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[Official] Kim Nam Gil & Son Ye Jin


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to let everyone know im starting to re-watch "shark", this time to pay more attention to the "details". ;)im glad everyone find his expression breathtaking too. \:D/
last night i encounter this pic
isnt his expression in here just p e r f e c t ? bravo to the photographer. everything just so yummy in here. lol ok im too crazy for staring at this pic like he did with his orpheus painting. :P
another staring pic 

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Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin are a lovely couple. I'm expecting a lot of kissing scenes in their drama  ;) but since it did not happen, i wish it will be materialized in "Pirates".. Will just dream that i am the one he is kissing..hahahahahaha...

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@1:01 wow what same mind they got. doing faces at the same time.@2:28 hahaha so funny at gil's expression when ye jin pointed here and there. @2:36 =)) very symmetrical when both of them turn their heads at the same time.

does anybody know the phone that yi soo and hae woo used in "shark", is it a s4 or s4 mini?  :\">
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So sorry for being late these days :) wow it's so happy to read your comments
@LoVe Cartier: Thank you so much for pics and your analyst in video, so interesting ;;)
@2:28: what did he look at , Gil oppa catch you !!!! ^^
I think he phone they use in Shark is S4 @LoVe Cartier

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@wendylee2011 thanks hon for your reply. :xwonder if "pirates" is still postponing due to the ferry tragedy.

some bts from "shark"


edit - deleted, even though gave credit to the owners, still requested to take it down

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@wendylee2011 love your siggy ;;) and great quote from yi soo too! :x "looking for you until i die". (drools) so sweet. <3
btw - was looking back at the old interview that nam gil did while "shark" was still airing. one of the questions asked 
"Fans want to know what is Kim Nam Gil's true style, when he has a girlfriend and when he is all alone."Kim Nam Gil: "I would frequently write hand written letters to her, rather than sending her text messages or calling her. When I am alone, I sometimes go to Karaoke and I often sing "Around 30's" by Kim Kwang Seok.

all i can say is wow. handwritten love letters are definitely way better than text messages. didnt expect that from nam gil that romantic. :Pbut calling is romantic too. no? he has the most soothing voice. hahaha

interview - http://kimnamgilstory.blogspot.com/2013/07/kim-nam-gil-interview-kim-nam-gil-as-yi.html

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@ LoVe Cartier: Wow it's very interesting informattion my dear ^^
He's not only cute but also extremely romantic right? Handwritten love letter is the wonderful way to express his love ( maybe he did it somtimes ;))), He just call her and tell her how much he miss her with his soft voice, haiz no woman can say no with this man .
Remember Son Ye Jin answer when aksed about her ideal man 10-2013:  "I like someone who I can have a conversation with. I think men usually listen to women simply in the first dimension. I want to actually communicate while having a conversation filled with wit."
One of the DJ asked, "So you want a man who is detailed and manly, right? It's difficult." Regarding looks, Son Ye Jin stated, "I don't look at looks but I would like him to be over 175cm but if a guy is someone who captures my attention, it's fine if he is shorter."
A man who's taller than 175cm, manly, detailed, charming , listen to women , woa maybe Nam Gil ssi has everthing you want
:)>- ;))

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i remember long time ago (2008), in an old interview nam gil said he wants his future girlfriend to cook for him. ;) wonder if son ye jin can cook. if she can, should have let him try her cooking and he will be put under her cooking spell.  =)) =))
"Where do you stay?KNG: Yongin, with my parents. Recently I very much want to cohabitate, in the event that there’s a girlfriend whom I can live with. She only needs to help with my meals.
If that’s the case, why not just live with your mother. Cohabitate for the sake of prepared meals is a little… ?KNG: That’s the reason for my natural tendency to date older women. It’s more comfortable this way."
interview - http://th-th.facebook.com/notes/kim-nam-gil-bidam-phillipines/kim-nam-gil-elle-korea-interview-as-lee-han/162897337058093

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He likes a woman in good cooking ^^, maybe Son ye Jin is the best choice for him, she's always feminine .

2010: Kim Nam Gil as a cameo in her film: Personal Taste

2010: Kim Nam Gil & Son Ye Jin in CF for Ohui
2013: Kim Nam Gil & Son Ye Jin : main actor & actress in Shark
2014: Kim Nam Gil & Son Ye Jin : main actor & actress in Pirates

..... next is.... hope for the third film or everything they are together
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Guest daneeollie

I'm laughing so hard when watch the accidentally cameo of KNG on Personal Taste...how can it be? hahahah :D
but that's a good timeline of them to be togethet at last #hopefullytheycanbeagreatcouple xD

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