymeeun

thank you girl's day fan sub for english subtitle and I hope you will continue subbing solim part on WGM even though yura no longer on WGM

>:D< >:D<

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It takes a whole day for me to scroll back some pages in previous SoLim thread and then have a gut to say an official GOOD BYE. The only thing harder than walking away, is not looking back. What an amazing journey for all of us. 

I'm proud to all of you, Honeybees. Your heart has been played, stabbed, cheated, burned and broken, but somehow still works. Let’s face the SoLim couple future with a big smile. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow but today is a gift. So, let’s appreciate what we have today!

"From Land to Sky and from Sky to Land."


Last but not least. Have you give your vote today? Ewwwww, don't skip it, the real battle has not end yet... Do vote juseyoooo... Bbuing-bbuing.. *aegyo*
Link: http://www.soompi.com/2015/03/05/shippers-contest-final-round-time-for-videos/8/
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Preview for Ep 26...
The couple are celebrating Jaerim's first birthday party together.
So Eun starts singing : To my beloved hubby, Happy Birthday!
JR : Let me introduce...Song Jaerim. The main character for today! (Because he is the birthday boy)
Caption reads : Losing one's mind....(JR is up to his funny antics and is unable to disengage himself from it).
SE : This is really embarrassing...(Referring to the gestures that JR is putting on).
Caption reads : Finally, the second round of their arm bar battle match....a sudden outbreak! (Sorrie, not really sure about the translation for this part).
Caption reads : Jaerim Black heart (cards)  Soeun. Their romantic melee battle.

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Voted for Solim! Done!

Currently Yura and Jong Hyun are leading...I wouldnt mind if they win honestly... This could be a comfort to the couple's fans...

I hope Solim stays on the show as long as possible...Although leaving is inevitable and the other couples departure makes me think about it even if I dont want to. ...I really can't imagine how sad it will be to say goodbye to them...No no no dont think about it...mind control!

Anyway, in this ep, another part I really liked was when they stopped in the middle of the journey to take candid pictures of each other...that was so much like what any ordinary couple would do on a road trip... and the pictures turned out so good...They are both excellent models and photographers. :-bd

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Guest Sol1m

To a new start honeybees :x <:-P

"In the village, a sage should go about

Like a bee, which, not harming

Flower, colour or scent,

Flies off with the nectar."

*Anonymous, The Dhammapada*

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Guest nden_kubis

hello all honeybees....
come back from lurking mode just want to say annyeng in new thread...
always checking this forum everyday..and I'm sorry for being silent lurker since a few months ago
Congratz for passing 2000 pages in 25 episodes and before Solim 200days anniv
I wish for a better new day of Solim and all honeybees in this new home and
Always want to say thx alot to @MinLyn for the recap...

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Guest iamlanamich

and our fund is getting higher!


Great job chingus! I am so proud to be on this ship. :)

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**Biong Biong**..... after a mere 18 hours, I've landed on Page 11 of our new home!!! What a ride! Gosh, it's really hard to describe this feeling - after roaming around Soompi for so many years, this the first time I've found myself on Part 2 of a thread (especially it's been only a mere close to 6 months since the birth of our LTE Couple thread). Credos to @ameterf_81ac for your great efficiency in creating such a wonderful new home in such a short time for all Honeybees to gather together!

Been retiring to the "Lurker" mode for a while but since its a new thread, I've gotta leave my tiny honeybee prints on our new home!

Though I am a quite embarrassed  to admit that I haven't been contributing much, but it always been a great great delight to read, ponder and digest all the wonderful creations and thoughts of all Honeybees. Thanks to all out there for making this happens and not forgetting our dearest Solim couple, who has indeed come a long way in such a short time. I love them deep deep for gifting us with the GREATEST on-screen romance on WGM - the only couple that did the most hugs, head kisses, hand-holding naturally, attained many great achievements and been through the most ups & downs in WGM history (err...did I ever mention that they were the only reason that I first started watching WGM??? So you may take my comment with a pinch of salt of you don't agree with me hehe..)

Seems like there been much talk going around the "Condemned Plate", did anyone not talk about the very much envied MOTORBIKE of JR's????

I'm so so jealous because JR have been sitting on it for the longest time and now our dear Eunnie gets to sit on it too *wish I am the motorbike* (Eeeks, what am I talking about??!!)

Looking at the before and after picture of his bike below, he did really modified his beloved bike quite a bit so that he can enjoy his ride with Eunnie and allow her to release some stress...really such a sweet nampyeong.


Bike1.JPG   Bike2.JPG



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Aigoo...we moved already? just dropping by to say hello...
Saranghae, honeybeez... I've never been in a thread that has moved house.. with Solim I experienced many firsts... honeybeez....jang... :bz :bz
I bless this Solim home with lots of love, faith and believe. Naysayers, if you intend to drop by, we wish and pray for your kind words and love....

^:)^ ^:)^

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Hee...hee...sorrie for causing the confusion there, I don't really have the time to read the all the captions. So I merely based my translation on their dialogues, So I've checked against the caption and realize the silly mistake I've made as I re-played their lines again. So sorrie, cos I've misheard their lines at this point. Have made the amendments as follows : -
Caption reads : Much as I love the ocean, it's not possible for the motorbike to enter into the ocean.
JR : Rest assured. Even though I like the big ocean, I won't ride the motorbike into the ocean.
SE then tells JR : It's okay. As compared to being in the waters, I much prefer to be on land more.
JR then shares his sentiments too : Me too, as compared to being in the sky, I also prefer being on land more.

When JR says that "he loves SE as deeply as the sky and as deeply the earth". I'm more inclined to translate this as "loving you as deeply like the earth" because it's a metaphor I've come across before. I'm not too sure about the metaphor or saying about "loving someone as much as the land" so I'll have to check with my hubby regarding this.P.S. You're most welcome, guys! Like I've mentioned before, I will say it again. I'm not a native speaker of the language so do excuse me if there are any inaccuracies or mistakes in my translations. Actually, I've only intended to do a a summary of the recaps for the subsequent episodes but since Sung Min is away, I do have more time on hand to do the full translations. But then, I took many breaks in between too, hence the delay in my translated recaps :)

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@MinLyn‌ , it's okay no need to say sorry. We really appreciate your effort to make recap. If you mistranslated a little part of the show, it's normal right , it's human error :) please don't get bored and don't get tired to make Solim Recap.

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Guest LEONomma

<:-P Just wanna say congratulations for the new hive honeybees! Cheers to more happy adventures,silly moments and endless spazzing! <:-P

As what Rimmie said on his fb post last january "we will always be happy",I am sincerely praying for SoLim's happiness in all aspects(life,career and most especially love). Same goes to everyone here.

To 50 yrs(or 50 episodes at least) we go! And ya! Rimmie! Make sure to marry eunnie for real so she could ride at your motorcycle's backseat along with ur kiddos! :x :x :x

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