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[OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2


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Guest nylan143

jbaek said: nylan143 said: Aigoo! I was trying to be innocent but when JR said something like it's like a vibrator massage while riding the motorbike then talked about having a child. Then SE was like "his back was....it was nice gripping it" :-t X_X @-)

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Hello again my friends in Solim Faith....
Just finished the eng subbed by Girlsdayfan subs...didn't expect it to be so fast but I would like to thank them very much for the dedication to bring us the engsub video soonest...
Watched the raw, but now with this eng sub video, I get to understand and love the flow of their journey in Jeju...I feel so touched during the motorbike scenes...when they said, they would like to be more lovey dovey and prettier...I find these scenes meet this promise and I'm looking forward to seeing them more and more...The preparation of the diving scenes are really hillarious and show how adorkably they can be and the panels are gushing how cute they are...haha...The water and viking scenes give me the feeling of thrills because in the water we can see how scary wifey is and on viking, as I myself am not too fond of this rides do emphatise what hubby feels...haha...and the last part, did they get "sabotage" or the ride is a kinda faulty? It must be frightening not knowing when it's gonna stop...
This kinda crossed my mind this morning...and sounds far fetched because they had the honeymoon and recently Jeju vacation...what IF..what IF...what IF...MBC is being so kind and fly them off to Las Vegas for 200th anniversary... then they get married by Elvis impersonator...will this marriage consider legit? :-?
They mentioned 50 years on WGM, don't we think they should have this wish granted? 
Dearest Mystical Variety God who is full of love and passion...
would like to implore your magical power to grant the wish to have WGM for 50 years...It's not for me actually...I'm satisfied if they can go on and on...as long as they can...but it seems that they are very keen too...They have talked about it since the beginning of time...and now it's like the third of fourth time they mentioned it...which I lead me to think that THEY DO REALLY WANT IT...As their protectors...the shippers here would not hesitate to extend our support to make this wish come true. Therefore, I hope you may drop us a visit in our dream...to give us a hint what we can do...(Hope you don't appear too scary for our fainthearted friend...you can consider to manifest in the form of cute Genie like the one in ALLADIN Disney animation.) 
We know in your hand we put our FAITH and TRUST....
Yours faithfully
Solim Faith Protector

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Part 4...
JR : This is the octopus which we've caught earlier?
SE : Looks like it takes really good!
JR : Jagi, let's try eating the food.
JR : The soup is really refreshingly good.
SE : It's really delicious.
JR : Yeah, the taste is really awesome!
(Hee...hee...even the way they are slurping down their food makes them such a compatible match. I love the fact that JR keeps calling SE his jagiya/jagi.)
MC remarks that the couple should film in the seafood ramen CF together.
JR asks SE : Is there any abalone in the noodles?
JR suggests to SE : Should we catch some abalone too?
SE : Oppa, you want to catch some abalone for me to eat?
JR : Should I catch some abalone for you too? Yeah, I'll do that.
SE : Then let's finish eating the food here, we'll then eat the abalone that you have caught.
JR : Eat the abalone which I've caught for you.
SE : Yeah....Jaerim's abalone.
JR : I got it. I also want to experience how it feels like entering into the waters.
Some Haenyeo (sea women) are leading the way for the couple to enter into the waters. One of the sea woman has remarked that they need to walk faster.
MC asks : Why do the sea women need to carry a pumpkin when they enter into the waters? (Noticing the large pumpkin in both the couple's nets).
Caption reads : It can't be that by carrying pumpkins is part of the experience for the couple to feel like what is like being a Haenyeo in the waters.
One of the sea women remarks : The waves are too big.
JR verifies : You mean you're trying to say that the waves are too big so we can' t enter into the sea waters?
The sea woman replies : You just have to listen to what we say and we'll let you go into the waters. 
She adds : Since you are already here, you should also experience what it feels like being in the deep waters.
JR asks the sea woman : Will it be much colder in the waters, Omoni?
The sea woman replies : Since it's the month of January, it will still be pretty cold in the waters.
JR laughs aloud : Oh! That's the case.
SE adds : My nampyeon (hubby) says he's going to catch some abalone for me.
JR : Do you think I'll be able to catch some abalone today?
The sea woman laughs aloud, then replies that she doubts so as there won't be any abalones around.
During the blackroom interview, JR shares....
JR : When we went to eat the octopus ramen, the stall owner says that we have to go and catch some octopus. I thought that it's a marine creature that would be rather easy to catch. If we manage to catch some, we will be able to make some seafood dishes to eat. 
SE reveals : I have never been in the deep sea waters that is above my waist level before. (SE is normally scared of being in the waters). Since I was born, this is the very first time.
SE adds : If it's my hubby, he is used to being in the waters as he is a good swimmer, so even if he doesn't manage to catch any abalone, he would still be able to capture other marine creatures.
SE is definitely looking forward to it.
Back to the present scene....
SE suggests that they do some warm-ups first.
JR starts leading SE to do some  stretches.
SE : Let's charge forward.
The couple starts running around in their flippers and JR catches hold of SE.
MC Misun remarks : The couple is really cute!
SE tells JR : You're stepping on me. Let's set off now.
SE adds that : This is really quite fun.
JR replies : Playing around for just a while has made me perspire already.
SE : Oh really...I'm starting to have a runny nose too.
JR tells SE : Let me help you to tie up your hair. 
He then follows by putting on the cap of her diving suit.
SE : Should i pull it up like that?
JR attempts to help her with it and ends up pulling her leg by pulling at her diving headgear and suddenly releases it, causing SE to grimace in pain.
SE in a threatening voice : You...come over here now. (Then she pretends to help JR to put on his headgear but ends up messing up his hair instead).
JR rationalizes : I am just trying to test its elasticity....
SE tells JR : Do you know how painful it is. You just wait and see...
JR feels bad and starts to help SE to adjust her headgear and put it on properly.
SE : Don't force it all in (Implying all her hair). It's revealing too much of my head (implying her forehead)
 JR : It's alright, Jagi. You have a really nice forehead.
SE : Do I looks really hilarious now? (Implying herself in the full diving suit with her headgear on)
Now, it's SE's turn to help JR to put on his headgear.
The sea woman shouts aloud : Quickly, come over here!
JR tells SE : She wants us to enter into the waters now.
JR tells SE : Hold on tightly to the floats (they resemble fluorescent like pumpkins in the waters)...
During the blackroom interview, JR reveals...
JR : Entering into the sea waters, Oh My God! The sea waters is actually much colder than it appears to be.
SE reveals : My hubby seems to be unafraid of the sea waters. I am really terrified of being in the waters. I really want to overcome this weakness of mine. I really believe and trust that my hubby would be able to take up the challenge of being a Haenyeo (sea woman).

