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[Official] Kim Nam Gil & Son Ye Jin


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[April 2010] Kim Nam-gil & Son Ye-jin – O HUI Hydra Formula CF 

























O HUI for Men



credits: Naver+Tieba, original sources + on images



Kim Nam-gil continues to win awards for his performance in The Fiery Priest. 
2020 The 32nd Korean Producer Awards: Performer [Talent] official announcement

2019 SBS Drama Awards: Daesang / Grand Prize (The Fiery Priest) 
2019 The 32nd Grimae Awards: Best Actor (The Fiery Priest) 
2019 The 10th Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards: Prime Minister’s Commendation
2019 BIFF - The 1st Asia Contents Awards: Best Actor (The Fiery Priest) 
2019 The 46th Korean Broadcasting Awards: Best Actor (The Fiery Priest) 
2019 The 14th Seoul Drama Awards: Outstanding Hallyu Drama Actor (The Fiery Priest) 
2019 SBS Special Award 특별상
(Source: CJ-eS)

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10 minutes ago, citron said:

YJ won this Award in 2018 & KNG won the same Award in 2019.


I look forward to seeing KNG & SYJ in a reunion project or at an Award ceremony.


@Helena Do you think it is possible for SYJ & KNG to attend the same Award ceremony this year?

I will support whoever they choose to end up with, however I can't help but think why didn't they end up together! He was super smitten and took such great care of her and wasn't afraid to be himself around her (he publicly confessed twice), looking at their interactions I am sure even Son ye jin liked his energy around him because she too has a bubbly personality!

I am not sure if they will have a re union because pirates was offered to the original cast and Kim nam gil was the first one to reject it citing health concern however I hope like you that they can re unite in a drama/movie or an award function!

Don't they tell love is sweeter the second time around....

Edited by Ashmeister
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6 hours ago, citron said:

Do you think it is possible for SYJ & KNG to attend the same Award ceremony this year?

It seems like the entertainment circle is small, there is always a chance they will attend the same event (not just award shows).  Their paths crossed several times before even working together (Blue Dragon 2008, Baeksang 2010).



6 hours ago, Ashmeister said:

will support whoever they choose to end up with, however I can't help but think why didn't they end up together


They are the only ones who know. There’s a Chinese saying that many factors need to align for a relationship to work ( ).  They were in their early 30’s, maybe timing wasn’t on their side.  I still remember that they called each other Honey back then.  


6 hours ago, Ashmeister said:

I am not sure if they will have a re union because pirates was offered to the original cast and Kim nam gil was the first one to reject it citing health concern...


[2019-04-29] Kim Nam Gil - Why He Turned Down “The Pirates” Sequel




Kim Nam Gil also recently turned down the offer to star in the sequel to the movie “The Pirates.” He said, “I thought about it for a very long time,” he said. “I thought I was really lucky to be offered a lead role in the second part of the series. But lately I have been overworking my body. They said that filming would begin in June, and I didn’t have confidence in my ability to rest properly before then.”


He added, “When I was injured, it affected a lot of people around me. The other actors couldn’t be easy around me, and the production crew were also hyper-aware of the situation. I think that it would have been adding unnecessary pressure on the cast and crew, so although my relationship with ‘The Pirates’ remains good, I decided I couldn’t do the sequel. An action movie has to be done right, after all.”


Kim Nam Gil injured his wrists and ribs while filming action scenes for “The Fiery Priest.”



(I am in the midst of combining their news on the 1st post on page 1)




Her movie ‘Blood and Ties’ was released on October 24, 2013.  Their dating rumors were reported on October 29, she was obviously upset in her me2day post  (We can tell from her interviews - she always believe that movies get impacted negatively by rumors).

[October 9, 2013] VIP premiere of her movie “The Accomplice / Blood and Ties”


Kim Nam Gil couldn’t hide his enthusiasm for Son Ye Jin during the VIP preview screening of “The Accomplice” that took place on October 9 at Wangsimni CGV in Seoul. Before the screening of the movie, the cast and crew of “The Accomplice” came up on stage to give their “thank you” bows. When Son Ye Jin was called to bow, she was surprised when the audience of peers and friends started cheering. Out of all the attendees, Kim Nam Gil gave the loudest cheer as he stood up and shouted “Son Ye Jin Is the best!” After capturing people’s attention, he gave 90-degree bows to his left and right side as the crowd laughed at his excitement. Son Ye Jin responded “Thank you Nam Gil oppa” with a great big smile on her face.


