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  1. Hyun Bin PHOTO: Instagram/hyunbin_actor This heart-throb has been giving us heart palpitations since he burst onto the scene with the 2005 romantic comedy series My Lovely Sam-soon. Hyun Bin went on to star in several television series such as Secret Garden and Memories of the Alhambra. He was even in box office hits like Confidential Assignment, The Swindlers, The Negotiation (where he co-starred for the first time with Son Ye-jin) and Rampant. His 2010 film Late Autumn drew him critical praise and was screened at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival. The dapp
  2. Bravo well sad, admire your politeness. Being in a gracious society, we should debate reasonable & accept negative comments without showing anger. Afterall Soompi is a public forum meant for the whole world to participate. It's a joy to share opinions & exchange notes - what's a forum anyway. Only wish we have more fans like you who is able to react so calmly & friendly. Yes, let's be nice to each other, life is short why harbour hatred to create enemies over some actors & actresses.
  3. All shippers behave the same way, they bite ferociously. Best is to ignore them & not read nor rebut. Speaking from 15 yrs of experience, went thru loads of bashings which lead to ships being sunk - who has the last laugh in the end? Their ships were abandoned and have to crouch in disappointments while at that point in time, bashers suffered & were deeply hurt by "cyber bullies". In a matter of time, it will soon fade off. None of the rumours are true until made officially by themselves, meanwhile have an open mind - if it's meant to be, it will come naturally. Shipping any couple wi
  4. This drama is so confusing, why SB is playing with the hearts of 2 men. She can love one man but don't give false hope to the other by showering her liking, saying things like "I will not let you go" when her heart flutters for another man.
  5. From my observation last night at Baeksan, HB was really very tense & nervous with a serious & worried look, probably to avoid gossips speculating about so many "untruths", he must have been cautioned by Vast to be on the alert cos every move can be miscontrued by shippers. Anyway, whether win or lose, HB will always attend all award presentations. My principle is never to be over-confident and optimistic, bound to regret & feel hopelessly disappointed when expectation is not met. If HB did not win the popularity award, he may have won the Best Actor award - the rule of the game
  6. https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/heres-fans-claiming-song-hye-kyo-hyun-bin-dating/
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