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[OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2


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Guest uanaka

DAEBAK! We made it to a second thread?! 

I can't wait to see the raw for this episode and the cuteness that ensues! From reading the posts, it's glad to see most of the awkwardness all gone!

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@walkontheside : i use yours... i'am very like your job... i collect all sketched u done,,very like it...sorry i just tell u now,,ask your permission ... thank u
and can i ask one more to bring latest gif bout solim hold hands from first episode till new episode?
thank you chinguuu

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Guest kdramaaddict77_c7d4

Recaps for Ep 25...


The couple arrives at Jeju Island. JR tells SE that he has chosen Jejudo because it's a place where spring first arrives in Korea. 


SE : Is that the reason for bringing me here?


JR : Yeah, for a vacation and I've already planned our itinerary too.


SE : Oppa yah?


JR : Yeah, all you need is just to trust in me and follow me.


SE : Now, I don't really feel at ease and it's beginning to worry me.


SE : Is this the carpark? Will that be a cool sports car that awaits us?


JR : It's definitely a dream car. Yah, that's the one!


SE exclaims : Oh, that's Oppa's motorbike!!!


Flashback of the past scene where JR has asked SE if she would like think about traveling to Jejudo and riding on the backseat of his motorbike. He then adds on while others pump their vehicles with fuel but he pumps up with all his sensitivity and affection.

JR shares during the blackroom interview that even though he has not even started the engine yet but whenever he sees his motorbike, it feels as if he is already riding on the bike and he can feel his heart beating really fast and furiously. He remarks that his heart is already going vroom vroom.

Back to the scene at the carpark...

SE tells JR : I've never ridden on a motorbike before.

JR : Jagi, really? (he then places his hand over hers as if to give her the assurance she needs).

JR : Jagi, all you need to do it just to take the backseat behind me...you only need to sit behind me.

SE notices that JR has brought along a big backpack with him.

SE : You've brought along a lot of stuff with you.

JR : Me? No matter where I go, I would always ensure that I prepare all the things which I need. It's become a habit already.

He then takes out a pair of gloves.

JR : Jagi, your hands are feeling cold so put on the gloves. (He then proceeds by putting on the gloves for his wife). Jagi, you only need to place your hands around my waist.

JR then places a bandana over SE's face in order to shield and protect her from the cold and chilly winds. JR also has a bandana put on his face too.

Caption reads : The couple resembles a gang of robbers.

JR then starts the engine of his bike. Just merely listening to the sound it makes is already enough to instill fear in SE.

SE : I'm really scared.

JR reassures her and says : It will be really fun!

JR helps SE to get on the motorbike first.

JR tells SE : Hold on tightly to me okay!

JR : Hold on tightly to my waist too.

SE shouts : Let's go!

When they start riding along, SE exclaims : Daebak!

JR tells SE : We are riding along the ocean road so we'll be able to see the big ocean!

SE tells JR : It feels like vibrations derived from a massage! (Referring to her first experience on riding the motorbike).

JR : Are you saying it's like a massage chair?

SE : Yeah, like a massage chair.

JR : Now, we are really riding on the ocean road.

SE exclaims aloud : Yeah, it feels really great!

JR tells SE : Jagi, you have once told me before that you feel you're under lots of stress so you really feel like letting it all out by shouting aloud. Feel free tp shout aloud now!

SE starts shouting : Yahhhhhhh!!!

JR does the same too. 

SE yells aloud : I've arrived at Jejudo!!

JR : It's really fun!

Se : Yeah, it's really fun. Really helps me to relieve my stress too. It's really daebak!! (Ha...ha..it's so fun to see that a initially terrified SE is really enjoying and thrilled while riding on her hubby's motorbike).

SE : Oppa! Move/ride faster!

SE then lets out another yell : Yahhhhh!!!

Shen even lifts up both her arms while enjoying the ride.

During the blackroom interview, SE shares...

SE : It's a really nice and comfortable feeling. The cool breeze feels really great too! I feel my heart becoming really light and carefree and the stress has suddenly subsided. (Riding on) Oppa's back is really something that is really memorable and unforgettable.