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Guest epamaos

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!!  Welcome to our new home....God bless the administrators of this thread...let us continue to spread LOVE...

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hmmm. How smart rimmie is......

Kse eat noodles only twice a year....

1st time:

kse eat noodles with jae rin in turkey...

2nd time

kse eat noodles with jae rim in jeju....

So kse eat noodles twice with rimmie....

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Congratulation honeybees for the new improved thread/house/hive/paradise/ship  =D> =D> =D> As a certified lurker, I really proud of you guys. It was a tough sailing on the previous ship but honeybees here prove that with trust, positivity, courage and being navigated by good captains, the ship safely went trough the rough sea. Now with new improved ship, I hope it will continue to sail for a long time. We may facing the storm again in the future because the 'real sea' is not always calm but we already have the experience, so I'm confident we can face it. Even when it comes the day that the ship had to be retire, always be proud of yourself because coming out safely from the rough sea is something you can be proud of.tumblr_ndk182YjsM1svbttyo1_400.gif

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Guest r3drose


photo 96871ED8-80F2-4DF1-87AD-A9993FCFF30A_zpsn4qc2plv.jpg

~ People only hear what they want to hear ... They only see one thing ~

How fitting right?

This episode is THE one episode we're all anticipating to see for an obvious reason. And this, then again prove to EVERYONE that their chemistry is something that nobody can mess with.

Btw, on the pic above, when JR is saying these lines, SE was laughing so hard that i think she knows that somehow JR is "preaching" and that he somehow wants to tell people indirectly (using the show) these words.

photo E4F1F1E7-04C6-4B0E-844F-23F97FA59651_zpsdf1nwegj.png

No matter what this two does from here on out, people will ALWAYS have something (good or bad) to say about them. Haters will always follow and will try to bring them down. They can try AND they will try, but as i see with this two, they're fighters, so as long as BOTH stay as ONE then nothing can bring them down. I hope WGM will continue to help them, not to prove because they dont need to prove anything, but to show people what them as a COUPLE can do because them together is a force to be reckoned with.

Continue spreading the love Honeybees! :x :x :x

EDIT: Btw, nice crib guys (thanks @ameterf_81ac‌ for setting it up)

- Thanks for the trans @MinLyn‌, its nice seeing the blue colored font again.

Cr: GDFS (highly appreciate the effort in subbing all the Solim episode, i hope you continue to do so for 50more years? Haha! :P )

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Guest EL1393

Hello honey bees!! Welcome to our new home! We will surely miss our former thread because it is full of memories but don't worry chingus we will fill this thread with a new and much better memories :wink: Fighting shippers! Fighting Solim!

