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  1. We will never know which project HB turned down unless they reveal it. But my guess is that he might not have much screen time compared with SYJ if it was a movie (SYJ has much more movies than dramas) HB played his first villain role in his career in The Negotiation. It's quite often that SYJ plays a dominant role compared with her costar in a movie in recent years. I list SYJ's projects since 2003 as that was the time when HB debuted. 2003 Summer Scent with Song Seung Heon => low possibility (he was a big star at that time) 2005 April Snow with Bae Yong Joon => low possibility (he was the biggest Hallyu star at that time) 2005 The Art of Seduction - a playboy => low possibility (HB still played a supporting role at that time in Daddy-Long-Legs) 2006 Alone in Love - a divorced man => low possibility 2008 Spotlight - a supervisor in a news division => low possibility 2008 Open City - a male cop => average possibility 2008 My Wife Got Married with the late Kim Joo Hyuk => low possibility (Article in Spoiler) 2009 White Night - a murderer => low possibility (a villain & not so much screen time) 2010 Personal Taste => low possibility (Lee Min Ho got the offer first, he was the biggest hallyu star after "Boys over flower" drama) 2011 Spellbound - a street magician => low possibility 2012 The Tower - a married man with a daughter => low possibility 2013 Blood and Ties - dad & daughter movie => impossible 2013 Sharks - no comments 2014 The Pirates - no comments 2015 Bad Guys Always Die => impossible (a China-South Korea-Hong Kong co-production) 2016 The Truth Beneath with the late Kim Joo Hyuk => low possibility (Article in Spoiler) 2016 The Last Princess with Park Hae Il - an officer in the Japanese army => high possibility (his character reminds me of HB's character in CLOY. SYJ chose Park Hae Il as her ideal type when being asked by an interviewer in Entertainment Weekly video. His character is similar to HB (a nice guy) 2018 Be with You - a married man with sickness & a son => low possibility 2018 Something in the Rain - no comments Some said PHI got the role after LJJ could not play in the movie as he was filming another project. But I guess HB might have refused to work with SYJ in The Last Princess (very similar to his image on CLOY, soldier). The reason could be that the male character has much less screen time than the female one. According to SYJ, The Last Princess is her career defining film, she cried when receiving the best actress award at Baeksang. She earned approximately USD 3.0 million from the investment. Moverer, SYJ said that she was surprised when HB accepted to play as a villain in The Negotiation as it is different with his image onscreen. HB might have regretted not to work with SYJ in The Last Princess after its success, so he decided to get the chance to work with SYJ in The Negotiation. Again, we will never know for sure, this is just my assumption.
  2. Re: PressCon Cloy 1st question about datings rumours: A Taiwanese reporter said that questions were sent to Binjin’s agencies for review a fews weeks in advance —> BinJin’s dating rumours answers were already discussed and prepared in advance by both HB and SYJ (we assume they are a couple) 2nd question: the MC suddently asked if they discussed the drama together (20:30) The answer was not prepared in advance by BinJin HB looked a little nervous & immediately turned to SYJ to look for a similar answer. Then SYJ gave a pretty smart answer “not really” & HB smiled with big relief (He knew that she made a while lie to conceal their open secret relationship) The MC joked that ”What a Telepathy” as she doesn’t trust their “close friendship”. So do we!
  3. The photos that I posted from Twitter Account Binsshi (a person who can translate Korean), so I’m not sure which version is more accurate, but The main points of both versions are similar. HB sent 3 heart emojis and 1 flower to YJ and asked her how long he should wait for. Other emojis do not have so much meaning
  4. You are lucky, Daddy. Koreans think that that Mommy was born beautiful. As you wish, Daddy. Mommy’s hands are also beautiful
  5. I repost emojis which HB and SYJ sent to each other during KakaoChat as there are some who has questions on how real it can be KakaoChat seems to reveal their truth feelings to each other because HB showed a surprised reaction when the emcee asked them to reveal their chat nicknames Only HB and YJ know each other chat nicknames, not other fans in the chatroom because they used their character’s names on CLOY (soulmates) and CLOY was not yet been shown to the public at that time HB sent a text message to YJ “How long do I have to wait for“ during the chat session.