[October 13, 2013 / SectionTV interview] When asked about her plans for marriage, she replied, “I hope to marry in two years. Even when I was young, I wanted to be married by age 34. I feel like it is time. My mom tells me to hurry up and get married.”

[October 28, 2013] [Breaking] Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin Reported to Be Dating but Their Agencies Deny


It has been reported that actors Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin have been dating for four months now.  According to SBS Entertainment Sports, the two went from acquaintances to lovers in July while they were filming the KBS drama “Shark” together. Although the drama had a sad ending, it looks like there was much happier ending for the two costars. The romance between the two actors was already known by the staff members of their drama and movie. A close acquaintance of both revealed, “They quickly became close during the drama filming. It seems that they developed deep feelings for each other as they played tragic lovers.” 

While they saw each other naturally on the drama set, they also spent their spare time to meet up. They secretly had their dates in areas around their homes. They also had a date in Japan, after the two had wrapped up filming their drama. 


After their drama, they ended up on the same set again, this time for a movie. The two will play the leading roles in the Korean “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, “Pirates.” It is said Son Ye Jin played a part in the casting of Kim Nam Gil. A representative of the movie said, “There was actually another actor we were considering for the role, along with Kim Nam Gil, but the staff was divided. Then, Son Ye Jin positively recommended Kim Nam Gil, so the decision was made.”  (Me: KNG & SYJ were actually offered ‘Pirates’ in May 2013, even before Shark started airing.)

A wedding could possibly be in the future for the couple as well. In an interview for her movie “Accomplice” Son Ye Jin said,” After a close friend of mine got married, I am more interested in marriage. I want to get married before I turn 34.”  During the press conference for the same movie, Kim Nam Gil made a surprise appearance to cheer loudly for Son Ye Jin

With all of this being reported by SBS Entertainment Sports, the actors’ respective agencies were quick to deny through an official statement.


In a phone interview, a representative of Son Ye Jin’s agency, M Steam Entertainment, said, “The rumor that the two are dating is absurd. They are absolutely not in a romantic relationship. It is true that the two became closer through their drama and movie filming. However, if they really were dating they would be honest about it.”


Kim Nam Gil’s agency, Star J Entertainment, said, “He is absolutely not dating Son Ye Jin. This is absurd.” 


Source 1 and 2 | https://www.soompi.com/article/544915wpp/breaking-kim-nam-gil-and-son-ye-jin-reported-to-be-dating-but-their-agencies-deny

[2014-11-22] Son Ye Jin Intrigues with Reply Regarding Question on Relationship Status

[2013-10-29] Romance Rumors 

————Korean netizens’ reactions————

[2013-10-29] Son Ye Jin And Kim Nam Gil Deny Dating Rumors


Article: Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil reps deny dating rumors "Ridiculous"

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+635, -27] Why not? It'd be awesome if they really did date

2. [+553, -32] How can there be a denial article just five minutes after the rumors even get out ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+470, -26] That's what they all say at first!!! Be happy!!!

4. [+43, -9] I want to force them to date  They match each other so well ^^

5. [+39, -1] Just date starting today~


Source: Naver

1. [+601, -12] It's an article denying the rumors but the picture they used makes them look so good together

2. [+455, -17] I heard they call each other honey on set... It's weird that they do that when they're not dating

3. [+438, -31] Just date... you guys are both at that age and match well anyway

4. [+383, -15] It's time for Ye Jin nuna to find a marriage partner as well... Kim Nam Gil is a decent catch 

5. [+106, -2] I'm pretty sure by "ridiculous" they mean "how did we get caught?!"



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[2013-04-10] KBS drama ‘Shark’ script reading













[2013-05-11] Heading to ‘Okinawa, Japan’ for press conference & filming 




arrival (Naha Airport, Okinawa)










[2013-05-11] KBS drama ‘Shark’ press conference in Japan
































Leaving Okinawa 










[2013-05-21] KBS drama ‘Shark’ press conference in Korea




























Credits: saved from DC+ Naverblogs+Tieba, labeled 

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On 4/24/2020 at 5:20 AM, Helena said:

2020 The 32nd Korean Producer Awards: Performer [Talent] (The Fiery Priest)

This is Kim Nam-gil’s 9th award for ‘The Fiery Priest’. 












