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  1. I'm thinking karma. What if YR can't get pregnant through IVF because something went wrong from the first pregnancy (I don't know how, but kdrama can make stuff up). Or what if the MIL finds out about the first pregnancy. One way or the other, I say YR finds that she can't get pregnant. Even in the crazy kdrama world a creation of an innocent baby between the ill fated SJ and YR would be too cruel.
  2. Hi everyone. First time posting. Is YJ really this woman’s biological daughter? Why does mom treat YJ like a second class citizen? Why such a preference for YR? Other than YJ and YR being twins according to the program note, I don’t remember any background plot on YJ’s relationship with this terrible mother.
  3. I did not see that liver twist coming, and still waiting for SJ to become an action hero and take this drama to a reasonably palatable end. Please, and thank you, writernim.
  4. So with just 20 episodes remaining, will the writer let SJ take back control over his life and his relationships? He has a lot to do to sort out the mess hidden from the screen all together. This drama started with so many potentially good storylines but ever since SJ’s mom left the show seems to have lost the center that drove the narratives. Ok show, do your thing.
  5. The storylines of this drama are dark and twisted and too much of makjang of the old that I try to avoid, but I'm drawn in by the two actresses (Taepoong’s mom and the mom from the Reply series who has a memory loss). I keep thinking they wouldn't have taken their roles unless they were good or challenging. So I'm hanging it for them for now. In the process I'm falling for Taepoong and Yujung. There will be a lot of tears in this drama I'm afraid.
  6. Absolutely. Min Ho will be the pillar of what is right and just and all the scumbags in that family will come to regret bringing home. He's the character that will pull the thread to the end.
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