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  1. Just watched EP 115 raw. I think I'm justified in losing all faith in happy endings for anyone after this episode. May be JT and CJ. Geesh. PS: I was wrong @shamrockmom CEO Hwang did not know that JH's father had defected to the North.
  2. Yup, he suggested she might bring him along later on (like never...). SY was crying when she made the decision to marry the Tofu Prince. She was only doing it for MS. So that was pretty much the definitive deal breaker. Actually in real life, hardly any man or family would have allowed the woman to bring the child into a marriage in the conservative Korea back then. In real life, MS would have been adopted out, not even be raised by her own family for the shame it would have brought to her family. And in real life, the real dad would not be as "kind" or emotionally attached as JH. I know this sounds harsh but that's what I know. Things were not that different in the west either at that either we should remember. You should see the look JH gives MJ in Ep 110. That marriage is on the rocks and rolling down the hill fast. It looks like all the good guys are jelli'n against the bad guys. I guess it's about time, there being only 10 more episodes to go.
  3. Oh dear, I hope you didn't misunderstand. I really meant that you're very knowledgeable about all things Korea because you're a consummate student! And I've been a fan of you because of that!
  4. You really are up on the knowledge of Korean history, aren't you @shamrockmom? Japan occupied Korea officially between 1919 to 1945, though it had a lot of influence on the peninsula way before that, especially during the dying days of the Joseon Dynasty at the end of the 19th century (late 1800's). During the occupation Koreans were not allowed to learn or use their language and everything in Korea was run like a mini Japan, as its colony since it basically was. The Government, school system, hospitals, etc. So it was common for bright, wealthy kids from Korea to study in Japan. Especially in advanced professional studies. Lots of business people travelled back and forth to Japan as well. I don't think you can call all of these Koreans Japanese sympathizers. That was just a part of living. I think the term is reserved for the Korean people who were actually supportive of the Japanese rule in Korea or helped them achieve their political aims. Bridal Mask is an amazing Kdrama that deals with this period (Joo Won my God). So the mention of Father Oh, studying in Korea, speaks more to the fact that he was a learned man of the time. That he was part of the elite class who were smart enough or wealthy and connected enough to study in Japan. Similar to how everyone in Kdrama seems to go to the US (sometimes to Europe and Canada) in modern times.. In real life it really was a huge deal for a Korean to study in the US in the 60s and 70s. Just like studying in Japan in prior era. Going by my memory, the Oh family was portrayed as not only being rich but of a learned influential family for generations. They were dressed like that too. Remember BS and her pretty dress that she didn't take off for forever. So they would have been those yangbans, may be even one those aristocrats you see in saguks. (ie. powerful influential family in their village). I know the Grannie doesn't have a good reputation on this forum but when she went on and on about JH having to rebuild his family, she didn't necessarily mean money. She meant status/reputation of the family. So had JH been able to go on with his legal training and become a lawyer, prosecutor and judge but become dirt poor (which is possible), or not very rich, she would have still been happy with that because that still gave them a status and position in the Korean society. JH's marriage to MJ had less to do with money, but status for the family as well. Not in a pretentious way but as a family who is learned and respected, though JH is figuring out the Hwang family is not learned or respectable. BUt if nothing else, he had to help JT have least severe criminal record, which goes to the status/reputation of the family as well. Communism sits at the opposite pole of Japanese rule in Korean history. A huge part of the communism in Korea and China were borne out anti-Japanse sentiments. Obviously there were many forms of communism and it mostly started in Europe and spread all around the world, in Europe, Africa, Asia and Cuba. But Mao Zedong imported it to fit into China and Kim Il Sung (grandfather of the current leader, Kim Jong Eun), imported it to fit Korea and invaded South Korea with the help of Russia and later of China. So if Father Oh, really went to North Korea and joined the communists, on his own volition, he would have had to underplay any association he might have had with Japan in education or business dealings, if he had any. In fact when the North Korean invaded Korea in the Korean War, the first group of people they arrested, jailed and killed were anyone who had dealings with Japan. KJE to this day is always saying something anti-Japanese. It's a message popular with his people.