JR shares : I really want to show SE the big ocean and its beautiful scenery and also let her experience a truly relaxing feeling...just the motorbike, Soeun and me. All the three of us combined as one. It feels really great.

While I was reading this.. I don't know why I had my eyes teary... It's so touching...!!!

:(( :((

They've been in such a storm where haters completely squeezed them to pieces.. Hurt them a lot..!!

I can feel how they release all the stress with those screaming...

It was like they scream out:


F***** YOU PAPARAZZI...!!!


b-( b-(

Yesss.. LET THEM GO... Soeun nie... And Rimmie... Let it go...

And I love the BRI translation of them... So sincere and meaningful...

"Me, Soeun and motorbike become one"


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Guest iamkryptonite17

Touch down! @ameterf_81ac‌ thank you for creating our new home. Job well done! ^:)^ =D> @minLyn it's really good to have you back. Transcripts! Yay! :-bd Carpe Diem. ~zoom out~ :-h

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Guest BeYourSelf

Let us cheer for our new home and make sure to keep this home continue with our supports, loves, and cheerful for our SoLim. =D>
I'm so proud to be a part of this ship. Let spread our love to each other for the next 50 years.:-*

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Can't believe that after getting up a little bit late and having a late breakfast, we are already on page 6 of the new thread.  Solim thread is really LTE and I've already have many pages to back track now...

Solim couple, daebak and going strong for the next 50 years!!

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hergurlc said: Who wants to see another SoLim edited movie poster!??!?The first one I shared was Soeunpolis so I was gonna post the next one up on the 11th since it'll be the 200 days but I'm thinking about posting it earlier, cuz there is just too much great stuff to celebrate! and cuz I'm reeeealllly reeeally crrazzy..Solim is making me crazy.If anyone remembers, I said I had made a trilogy series...well it's no longer a trilogy series....haha..it's become a series now. I've made more than I should have..keke... @-)
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Guest nylan143

Woah the last time I checked this new thread has 1.1k views and now it's 5.1k views and we're on page 6
=D> Super LTE indeed  :bz :bz :bz :bz

Edit: it's 5.2k, no it's 5.3k and fast counting hahahha this is daebak!!!!
=D> =D> =))

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OMG! I've got it! 
How about if these two do a BONNIE & CLYDE Korean style! They can even do it historical, too, if they choose to do so! No matter what, they will be one bad @$$ couple! If it's a modern version, we will see both of them on the bike! That's how they ride! ;) 

llonyRim said:SoLim featured as Hot Photo in StarN.The Candy Crush Soda event was few days ago yet they are still a Hot issue. ;)
That's DAEBAK!!! Thanks for sharing with us! Let's hope we will see more of them... and this time, a couple CF for CANDY CRUSH! Hey, how about that STRIP CANDY CRUSH idea of my delulu mind!??? hahahahah NOT RATED FOR TELEVISION. lmfao

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Yeay New thread,, New home,, Congratulations Honeybees!! (whut..6 page already? Hahaha i guess i'm late!!)
thank you @ameterf_81ac‌ for creating and providing this beautiful new home thank you @MinLyn‌ for the recap and transthank you @shinhwachangjo for the all netizen comments. (love reading all the positive responds from knetz =] )And thank you to all honeybees for making my day a little brighter =pLet's create beautiful memories in this new thread.. Happy Spazzing to you all ^^

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@gladcraze sorry to cut your post..I actually thought about that too, During the pool scene in Turkey JR said he wouldn't kiss her until she would permit it too and Se was like "do you think I would tell you to"- she wouldn't tell him  of course because she's a shy type lol  but instead she's giving him subtle and indirect signs/signals hhahahha so Rimmie boy you better get that sign and move fast like that of a speed of light

=)) :))

Where am I now?

OMG!!!! The new house with full of love.

If compare their kiss as the traffic light, it is a green light at this time.

Then go ahead Jae Rim oppa, or we should tweet to let him know as he is an innocent man.

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