  6. @cloyfan How about Bagaining movie and HB’s CFs, YJ’s CFs should they be posted in HB’s/ YJ’s thread instead? I don’t think that contribute to this shipping thread either as it has nothing related to YJ/ HB as a couple. We can just go on and go on like that. This is an open forum and we should be flexible, not a primary school. Mods: please also remove all individual posts that relate to only HB or YJ contents in this thread if they break the rules. Then we have not many thing left to post or discuss.
  7. Re: Post about why SYJ is quiet now. So many shippers are wondering why SYJ is so quiet, so I try to show my points of view that she needs a rest after hard working and many shippers agree with that post. I did not say a single bad word about HB in that post. I can’t write about his achievements as I don’t know about it. You are welcome to write about his achievements/ salaries/ properties here and I have no problems with that. SYJ fans can create SYJ contents while HB fans can create HB contents, so we have information/ points of view from both worlds. SYJ and HB always support each other’s success and HB is confident enough in his own skin to praise SYJ’s success so why a very few of his fans here are always worry about him being overpowered by SYJ while HB is not at all. I’m sure HB likes his fans to appreciate his love’s achievements too, just like him. BinJin can be together because they are not jealous about each other’s success, but always support each other. @Helena All that ranking data that I presented in that post are based on proof not my own opinions. I don’t think your opinions are more important than movies, dramas producers/ distributors, Forbes, The Screen Korea records. To: Helena and charray Mods can remove the post which I try to explain why SYJ is quiet if it breaks the rules.
  8. I think SYJ deserves a good rest before she could start working on a new project. She was hospitalized during filming of CLOY. Cow Ye Jin has done 31 projects in her 20 years of acting career and is the most prolific Korean Actress. Son Ye Jin is wearing the Crown: Korea’s Box Office Queen No.1 Ticket Ranking Power The most Award Winning Actress of her generation She has at least 4 running CFs Among Highest Paid Actresses The most powerful Korean Actress (Forbes) She has many more international fans after CLOY So she is already a superwoman and doing completely fine, no thing to be rushed. She just needs more time to rest before she can contribute more to audiences. There are not so many things left that she needs to conquer in my opinions. She may look for projects that give her chances of being nominated at Oscar or Cannes after CLOY’s international success. New York Time has recommended her movie. That is probably her last goal in acting career. She is already at the top of the game.
  9. SYJ is among the highest paid actresses in Korea. She has earned at least US$ 1 million from CLOY. So both HB and YJ are among the highest paid actors/ actresses per episode for a drama https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/koreans-react-much-world-married-actress-kim-hee-ae-gets-paid-not-expect/
  10. YJ has been always a passive kisser on screen and only allows tongue kisses TWICE in all her 30 projects. No tongue kiss in "April Snow" Love Scene at all, based on my observations. The 1st tongue kiss was with the 1st one and the 2nd tongue kiss was with the 2nd one. I hope this makes sense.
  11. SYJ - housewife materials She plans everything, she knows how to cook, arrange tables and flowers. Her friend wrote a caption “what else you can’t do” She is a very discipline person. Perseverance is the key to her success.
  12. SYJ has known senior KHA since 2007. She received Fashion Icon Award when she was 26 years old [2007-12-12] The 2007 Fashion & Design Awards Actress Kim Hee-ae (Best Dresser of the Year Award), actress Son Ye-jin (Fashion Icon Award) Cr: Helena
  13. SYJ is really friendly with all of her costars and can be touchy at times (make her more charming), she is not afraid of skinship, can initial a hug. But the things that make HB clearly different compared with other costars is that they did grocery shopping together in LA SYJ with her costars
  14. SYJ said about the marriage plan around the times when she had dating rumours with her costar
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