  5. Writers are trolling us on all relationships in EP 108: I won't write anything so as to not do any spoiling of the story lines. Look at what JT has in his hand, at the end of the preview of EP 109~
  6. [spoiler warning] I'm cheating here because I just saw the latest Episode JH finally confronts the father in law. Father tries to cover up MJ. JH is not happy. He tells him to back off because he's "working/trying hard" to take responsibility for MJ. He's not trying hard to love her. MJ will always be JH's responsibility to him which he takes very seriously. [ spoiler warning] Preview is usually incomplete. JH is revealing and reflective (and somewhat regretful) in EP 107 and compares his choices with BS's choice. His conversation with KH over drink, after his shock of what MJ did, is very touching, I thought. He made the choice he had to make under the circumstance. He tried to take responsibilities for it. But he's not sure how to live his life now. He says his heart won't move the way he thought he could. I so totally understand his feelings and I love how the writer has laid out his life story, his predicament, his choices and all the consequences falling out from them he's having to bare. Learning also at a huge cost, that he can't control what happens in life. And that choices we make can have such unforeseeable consequences. Waves and waves that come at you in life. Every action as equal opposite reaction, as the saying goes. He had to go see SY because he got a call from the hospital about an appointment. for MS Not a serious health issue, just that JH was down as the father/guardian with the contact info. We need to remember hardly anyone had phones in Korea in the 60's. So he went to SY to tell her that the Dr wanted to see MS earlier than scheduled (but of course, this is a way for the writer to give JH a chance to tell SY that her aunt had nothing to do with the "miscarriage" - which will meant SY will no longer have a reason to marry the Dofu Prince).
  7. You're funny. I did marathoned the drama this past weekend. I will never do that again. I say that every time. Its too painful. I was a zombie on Monday. Still feeling fuzzy in my head. I am a big fan of IU (love her songs) and LSK (his acting and yes his voice) so this was a treat. Pretty heavy story though. The filming reminded me of Misaeng which I loved. Didn't see Signal or OHY so can't compare with them. This gives me completely different vibes and feel from SLA (Secret Love Affair) but I don't know how to explain how and why. In fact, I am completely unable to say more about the drama as of yet, which is why I started reading the forum from the beginning. I think I got to about page 20 so far. This is where you probably saw me. I will try to read some more and get back to you all Cheers! PS: Hello to everyone on the forum!
  8. I don't know which video or episode you're referring to but I think it has to do him not wanting JT getting involved in the campaign for some reason. We will find out more as to why soon, I am guessing.
  9. Same here. I watch KDramas for enjoyment but started watching it to improve my Korean, which is my first language but I've lived abroad most of my life!
  10. I'm sorry about the JT/SY pairing. I'm surprised that so many people thought that this was possible. Probably because he was so nice and considerate toward SY. This is something that definitely got lost in translation. Hard to translate nuance. JT defers to and respects SY as the big "sister in law (hyung soo nim)" as though she were married to JH. In his eyes, she is/was, having borne a child of his. I just got reminded of this again while watching Ep 106 raw (July 11th in Korea)." JT referred to SY as "그분 - gue boon," in Korean when he was talking to KH about her. "Gue boon" literally translates to "that person" and this might sound strange but it makes sense and reflects her position from his point of view. JT can't call her by name because she's her elder (because she's "married" to JH) regardless of her age. That's how it works in Korean relational charts (sort of like the fact that Meghan Markel will always be junior to Kate Middleton even though she's a little older because William, Kate's husband is senior in rank - sorry for going British again :). In Korean Gue boon is used when one's referring to someone older or higher in status (eg. teacher). So this is how JT refers to SY. He calls MJ "hyung soo nim" because she is of course. JH is on fire in EP 106. Finally he's piecing everything together. When JH's brain, JT's strength and intuition and KH's loyalty come together, watch out world! The world of Hwang family anyway. So funny this is noticeable. He said nicest things. He likes her and wants to see more of her. And her expression is her reaction to the notion. That says everything about where this paring will end up. Yup, her reaction to the Tofu Prince says it all again. The only other TV Novel I've watched is "Album of LIfe" with Song Il Kook (Jumong) in it. Actually that story starts with a family stealing the wealth of another family during the Korean War too. Waves Waves reminded me of that drama. I can't even remember the ending but I do recall the things were made all right at the end. It is true JH chose MJ even after he found out he had a child with SY but things will be much much different when he finds out that CEO Hwang stole all his family's wealth, (worse, he stole it from DC, who stole it from the Oh family), framed his brother to protect DC and sent him to jail, tried to "sell" his sister to a politician and I'm thinking that he also framed JH's father as being a communist defector, so that he never comes back to the family again. Not to mention the fact that he now knows that MJ was never pregnant and she and her mother framed SY's aunt. I don't think, after that, he could stay with MJ. It will be all out war now. This being a nice morning TV Novel, I don't expect intense complex unfolding of story but I'm hoping they will not leave too many lose ends. EP 106 really picked up JH's energy, it will be good till the end I think.