Forbes Korea Names Top 40 Power Celebrities of 2020

[Based on 4 sectors: media, broadcasts, earnings, SNS]

Source => [2020 POWER CELEBRITY] [ How are they chosen? | Power Celeb 40 (1) |  Power Celeb 40 (2) | Sector Top 10 | Film director Bong Joon-ho | Actor Kang Ha-neul ]


Rank / Name / Profession / Total Score / 2019 Rank (change)

  1. BTS (boy band) — 373.6 [2(+1)]
  2. Ryu Hyun-jin (baseball player) — 262.4 [39(+37)]
  3. BLACKPINK (girl group) — 240.2 [1(-2)]
  4. Son Heung-min (soccer player) — 168.5  [9(+5)]
  5. Bong Joon-ho (film director) — 95.6 [new]
  6. Jeon Hyun-moo (TV personality) — 83.7 [17(+11)]
  7. Park Na-rae (TV personality) — 83.6 [6(-1)]
  8. Lee Soo-geun (TV personality) — 67.4 [new]
  9. TWICE (girl group) — 58.8 [21(+12)]
  10. Kim Hee-chul (TV personality) — 57.0 [new]
  11. Song Ga-in (singer) — 48.9 [new]
  12. Go Jin-young (golfer) — 48.8 [new]
  13. Seo Jang-hoon (TV personality) — 47.9 [new]
  14. Yoo Jae-suk  (TV personality) — 47.8 [12(-2)]
  15. Jang Yoon-jung (singer) — 42.7 [new]
  16. Baek Jong-won (TV personality) — 40.6 [36(+20)]
  17. Kim Nam-gil (actor) — 39.3 [new]
  18. Jung Hae-in (actor) — 39.0 [20(+2)]
  19. IU (singer) — 37.3 [14(-5)]
  20. Lee Kang-in (soccer player) — 36.9 [new]
  21. Lee Seung-gi (TV personality) — 36.3 [25(+4)]
  22. Jang Do-yeon (TV personality) — 36.1 [new]
  23. Kang Ha-neul (actor) — 33.9 [new]
  24. Son Ye-jin (actress) — 33.6 [31(+7)]
  25. Hong Jin Young (singer) — 33.3 [7(-18)]
  26. Gong Hyo-jin (actress) — 31.8 [new]
  27. Jang Sung-Kyu (TV personality) — 30.0 [new]
  28. Hong Ja (singer) — 29.8 [new]
  29. Hyun Bin (actor) — 29.5 [new]
  30. Jo Yeo-jung (actress) — 29.1 [new]
  31. Joo Ji-hoon (actor) — 28.9 [40(+9)]
  32. Do Kyung-wan (TV personality) — 28.6 [new]
  33. Kwon Nara (actress) — 28.6 [new]
  34. Kim Hye-soo (actress) — 27.1 [new]
  35. Lee Jung-ah (actress) — 25.6 [new]
  36. Han Hye-jin (TV personality) — 25.4 [34(-2)]
  37. Park Bo-gum (actor) — 24.3 [18(-19)]
  38. Park Hang-seo (soccer coach) — 21.9 [new]
  39. Jang Mi-ae (singer) — 21.5 [new]
  40. Jung Chan-sung (mixed martial artist) — 19.0 [new]


Survey Period: March 2019 to February 2020

Forbes Korea narrowed down the list to 82 nominees by looking at search rankings provided by Kakao; excluding people currently involved in controversies. Then, the Top 40 people (in film, drama, entertainment, music, and sports) were chosen.

1. “Media”: frequency of mentions in news headlines
2. “Broadcasts”: celebrity popularity among viewers based on drama/variety appearances, viewership ratings, MC roles
3. “Earnings”: money earned via films, TV broadcasts, advertisements, etc

4. “Social Media”: statistics from celebrities’ official accounts (YouTube subscribers, followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vlive)








