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[OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2


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Guest joannafrancesca

Good Day Guys.. I have been a silent lurker here.. and I really enjoy reading your thoughts.. :) I'm really glad I'm on the same ship with you guys as this ship goes on.. there is no stopping or ending on this sail for the ending can only be the start of a new beginning.. Honeybees!! 사랑해요! Love love love.. :-* :x :x

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yayyyyy... a new home to spazz... or should i say a new hive... 
may our ship sail in a calm sea with a warm breeze and our solim couple really announce that they are in a real relationship with song triplets on the way... 

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Guest zehsillymillie

Hola, chingus! Woow! LTE speed is really LTE! =D>
Welcome! Welcome! To our new home >:D< *hands out glass full of flower balloon alcohol*

CHEERS! For another 50 years of Solim spazzing :\">

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Hello! Reporting to new hive..

Suddenly I tot.. what if, the cucumber plate kiss was se's subtle asking for jr to kiss her..!!!

We all knw jr said he would not kiss her until she ask for it.. n we were wondering hw a girl shd initiate.. this is it man!!

I can imagine jr lying down for cucumber facial w his eyes closed.. he must only b able to feel n hear what se is doing.. (she can do it thru cucumber though, why add that plate! Oh cucumber got holes in middle..) n indeed chinese subs showed jr asking if she is kissing him..

Ahhh its time. Anyway i duno hw these 2 holds out.. if im in their shoes w all the skinships they had, the natural urge to cuddle close n kiss would b almost irresistible. Like, constantly in the mind.

Im so glad se finally cave in to her desires!! Hahaha

Edit: i forgot to add, i loooove se bri@guess the meaning of jeju dialect. She says 95% of the time she can read jr.. awwwww :x

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Guest andritz

First time posting in new home I just wonder when SoLim do WGM for 50 years how many part do we have? Maybe our children or grandchildren will continue to spazz

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Guest mymeeun

tessieroo said: So...I stopped by to ask what the deal was with the plate (my reaction to the plate: 2overreaction_1.gif) and find wuri lovely honeybees have a new home? Congrats and I hope to see many more happy things that make me laugh out loud at 2am! 
You are an awesome group of people grouphugg.gif and I enjoy coming here to read even if I don't comment much. Thanks for allowing me that.

the plate big issue is it the only thing that got kiss from both soeun and jaerim at the same time, aish why I sound like jealous to the plate.
btw I really love ji hyunwoo n yoo inna on qihm, I always imagine our solim has kiss like their famous kiss (step on foot) but I guess it cant broadcast at wgm cos it's a 19+ rated kiss

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