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  1. The way I see it : the script writer wants to conclude this drama to end with only one couple for the Kim's family and not 2 couples related to same family from both sides. Either SA with JW or CA with JH but not both. I may be wrong. This drama is supposed to be about each character finding happiness by going through ups and downs while looking for happiness. According to the drama script , right from the beginning it mentioned about finding happiness well and breaking up well.
  2. I think JW has a lot of pride, she doesnt want to lose to YR by divorcing JH & to prove to YR that JH will never leave her. But only after seeing YR totally destroyed & leaving no chance for JH to run to YR, she will then divorce JH eventually. Hoping to see CJ & JB break-up in the end - the most stupidest couple created by the script-writer and for whatever reason to his/her own insanity.
  3. Why is DG so weak & soft? Divorced already, should not allow her to enter his house and why she still has a room. She can zoom in & out like she owns the house & DG couldnt do anything about it inspite of his son's objection of not wanting to see his mom.
  4. Wonder SA finds JW a burden dealing with a drunken husband if she intends to take him back. If he cant stay sober after few drinks, he better give up drinking otherwise he will end up having many one night's stand with different women. He takes to drinking whenever he has problems and always turning to TR to deal with his ex. Any sane woman would give up on this type of attitude & behaviour cos he is still immatured & incapable still needs his younger cousin to give him advice & take care of him.
  5. CJ's mom threw a glass of water at JB when he introduced her to the family. JB begging HJ to accept her. Knowing HJ, she has a soft heart & may forgive JB but not her mom. Gut feel, HJ will give in to please her brother. Wow, this scriptwriter favouring the spoilt JB to let her win?? Date for 4 weeks, get pregnant in 5 weeks - is this love or out of responsibility & why must make her pregnant? So many Korean dramas are like that, use dirty tricks to trap a man to force marriage? Before knowing each other well, they have sex already - so liberal like the western culture - cannot control their urge must go in & out of bed.
  6. Yes, we do sometimes have to agree to disagree or vice versa but as viewers' opinions should be taken with a pinch of salt & not get personal by trashing each other when one disagrees. Some Korean dramas have stories which do not really relate to real life like messy relationships within same family, children leaving & dumping their parents to chase after their own dreams of winning the love of another woman. I feel very distressed when children have verbal fights with their parents over relationships cos I have 2 married sons with families and it is very hurtful to see this type of drama with no morals. We raised our kids through blood and sweat & they walked out of the house over woman relationships with no guarantee of whether it will end up being divorced. Will they live to regret for dumping their parents? It would be sad if this drama end up supporting such selfish men disowning their mothers for their own personal benefit. Unmarried viewers may not understand how the older generations feel when faced with such agony. Hope for some understanding to individual feelings. Thanks
  7. DG is too soft, he has weakness. Whenever his ex throws tantrums by walking straight into his house unannounced, DG is too scared & gives way to her. Doubt he has the heart to kick his ex out, for sure Yuran will scream "suicide" and then the men including JH will rescue her back. Many Korean dramas are like that, forced to marry out of love, that's the weakness of men - anor typical case of CJ being trapped by a desperate woman.
  8. Previously CJ doesnt have much scenes only after meeting JB. Viewers actually can do without him in the drama as his role is really insignificant hence probably scriptwriter is using CJ to focus on JB. But now seeing CJ is like an eyesore, how could they let JB get away being a pathetic woman looking for love?
  9. The title "Love is Beautiful Life is Wonderful" doesn't seems to fit into the whole drama. Both families suffering from mental to physical ordeals , one trying to resolve a crime and the other to restore a marriage. Happy to note JW is coming to his senses and accept the reality and whether he is destined to be with SA in future, both have to work it out provided SA can love him back. Everyone makes mistakes, from the 2 aggressive mothers to all the younger generations from the 3 families. At the end of the drama, they will repent and will compromise to move forward to lead a happy life. Hope the ending will show CA-JH married and have twins.
  10. "JH says no matter what they are our mums...think what JH says pierced Judge's heart as she walks to her study feeling conflicted and sad" Precisely what I am driving at! JH is so much more matured than his cousin who is older. JH tries hard to make peace with everyone, very unselfish & the most filial son no matter how much wickedness his mom has done, he helps to resolve. Unlike JW whining away & forcing himself to live with his ex when nobody welcomes him & behaving so childishly just to please his father-in-law. JW should think of solutions on how to psycho his mom to like his ex wife & kick HR out of his house. JW doesnt deserve any respect no matter how much he is being pitied for his own selfish reasons to get things his way while hurting the Kim family inspite of his mum-in-law objection.
  11. JH is the only guy who sacrificed most to protect his mother as well as CA. He tried his best to talk sense to his mother & was being impartial towards SW. Both JH & CA are meant for each other cos they loved each other very much and JH is fighting to keep the family going by being very fair to everyone. The only couple deserves to be married to end a happy drama.
  12. dont quite understand Korean's culture of messy relationships to have 2 in-laws families at loggerheads. considering one family being married into same family is already intolerable let alone 2 from same family. How do their future children addressed each other - it creates confusion. CA & JH getting married sounds more logical when his mother will accept her finally. JW should focus on holding on to the company and takes over eventually rather than chasing after his ex who doesnt love him & he should remain filial to his mother who hates SA - blood is thicker than water, he should not give up on his mother - regardless she is still his mother - can lose many wives but a man has one mother who bore & raised him up. How would one feel, when you have a son who treats his mother with no respect to walk off the house over his ex?
  13. Agree, many scenes are too repetitive dragging from episode to episode. Not only boring but childish plus creating excuses. Most dramas like to hide the truth or cover up by remaining silent - never to the point to be open & transparent thus resulting in misunderstandings. Hope SA lives happily being alone than to choose the 2 men cos she never had love for her ex throughout her marriage why take risk to regret again just because JW changed. To remain strong in a marriage is both must love & trust each other - one sided will never work. Feeling sorry for JW just because he tried so hard can change his character so easily - heard of "a leopard will never change it's spots"
  14. OMG, CJ told JB "Let's get married" and admitted he cannot live without her & JB was stunned but really happy. Crazy fickle-minded man gone insane, cannot stand his behavior. How can a decent man change 360degree?
  15. Copied & paste from SBS viewer's remark (translated by Google), this viewer is so annoyed with JB: what is this. I can't see it because it's annoying. AuthorBackground reply Declaration Date 2020.03.05 09:17 Views 753 Doesn't it mean that you don't know what gags you have, and you don't know your faces, and you fall in love? Plus pregnancy. It's really a downstream writer. I really don't want to see you because I'm not acting like this. Since Ahn Ji-hwan is his father, can you increase Ahn's script? It's so ridiculous and absurd. So far, it's been a drama that other people are good at, but I don't want to watch it because of Lee Jinbong station. Try home shopping now. I will not watch this drama in the future.
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