Broadcasts & Earnings



1. Jeon Hyun-moo (TV personality)

2. Lee Soo-geun (TV personality)

3. Park Na-rae (TV personality)

4. Kim Hee-chul (TV personality)

5. Jang Do-yeon (TV personality)

6. Jang Yoon-jung (singer)

6. Seo Jang-hoon (TV personality)

8. Kwon Nara (actress)

8. Jang Sung-Kyu (TV personality) 

8. Do Kyung-wan (TV personality) 



1. BTS (boy band)

2. Ryu Hyun-jin (baseball player) 

3. BLACKPINK (girl group) 

4. Son Heung-min (soccer player) 

5. Bong Joon-ho (film director) 

6. Park Na-rae  (TV personality)

7. Go Jin-young (golfer) 

8. Jeon Hyun-moo (TV personality)

9. Yoo Jae-suk  (TV personality) 

10. TWICE (girl group)

Media Exposure & Social Media



Media Exposure

1. Ryu Hyun-jin (baseball player) 

2. Son Heung-min (soccer player) 

3. BTS (boy band)

4. Bong Joon-ho (film director) 

5. Lee Kang-in (soccer player)

6. Go Jin-young (golfer) 

7. Park Hang-seo (soccer coach) 

8. Pengsu (penguin character)

9. Baek Jong-won (TV personality)

10. Kang Daniel (singer)


SNS Followers

1. BLACKPINK (girl group)

2. BTS (boy band)

3. TWICE (girl group)

4. IU (singer)

5. Kim Hee-chul (TV personality) 

6. Son Heung-min (soccer player) 

7. Son Ye-jin (actress)

8. Jung Hae-in (actor)

9. Baek Jong-won (TV personality)

10. Kang Daniel (singer)

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Thank you Helena for keeping Kim Nam Gil & Son Ye Jin shipping thread alive & I'm happy to know I'm not the ony GilJin shipper. You have posted so many photos which I have never seen before. 


It's so sweet that they called each other "Honey"


I hope KNG will has enough courage to pursuit SYJ now as he has a much better career opportunities now after The Fiery Priest compared with before. Congratulations to both KNG & SYJ for being listed in Forbes list. GilJin could become the most powerful couple in Korea if they are together hahaha



Edited by GilJin
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On 4/28/2020 at 8:07 AM, GilJin said:

You have posted so many photos which I have never seen before. 

It's so sweet that they called each other "Honey"

their dating talks on 10-29-2013 (about them already dating for 4 months) came from drama/movie staffs. They called each other 여보 yeobo.

KBS2 ‘Entertainment Weekly’ Episode 1486 (2013-August-3)  [ clip ]
Kim Nam-gil interviewed backstage during his concert (Kim Nam-Gil Presents ‘Olympus Ensemble’ Classic Concert) in Tokyo, Japan on July 28. 
MC: Among ‘Shark’ cast, who needs to listen to classical music to purify the soul?
KNG: Yejin-a, Yejin-a, Yejin-a, let's purify the soul, not saying that your soul is dirty. Ha.
In new movie ‘the pirates’, you will work with Son Ye-jin again. 

KNG:  Let’s stop. (words on screen: anxious/shy)
#1 in my heart hasn’t changed. Yejin-a, are you watching? Yejin babo (words on screen: Kim Namgil is a fool for Yejin...)



[October 9, 2013] VIP premiere of her movie “The Accomplice / Blood and Ties”
Kim Nam-gil stood up & shouted “Son Ye Jin is the best!”

[October 13, 2013 / SectionTV interview] When asked about her plans for marriage, she replied, “I hope to marry in two years. Even when I was young, I wanted to be married by age 34. I feel like it is time. My mom tells me to hurry up and get married.”

[October 24, 2013] opening day of her movie “The Accomplice / Blood and Ties” 

[October 29, 2013] reports of their romance

[Breaking] Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin Reported to Be Dating but Their Agencies Deny  |  Kim Nam Gil And Son Ye Jin: Close But Not Dating

Back then, most k-drama/movie fans on forums believed the romance rumor’s true (common for stars to deny until ready for marriage). Everyone said she must be in a serious relationship based on her talks on marriage in her SectionTv interview aired on October 13 (before the romance rumors surfaced). This was her first ever dating rumor, plus, many loved and supported their off-screen chemistry/interaction.  There were some who always felt that she would eventually marry a businessman or someone very rich (I guess cause of her status).


Who knows what the future will bring, we wish them the best (regardless of whomever they end up with). Fans will always have many memories to treasure. Glad you like the pics, will post many more. :)


























Credits: on images + NaverBlogs


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4 hours ago, Halo21 said:

Both looks alike , can pass off as brother and sister - beautiful couple

I don't know about them looking alike, however they both do have a playful, laid back and bubbly personality, indeed a beautiful couple <3

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A question I have been meaning to ask.

During the time KNG and SYJ were rumoured to be dating, we all saw how affectionate and caring he was towards SYJ. 

Has he been like this with any of his other co stars? the guys is super friendly and a gentleman however from my observation he hasn't shown that kind of affection to any of his other female co star's!:huh:

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