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[Drama 2014] Secret Love Affair 밀회

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LOVE what this blogger has to say about the gorgeous poster!! :D

"And then there’s the poster. Take a look at that baby—it’s burnished and glorious and sexy as hell. (According to Soompi, the caption reads “My heart races. A bad feeling.”) What makes this poster special is its orientation: It very carefully presents its lead couple at an unexpected angle, twisting a landscape image to run in portrait orientation. And because of this twist, Kim Hee Ah is firmly on top. She looks down on her male lead from on high, drawing him upward toward her. Captured in the aching instant just before a kiss, Yoo Ah In’s puppyish expression of longing is a perfect contrast to the sharply defined lines and planes of her upturned face. She drapes one arm casually across his shoulder and pulls him close with her other hand. While most Kdrama hugs are dominated by their men, in this image the male lead’s arms aren’t even visible. He is fully enclosed within her embrace, clearly the recipient of the hug rather than its giver. The ultimate coded symbol of her dominance, though, is that her eyes are still half open, while his are almost fully closed."

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Drama 'Love Affair' reveals character posters for leads Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae
JTBC has released character posters for upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama 'Love Affair,' starring Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae.  The two had already shown their great chemistry in a previous poster and teaser videos.  Now they further show their acting skills by capturing intense emotions and sad heartbreak through facial expressions alone in the individual posters.
The melodrama focuses on the relationship between a refined and elegant career woman, Oh Hye Won, and a genius pianist, Lee Sun Jae, who lives a normal life because he has yet to discover his talents.  
Despite the 20-year age difference, the two will definitely be a hot couple to look out for this year, so watch the first broadcast on March 17!
Source: TV Daily via Nate

Uhhhh. Too many negative comments on Allkpop~ these kpop fantards don't know what a well-produced dramas are -_- I am annoyed.

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