  11. He told SY something to the effect "this is the first time (never before has he) he's fallen for someone at first sight." Surely, you don't think JH will not win at the end. He will give the Hwang's all of their comeuppence (including MJ) and get back with SY. No way SY is marrying the Dofu Prince. JH will find out MJ's evil doing, framing his beloved SY's family. And framing his brother. Remember he's the smartest guy in the whole drama. No worries. Surely.
  12. Translation of Preview for July 10: MJ's mom: Omo, you startled me. SY: I want to protect Minsoo. JH: How did you fall? Is it really true that you were pushed? MJ: Why are you bringing that up? MJ's mom: She was never pregnant. SY: I think I have to get married to be safe. MJ's father: You will be a sinner to MJ all of your life. DC: I will push OJH out and swallow the Daekuk Construction. KH: Those two are in cahoots to get you, I think. SY's aunt: Don't you ever think of registering MS under JT's name. CJ: I like that I can say goodbye to you like this. Grannie: It's that man who created such a mess for our family. JT: Who's the man? Grannie: A man with a mole on his hand. JT: He has a mole on his hand?
  13. Indeed, it only took 105 episodes! Next 15 episodes should be fun. Oh family's vengeance against the Hwang family. I'd thought for a while that SP could jump to the Oh side due to his feelings for BS but now I'm thinking he (and the Hwang family) could use the relationship to weaken the resolve of JH and JT, these two being thoughtful brothers to BS. And on top of that the little brother is benefiting from SP's overtures as well. That's the only possible twist into all the revelations that will come about. I wondered briefly if MJ could be conflict but after today's episode I don't think so. She will always be a daddy's girl, not JH's.
  14. From EP 103 (Preview of EP 104) The look of revelation (shock) on these two men when they over hear actual words coming out of CEO Hwang.
  15. haha, no @shamrockmom I don't think the writernim is playing with the western viewers. JT is just being a nice brother to SY as a sister. As far as he is concerned SY is his sister in law in need to a lot of help. And he wants to help his older brother JH too. So he's taken on that role. JT feels also that JH chose his life with MJ and he has an obligation to fulfil his responsibilities there. That means JT really should not be involved with SY. SO he is trying to step in. JH becoming a "son in law of the house" (dae-ril- son in law), JT became the male head of the household of his family. So the added obligation lies on him too. I don't know if this was covered and I don't know how it was translated in English but JH becoming a "dae-ril son in law" to the Hwang family is a huge deal. IT's much much more than just moving in with the family. JH effectively became a son of the Hwang family. By doing that he effectively gave up being the household of his own family, although he does what he can to spend time with him mom and grannie. I have so much feeling about JH character in this drama. So much to say. Especially because I feel he is much misunderstood. May be some day. MJ is such a horrible character (love the actress playing her). So insecure and needy. But I think she does love JH in her own way. I would hate to live a life the way she does.
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