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  1. Jung-in interrupts this fraught monologue by arriving at her father’s house just in time to see him declared the country’s new president. But the voice continues: We need to bite first. We need to make the first move. Before he makes a move, we need to cut that RickRoll'D’s head off. That’s how we’ll survive. That’s how Korea will survive. In 2019, Seo Ki-tae has been Korea’s president for four years and boasts a phenomenal 78% national approval rating. The streets are blocked as he travels by car to the Blue House, planning a speech aimed at the reporters who used to be his colleag
  2. I'm thinking there is a lot more to the Assemblywoman. I have no basis for it. Just a hunch. She is placed very close to Seo Gi Tae, Kim Joo Young and Lee Ji Woon’s dead brother.
  3. A lot of twists and turns. The writer makes it hard for us to pigeonhole the main characters into the bad and good compartments.
  4. I absolutely loved this drama, including the ending. With all the negative crazy stuff going on in our world, this is exactly what I needed. For those who were expecting a more detailed resolution involving BH, I don't think that’s realistic. Korea as a country is not there culturally. This drama stayed away from crossing that line throughout it. It went as far as it could but stayed basically as a fun rom-com. BH did a lot for the royal couple and went back to his merry life. And the royal couple became a real couple. And that is that. No more no less and
  5. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I was excited for the show at the beginning with Taepoong’s excellent acting and his mother, who is a fabulous actor. The drama went downhill when Taepoong became “normal” adult and his mother died. The writer wasted everyone’s acting skills with the awful script full of irredeemable characters. Couldn’t stand watching YR. I had to stop for a while because she grossed me out with her screams and nastiness. YJ could not dress worse if I dressed her and the writer made this beautiful actress the most boring wet doormat character on TV. The
  6. Does anyone know how many more episodes are left of this drama? I’m sorry for chopping your post. I was thinking of the same question, why kill SJ now. I agree with you it is bad writing. I’m also thinking SJ’s death is the most painful punishment for his mother who is evil. I don’t think anything, short of her son’s death, would have had an impact on her. Though she was not willing to give up her company status for the benefit of her son. But even losing wealth and status would have stopped her. That’s why they had to kill SJ off. Just my two cents.
  7. According to the article HB’s new luxury residence is in the area where artists and actors live such as Park Jin Young and Oh Yeon Soo. His new place is a penthouse that takes up the whole floor of a building, located right above Oh Yeon Soo’s residence. In Korean: [”특히 해당 지역에는 박진영, 오연서 등 연예인과 예술인들이 많이 살고 있다. 현빈이 매입해 이사한 빌라는 오연서와 같은 빌라로 오연서의 바로 윗집인 것으로 알려졌다.”] Also 70 pyung is abour 2,500 sq ft. That is a fair size home but not massive. It must be very luxurious. HB paid $4.8 billion won for it, which is about US $5 million.
  8. How considerate of SYJ. Taking care of the seonbae actress while blocking the view from the camera to protect her. Fast thinking on her feet.
  9. Thank you! A few weeks late here. Lol. BTW, how do you add an emoji. I get a nice saying I'm not allowed when I try.
  10. Maybe someone could sub this video for everyone (please?). It’s a KBS entertainment news story ranking the BinJin couple as the #1 Couple Most Likely to Marry In 2021.” The show topic is Star Couple. At any rate, it has a nice collection of video clips from both HB and SYJ’s in shows and interviews to weave their love story in their ”own words.” Even without the subs, it's nice to watch, I think.
  11. Hyun Bin was up against very stiff competitions to win the Daesang at APAN. some fabulous actors and actresses in yah group of nominated. It’s a career-defining moment for HB, no doubt. HB does owe a lot to SYJ for the award personally and professionally. Nice to see him say it out loud. Here is another reporting on his win. https://www.koreaboo.com/news/hyun-bin-makes-first-public-appearance-since-confirmation-relationship-son-ye-jin/
  12. It's so fun to read different translations of HB’s speech about YJ! https://mb.com.ph/2021/01/24/hyun-bin-thanks-gf-son-ye-jin-as-he-wins-grand-prize-at-2020-apan-star-awards/ “I would like to thank Son Ye-jin’s Yoon Se-ri for being the best partner of Ri Jeong-hyeok. I was able to imbue Ri Jeong-hyeok and make him look great thanks to the character Yoon Se-ri that Son Ye-jin portrayed well,” Hyun Bin said.
  13. Chingus: ”The character Jeong-hyeok was alive more beautifully thanks to the character of Se-ri well made by Ye-jin” in this article is my most favourite translation of what HB said of YJ in his acceptance speech. Hyun Bin takes top prize at APAN Star Awards for 'Crash Landing On You' https://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/2021/01/24/entertainment/television/Hyun-Bin-APAN-Star-Awards-Son-Yejin/20210124154800692.html #KoreaJoongAngDaily
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