With that I would love to give you a SOLIM PLATE as a Welcoming gift >:D< HAHAHA

P.s. I can't post photos :'(

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Part 5...
SE tells man who is helping her into the waters : Wait up, let me warm up first.
The man replies : Just enter into the waters for a short while and you'll do fine.
SE is really terrified and yells aloud : Catch hold of me!
The sea woman quickly catches hold of her.
SE yells : It's really scary! Very scary indeed!
Sea woman tells SE to let go of the float.
SE replies : I can't let go of it...No. I can't let go of it...(Cos she is feeling too terrified)
MC Misun remarks : Will they be able to catch any abalone?
MC Eric remarks that the abalones would have been scared away by them because of the loud noise they are making.
Sea woman tells SE : Just let go of your hands and stretch your arms out like this...(as she motions for SE to follow her).
Sea woman : See you're floating in the waters already.
SE : Yeah, I am really floating in the waters now.
SE tells JR : It's really terrifying. (As she catches hold of the float again).
JR dives into the deep waters and shouts aloud : I can see the bottom of the ocean.
SE shouts : What did you see?
Sea woman shows SE something : Look at this (sea urchin)!
JR : Can this be eaten?
Sea woman : Yeah of course!
JR proceeds by putting it into his mouth and have a taste of it. (Hee...hee...I love eating umi sushi!)
SE exclaims aloud because the sea woman has caught some octopus and sea cucumber.
SE shouts : Daebak!
MCs also comment that the sea woman is like a magician....
JR follows by putting the octopus into SE's net. And the strong waves almost swept it away but he manages to catch hold of it.
SE also trying to catch some marine creatures while holding onto the float. Seems like she is getting used to being in the waters.
SE shouts aloud to her hubby : There seems to be something over here.
SE then shouts aloud again : Hubby! Abalone!!! Are you going to to give me some abalone?
SE : Even if it isn't abalone, do you think you will be able to catch some seaweed too?
JR dives into the deep waters hoping to search for some abalone for his wife. But there isn't any in sight.
Poor Jaerim doesn't manage to find any abalone.
During the blackroom interview, JR shares his thoughts on this....
JR : I'm a man who is not able to keep to his promises so I feel really sorry for Soeun. (Implying that he is unable to catch any abalone and presents them to his wife).
JR continues sharing : Even if it's something that resembles an abalone, I have seriously searched hard and looked at them too.
JR then adds : Other than sand, there is nothing that I can find. I can't just leave Soeun all alone by herself while I am far away in the deep waters.

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In a nutshell, this moment is what makes SOLIM special for me. This moment captures what I see in SOLIM when I watch them.
It's not the big moments that only matters. It's sometimes the little ones that may come unnoticed, too.I am absolutely IN LOVE with this moment though! KUDOS to the gif makers! Seriously.

And also this beautiful moment in Turkey:

I had to share!!!! HAPPY SPAZZING & don't forget to VOTE VOTE VOTE!

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"The story of the hated plate"

ONce upon a time, there was a plate that want to be famous. One day he fouNd out that a couple known "solim couple" in WGM was so popular aND love by the honeybees. So he said to himself "i will appear in their segment in wgm so I could be popular." Then an opportunity was given to the plate he was place between the lips of the solim couple, the plate said to himself "yehey i'm now popular!!." But in the end, the plate was sad because he found out that indeed he became popular but as the most hated plate by the honey bees.


Moral Lesson: don't try to interfer between the solim couple if you don't want to be popularly hated by the honeybees.


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Guest YESIL8

Good morning :)I watch Girlsfandays subtitues.. thank you so much 
I notice something..
When he ride motorcycle they stoped TWO time..Not one time.First one ..So Eun sit on his lap..Second one !!! He is take her on the motorcycle..I think at the second they stop to see sun  and see...

At the viking..
I check that is there a cameraman or the camera at the viking!? ..I think there was a cameraman So they do this scene several times not only one time..Jae Rim  must be really so scare  =))
PLUS: At the lip palm time.. So eun wears Jae Rim's ring on her trumb AGAIN.. Ahh this twooo.. :)
plus plus...At the bed scene there is a new bracelet on Jae Rim's wrist...Is it So Eun's birthday gift.. No nooo there must be so special gift for him.. 

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@nylan143‌ Anything that comes from rimmie boy is byuntae-ish =)) He did it subconsciously lol! Ottoke, he has done so much damage to our poor brains. Omg what are the actual meaning?! Tell me juseyoooo~ I don't mind regretting all these with u Wahahahha

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